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Donna called me early in the week to let me know she was having a swingers night on the following Friday .. you can bet I told her a very big YES when she asked if we'd be there

Donna had told me it was a pool party and to just wear a bikini so I did. When we arrived it wasn’t long before she strolled over to cilon and I wearing a very skimpy one.

Donna took us both by the hand and walked us around meeting different people, some which were already familiar. As we walked outside we noticed a lot of people were already by the pool, some of them laughing and swimming and others already naked and fucking!

I decided to get into the swing of the night straight away so I dropped to my knees in front of colin and pulled his shorts straight down. His cock was limp but I knew it wouldn't be for long. I moved closer and took him fully in my mouth. Instantly he started to swell and grow. I sucked him until he was fully erect and then stood up and we kissed.

As we kissed he undid my top and eased my bikini bottom down to expose my wet swollen cunt. I already knew I was absolutely saturated and as his hand slipped between my legs and his fingers began teasing my swollen clit a tingle raced through my body and I shook uncontrollably. Realizing just how turned on I was he had me lie on the ground and then got down between my legs and started to eat me.

It was right then, just as we were getting into it, I opened my eyes and looked up to see two good sized cocks right over the top of me. I smiled up at the guys who the cocks belonged to and invited them to join in. colin looked up as he continued to eat my cunt and clit.

They introduced themselves as Rob and Matt and knelt down each side of me. Next they started to jerk their hardening fucksticks just inches from my mouth. I opened my mouth and put out my tongue to lick the underside of their swollen cock heads as they masturbated.

After a minute or so colin's mouth had me on the verge of a massive orgasm and I just let myself go. Squeezing the two cocks in my hands tightly I moaned loudly and thrashed about as colin's concentration on my swollen clit sent me into a world of sublime ecstasy. It was an awesome orgasm and it left me gasping for breath.

Before I had a chance to fully regain my composure I heard colin saying to Rob and Matt, "Cathy'll want a hard cock in her now so go for it guys!" I then felt him move from between my legs and someone else take his place. I opened my eyes and saw it was Rob.

With his hand gripping his thick cock, Rob rubbed his plum shaped purple knob along my wet slit and then pushed it into me. I groaned loudly and reached out for him, it felt great!!! As Rob fucked his thick cock into me I found myself moaning and groaning and calling out for him to fuck me. I may have just cum but I wanted more, lots more.

Realizing how aroused I was, colin told Rob I liked it hard and fast and to go ahead and fuck the ass off me. Well he certainly did that! Like a man possessed he grabbed hold of my hips and began to slam his cock into me as hard and as fast as he could. It was so hard it actually hurt but at the same time it felt just so good. In no time he had me screaming out as a series of orgasms ravaged my body.

I think I came three or four times and then Rob grunted out that he was going to cum and began to pull out. Before he could I pulled him back into me and said, "No, I want it in me!!" Well he didn't need to be told twice and seconds later, after a series of violent short thrusts, he rammed his cock deep into my ravaged hole and unleashed a flood of hot sperm into me.

Rob was sweating profusely after that and fighting for breath. Sitting back he looked down at my cum filled cunt and then up at me, a huge smile on his face. A few seconds later he moved and Matt got down between my legs. His cock wasn't as thick as Rob's but it looked a little longer and had a really large cock head. With my cunt full of Rob’s cum there was no need to worry about lubrication so Matt positioned his cock and then slid it straight into me. As he did some of the cum was forced out and I felt it slide down over my ass hole.

With such a large cock head (I just love cocks like that) Matt's cock felt great sliding back and forth inside me. It was also a huge turn-on feeling Rob's hot cum inside me as we fucked. Before we had a chance to really get into, colin spoke and suggested I get on top of Matt and fuck him.

With Rob's cum oozing down my legs I lowered my slimy hole onto Matt's rampant cock. I knew colin would get off on watching me ride Matt with my cunt full of cum and I was only too happy to do it that way.

