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A fuck i did not see coming
I don’t really know why but I have always been into Asian women. I’m not really sure if it is their tight bodies or they gorgeous brown nipples. Maybe it’s the way the always dress night and try to look good. They are just beautiful.

Being from a town in south Alabama there are really no Asian women to look at. This leaves me with one thing Asian porn, it seems like every night I would find myself jacking my cock off to hot Asian school girls, or a young innocent Asian getting rapped on a bus it did not really matter to me. About three weeks into my senior year an Asian family finally moved into town. It was an amazing day for me. It was a single mom with two beautiful daughters and a dream of living here in America. One of the daughters was in my grade her name was Chen, she was about six inches shorter then me, black hair of course, and a very beautiful body. I was instantly attracted to her. I was the only person to talk to her besides her sister, Yana who is a freshman. It turned out that I not only liked her body but I was very attracted to her personality. She was a very nice girl and we had a lot in common I finally asked her out and she said yes so we started are relationship and it was very my life became very interesting from there on out.

Our relationship was very normal, we would go to the movies, dinner, and the occasional fair. Normal relationship stuff. We were both virgins so we experimented a lot with each other and by month two we were fucking like animals. It seemed like every chance we got we would fuck each other. With us always being together I formed a very close relationship with her mom and sister. Nothing sexual but just being able to talk and be comfortable around them if Chen was not there. Chen’s mom was very cool and sexy as well, I have thought about her a few times while fucking Chen. She has huge tits for and Asian, actually their big for any race. Her sister Yana was also very easy on the eyes, he tits are bigger then her sisters as well, and very well formed. I always liked swimming with her family and seeing all of them in bathing suits. Most of my time was spent hiding my boner. I was always teasing Yana. Tickling her and getting opportunities to touch her soft skin and beautiful thighs. She seemed to be ok when I would brush up against her tit or slap her butt playfully. I knew she was interested in me but was content with just teasing her playfully so I did not want to pursue her any further.

Seeing that they moved here from Hong Kong they did not really get a choice of a house to stay in. They have a nice two bedroom house so Chen and Yana share a room. There mom was nice enough to give the girls the master room so they have more space. Their room had one bed it was a big king sized bed that was very nice to sleep on. I was always allowed to stay overnight as long as Yana was in the middle. And yes their mom checked so it always happed that Yana was in the middle. I loved staying over. Yana, Chen and I would watch movies late. Yana always wore the same pj’s white see thought shirt with no bra, and bottom Capri pants that were also very see through. I love to watch her walk and see her tits bounce or see her bend over and get a nice view of her ass. Chen and I would always go to “bed” a little early too mess around in the room. We never really fucked because of her sister, we did not want her to walk in a catch us. This did not stop us from fooling around though. We would go in to her room and it would not be long before her nipples were in my mouth and I was rubbing her clit. Like always though we were interrupted by Yana who would walk in a say I got middle.

