When the mind breaks...
Jack's mind was not in the moment, as his eight inches of pulsing meat slammed in and out of that tight, dripping cunt. His mind was on another situation, the body in his trunk, most of all. "Fuck me, harder, yessss" The woman screamed, clutching the sheets in her fist, her hips udulating upwards against his heavy pounding. He didn't even hear her, but thinking of that cold body, her cold flesh, twisted, rain dripping off it, it made his cock explode, his seed filling her womb, falling down on top of woman, as she screamed, moaned, whimpered. He didn't even remember her name, didn't remember her, or how they had met. He just knew he had to release, to feel that burning lust that had built itself in the pits of his stomach. Rolling off of the panting woman, he stood up, rubbing his head as he entered the bathroom, cum still dripping from his now limp cock. The tiles on the floor were cold, much like the body he had dumped in his trunk. He could still remember her face, twisted in agony, as he cut into her. He tilted his head back, going back to it, the deed, the way it had unfolded, the way he had ended up in this mess...

"You know, you could be a little less angry, it's going to kill you one day." Said Jenny, the red headed, green eyed barbie, sitting across from him. She was his wife of five years, beautiful, young, intelligent, successful. But as she talked to him, he could only see her ruby lips forming words, his thoughts were clouded, he was very angry right now, seething, boiling over. He suddenly slammed his knife down, cracking his plate, shattering the glass across the obsidian table. "Shut your fucking mouth, or i'm going to kill you, you dumb whore." He didn't bleieve himself at first, the words that had come out of his mouth, and the demenor at which he had used. "Now get out of my face and go do the dishes." He shoved his plate across the table, standing up and walking out of the room. He could hear her crying, whimpering, as he had finally blew the flame out of their relationship, the straw that would break the camels back. It was that hour, as he slept on the couch that he had snapped. Something in his mind, had suddenly burst, exploded, something black and vile had birthed inside of his skull. Standing up, he procceded to the kitchen, grabbing the 6 inch kitchen knife, serated, stainless steel. Then he climbed all 18 steps, pushing the door open. There she lay, curled up on her side of the bed, her gown wrapped around her small, lithe form. She was beautiful, but as he pulled the edge of the knife across her throat, spilling crimson from it, she looked even more beautiful. Those large green eyes, spreading open, wide in terror, unbelief, even as she twitched, convulsed. It is there that he had ripped the night gown up, way up the curve of those thighs, his hungry eyes, his throbbing cock, sliding deep into her gash. She was hot still, fresh, his weight applied to her small body, not as if it would matter. She could only stare at him, as she bled to death, each pump, shaking her body like a rag doll. He could feel the wetness of her pussy, as he stretched it, as he had done several times before, but none had been sweeter than this time. Each time his cock slammed into her belly, it was a new wave of euphoria, as he shot his seed over her tits, belly, whiped it off of on her face, rubbed it down in the flowing blood, feeling it's warmth, like a rich silk syrup, coating his candy. Wrapping her neatly in a black plastic bag, he put her in the trunk of his small civi, and resumed on picking up the woman he had been seeing on the side, vanessa. She was a real treat, almost as fucked up in the head as he was, but not quite as derranged.

But this was now, no time to dawn on the past. Now that the rush was over, he felt sated, relieved, and regenerated. He showered quickly, and placed some fresh clothes on. "Whe're you going this late, baby?" The little voice came from behind. Turning slowly, he flashed her his famous smile, the handsome, powerful broadcasting charm. "I just need a little air, my love, please lie back down, you need the sleep." She spoke timidly, shyly even as she slid down into the sheets. "Ok, just be safe." He smirked, walking out the door, and getting into his car, the ignition sparking to life, engine roaring up, as he made his way to the docks. The bag was heavy, dead weight had always been, even though he was in peak physical condition, it was still a hastle, ambling down the wooden pier, and tossing the body into the water. The water bubling, rippling, as it sank, deep into the murky depths, secluding it's descent. The bricks adding the weight, so that it would stay where it belonged, buried. Although, he was sure that it would be found, it was highly likely that it would go undiscovered. Nothing did in this town, in this semi-large, neon city. He smiled, sliding into the drivers seat, his hands felt clean, even though they were blood coated, the blood of his sins. He smiled.

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2011-03-17 01:40:04
Mmmm so sexy I loved the death scene

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2009-06-30 12:38:36
thank you,i enjoyed your fantasy flowing into warm gurgling blood,i am a dolcett fan and beleive it to be stories like yours but in pictures

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