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I guess I’m a sucker for girls & women in uniform (whenever I get the chance!). This story is fiction: any resemblance to real persons or places is coincidental.
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2009

When I was a teenager in a small town in the mid-1970s, lesbianism was something you had heard of in a theoretical kind of way, but there were no openly ‘gay’ (the word was just changing its meaning then) women that one knew of, never mind girls. So I knew what I was – for I definitely wasn’t interested in boys, and had been masturbating to pictures and fantasies of female film starlets and pop singers – but there was no outlet, no way to meet like-minded people. Sadly, the internet was still undreamed of!

At long last, soon after my sixteenth birthday, things changed. I had been in the Girl Guide movement for many years, starting in the Brownies, and now was one of the older girls in our group. We had three adult Leaders, the youngest of whom was called Diana. She was a bright young professional woman in her mid-20s, and a breath of fresh air compared to the other two, who were staid ‘wife and mom’ types in their forties. Diana was sporty, playing a lot of tennis and squash, and regularly jogging (also a new thing in those days). She was about five foot seven inches, dark-haired, with a trim figure, bright smile and an attractive liveliness. One Wednesday, after the usual weekly meeting had come to an end, she said that she wanted a word and asked me to stay behind. The rest of the girls and the two older leaders said their farewells and headed for home, leaving Diana and myself alone in the roomy wooden hut which our Guides shared with the Boy Scout troop.

Diana looked at me for a moment, and what she saw – if I say so myself – was a pretty cute chick. I was just shorter than her, at five feet six inches, and I was slim with a tight trim ass but also getting curvy on the chest. This had happened fairly recently, and the development of my bust had put a strain on some of my shirts – the blue blouse of my Guide uniform in particular. However, my most striking feature is that I am a classic redhead, with waves of ginger hair and a dusting of freckles on my pale smooth skin. I have a bit of snub nose, slightly pouty lips, and my breasts were shaping up to be more cone-shaped and pointy than round.

What Diana said next was a shock: she told me that she had noticed the way I looked at the other Guides when we were getting changed before or after an activity, and they were in their underwear or naked. I panicked and began to protest that I didn’t know what she meant, when her next comment silenced me. ‘It’s OK, babe,’ she said, ‘I understand – but you need to be much more discrete, or the other leaders or one of the girls will notice. You fancy girls, don’t you?’ I nodded mutely, and then burst out explaining that I didn’t know how to meet anyone and dared not take the risk of approaching any of my friends. ‘I know how you feel’, said Diana, ‘believe me, I know – but I think we can solve your problem.’ I had been on the verge of tears, but brightened at this, without quite realising what she was meaning. A couple of seconds later I certainly did undertstand, as she leant forward and gently kissed me on the lips. I gave a small gasp of mixed shock and pleasure, and it parted my lips enough for her tongue to slip delightfully between them and flick into the roof of my mouth, making me go weak in the stomach.

I had a second moment of shock, as I felt her hands explore my chest, taking my breasts in her hands and gently squeezing them through the thin fabric of my Guide uniform shirt and my cotton bra underneath. I gave a kind of moan, and responded by putting my arms around her and pulling her close. For a moment she continued like this, and then her seduction of me was complete, as she dropped one hand and slipped it up under my uniform skirt to find the front of my panties and stroke the outline of my cleft. I gave a shudder of delight, almost sobbing, ‘Oh! yes, yes! please ... yes!’ My knees felt weak and, realising that I was close to fainting with shock and excitement, Diana swiftly backed me up against the wall. As I leaned against it, my hands splayed out to each side to keep me upright, she looked me steadily in the eyes whilst her hands methodically loosed my neckerchief and then undid the buttons on my uniform shirt one by one from the collar downwards. When they were all opened, she pulled the shirt out from the waistband of my skirt and apart to each side, revealing my budding breasts in their plain and innocent white cotton bra.

