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A freshman is tricked by a football star into being raped
It was 6th period lunch on Thursday at East High School. Amy was sitting at the popular Freshman Table with all her friends, and was about to be surprised by Nick, a popular senior. Nick motioned over to Amy for her to come over to him. Amy looked at her friends and shared a few giggles and then got up and walked over to him. Nick watched as she walked over to him and thought she looked really hot in her Freshman Cheerleader’s Uniform. When Amy got over to him he asked, “Can we talk tonight at the freshman game? I need to ask you a question.” “…Ok” she said a bit in awe of the Senior.

Amy was a 15 year old Freshman at East High. It was the 2nd week of school and she was still getting used to the school. Amy is a very pretty girl. She’s 5’1, has long blond hair, good sized breasts for her age, and one of the best butts in the school. All the guys in the school wanted her since the first time she walked into the schools door.

Nick was a Senior and the star running back on the football team. He had entered into a pool with the other seniors on the team about who would be the first to take Amy’s cherry and Nick planned to win it. He was going for the victory this weekend.

Nick stayed after Varsity football practice to go to the Freshmen game and talk to Amy. At half-time Amy walked up to where Nick was sitting. “There’s this party on Saturday” Nick said, “and I was wondering if you would go with me?” Amy was surprised and very excited that she was asked out by a Senior, but she knew there was no way her parents would let her go. “Sure” Amy said, “but my parents can’t know. How bout we meet at the mall and go from there.” Nick agreed and they planed to meet at the mall on Saturday evening.

On Friday Night, East High played their 3rd game of the season. It was a huge game against the defending state champion and a rival school from the town next to East High’s. Amy watched from the stands as East pulled out the victory in double overtime. Nick had a great game rushing for 211 yards, rushed for 3 touchdowns including an 87-yard run late in the 4th quarter, and caught the game winning touchdown in the 2nd overtime.

After the game, Nick gathered all the other Seniors on the team around him. He told them that he had gotten something for them to celebrate with and that they should meet him at the lake tomorrow night. The other seniors tried to get Nick to say what the surprise was, but he wouldn’t tell only say, “It’ll be good.”

On Saturday Morning Amy went out with some of her friends to the mall to look for a new outfit for her date. After looking for awhile Amy picked a light blue top, and a short denim skirt that came down a few inches above the knee. Then they went and got some lunch and talked about Amy’s date tonight and shared some giggles.

When Amy got home that afternoon, she just lounged around for awhile. After a while she began to get ready for her big date tonight. She put on some make up, and brushed her deciding to leave it down for tonight. She then put on her new outfit on and decided to just wear flip-flops for shoes. After looking in the mirror and making some last minute changes she went down stairs and told her mom that she was ready to go to the mall.

Once Amy got to the mall she told her mom “bye” and watched her drive off. Amy was nervous as she walked to where she and Nick were supposed to meet. Going out with a Senior was a big deal for Amy, especially a cool Senior like Nick and she was still somewhat in awe of it. Nick was already waiting for her when she got there and he said, “You’re looking really hot baby, now let’s go.” With that he walked Amy out to his car.

Nick pulled his car out of the mall parking lot and they went on their way to the party, or so Amy thought. Shortly after leaving the mall Nick asked, “You wanna go down to the lake so we can spend some time alone and talk?” Amy quickly answered, “Sure” knowing that going to the lake would lead to her making out with a senior.

When they go to the lake Nick parked his car near the lakes edge. Then he looked at Amy and said, “You look really beautiful tonight, Amy.” Amy blushed and quietly mumbled, “Thank you” and Nick slid next to her. Then Nick leaned in and kissed Amy. She returned the kiss and they began making-out.

After a few minutes of making-out Nick moved his hand to Amy’s breast. “Don’t” she said and Nick obeyed and slowly pulled his hand away. About a minute later Nick’s hand returned to Amy’s breast and his other hand moved up her leg under her skirt. “Stop” Amy said a bit more forcefully, but Nick didn’t stop and continued groping Amy’s tits and moved his hand further up her skirt.

Amy began to struggle against Nick. She was ok with making out, but didn’t want to go any further. “No, Nick. I don’t want to do this” Amy said as she tried to shove Nick away. Nick continued kissing and groping Amy while she struggled against him.

Amy’s struggles seemed futile, but then she got a break. She adjusted herself and got leverage over Nick and managed to shove Nick off her. Amy quickly got out of the car and began to run. She wasn’t sure where she was going, but she knew she wanted to get away from Nick.

