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The Auction
The Slaver Gets His Wish

Chapter 9

The Auction

My original plan was to finish out the evening with midnight horseback riding, but banshee was falling asleep on her feet. As she dressed, I paid the bill and said my goodbyes to my fellow trainers. Upstairs, the main restaurant was already closed for the evening. When we got to the limo, I could see that Joey had fallen asleep sprawled across the front seat.

Joey said nothing about the absence of Loreena. At the house, banshee gave him a peck on the cheek, and then we were inside, alone together.

She had assumed the position, awaiting my instructions.

“Go upstairs, clean up; then come to bed with me,” I told her.

“Yes Master,” she said, heading upstairs. I went down into the dungeon and used the butcher’s shower. Upstairs, I could hear her singing to herself in the shower. Bette Davis Eyes. I love that song.

I crawled into bed, between the refreshingly cool sheets, and was soon dozing. I hardly heard her as she came out of the bathroom. She gently joined me in the bed, curling around me like a snake. I smiled and fell asleep.

I didn’t really wake up when I felt her begin to stroke my cock. I just enjoyed her young fingers curling around my ever hardening cock. It was like being attended to by the light caresses of dove wings. As she wriggled around, and threw a leg over my torso, I came-to immediately. she had the head of my dick positioned to stab deep into her wanton pussy.

“NO!” I yelled, tossing her off of me. she bounced off of the bed and onto the floor. I clicked on the light. she was curled up in the fetal position on the floor, sobbing. “What are you thinking?”

she continued sobbing, not answering me. Enraged, I flew from the bed, yanked her wrists, and pulled her to her feet. “banshee! What were you doing?”

her eyes met mine in fiery defiance and rage. “i’m yours! You can’t sell my virginity, it belongs to you! You have to take it! Do you think I would have come here if I thought you were going to sell me?”

“Wait, what? your dad sent you.”

she shook her head. “i came willingly.” she shook free of my grasp and began pounding my chest. “i CAME BECAUSE i WANTED TO BE YOURS. i WANT TO BE YOUR FUCK SLAVE, J. i JUST WANT TO BE YOURS!” she screamed, tears rolling down her pretty face. she tried to hit my chest again, but I pulled her to me and hugged her tight.

I held her until she had settled down somewhat, taking hitching breaths between her sobs. Then I held her at arm’s length. “Do you want to be mine?”

she nodded, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Then you must do as I say. your virginity is to be auctioned. Understand?”

she started to go back into her histrionics, but I shook her hard. “you need to learn your place,” I grabbed her right wrist, spun her around, and grabbed her left arm, bringing both hands together and wrenching her elbows. “March,” I ordered.

I marched her down to the dungeon. she cried the whole way. I took her to the sawhorse and threw her over so that her ass was in the air. “Grab your ankles,” I ordered and she did as she was told. I found ankle to wrist restraints and secured her in position, locked over the sawhorse. she continued to mewl, but most of the fight had gone out of her. I ran my finger through the cleft of her vagina. she was incredibly wet, and I licked the salty moisture from the tip of my finger.

“This makes you hot?”

“yes, master, please fuck my pussy…” she begged.

I put the head of my cock against her clit and began working myself against her. “oh, GOD that’s so good, put it in me!”

“Not tonight, my little cum slut.”

I stopped touching her and went to the tool bench for an enema kit. I filled it with warm water from the shower.

“What…what are yyou doinggg?” she asked in a wavering whisper. I put down the enema, grabbed a cat o’nine tails, and whipped her back three times.

“Don’t ask questions, whore.”

I went back to preparing the enema. I figured she could hold a gallon of water for at least an hour. I selected the large douche wand and walked behind her so that she couldn’t see exactly what I was doing.

“I’m going to put this in your ass. It’ll be an easy penetration, after all of the stretching you’ve been doing lately, but once it’s in, you must clench your ass and hold onto it.” she gasped as I shoved the wand into her asshole. It went in easily enough; then I opened the clamp that held back the water. Holding the bag up high, I squeezed it so that the water would fill her quickly.

“Oh my…ohhhhh,” she gasped in pain at the new sensation Within a few minutes, the bag was empty, and, leaving the hose curled on the top of her ass, I went and filled it with more warm water. After attaching it to the hose, I let gravity do all of the work as her bowels were filled with more water.

I left the douche wand inside of my slave and laid the empty bag on her ass. “How do you feel?”

“It hurts,” she admitted through clenched teeth.

I knelt down and began pinching her sixteen year old nipples, getting her to wince as she tried to find a comfortable way to keep in the enema. This, of course, was impossible, as her belly was right up against the sawhorse and most of her weight was pushing on this point.

“I’ll be back. Don’t leak or I’ll whip you within an inch of your life, understand?”

“Yes, Master…” she whined a bit “i’m sorry for my transgressions, Sir…”

“That won’t get you out of being punished.”

I left her in the dark and went upstairs to arrange the auction. It had to be soon, or she was going to find a way to take it herself so that I couldn’t sell it.

