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A young lady who just worshiped Elvis Presley, decided to get herself a tattoo of him on her right, upper, inner thigh. She located a tattoo parlor that specialized in rock and roll tattoos and asked the artist if he would do the job. He agreed and when it was finished, the lady looked at the tattoo and became extremely disappointed in the workmanship. "This doesn't look like Elvis," she exclaimed. "What do you intend to do about it?"
The tattoo artist told her the tattoo was Elvis Presley, but the lady wasn't buying it. He then offered to do another tattoo on her left, upper, inner thigh free of charge. The lady agreed to this and when the tattoo was completed, she was still very displeased.
"This doesn't look like Elvis either," she said. "I want my money back!"
About this time another man walked into the tattoo parlor and the tattoo artist thought for a moment and then said to the lady, "How about this? Let this impartial gentleman look at the tattoos and tell you who he thinks it is. If he guesses correctly, you pay me the money you owe me."
The lady thought about it for a moment and agreed to this rather strange form of arbitration. Then they asked the man if he would settle their dispute.
The man looked at her right thigh and then her left one and said, "I don't know who these two are but the one in the middle is Willie Nelson."
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