Nick watched Amy get out of the car and run away. He got out of the care and being the running back he knew he could catch her easily. Nick began chasing Amy and caught her quickly about 30 yards from the car. He tackled her from behind and she went to the ground. She tried to crawl away, but Nick quickly grabbed her, pulled her back and flipped her over on to her back.

Nick held Amy down with his weight and reached under Amy’s skirt. He ripped off Amy’s panties roughly and tossed them aside. Amy was crying now and was terrified as she watched Nick pull out his penis. “No” Amy begged, “I’m a virgin.” “I know” Nick said, “but you won’t be for long.”

Nick bunched Amy’s skirt around her waist and put his dick on the outer lips of he vagina. Amy struggled as hard as she could against Nick’s invasion and begged him to stop. “No Nick. Don’t do this to me.” She pleaded as she felt him push his penis against her vagina. He slid in about an inch with great effort. She was extremely tight, being completely dry, so the penetration was excruciating for Amy.

Nick continued to push into Amy and she was now screaming, hoping against hope that someone would help her. Nick felt Amy’s hymen as he saw several pairs of headlights pull up. It was his teammates. Amy suddenly felt great hope when she saw the headlights and thought someone was going to help her. Amy began screaming as loud as she could trying to get the attention of the people in the cars.

Nick watched as the guys walked up to where he and Amy were. As they drew closer they saw what Nick was talking about. “I told you it was gonna be good.” Nick said, “and your about to see the best part.” “Help me” Amy said to the group, but her hope turned great terror as she realized that the group was not going to help her.

Nick pulled back a bit and then shoved forward as hard as he could into Amy taking her cherry and impaling her on his cock as the other seniors watched. Amy let out a loud yelp of pain as Nick took her cherry and began crying uncontrollably. Nick began to fuck Amy hard nearly pulling completely out of Amy before thrusting back in. Amy felt tremendous pain as he did this, she never knew such pain existed and just wanted it to stop.

Nick continued fucking Amy hard as the others watched and began to feel an orgasm approaching. He began to fuck Amy even faster and said, “I’m about to cum.” A new terror filled Amy’s head. Pregnancy. “Please don’t cum in me.” Amy begged, “I don’t want to be pregnant.” Just as she saying that Nick shoved as far into to Amy as he could, grunted, and then came into Amy’s pussy. Amy let out a cry as she felt him cum in her and just continued crying.

Nick pulled out of Amy and got up. “You were a great fuck. Thanks for your cherry.” Nick told Amy. Then he turned to his teammates and D.J. stepped forward and said, “I guess you won, but you left too much clothes on this bitch.” By that time Amy has sat up and was trying to get up. “Mark and Jeff you go hold her down.” Nick said, “The rest of us need to get the clothes off this girl.”

Mark and Jeff went to hold Amy down and the rest of the Seniors were close behind to rip off Amy’s clothing. Being held down Amy was completely helpless as the seniors began to remove her clothes. They ripped off Amy’s top and pulled down her skirt and tossed them away. Then they removed her one remaining flip-flop, and the ripped off her bra. She was now completely exposed to her attackers.

DJ now moved between Amy’s legs. She was trying to struggle a way from a second attack, but was not at all successful, being held down by 2 offensive linemen. “Someone please help me.” Amy said to the group hoping someone would help her, but no one would.

DJ entered Amy’s pussy as she screamed out loud at a second invasion. Amy was still tight, but Entry was easy for DJ with the lubrication from the previous rape. Amy screamed as DJ began fucking her. DJ started off slowly, but gradually picked up the pace, as Amy tried uselessly to buck him off her. DJ was now rapidly thrusting into Amy hard as he neared orgasm. “Not you too” Amy begged, “Don’t cum in me too.” DJ looked at Amy as he thrust deep into Amy and blew his load into her. Amy let out a cry as she felt DJ cum in her.

As soon as DJ pulled away from Amy, Lance took his place. “No, Not again” Amy said, “Don’t” she screamed as Lance quickly shoved into Amy’s pussy. Lance fucked Amy hard thrusting the full length of his cock into her with each thrust. Amy screamed in pain with each thrust between her sobs. Amy felt lance was about to cum and tried in vain to get him not to cum in her. “Please don’t cum in me. Not again.” Amy pleaded. Lance ignored her and continued fucking her hard. Lance felt he was about to cum, so he got a few more strokes and then blew his load into Amy. When Lance was finished he said, “Thanks for the ride, bitch” and got off her. Lance was replaced between Amy’s legs by Jay and Amy just continued crying knowing pleading was useless.

