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girl gets her fantasy fulfilled
Carrie crawled out of bed and opened her laptop; she ran her fingers through her long curly red hair as she waited on the computer to power up. She wasn’t a tall girl at just over 5’2”, she was full figured and had fairly large D cup breasts which would make most guys and girls sneak a second look.
She grabbed a cigarette out of her pack and lit up as she started checking through emails and missed IM’s. All of a sudden a friend she had met through an online forum popped up. They lived in the same town but had never met in person; they just chatted and talked about whatever happened to come up. Daren said good morning and they chatted for a while, and then he asked what she was doing that night. She told him she had no plans but needed to get out of the house. He asked if she would like to meet up that night for dinner and drinks.

She declined the dinner offer but told him she would be willing to meet for a few drinks. He told her to pick where so she chose a bar she was a regular at knowing if things got out of hand with him the bouncers would help her out. They decided to meet at 9 pm giving her lots of time to get ready. She had seen him plenty of times via web cam and figured she would have no problem picking him out. She planned to be at the bar early so she could see him before he came into the bar.

She lounged around the house for the afternoon, did a little cleaning and decided to jump in the shower. As she washed her hair, her mind raced, what was she doing meeting some guy she had found online? What if he was a creep? She dismissed these thoughts she had talked to him for months and he seemed decent. She finished up in the shower and got out to dry off.

The more she thought about their meeting the more excited she got. He knew a lot about her and she knew a lot about him. They shared similar interests in books, movies and sex. She hoped he would like her as much in person as he claimed to online.

She looked at the clock and it said 7 pm. She had about an hour and a half to get ready and walk to the bar. She straightened her hair and applied a little make-up. She sprayed a little soft but sweet smelling perfume before she decided on what to wear.

She went to her room to decide on what she should wear. She looked at a ton of items but decided she would be over dressed for this particular bar. It was just a country bar and she knew they would be having karaoke that night. She stopped looking for clothes and though she should start with something to go under the clothes. She opened up the top drawer of her dresser and looked at the rainbow of colours before her.

She picked out a silk black thong with hot pink accents and the matching bra. She walked back over to her closet and grabbed her tightest pair of blue jeans. She slid the panties up her smooth legs and glanced in the mirror, she was going to have fun tonight. She pulled on the bra and adjusted her breasts giving them a little squeeze for good measure.

Carrie finished getting dressed but continued to look for a top, she picked out a black low cut thin strapped top, and it made her tits look even bigger than they already were. She checked her make-up grabbed everything she needed and shoved it into her purse checking the clock she realized it was 8:45. She grabbed her favourite pair of high heels and slipped them on, lit a cigarette and headed out the door. At the bottom of the stairs she ran into her landlord and excused herself explaining quickly that she was late and had to get going. She rushed down the driveway and out of sight.

She slowed her pace when she got to the main street where the bar was located, stopping quickly at the bank to get some money out. As she walked into the bar she realized she had about 5 minutes before he would arrive. She said hello to the bouncer and told him what was going on, they arranged a signal in case she got into trouble. She went up to the bar and ordered a beer from the cute bartender, Emma. Emma chatted with Carrie until she spotted him. She got off the stool she was sitting on and walked over to Daren.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly on the cheek. He told her she looked beautiful which caused her to turn a little pink in the cheeks. Carrie grabbed her beer and they picked a table. Daren went to the bar and got himself a drink and asked the bartender what Carrie preferred in shots and ordered two. The bartender got the shots and brought them to the table. Carrie and Daren toasted to their meeting and downed the shots, a sweet mixture called a quick fuck.

Carrie was sitting opposite Daren as they chatted and after a few rounds of drinks she got up to sing. She got off stage when she was finished and he cheered louder than everyone else in the bar combined. She told him she needed a smoke so they went outside.

She lit up and leaned against the building; Daren leaned against the wall next to her and whispered in her ear.
“Do you remember telling me about your fantasy?”
“Yes, I do remember” she replied.
“Would you like to make that fantasy a reality?” He questioned.

She thought about it, she wasn’t sure which fantasy he was referring to. She told him she would as she knew it was after all her fantasy. He excused himself and walked a little ways down the street and made a few phone calls. He returned after about five minutes and told her everything would be perfect for her in about 20 minutes.

They headed back into the bar and had a few more drinks and another round of shots. He leaned over and asked if she was ready to leave. She said she was and they headed for the door, she winked at the bouncer on her way out and he handed her a slip of paper as she passed. When she got outside she glanced at the paper he had given her, it read: If you get into trouble call me. His number was written below.
She shoved the paper into her purse with her other things. Daren had called for a cab and they got in when it pulled up in front of the bar.

Daren told the driver they were headed to a hotel on the other end of town and they were off. They were all over each other in the cab and the driver was having trouble concentrating on the road as Daren slid her top down and sucked her nipple into his mouth. The cab stopped and Carrie fixed her shirt while Daren paid the driver.