For a few moments she stroked and squeezed them, as I just soaked up the attention – at last, at long last, what I had longed for was happening. I was thrilled that it felt as good as I had hoped, better even, and that I wasn’t scared or repelled – in fact, I wanted more and more. We kissed again, and this time I opened my mouth fully and probed my tongue into hers, for a long wet arousing snog. When we detached, for the first time she looked a bit flustered and flushed. With a deft movement, she reached behind my back and uncoupled my bra, letting it slip from my shoulders and fall to the floor. I felt only slightly self-conscious as she admired my breasts, and I resisted the automatic urge to cover them with my hands. Instead, I turned the half-motion that I had instinctively started to make into something quite different – with sudden boldness, I reached for her bust, which I had long admired for its fullness. With a half-smile, she stood still as I felt her breasts’ wonderful combination of softness and firmness. Tentatively at first, and then with greater haste, I unbuttoned the shirt of her Guide Leader’s uniform, and pushed it back from her shoulders. She discarded her tie, and faced me naked from the waist up apart from her bra. This was navy blue in colour, plain and unadorned, but in a stylish cut that uplifted her breasts but only covered their lower part. They were full and a lovely pear shape, D cup I think, and I was entranced by them – never before had I seen a young woman’s tits so close, never mind touching them, never mind having the anticipation of so much more to come.

Diana reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, and with a shake of her head and shoulders dislodged it and let it fall. In almost the same movement, she took my head in her hands and guided my mouth gently but firmly to the nipple of her left breast, which was already erect. I parted my lips as the wondrous object came close, and swirled my tongue around her tit and then over it, from side to side. It seemed so obvious and natural what to do, and I fastened my lips around her nipple and both sucked and nibbled on it. Diana’s breathing became a bit more rapid and her back arched, thrusting her chest more directly at me. I was also beginning to gasp, not just from the heady arousal of my first titty-licking, but because Diana’s hand had gone back up under my skirt, and her fingers had slipped inside the gusset of my panties and were pushing into the lips of my pussy. Under their coaxing, I spread my legs wider apart, and she used her other hand first to jerk my uniform skirt upwards around my hips, and then to pull my panties out from my sweating stomach and give the questing fingers more room for manoeuvre. I was wetter down there than I had ever been before, even with my best fantasy masturbations, and I felt loose and open. Diana started to thrust two of her fingers in and out of me, building a rhythm that promised to take me to the stars. Then, suddenly, she stopped, as her fingertips encountered the membrane of my hymen and she realised what it was, and that I was a virgin.

‘Oh?’, she said, not having expected that – though I don’t know why it was a surprise, as I had indicated I didn’t go with boys and hadn’t had any girls. ‘Please – please,’ I begged her, ‘please, don’t stop ... I want to go all the way, I’m so turned on – don’t stop now!’ She looked uncertain, and sought reassurance: ‘Are you really sure? It’s a big thing, losing your virginity – you mustn’t do it if you have any doubts.’ But I had no doubts at all – I had dreamed of something like this, and I certainly wasn’t going to let it escape me now. In a couple of minutes, my eager enthusiasm and determination convinced her, but she said this wasn’t the place – and that anyway this had only been the warm-up and she had intended to take me home with her. ‘You can stay for a while, can’t you?’ she asked. As Diana knew, my parents were avid bridge players, and on Wednesday evenings they played at the local club and did not come home till nearly half past eleven. I was an only child, so as long as I was home by eleven o’clock, no one would know that I hadn’t, as usual, cycled home straight after the Guides’ meeting. I confirmed this to Diana, and it would give us nearly three hours. We quickly put our clothes back on, and Diana locked the hut and then helped me put my bicycle into the back of her estate car. I got in the front, and during the ten-minute drive to her house, every time she could take her hand off the gear lever she pushed it under my skirt and fondled the crotch of my panties – as I spread my legs apart to give her better access. So, as we pulled in front of her garage, I was absolutely gagging for it.

As we entered the hallway of the small and neatly-kept 1930s semi-detached house, Diana smiled and told me that there was someone she wanted me to meet. I was a bit taken aback, but suddenly recalled the phrase ‘we can solve your problem’ which she had used earlier. She led me through to the living room at the back of the house, calling out ‘Melanie – we’re here!’ I was urged into the room ahead of her, and saw an attractive woman rise from the couch and come towards me with a welcoming smile. She was a little older than Diana, in her late 20s, and also somehow more mature and poised in appearance. Melanie was the tallest of the three of us by an inch or so, and definitely had the fullest figure – she was almost hourglass in silhouette, and I found out later that she was a generous double-D, to Diana’s D and my C cup. She had black hair that was trimmed around her ears and to the nape of the neck, but quite densely layered, and large dark eyes with long attractive lashes. She worked in the city in the offices of a major bank, and was still wearing most of her smart workday outfit: the black slacks of the trouser suit, and a pale grey shirt – but she had undone the top buttons of this, and as she rose and moved forward I caught glimpses of a decorative lacy black bra underneath. She had kicked off her shoes, and was in her stocking feet. All in all, she was a very sexy woman nearing ripe maturity, and the slight sway of hips and bust as she approached me held me transfixed like a rabbit in car headlamps.

