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A nerdy college girl babysits for a younger brat.
It all started with an itch. I was 18 in college on a fast track degree in electronics and stuck here babysitting a 15 year old twerp. I would have been out with my boyfriend if anyone asked. But nobody did. So I was stuck here with the kid. The kid was a young and athletic boy with blond hair and blue eyes; he was developing some muscles in his arms and legs. But most of all I noticed was that he should have been put on Ritalin.
I on the other hand have short red hair with green eyes and I wear glasses. Plus I only have a 32A cup and fit comfortably in training bras. I was a nerd. Everyone knew it. Even the kid knew it.
When I arrived at six I was in a bad mood. I just had my period and I was kind of cranky. Plus the parents of this demon child said they were going to be late. Real late.
“Great” the first words uttered out of my mouth. Boy did they size up the night.
The kid flew down the stairs screaming about food.
“I’m hungry, I’m hungry” John’s assault on my senses just started.
“Be a good boy and wait a minute.” I meekly replied.
“Look ugly I just finished foot ball practice I don’t need this. I don’t need you. All I need is food” He Screamed.
I started to cry. I went in to the kitchen and grabbed all the food I could find and gave it to him weeping. He saw my despair and did nothing but smirk. He knew at that moment he won. He took half a cake, a loaf of bread, and a pizza upstairs to his room.
Finally some peace I thought. Still crying I sat down on the couch and let this sob take over me. I cried my eyes out for an hour. Not a peep out of him.
I found the den and turned on the 65 inch flat screen LCD. The pricks parents must be loaded. I start flipping through the channels until I find the comedy station which is playing a black and white slapstick movie.
Its 11’oclock when the movie is over. All is quite in the house. I feel that familiar itch. That itch, that lovely itch south of the border. It is calling to me.
I pop upstairs and check the kid’s room. The lights are out. I can hear him snoring.
The parent’s master bedroom is on the other side of the house. It takes me a good 7 minutes to r each it. I just love her dresses they are so beautiful. The mother must have been a model at some point because she is an eye dropper. The husband is obviously rich. So she has the beautiful dresses. I rifle threw her stuff. It took 20 minutes of work but I finally found my good. All wives have at least one. Many have more. I grabbed her vibrate and a bottle of KY jelly. An odor seeped from the plastic cock. The smell of her pussy is still strongly on the joystick. She must have used it recently.
I spread some jelly on its tip and started to strip. My button up shirt and training bra came off without a hint of hesitation. My god if felt great as the vibrating shaft on my nipples turned them to glass cutters. I slipped my jeans off. All that left are my little cotton panties. They are soaked and drip with my glistening juices. Removing them reveals my engorged pussy soaked with anticipation.
I am in. The vibrations fill my sex with shivers and it contracts around the plastic. I am so in the mood. The feeling is perfect. I am in an ethereal dream.
“Oh oh oh oooh yes! Yes! Yes” My voice is ever High Pitched.
*Click*. A Flash went off. *Click* and a second went off.
My eyes open to john.
His camera in hand was standing above me starting at the back of the vibrator lodges at the top of my clit.
“You Bastard” I screamed at the top of my lungs.
He just laughed and ran.
I tried to get up but the little joy machine feel out of my slick pussy as I stood. My drips hit the carpet as I ran after john but He got to his room first and locked the door.
“Give me those pictures you little shit” I was pissed now.
“Why should I?” He responded.
“You will be in trouble” I coyly tried to scam.
“Oh no geek girl I think you might be in trouble. You see you took dirty pictures of yourself and offered to perform sexual acts on me for money.” He smoothly said.
“Who will they belief you or the guy with the photo’s?”
“What do you want kid?”
“I want to fuck you! I want to see your boobies, touch your ass and make it with a nerd girl.”
“No way” I repulsively said.
“Ok have it your way.”
“No wait, What if I let you feel me up then gave you a blowjob.”
He opened the door.
“Come over here” He said.
“Ok. “ I timidly walked over where he was sitting on his bed. His room was filthy. As I walked in I saw that the briefs he was wearing were yellowish from dried cum and a large object protruded from them.
His hands were all over my boobs and butt. He even tried to slip a finger in my little pussy. He was denied on that one.
“Your boobs are smaller than my girlfriends but you have a really nice butt” He said.
“Ok on your knees.” His underwear was around his ankle. A 6 inch cock with a very purple head stared me in the face. I was so wet.
I wrapped my mouth around his cock. This was the first cock ever to enter my virgin body and it was from this asshole. I started to suck. He flipped out.
“Oh Oh Oh Oh…. Ooooooh …. Oooooooh” He moaned loudly.
I was so wet. My fingers grazed along my virgin pussy.
“Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhhhhh” He Squeaked.
Large ropes of cum spewed from his pecker into my mouth. It tasted salty, felt slimy and was really warm, but so hot. I ate him man juiced right up. My hand was moving faster than ever. He was hard again.
“Ok bitch I hope you enjoyed my cum now let’s finish the deal” He ordered grabbing my fingers out of my hole and licked them clean.
I got on my back my legs splayed open my sex had turned a purplish hue. My clit was erect and stuck out from my body. I was wide open. He was smirking. I let him in.
“Yes Yes Yes Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I let off a piercing scream as I came. He had popped my cherry and I came. What an odd coincidence. Something felt weird. It took me a moment to realize. John came again, and again shooting hot streams of semen into me, Filling me. He looked down at his sheets to see my virgin blood staining them, he looked back and for the first time looking me in the eye he kissed me.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-15 17:44:49
way too quick. Plus didn't she have her period, why would she use the woman's vibrator? That's just unsanitary. You need a lot more detail, we know the baby sitter enjoyed the 15 yr old but how about the 15 yr old? Did he enjoy popping a virgin?

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-30 23:56:49
This is a good second attempt.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-06-30 08:00:49
Not the worst I've read. The object of the story came thru nicely. Nerd girl got a bonus for her babaysitting. But who babysits a 15 yr old?

Rebeca LewisReport

2009-06-30 04:41:41
Not bad, but it finished a little too quik.


2009-06-30 01:13:17
lame!!!!!!!! Barely had time to get hard and it was over. Just because your characters are virgins does not mean you need to treat us like virgins.

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