They walked into the hotel and Daren went to the desk telling them who he was and grabbing the key card. They got into the elevator and were again kissing and touching each others bodies. The elevator dinged and the doors opened. They stepped out and walked to their room, he told her to close her eyes; she did as she was told and he opened the door and led her in. He moved her over to the bed and stripped her instructing her to keep her eyes closed.

He indulged in her body slowly removing her top and kissing and rubbing her breasts. He undid her jeans and rolled them off her hips kissing and nibbling along the way. She undid her bra and let it fall to the floor, while he removed her thong.

She could feel his warm breath on her pussy, he kissed and licked her, she moaned softly. He reminded her to keep her eyes closed and he laid her back on the bed. She wanted to open her eyes and see what was going on but she kept them closed.

Her mind raced, she had told him about a lot of fantasies and she still didn’t know which one he was planning on fulfilling. He told her to open her eyes and when she did she gasped. She felt her pussy get wetter as she scanned the room.

There were 3 very large and well endowed men standing naked at the end of the bed. She looked at Daren; he was sitting naked next to her on the bed. She wanted a closer look at the men but as she tried to get up Daren pushed her back pinning her to the bed, he slid his cock into her mouth.

The other guys surrounded her, one went between her legs and started licking her wet pussy, she kicked a
little and the other two guys grabbed her legs. She tried to push Daren off of her but it was no use, he pinned her arms down forcing more of his cock into her mouth. She knew better than to bite him, these guys were huge and could definitely hurt her if she did something stupid.

The guy who had been eating her pussy had stopped and was now preparing to shove his huge cock into her. She felt him place his cock at her entrance and then he shoved his cock fully into her tight pussy. She screamed around Daren’s cock but it came out as nothing more than a muffle. The guy pounded her pussy slamming into her with everything he had. She started to moan and at Daren filled her mouth with his hot cum. She swallowed as much as she could but still coughed and gagged trying to breathe. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and wiped the remaining cum on her cheek.

He looked down at her and smiled; she smiled back and mouthed “thank-you”. He moved to the end of the
bed and took her leg from one of them men and continued to hold her down while the other man moved up and shoved his cock into her mouth.

He started fucking her face, the guy between her legs started to rub her clit. Carrie had the strongest orgasm of her life; her body shook and trembled and she felt wetness between her legs and realized she had squirted her cum right out of her body. The guy between her legs groaned loudly and buried his cock in her releasing his hot cum into her.

He removed his cock and wiped the remaining cum off his cock on her thigh before taking her leg from the third stranger and allowing him between her legs. Carrie continued to have her face fucked by the one large man and without warning the man between her legs thrust his huge cock into her tight asshole. She screamed around the large cock in her mouth, as she did he started to cum. He thrust his cock deep into her throat and pumped his cum straight into her stomach.

The men held her down while the last guy was still fucking her ass. Daren had her arms and he whispered in her ear.

“Is this everything you wanted?”
“Oh god, yes!” She screamed as the last man filled her ass with his cum.

The men quickly cleaned up and left the room. Carrie lay on the bed thinking about what had happened. Daren was lying next to her telling her that he almost stopped it because he thought she didn’t want it. At least that’s what he thought until she smiled at him. He knew he had made her fantasy come true.
Daren helped her off the bed and led her to the bathroom. She stepped into the shower and turned the water on. He stepped in with her and slowly helped her wash the dried cum off of her skin. She washed the semen out of her pussy and once she was sufficiently clean, she turned off the water.

Daren dried Carrie off with one of the clean towels from the rack and then dried himself. She started drying her hair and he went and grabbed her purse. She re-applied her make-up and walked out of the bathroom and she laid down on the bed. Daren came over to her and he laid down next to her.

He softly kissed her neck and wrapped his arms around her. His hands roamed her body and she pressed her lips to his. Kissing him passionately with a desire she hadn’t felt in a long time. He broke the kiss and his lips found her nipples kissing and sucking each one into his mouth. Soft moans escaped her lips and her hand went between them, she found his already hard shaft and started stroking him.

She told him she needed to feel him inside her; he got between her legs and slowly pushed his throbbing cock into her hot pussy. He thrust into her both of them lost in ecstasy. Her hands roamed his body and gripped his chest as she came, a few thrusts later and he came filling her once again. He got off of her and crawled up next to her, and held her close.

The next morning she woke up still in his arms. Daren was already awake and he was stroking her hair.
He asked if she was ready to leave, she said she was and they got out of bed and got dressed. She pulled her hair back and fastened it into a pony tail and he asked if he could take her for breakfast.

She agreed and they left and headed for a restaurant. After breakfast she said she should be getting home and they kissed and said goodbye. Carrie walked away and she knew this wouldn’t be the last time she saw Daren. No, this was only the beginning...

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9ZYAn7 Im obliged for the article.Really thank you!

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2013-11-15 07:59:02
Pathetically boring... "He entered her, thrust his cock and then they cum" eight or nine times. You seem able to do a lot of deion, so why avoid doing it also for sex scenes ?

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Could of been better but I have read worse..... Ending was a little off. Should have ended with her offering to fulfill one of his fantasies......

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