Diana introduced Melanie as her partner, and then corrected herself to say more explicitly ‘my lover’. Melanie gave me a wonderful smile, and said ‘so this is the pretty girl I’ve been hearing so much about – Diana didn’t do you justice, you look adorable.’ Her warm praise and the unabashed sexual interest with which she was regarding me were a heady mixture, and I just melted as Melanie drew me into a soft moist kiss that seemed to last forever. I was conscious of the pressure of her full bust against my tits, and that her hands had slipped round to hold and squeeze my bottom, pressing my pelvis against hers. When she relinquished my mouth, her hands came round to cup my breasts and my head went back as I gave a deep sigh of pleasure. Melanie smiled and said to her lover: ‘you were right, as always – this girl’s hot to trot!’ Diana began to explain that I was still a virgin, and I could see a shade of doubt flit across Melanie’s face – so at once I burst in to declare that I wanted that to end tonight, that I couldn’t imagine anyone more lovely than them to take it. That definitely appealed, and overcame their remaining doubts.

‘Let’s start off down here, then – we’ve got plenty of time before you need to be home, babe, so we don’t need to rush things’, said Melanie, looking at her watch. Each of them took one of my hands, and led me to sit between them in the middle of the couch. Melanie ran her hand over my Guide shirt, feeling the shape of my bra and breasts underneath. Her face was alive with anticipation, and she told me how incredibly sexy she thought the Girl Guide uniform was, how good I looked in it, and how much it was turning her on. I was thrilled at the idea that my looks and body could so excite a grown woman, and I soaked up her admiration like a sponge. They each put a hand on the knee that was nearest to them, and in gentle unison opened my legs to spread wide apart. This pushed my skirt halfway up my thigh, and then Diana tugged it further; I lifted my hips an inch, and she ricked the skirt around my waist. Then she slid off the couch to kneel between my legs, first slipping her fingers, as before, inside my plain white cotton – but now visibly damp – panties. This was only the preliminary, and she took them by each side and pulled them down and off me – I had to put my legs together for a moment to make this possible, and then she opened me even wider. Diana paused for a moment to undo and throw aside her uniform shirt and her bra, so that she was nude from the waist up, and then she bent forwards to bring her capable mouth down onto my pussy.

Whilst this was going on, Melanie was undoing my uniform shirt and peeling it open, but she did not remove it completely. Her hands reached inside my bra to scoop out my breasts, leaving them hanging over the top fabric of the cups. I was still wearing my neckerchief, which lay down the middle of my cleavage. For a quick moment she looked at me in such a sexual way that I nearly came from that alone, and then she dove forwards and applied her mouth to bring unbelievable sensations to my tits. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me – how my wildest dreams were coming true, and then some. I had never expected my first sexual encounter to be a threesome, or for it to be with experienced women who knew exactly where to touch, lick and poke to produce the most erotic sensations. I lay back on the couch, gasping and begging them never to stop – utterly turned on by having two women attend to me, one on the tits and one on the pussy. I had to do something with my hands, but only Melanie was really within easy reach without obstructing the wonderful things they were doing to me. As she was crouched over my tits, her own shirt had fallen open and I had a full view of her gorgeous large breasts and the sexy lingerie encasing and uplifting them. It took only a moment’s fumbling to undo her remaining buttons and tug the shirt open, and she paused in her ministrations for a few seconds to fling it aside. I reached for her breasts, thrusting my hands inside the bra cups to grip and caress them – a stimulus which increased the passion with which she was sucking on my tits. My body was convulsed with a strange sensation, both electrifying and releasing, exploding from my pelvis and washing through me – another first, my first orgasm that was not self-induced.

After this, they led me upstairs to their bedroom, which had a good-sized double bed. Diana removed my bra, but at her lover’s request my uniform skirt was left on – Melanie saying that it looked sexier than being naked; ‘anybody can be nude’, she observed, ‘having something still on emphasises just how naked the rest of you is!’ I asked if I could undress them, and one of the many joyous moments of that epochal evening was removing Diana’s uniform as a Guide Leader (and how many times at Guides’ meetings had I day-dreamed about that, never for a moment thinking that it would ever become a reality!), and then turning to Melanie. I knelt on the floor in front of her and undid the zip at the side of her slacks. They slid over her hips and down to her ankles, and when she stepped out of them I saw a sight that I can still visualise any time that I want to be aroused. She still had on the black underwired bra, and what was now revealed was the rest of the matching set – her traditional stockings were held up by a black garter belt, and over the top of its straps was a skimpy semi-transparent pair of black thong-shaped panties. In this outfit and with her full, almost heavy, bust and her shapely ass, Melanie was a riveting picture of female sexual power – I could see why the more lithely sexy Diana was attracted to her.