Jay entered Amy’s pussy all the way and he began fucking her at a quick pace. Amy just whimpered as he entered her and let out a little scream with each thrust. Jay had very little stamina being very aroused by watching this girl get fucked hard by 3 guys and he quickly approached orgasm. Jay came into Amy and she just let a small cry. As Jay pulled off, Matt was next in line to fuck Amy.

“Flip her over onto her hands and knees” Matt said, “I wanna fuck her doggie style.” Mark and Jeff got Amy into the requested position. Then Matt moved into position behind Amy and rested his dick on Amy’s pussy.

Matt pushed into Amy and began to fuck her hard. Amy still felt pain as he fucked her and would let out a little yelp with each thrust. Jeremy got very aroused watching Amy get fucked and needed to get off. He moved in front of Amy and rested his dick against her lips. “Suck my cock” Jeremy said.

Amy knew she was helpless against the rape of her vagina, but she was not going to allow herself to be raped in the mouth. She felt Jeremy’s penis against her lips and tried to turn her head away, but he grabbed her hair and forced her head back. “Damn it, Bitch. I told you to suck my cock” Jeremy said as he tried to force his cock into Amy’s mouth. Amy refused to take Jeremy’s cock into her mouth and kept her mouth tightly shut.

“Alright, bitch you asked for it.” Jeremy said as he tightly pinched Amy’s nostrils shut. After about a minute Amy’s face had turned red from lack of oxygen and she finally opened her mouth to draw in air. When she did Jeremy slid his dick into to Amy’s mouth. Jeremy began to fuck Amy’s mouth mercilessly shoving all the way in her mouth and into her throat forcing her to gag.

Amy now had one cock in her mouth and another in her pussy. She began to cry even harder feeling even more humiliated. Then Matt let out a grunt, shoved his dick as far into Amy as he could, and unleashed his cum in to Amy’s cunt. She let out a scream that was muffled by Jeremy’s cock in her mouth.

John quickly took the place of Matt behind Amy and shoved his dick into Amy’s pussy. As John began fucking Amy she felt Jeremy began to pump into her mouth even faster. “I’m gonna cum” Jeremy exclaimed as he shoved his cock down Amy’s throat. He came down Amy’s throat and she was forced to swallow or drown. As Jeremy pulled away Amy felt sick for having just been forced to swallow cum.

Mike moved to take Jeremy’s place, “No, don’t do that to me again” Amy screamed at Mike, “You can’t mmmmphfffff.” Amy was silenced by Mike’s Cock as it entered her mouth and began fucking her down her throat.

Amy was being fucked in 2 holes again. Both cocks were pistoning in and out of Amy in what seemed to her to be in rhythm. She then felt the cock in her pussy nearing orgasm. John began ramming harder and faster in to Amy before he forced himself deep into Amy’s pussy and came in her.

Just as John pulled out of Amy she felt the cock in her mouth pick up the pace. “I’m gonna cum all over your face” Mike said as he continued to fuck Amy’s mouth. When he was about to cum he pulled out of Amy’s mouth. “No” Amy screamed as Mike came all over her face with some landing in her hair.

“Mark and Jeff, I think you can let her go and take your turns” Nick said, “I don’t think she’s gonna try anything.” They let Amy go and moved into position to Fuck Amy. Mark moved in front of Amy and violently shoved his dick into her mouth. Jeff moved behind Amy and pushed his dick into her pussy. They both fucked Amy relentlessly as she just cried and whimpered on Mark’s cock. Both cocks began fucking Amy harder and were getting close to cumming. Mark came down Amy’s throat and just seconds later Jeff blew his load in Amy’s cunt. Both withdrew from Amy and she was relieved that no was approaching her, but her relief was short lived.

“I think you’re gonna have to hold her down for this” Nick said and he began to move towards Amy. She was sitting up again, but Mark and Jeff quickly threw her back down and held her to the ground.

“Don’t rape me again” Amy said, “I’m really sore down there.” “Don’t worry babe, I’m not gonna fuck your pussy this time.” Amy’s eyes filled with terror and she began screaming and struggling mightily. “No. You can’t. Don’t…” Amy screamed in vain as Nick rested Amy’s ankles on his shoulders. He gave Amy’s foot a kiss before he pushed towards Amy’s rectum.
Nick’s penis was now on Amy’s rectum. Amy was still screaming and struggling against her attackers. Nick began pushing as hard as he could against Amy’s asshole, but wasn’t getting in to it at all. He realized that he wasn’t going to get in without lubrication. So, he got some of the juice from Amy’s pussy from the previous rapes as and used it as lubrication. Nick again pushed as hard as he could against Amy’s asshole and this time managed to get in about an inch. Amy was screaming in extreme pain and struggling and tried to buck Nick off her. Nick continued shoving into Amy’s ass slowly until he was entirely in her.