One night however I just could not take it anymore I was determined to see more of Yana. She was always teasing me with her pj’s and I wanted to see more without saying to her I want to get you nude. This was very easy for me because all I had to do was stay over for a night and mess around with her while she is sleeping. I went to bed with Chen and she was very sleepy. Not much action that night but just enough to get me hard and ready for some play. It was not long before Yana walked in and jumped in the middle of the bed said good night and rolled over facing her sister. I just laid there thinking of what I can do. The main thing I was thinking was just to make sure she is totally asleep. It seems like ten minutes went by and she was already sleeping. My first thing I did was touched her shoulder. Just a little poke there and nothing she did not even flinch so I went a little lower. I worked my way down to her stomach just feeling around above her shirt. I took a deep breath and lifted her shirt up just past her belly button. I rubbed my finger around her flat stomach it was soft and smooth. I had a hard on from the very beginning. I laid my hand flat on her stomach and she flinched just a little and that scared the crap out of me. I took my had away and acted like I was sleeping. My heart was racing. I was so scared and very excited. I felt her moving I just knew I was caught, The bed went calm. I looked over and now she was on her side facing me. I was relieved that she did not wake up and know what is going on. I laid there looking at her wondering what do next. Then I saw something that gave me a great idea. Her shirt was a button up all the way down, and if I looked just right I could get a glimpse of her tit. I wanted to wait just to make sure so I sat there just enjoying my view with my hand on my cock. After a while I slowly reached over and spread on of the gaps between the button exposing more of her breast. This really got me going, and it made me want to see more. I Started working her shirt up more but it was hard to get higher then I did. I reached down to the lowest button and undid it. Her shirt just would not go up further, and I was afraid to undo anymore button. It is a lot easier to unbutton then to rebutton. What to do now? I went for her legs. Beautiful smooth legs sexy and thick. Being as she was in very loose pants it was easy to get her pants up. I rubbed her thigh and worked my way to her ass. She had a very firm ass and I was getting very aggressive. She started moving and once again I freaked out and acted asleep. I waited a few and then peeked over she was laying on her back and her shirt was already up past her belly button. All it took was one tug and her tits were exposed. I got her shirt all the way up to her chin. Her tits were average c cups but with her small body looked liked d cups. I worked her left boob with me hand and it did not take long before her nipple was hard. I took her nipple between my finger and thumb and with my other hand stroked my cock. I wanted to feel her pussy so I slowly moved my hand south. When I got right about her slit she started to move again so I acted asleep. I peeked once again to see if she was sleeping. Her eyes opened and she quickly moved her shirt back down. She grabbed the blanket and covered her self up. This caused the blanked to move exposing the tent I was pitching. I could not move to let her think I was awake so laid still. My eyes were shut, my heart was pounding, and my dick was throbbing all because of her amazing body. I was so still and then something beautiful happened, I felt something on the tip of my dick. I was so puzzled on what was going on I could not believe what was happing. I could feel Yana grabbing my shaft. She tickled my head, stocked my shaft and was all over my cock. The thought her being so turned on that she wanted to play with my junk just turned me on that much more. I was really starting to get going and i flinched because of all the excitement. This caused her to quickly retrieve her hand. I peeked over to see what was going on and she was laying still. I could tell she was awake her chest was pounding so hard. I was so confused on what was going on I just layed there wondering what was up. Then I saw her eye open just a little bit and when she looked over at my totally awake she shut her eye. I knew she was waiting for something. This was it I’m going for it. I put my hand right on her clit and started to rub it. It did not take long before she was leaking her sex juices through her panties. She started to flinch and trust her hips just a little which im not sure why but I pulled my hand away. She reached over and grabbed my hand placing it right on her clit, she whispered to me to keep going. I continued to rub her clit. I pulled her pants down and through them off the bed. I pulled her panties to the side and starting licking her sweet young pussy. It tasted just like her sisters and was just as tight. Her body was twitching with pleasure and her moans were quite and short. The thrill of licking her twat as her sister lay next to her was overpowering. My cock was so hard. I needed to be relieved and quick.. I moved over to the edge of the bed and grabbed Yana. I pulled her closer to me to creating a lot of space between us and Chen, who was sound asleep.

I pulled Yana’s shirt up past her tits and started licking her right nipple and playing with her left on. I pulled the tip of my cock out of my boxers and started fucking her. Since I was her first I was slow and very gentle. I could feel her cherry pop and once she started moaning again I speed up. The trill of fucking her was so amazing, I though it was a dream but continued to fuck her pussy. I flipped her over and fucked her laying flat on the bed. Her ass was tight and firm so I spared her legs far apart put my dick in her and then closed her lays. It was so tight in five minutes I was shooting my cum in her pussy. After I was done I rolled over to the middle of the bed.

“that was amazing we should do the a lot more often”, Yana said in ecstasy.

“Of course we will anytime you want you sexy hot Asian” I fell asleep soon after that.

When I woke up I rolled over to kiss Chen good morning and she smiled and said I cant wait for you to fuck me like you did to Yana last night……


2010-06-24 08:32:16
i have an asian wife to but she does not like se x .she only wants to service me .she has the smallest pussy i have ever seen .and i can not get enough.

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2009-10-27 18:35:48
Okay. You seem to have a problem DESCRIBING sex. Revise it please. First describe the sex with Chen. The first time and other times prior to fucking the sister. You have a great idea. The execution is poor.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-09 08:53:19
Do research before you start writing,and check your gramer

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2009-07-02 11:55:08
would like to read of a 'multiple' asian fuck session - girl,boy,girl,boy..

all together in tandem...wouldn't that be just GREAT !!!!!!!

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2009-07-02 11:44:46
would like to read of a 'multiple' asian fuck session - girl,boy,girl,boy..

all together in tandem...wouldn't that be just GREAT !!!!!!!

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