They asked a last time if I was really sure about losing my virginity, and I was even more emphatic in confirmation than before. Diana swiftly put an old sheet on the bed, and then asked me which of them I wanted to take me first. I couldn’t choose – Diana had made the first move on me and I liked her a lot, but Melanie was a revelation of the sexual appeal of a confident career woman. They looked nonplussed for a second, and then laughingly decided to toss a coin. I chose heads to be Diana and tails (which I called ass) to be Melanie, and they smiled at that. When the coin landed, it showed Melanie as the lucky lady – although the real lucky one was me. She took a moment to warn me that however careful she was, it would hurt a bit at the time and for a while afterwards, and there would usually be a little show of blood. I said that was OK, I’d had the human biology lesson at school, and knew in theory how it all worked. Melanie gestured for me to remove her panties, and when I did so I took the opportunity to kiss her on the cunt, although there as no time to try and work my tongue inside.

Diana lay down on her back in the middle of the bed, with her knees at the edge and her feet still on the floor. She beckoned to me, and got me to straddle her, with my knees placed outside her thighs. I bent forward, with my tits resting on her warm stomach, and at Diana’s encouragement I began to lick and suck her breasts, the saliva giving my lips the seal and suction power they needed to be really effective. Of course, in this position I was ideally placed for Melanie to fuck me: with my head down, my ass was inevitably pushed up into the air at just the right height, whilst the spread of my legs straddling Diana meant that my cunt was very accessible. Melanie went to a drawer and removed a strap-on – it looked rather large to me at that time, but later experience suggests it was merely average. It had an unusual feature which I had never thought of before: as well as the main dildo sticking out in front, there was a slightly smaller one on the inside, pointing up at about 45 degrees. As I watched with fascination and eagerness in which there was only a trace of apprehension, Melanie smeared both of these dildos with lubricant, more liberally on the outwards facing shaft. Then she slid the inwards dildo deep into her own pussy, before fastening the straps tightly between her legs and on each hip. She gave a slight moan as she juggled it into place – clearly the inner shaft was already pressing and rubbing against her clitoris. Looking slightly flushed and bright-eyed, she stepped up to just behind my upthrust ass. For the first time ever, I felt the solid bump and firm pressure of a dildo’s knob nudging into the lips of my slit. Melanie pressed it slowly inwards for an inch or so, and then withdrew it – the sensation from the pulling out being more erotic even than that from the driving inward. My ginger hair had been plaited into two pig-tails, as usual, for the Guides meeting, and now Melanie gripped one in each hand as if they were the reins of a horse, and she pulled my head up and backwards, away from her lover’s breasts.

As she pistoned the dildo in and out of me, I started to make a kind of hungry wailing noise, building towards an unseen destination. ‘Come for me,’ Melanie said breathily, ‘I want you to cum for me, you slut! Cum for me – you’re gonna cum for me!’ The concept of her making me orgasm for her was so arousing that it took me close the brink, and I felt incredibly loose and wet. This, of course, was what she had intended and, with a quiet word of ‘Now, OK, honey?’ (which I managed to acknowledge with a nod), she pressed the strap-on firmly into my vagina, splitting through the hymen in one clean firm thrust of her pelvis. It was like a small stab of pain, a brief tearing sensation, and I gave a bit of a yelp – but it was gone so swiftly, leaving just a residual soreness. I was distracted from thinking about that any further by the new sensations coming from the dildo pushing further, into parts of me which my fingers had never reached and which had never been opened before. All sorts of nerve-ends that I didn’t know I even had were being deliciously stimulated, as I felt stretched and filled in a new and unbelievably wonderful way. Then, adding another layer to this, Diana reached up from under me to grasp and manipulate my breasts. The sensations from all of my most erogenous zones washed together, the different parts of my body no longer seeming very connected, each floating in its own ocean of feeling.