I rode Matt's cock slowly at first enjoying the way his big knob felt inside me. After a minute or so Colin asked if I'd like another cock in my cunt. I knew I did but before I said yes I asked Matt if he minded Colin pushing his cock in as well. I could tell by the look on his face that he was a little unsure but he said yes anyway. Knowing it was okay Colin got behind me, rubbed his cock around a little and then positioned it above Matt’s. At the same time I felt him push forward I pushed back and then I had two hard cocks in my cunt, and it felt great. With the sensation of stretching in my cunt that I love so much my arousal increased rapidly and I was soon asking them to, "Fuck me ... Fuck me!!"

I know from what guys have said that it is an incredible turn on for them fucking my cunt like that and it turned out to be no different then. I'd asked them to fuck me and they did. It was just the best .. awesome .. two hard cocks sliding in and out of my cunt together. Within seconds they had me cumming and as I moaned and bucked between them they really fucked me good. Matt's big knob felt incredible pushed tight inside me and it rubbed me in just the right places (Mmmm just remembering it now has got me turned on like crazy).

They gave me two intense orgasms as they double fucked me and it was during the second that Matt lost his load. With me moaning loudly in orgasm on top of him he lost control and pumped a huge gooey load deep into me. Of course we all felt him cum and boy was I ever sloppy after that, and I loved it!!

Colin still hadn't cum and it was after my second orgasm that he said he wanted to fuck my ass. I said sure, so he pulled his slimy pole from my cunt and, as Matt moved out from under me, positioned it against my anus. With all the cock cum that was around there, he only needed to push a little and he was in. I already knew he would be close to cumming and sure enough he only needed to ram his rampant throbbing cock into my tight butt a few times before he grunted loudly and I felt the tell-tale spasms and warmth deep in my bowels.

Colin's orgasm seemed to go on for a long time but then I guess after everything that had happened it was only normal (for him anyway) that he would be super horny and have a huge orgasm. He left his cock in my ass for a few moments and then pulled out and got off. I was just about to move too when I felt a second cock poking into my ass. It was Rob back again for a second fuck, this time in my ass!!

Well if he wanted to fuck my ass I wasn't going to stop him. Eagerly I pushed my ass back to help him take me anally. With Colin's cum acting as a lubricant his cock slipped in relatively easy, but boy didn't I feel full. Immediately he began to ass fuck me hard, slamming in and out with great speed and force.

Having been opened up by Colin I was able to really get into it and soon I was humping my ass back at him as he pounded his fat cock in and out of me. Soon we were both grunting and moaning and getting ready to cum. I got off first and while I was moaning Rob grunted loudly and his cock began to pump wad after wad of thick cum deep into my bowels. I wriggled and humped my ass back on him milking every last drop he had and it felt great!

With my ass now having taken two hot loads of sperm I felt it begin to leak out and run down my leg as Rob pulled his cock out. After that last ass fuck I felt well and truly satisfied but there was more to come. With my ass in the air someone took Rob’s place and I felt a cock head forcing its way between my ass cheeks ... a LARGE cock head. It was Matt .. I could not believe he was so hard so soon. But it was his turn now to get a piece of my ass and he wasn't about to miss out. With no effort he pushed his bulbous knob into my stretched butt and pumped me hard and deep. I could feel cum being forced out and dripping down my cunt lips and it heightened the pleasure.

Matt didn't last long inside my ass before he began to grunt loudly and then in one deep thrust he buried himself fully inside me and shot off his second load. Although I'd enjoyed the ass fucking he hadn't lasted long enough to get me off so I was glad when after he pulled out yet another cock was pushed into me. Colin had signalled to another guy to come over and this time I did cum as this guy .. whose face I never saw .. fucked my ass to perfection and gave me two fantastic orgasms.

After he dumped his load in me he slapped my ass and moved away. Colin then rolled me onto my back and was fondling my breasts and teasing my nipples as I played with cum from my cunt in front of a couple sitting nearby. The woman came over and started to play with my cummy hole flicking my clit with her finger tips. I lifted my ass and pussy so she could get better access to me and she fingered my pussy and rubbed my swollen clit to another climax. Her name was Lauren and before she left she said she had loved watching me and playing with me .


2009-07-20 23:21:52
In both of your posted stories you start out with the "together" couple doing each other first - I would like to see you start out with them doing others from the get go. Good graphics, liked the story.


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2009-07-12 09:19:33
Its fucking boring,, mention the sexy details!!! it looks like a fantesy

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2009-06-30 18:34:42
wonderful story

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