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The daughter may have wanted me but her mother wanted me even more.
Fbailey story number 379

But You Have To Fuck My Mother Too

Holly was the prettiest check out girl that worked for me in my grocery store. She had also just turned sixteen years old and she could only work until nine o’clock on school nights, but that was okay since I closed at nine during the week anyway.

After a week of working for me Holly asked me if she could work until nine and if I would take her home afterwards because it was hard on her mother to get there and pick her up. Sure I could, so I reworked the schedule to accommodate her needs.

The very next night Holly stalled until the others had all left and we were alone. Then she said, “I’ll let you fuck me but you have to fuck my mother too.”

All I could manage to say was “What?”

Holly said, “I know the way you look at me and it’s okay. I like giving you erections. My mother says that it just means that you find me sexy. I’ll let you fuck me, but you have to fuck my mother too.”

I asked, “What’s the catch?”

Holly said, “Nothing! My mother said that she would let you get in her pants anytime. In fact she says that every time that we come in here to shop. She thinks that you are her soul mate.”

I asked, “Then why do you want me to fuck you?”

Holly smiled and said, “Because my mother wants you, because you want me, and because I can have you if I want you.”

I replied, “You are pretty sure of yourself. Aren’t you?”

Holly smiled and said, “Yes, I am. Where do you want to fuck me? How about here on the checkout counter, out back on the loading dock, or maybe in your office.”

I smiled back at her and said, “Suppose we give it a week and let me think about it.”

Holly replied, “You won’t last a week.”

She had thrown me a challenge. I like challenges. I would show her who’s boss.

That Holly did not make it easy on me either. She took every opportunity to tell me how wet her panties were or that she wasn’t wearing any. She brushed up against me as often as possible rubbing her breasts, her pussy, and her ass against me. She would put her fingers under my nose and tell me that she had just masturbated while thinking of me. Then of course we had our rides home where she would unbutton her blouse and play with her breasts as she masturbated right in front of me, begging me to put my hard cock in her.

Well I managed to survive the entire week but I had to jerk off a lot more than usual myself. I also managed to meet with Veronica, Holly’s mother. I decided not to tell her what her daughter was up too. Instead I decided to try and fuck Veronica first just to piss Holly off. Oh, I was going to fuck Holly that was for sure. I even had a dozen places already picked out throughout the store. Her three suggestions were on the list.

I asked Veronica out on a daytime date when Holly was in school and not around to interfere. I quickly learned that Holly was telling me the truth, Veronica was in love with me but I couldn’t figure out why. On our second date in just two days it was Veronica that met me at the door naked and suggested that we start out in her bed. That, I could not pass up. Veronica was everything that I had been looking for in a woman. She was pretty, well built, and intelligent. On top of all that she was even sexier than her teenage daughter was.

As we lay in bed together with me enjoying the taste of her pussy she told me why she loved me so much. It had developed over many years. I used to give her suckers whenever she came into the store with her mother when she was eight and I was thirteen. She had worked for my father when I was in college and had kept track of me, she knew my wife from high school and had great respect for her, and she had always been in love with me. However, when I got married she kept her distance and married the boy that had taken her virginity and knocked her up. That marriage didn’t last long but resulted in Holly. When my wife died two years ago Veronica decided to wait a respectable length of time before coming after me.

Veronica had deceived her daughter by using her own stubbornness against her. All she had to do was keep hinting about her love for me and she knew that Holly would go after me. She also knew that I would try to resist and that she had to get to me first.

That was when I slipped my hard cock into Veronica’s wet pussy for the very first time.

Veronica said, “Of course you realize that you will have to fuck my daughter too.”

I kissed her and said, “You must realize that I don’t cheat on my woman.”

Veronica kissed me back and said, “But it’s not cheating if I invite her to join us for a threesome and you fuck her right in front of me.”

I asked, “You would really want me to do that?”

Veronica said, “Yes. She deserves to loose her virginity with someone that respects her, unlike how I lost mine.”

I choked and said, “Holly is a virgin.”

Veronica smiled and said, “Hard to believe, isn’t it.”

I replied, “Yes, with her forwardness.”

Veronica said, “I guarantee you that she is a virgin and that you can have all three of her virgin holes. My husband took all of my holes so that no one else could. He was a jerk and a selfish one at that.”

I said, “What if I fixed her up with my nephew. He is a year or two older than Holly and he is a very nice kid, just like I was at his age.”

She said, “Shut up and fuck me.”

I decided to do just that. It had been more than a couple of years since I had my dick in a nice moist hole like hers and I was certainly going to take advantage of it. She was perfect and she would make a perfect mate for me too. She reminded me so much of my wife and in my heart I knew that she would approve of Veronica…but not Holly.

I could feel Veronica’s breasts flattening out beneath my hairy chest, her pussy muscles squeezing around my hard cock, and her tongue probing deeply into my mouth. It was nice, it was very nice, and I blew my load deep inside her as her orgasm hit her, and it hit her hard. I could feel her vibrations just as clearly as I had felt them with my wife and I just held Veronica tightly until they had subsided. She had very strong orgasms.

After my cock had shriveled up and slipped out of her I kissed her and rolled to one side. I reached down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. She responded immediately. For a brief moment I thought that I was once again in bed with my wife. I could control Veronica’s pleasure center. I decided to take her on a trip that would rock her world. I brought her to the brink of orgasm and stopped, I brought her back up and stopped again, and I kept that up until she cried uncontrollably. Then I gave her multiple orgasms until she passed out from the sheer pleasure and exhaustion.

Veronica was perfect for me.

As time passed I became more and more in love with Veronica. Holly continued to tease me both at work and at home. Veronica and Holly had moved into my house after I proposed marriage. We were married two months later and the three of us honeymooned in Hawaii.

The End
But You Have To Fuck My Mother Too
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