I found a virginal outfit, all cr?, from among the items we had procured at Oscar and Son. I laid this out in the sitting room, a room that has video cameras positioned all around the perimeter. The auction would be online. Those that could afford to bid would be allowed to ask banshee to do whatever they wanted her to do, and the cameras would capture all of the action.

I sent out the auction alert and set the time to start at six that evening. I had an immediate response, and before lunchtime, I closed the room to any more bidders. Sixteen would be plenty for a lively auction. Two announced that they could attend in person, and I texted them that would be acceptable.

I went back down to the dungeon. “Tell me how it feels,” I said.

“It hurts…i want to use the toilet….i’ll do anything you say,” her compliance was palpable. Sincere. Good.

I found a leather paddle. “If you have held it all in, I’ll use this.” I showed her the paddle. “If not, it’s the bullwhip.”

I touched the inside of her thigh. It was slick.

“What’s this dampness?” I collected a dew drop of the moisture on the tip of my finger.

“mmmyyy pussy is wet, Master. That’s all it is, Sir….” She pleaded.

I spread her as cheeks. Her asshole looked as though she had been keeping it tight. I touched her perineum. It was slightly moist, but I was sure it was mostly sweat. “You did well, slut. Sixteen. Count them out.”

I hauled back and whacked her left ass cheek with the paddle.

“One…” I hit her again. “Two…” When she got to six, I made sure the paddle came down on both of her butt cheeks so that her sphincter would get some of the torture.

“When I hit twelve, you can let go of the water.”

“Here, Master?”

“Oh, you’ll be on cleanup duty before the auction tonight, but I want you to wet yourself totally. In fact, you
need to piss yourself as well.” I hit her again.

“Seven…” Whack… “Eight…” Whack…”Nine” Whack….Twelve came all too quickly, and she grunted as she expelled the water from her ass and peed herself at the same time. In her position, the piss ran down the insides of her legs, puddling on the floor, but the enema water spewed in an arc out of her little asshole. I kept up the beating until the sixteen hits I had promised were delivered.

Her face was a mess, tears streaming in relief, in humiliation. I took the opportunity, standing with my cock aimed between her outstretched legs, and I rained down a bladder full of piss onto her face. She dutifully opened her mouth and tried to drink some, but in her position, she wasn’t all that successful.

After I was done pissing on her, I decided to use her recently cleaned ass. I stroked my cock a few times, and then stuck it in her ass.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, uhhhh,” she muttered.

“Ask for it, slut,” I said.

“Ummmmh, fuck my ass, Sir….please, fuck my asshole….”

“Do you like it in your ass, my whore?”

“Ohhhh, yes, oh, I like your cock in my ass….my butthole. Hurt me some more….” She was grinding her little ass against my throbbing cock. “Are you going to fill my ass with your cum, Master?” she asked through clenched teeth.

“Oh, I think I will, banshee….Do you know how long I’ve dreamed of using you?”

“Since I was eleven,” she answered. I stopped for a second.

“How did you know that?”

“Don’t stop fucking me,” she urged.

“No, tell me.”

“Please come in me, then I’ll tell you,” she begged.

“No, I want to hear it,” I insisted.

“My daddy was having a barbecue…” I pumped her ass a few strokes and she moaned.

“I went to my room to change into my bathing suit. I left my panties on the floor.” Suddenly I remembered the incident. I had passed her in the hallway. We had smiled at each other. Her room was upstairs, and I had gone up to use the bathroom upstairs because the ground floor half bath was occupied. She had grabbed a towel out of the linen closet and headed downstairs to use the hot tub.

I saw those cornflower blue panties laying there on the floor. I couldn’t help myself; I stepped into her room and picked them up. The crotch of the undergarment was just slightly damp, but the scent that came off of them was like heaven. I put the tiny panties to nose, and became hard as a rock as I smelled my young neighbor’s pussy.

“i saw you go in my room,” she said. I was pounding her ass hard, the nostalgia of the memory running through my mind. “i stayed near the top of the stairs wondering what you were going to do with them…”

Of course, I had pulled out my cock and stroked it with those pretty panties. I was exceptionally careful not to get any pre-cum on them or leave a pubic hair behind as evidence. And I only stroked myself a few times before putting my cock away. Then I had carefully arranged the panties back on the floor to make them seem undisturbed.

“Do you know what i did later that night?”

I continued fucking her ass, so turned on by this memory that I was holding back a torrent of sperm just so I could hear what she was saying.

“After everyone was gone, i checked my panties.” she moaned as I drove my cock deep. “i had hoped to find your cum in them, but you were careful to leave them clean.” Another moan…” But i could still smell your aftershave on them. So i used them to rub my clit until i came, thinking of your cock the whole time…”

“I don’t believe you, you were too young,” I grunted…about to come.

“i first watched you fuck a slave in your back yard when i was nine…” she told me.

I filled her ass with a load of cum, grunting as the release gave me wave after wave of pleasure. Nine?