I was gasping and moaning with pleasure, my pelvis humping up and down as Melanie built up her rhythm to a faster pace and plunged in deeper and deeper. My hips thrust back against her as she rammed into me, and then I pulled forwards as she withdrew almost to the dildo’s tip – there was nothing conscious or deliberate to this, it was just my body making automatic responses to the stimulus. It was nearly sensory overload, and I was making noises like a squalling cat, mewling as the dildo pulled backwards, moaning as the inward thrust began, and building to a cross between a yelp and a shriek as it impacted to its furthest point. Melanie was getting a fucking from the end of the dildo inside her, and her mounting excitement meant that she was shoving the strap-on forward ever more vigorously. However, she never lost control completely, and she had the long experience that let her sense my approaching climax. At just the perfect moment, she jerked back hard on my pigtails, arching my back and pulling my breasts upwards to give her lover a better angle to mangle them. She shouted ‘Cum for me now, you pussy-fuck! cum for me NOW!!’ – and I did, I shuddered from head to toe as I came in a massive and sustained wave of ecstasy. with my eyes tightly closed to savour every mind-blowing second. Then I collapsed on top of Diana, who cradled me in her arms as I took deep gasping breaths, my head whirling in a daze. Whether it was experience or good luck, Melanie had brought herself to orgasm almost exactly as mine broke, and she gave barking shouts of ‘Yeah! Oh, fuck!! yeah, yeah!!’ as she came as well. She dropped my pigtails and gripped my hips, mainly to keep herself from falling over on top of me. Then, with a deep sigh, she slowly withdrew the dildo from my pussy, and flopped down on the bed beside Diana and me.

After a moment, Diana rolled me off her and onto my back, next to Melanie. Raising herself on one elbow, Diana regarded both of us with an amused expression, as we lay there gasping like a pair of beached whales. She scolded us with mock-severity: ‘It’s all very well for you two – I still need to get off!’ Then she told me what she wanted, and with interest I promised to try. Diana reached into the drawer of the small bedside table, and produced a long vibrator in gleaming silver. Turning it on, she handed it to me, and then lay back on the bed, spreading her legs open. I returned to my place alongside her, and reached over to press the throbbing end of the machine against her slit, rubbing it up and down its length. With encouraging words and sometimes noises from Diana, I had soon worked a lot of it into her – in fact, there was little resistance, just enough to get me turned on by doing it. Then Diana told me to pump it in and out of her, and to start slow – then speed up – but at the end slow down again for longer and firmer strokes. I followed her advice, and added a few twists and rotary motions of my own – after all, this wasn’t rocket science, and the response told you pretty quickly if you were on the right track or not. As I did this with growing confidence and vigour, Melanie reached around from Diana’s other side, and began caressing and tweaking her partner’s breasts. Diana was much more silent in love-making than either Melanie and I had been, but as I took up a faster pace, she gave one ululating cry as her orgasm came. I pulled the vibrator out of her and found the switch on the base to turn it off. Then, impelled by what instinct I do not know, I bent my mouth to her pussy and lapped up all of its juices, giving her further pleasure although she did not come a second time.

It was now nearly ten o’clock, and I was sticky, sweaty and smelled of bedroom and cum juices. I had a quick shower in their bathroom, and Diana towelled my hair dry and gently wiped me all over, in a way that was more gentle than sexual. I gave Melanie a lengthy kiss, and Diana drove me to the end of the street next to mine, where we unloaded my bicycle and I got on it – we had decided, just in case nosy neighbours were looking, that I should arrive home in the usual way even if much later than usual. I stowed my bike in our garage, and entered the empty and silent house. By the time my parents came home about thirty minutes later, I was in bed with the lights out – again, as usual. What was not usual at all was how I felt and the thoughts and memories passing through my mind. There was still a bit of sore feeling inside me, but it was nothing in the balance against the pleasure that I had had – and would soon have again. I had put on my shortest skimpiest summer nightie which, because it was a year old, barely covered my hips. Under the duvet I was lying on my back, legs apart, and gently caressing my mound and fingering myself. I thought about how I had lost my virginity, and was glad that I had done so in that way; I thought about what might lie ahead of me, and was gladder still.