Amy’s pain was much worse than any of the other rapes. She was still screaming and struggling to get Nick out of her. Nick began slowly pumping in Amy’s ass causing Amy to scream out. Nick began to take longer strokes and began to thrust more rapidly. As Nick neared orgasm in, Amy was still struggling hard, but beginning to realize it was useless. Now Nick was nearly withdrawing before thrusting back into Amy, causing her to scream with great pain with each thrust. Nick thrust as far in to Amy as he could and came into Amy’s ass. Amy felt relief when Nick pulled out of her ass, but soon Nick was replaced by DJ.

DJ slid into Amy’s ass with ease following Nick’s rape. Amy felt less pain with this rape, but it was still tremendous, greater than any pain she had experienced before that night. DJ started fucking Amy’s ass with reckless abandon and quickly approached cumming. DJ grunted and pushed into Amy and blew his load into Amy’s ass.

Next, Matt and Lance moved towards Amy. Matt put Amy’s ankles on his shoulders and shoved into Amy’s ass. Lance adjusted himself and put his dick on Amy’s Lips. “Open up” Lance demanded and Amy obeyed knowing fighting was useless. Lanced fucked Amy’s mouth while Matt fucked her ass seemingly in a rhythm. Amy would just let out a little yelp onto Lances dick with each thrust into her ass. Amy felt Matt pick up the pace and knew he was close to cumming. Matt got in a few last strokes then shoved into Amy and blew his load in Amy’s ass. Shortly after Matt, Lance pulled out of Amy’s mouth and came on her face. Amy just continued crying as Jeremy and Jay stepped forward.

Jeremy moved into position and pushed deep into Amy’s ass. Jay moved to Amy’s mouth, which accepted the invasion without struggle. Again Amy was being fucked by two cocks in two holes and she just cried and would grunt with each thrust into her ass. Both cocks in Amy began thrusting into her faster as the came closer to orgasm. Jay came first thrusting into Amy’s throat forcing her to swallow his cum. Then Jeremy came with a grunt into Amy’s ass.

When Jay and Jeremy moved away from Amy, Mike and John moved towards her. John quickly placed himself and shoved into Amy’s mouth. Amy was very surprised when she felt Mike shoving into her pussy. Mike really wanted Amy’s cunt and now he was taking it. Amy was still from the earlier rapes in her pussy and screamed onto Johns cock as Mike began thrusting into her. She felt John picking up the pace and knew he was near orgasm. John continued thrusting into Amy’s mouth as he came close to orgasm and then shoved into Amy’s throat and came down her throat. Amy was revolted by being forced to swallow another load of cum, but knew she could do nothing to prevent it. Then she felt Mike thrusting into her faster and harder and with one last thrust he blew his load into Amy’s used cunt. Amy just laid there crying and staring blankly at the sky as Mike withdrew.

Mark and Jeff, Knowing that Amy was completely broken, let her go and moved into position to take their turn with her. Mark placed Amy’s ankles on his shoulders and thrust into her ass. Jeff then put his dick into Amy’s mouth and began fucking her mouth. They both fucked Amy extremely hard and were nearing cumming quickly. Mark was the first to cum as he shoved into Amy’s ass and blew his load. Jeff was close behind and came down Amy’s throat forcing her to swallow it. Mark and Jeff pulled away from Amy and joined the rest of the group.

The group of teammates discussed what to do next as Amy just laid on the ground sobbing. The guys moved towards Amy and surrounded her. They all took out their cocks and began jacking off over Amy. They all blew their loads pretty quickly on Amy. Jets of cum hit Amy on her legs and feet, torso and arms and her face and hair. Amy was now completely covered in cum and totally humiliated and she just cried as she watched the guys walk away from her.

“I think it’s time we got outta here” DJ said. “Yea man, its getting late and we need to get back” Nick agreed walking towards his car, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” As all the guys walked towards their cars Amy screamed, “No, Don’t leave me here, please,” but the guys just ignored her, started their cars, and drove off. Amy got up and tried to chase them, but failed. Amy fell to her hands and knees and began to cry again as she was left alone and naked.

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