There is a construction worker on a third story building, which is being built. He needs a hand saw but he can't find one, so he looks around and sure enough he sees one on the first floor of the building. So he tries to get another worker's attention on the first floor by yelling but that doesn't work. So after throwing numerous objects at the guy on the first floor, he finally gets his attention and starts doing hand signals to tell him what he needs. First he points to his eye meaning, "I." Then he points to his knee meaning, "need," and then makes a hand saw motion meaning, "handsaw." The guy on the first floor nods his head, then pulls down his pants and starts to jack off in front of the guy on the third floor. The guy on the third floor gets angry and runs down to the first floor and starts to yell and shout at the other guy because of his behavior. The guy on the first floor then explains his actions: "Sir, I was trying to tell you that I was cumming."
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