I pulled out. I didn’t really know what to say to her. I unlocked her restraints, and she stretched herself out.

“Clean up this mess, then come upstairs and have something to eat. The auction starts at six, so you have four hours,” I told her.

“Yes, Master,” she said, eyes downcast. “Did i do something wrong?”

“No….but banshee…”

“Yes, Master?”

“Touch your pussy before I auction you off, and I’ll cut off your fingers, understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she nodded.

At Five Thirty, there was a knock at the door. banshee dutifully answered, dressed in the cr? colored
outfit that I had lain out earlier. It consisted of French cut panties, a delightfully lacy bra, garter belt, hose, high heels, and a very sober silk robe that hid away the treasures of my young slave.

“Good evening,” she said to the man at the door. Charles was a body builder turned info-mercial pitch man. He was every inch the blond haired, blue eyed epitome of Captain America.

“Wow, J. She’s gorgeous. Turn for me, girl.” Charles said. banshee obeyed, doing a circle for him.

“I hope you brought your checkbook.” I told him, gauging his reaction to banshee.

“Right here,” he patted his chest pocket.

“Drink?” I asked.

“Beer if you’ve got it.” He said.

“Guinness or Heineken?” I queried.

‘Oh, I’ll take a Heine.” banshee hurried to the kitchen to get him his refreshment while I took him into the sitting room where we would be having the auction. He asked about how many other bidders there were, and if he knew any of them. Banshee brought him the beer, and then assumed the position in the middle of the room. Before we could get to deep into conversation, the doorbell rang again, and we left Charles alone with his drink.

I rarely get female bidders for a virginity auction, but Yvette had wanted to deflower a virgin with a strap on for some months now. She stood at the door in a floor length ball gown, her hair made up in a tight bun. She wasn’t pretty in the classical sense, but she had an air of sexuality about her that went further than just her looks. “Oh, J, she is quite the catch,” Yvette said with an East European accent that betrayed the fact that English wasn’t her first language. She touched banshee’s cheek and kissed her forehead. “I hope can afford you, young one,” Yvette said.

Yvette declined a drink, and we went to the sitting room. I opened my laptop to see that the other fourteen bidders had all signed in. Two from the US, three from Canada, one from the middle east, five from Europe, two from the UK, and one from the Netherlands.

“Lady and Gentlemen. For your consideration tonight, a sixteen year old virgin who has been training for less than a week. As you can see, she is shapely, and very becoming.” I began. “We will take questions first, then requests. Finally, we will start the bidding. Her name is banshee, you may address her as such.”

“So, questions?”

“What is your birthdate, banshee?” Charles asked. A fair question to make sure that I wasn’t cheating on her age.

“May fifteenth, Nineteen Ninety _____” she answered.

“Has your ass been used?” asked one of the online bidders.

“Yes,” she answered.

It got quiet. “Well, then, let’s move on to examination of the merchandise, then.”

That was banshee’s cue to strip. She slowly undid the belt of her robe and let the garment fall from her milk white shoulders. She did a slow spin as she unclasped her bra and let her breasts come into view. Charles inhaled sharply and his pants bulged as his cock got hard.

She sat on a stool in the center of the room and removed her high heels. Then she unpinned the hose from the garter belt and slowly rolled them off, first from her right leg and then her left. she then turned with her back to Charles, Yvette and me, bent over, and slowly removed her panties, revealing her shapely ass, shaved pussy, and little red butthole.

Excruciatingly slow, she spread her legs until her glistening pussy opened slightly. Then she teased it open with her fingers to reveal her intact hymen.

“Bidding starts at a hundred thousand,” I announced.

Online bids flew in like wildfire. “I’ll go five hundred,” Charles offered.

“Seven-Fifty,” Yvette countered.

“Sorry, folks, I already have a bid for two million,” I saw on screen.

“I can’t go that high,” Yvette announced. “That’s too bad.”

“I’ll go three,” Said Charles.

I only had two active bidders left online. The skyrocketing price hard scared off everyone except the bidder
from the Netherlands and one from Europe.

“Bidding is at five million, five hundred.” I announced.

“Damn. I’m out,” Charles said, very disappointed.

Six Million rolled in from Europe, but the bidder from the Netherlands quickly went up to seven five.

“Seven Million, Five hundred. Going once….twice….sold”

To be continued.

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like... now XD I usually don't like male domination but your touch or romance helped. Though the story had a bit too much watersport for my tastes. just imo though. (in my opinion).

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like... now XD I usually don't like male domination but your touch or romance helped. Though the story had a bit too much watersport for my tastes. just imo though. (in my opinion).


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Now that he has Sold Her Virginity.. will she Trap him in his own Game?

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Wounderful! ... such an amazeing writer makeing me wounder what a gilr would have to do to be your slave, please please keep writeing i can not wait to read the next chapters. your Master figer is perfict totaly full of control but still humman. your slave is perfic as well


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Amazing, just amazing

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