The next Wednesday, I turned up at the Girl Guides meeting on foot, saying that my bicycle had a puncture. I had arranged this with Diana the previous week, and no one thought it odd when she offered to give me a lift home, as she would be passing through my neighbourhood. So I left with her, and she did indeed drive me home – after I had spent over two hours fucking with Melanie and her at their house. The next week at Guides our announcement that getting a lift from her had been so helpful that I would be doing that in future was hardly noticed, and my Wednesday evening education in lesbianism continued. Melanie loved it that I arrived in my Guides uniform – she really had a thing for it, and would spent quite a while caressing my breasts before unbuttoning the shirt, and putting her hand up my skirt without taking it off. This foreplay turned me on a lot, especially when Diana joined in whilst still wearing her Guide Leader’s uniform. On one occasion, a couple of months later on, I said to Melanie as she was slipping her hand inside my bra that I was sure she would look sexy in uniform as well. She paused for a moment, looking thoughtful, and the next week I got a wonderful surprise. She had visited a fancy dress shop and had hired a complete policewoman’s uniform, very authentic and convincing. When I arrived, I barely had time to gasp in excitement before she turned me to face the wall in their entrance hallway, pulled my hands behind my back and snapped a pair of handcuffs on my wrists! Melanie then proceeded to pretend to ‘strip search’ me, though the only garment completely removed was my panties – my shirt was unbuttoned and my tits pulled out of the bra, but both items were left on. I found this incredibly arousing, and when she roughly thrust two fingers up to their knuckles into my vagina, I came more intensely than at any time since our first session. But better still was to follow.

Melanie hustled us both up to the bedroom, pretending to have us under arrest. Diana was ordered to strip off everything except her black hold-up stockings, and to lie on her back across the bed horizontally, so that her head was in the middle of one side of the mattress and her knees were hanging over the other. Then I had my second surprise of the evening, an almost equally erotic one. Melanie produced some leather cuffs and rope, and fastened Diana in a spread-eagle X shape, with her right foot and right hand tied to each side of the headboard, and her left foot and left hand roped to the bottom two bedposts. Melanie told me to take off my shirt, but to keep on my bra, skirt and socks. I was then instructed to lie on top of Diana, face downwards, in a 69 position with my face at her cunt and hers at mine – my skirt was pulled up around my waist to give her full access. Melanie then fastened my wrists and ankles with cuffs to Diana’s, so that I was spread open in an X shape as well. This was deliciously erotic, and Diana and I at one began lapping at each other’s pussies. Meanwhile, Melanie took the police truncheon that had come as an accessory with the uniform, and proceeded to go from one side of the bed to the other in turn, forcing it into the vagina on view for four deep and long insertions. She continued this rotation for some time, and from the combination of the intermittent sudden shaftings and the cunt-lapping in between them, Diana and I were soon getting very high indeed. We were both writhing in our bonds, whilst we begged Melanie for release – not from our captivity, but to drive us to our orgasms. Her response was to discard the shirt and skirt of the police uniform, revealing that underneath it was a black bra, suspender belt and traditional stockings, but no panties. She then put on the double-dildo strap-on (which had seen quite a few outings since my first visit), and gave first Melanie and then me a rough and rapid fucking that took us swiftly over the brink – coming off herself as I screamed out my orgasm, one of the deepest and wildest I have ever had. And so I discovered my enjoyment of role-play and of light bondage, which have given me – and my lovers – great pleasure ever since.

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2012-01-12 12:29:59
Regarding the 4 entries for my comment, I'll use an Americanism: WTF?


2012-01-12 12:21:57
Your member name really should be naughty_lesley_tara, and judging from some phrases that are used in your story, you must be a pommy girl.
I reckon that you'd be one of the best authors on this site.

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2011-12-14 20:56:53
love this me and myy gf fucked each other after this we got so horny we mastrabated then we started to kiss we took off our clothes and started to fuck each others pussys and tits we love to fuck thx for the story

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2011-11-30 08:38:44
I saw my daughter in the summerhouse with my friend from next door, they were both naked and I watched as he fucked her. She took all of his cock very easily which made me quite jealous because I can only get about 6 inches into me and when he fucks me there is quite a bit that won't go in.
I'm 37 and tall and she's 15 and just over 5 feet, she says his cock doesn't reach to the full depth of her.

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2011-11-22 08:34:46
My very first Lesbian partner was Janice and we were at boarding school in Brighton together.
We were both inexperience but watched the other girls and copied them. I'd never really masturbated before but between us we found out how to bring ourselves and each other to orgasm with our fingers. I'd never tasted any girls cunt including my own but soon learnt how nice we could taste when we were freshly washed inside and out and then masturbated to orgasm. One of the teachers explained about tribbing and the first time we did it we made each other sore so we always shaved our pubes off after that. Janice and I are both married now but meet regularly to make love in the wonderful was girls do. I love to be rough shagged by a man but the satisfaction of it is not as long lasting as that from my times with my lovely Janice. I once fucked with four men at a party and the feeling of all that cum in me was very special but still not as nice as Janice's juice.

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