it was my first day of high school
So it was my first day of high school it was alright I mean I was nervous being in a new environment and I had just finished my first period class and was heading to period two.

As I entered it was filled with five rows of computers it was called tech class all about computers so I sat in the first row at computer number 7 and then there was this hot girl named Kelly she was black but not dark skin but not that light skin while she sat at computer 6 so she was right next to me.

As I was sitting there I was just complete shock of how hot she was so I was sitting trying not to get caught starring at her and making stupid comments about school and how it sucks anything so that she would talk to me.

So after a week of talking about small stuff I finally asked what her name and she told me so I told her my name we didn't talk to much and I asked her what grade she was in she was in grade ten so I was still thinking of ways to stare at her boobs but not get seen.

Well before I go any farther I will tell you her description she was about 5 foot 8 inches tall with 31cc boobs with a good ass she was about 115 lbs and I was 5 foot 10 inches tall about 200lbs. a little chunky not the best looking.

So I as I was saying I was staring at her boobs and I kind of zoned out on them so I was starring with a huge Bonner in my pants I was only about 4 inches and a half but my pants made it look really big so she asked me if she could use my red book cause that was the official hall pass at my school so I told her sure and I gave her it and she went and I started thinking about he squatting on the toilet how hot it would look.

So when she came I had to hide my Bonner from her because it would be really embarrassing if she knew that I was getting hard from her using the bathroom so a month went by it was mid October by then I haven't told her about my feelings so she thought we just friends which we were even though I masturbated to her every night.

so she asked me what I was doing for Halloween and I told nothing really and she asked if I would dress up with her and go out and I said yes I asked her what she was being she said a playboy playmate so I told her I will be a playgirl playmate so we went out and it was supposed to rain late at night around 1 or 2 am while it rained early so we went to my house to stay out of the rain.

so we got to my house around 8pm while just as we got there the rained stopped so my mom said she was going back out to trick or treat with my little brother so we were left alone we talked for a bit then I kissed her a don’t know what happen but I did it I was as shocked as she was.

so I talked about my feeling for her and she said that it wasn't that she didn’t like it was that she was not ready for a boyfriend which meant sorry loser to bad so I was heart broken I tried everything for her like me they way I liked her but it was not working.

we were still friends but we didn’t talk about what happened till one day when she told me that she was thinking about losing her virginity but she didn’t know to who so I suggested me all she said was it could be possible.

so a couple of weeks had passed since she told me about what she wanted to do so I finally asked if she wanted to do it with me and at this time we were at school again and it was lunch time so she told me to meet her out side the bathroom at 1:30 during fourth period so I went there and she told me that she had decide that she would have sex with me today after school under one condition that I don’t tell anyone.

so for the last hour class I was thinking about Kelly’s tight ass and hot body so much I got a weird tingling in my balls so to say the least I was really excited to get home knowing that my mom worked till 5pm and my brother was at school till 4pm and I got home at 2:30 so I would have at least a hour for sure.

so right after school we went to my house and she asked where should we start I told her that I should take my pants off she said she had to pee and went to the bathroom I asked if could watch her she asked why I told her it was a fantasy of mine to watch her pee so she said ok she spread her legs and I saw the greatest sight of my young life a female vagina it was great so I started to jerk off she asked me what I was doing she told me to wait.

so after she was done using the bathroom we went to my room she started to move down my body towards my dick and as she leaned towards it she said is it just me or you happy to see me so I was starting to take off her shirt at this pint to unveil the greatest tits I have ever seen as I was doing this she taking of her pants to show these pink panties that were soaked in her juices she took them off and I started to sniff them it was a great smell.

I turned her around so her ass was facing me and started to lick her pink ass hole and then she farted and it smelled so great so I asked her if she would fart on my dick she asked why I said because it would feel good.

So she did that her asshole was really tight I thought she was going to die but she started to moan instead so I asked her if she would fart for me she did it was a great vibration
of her gas on my dick so I had a great orgasm right there in her ass as my cum was falling out of her ass I realized it was 3:45 so I told she had to go and that we should make time for another day.

so we talked at school and she told me that her mom was going over to the united states for thanksgiving with her grandmother and that she didn’t have to go so she would be free for the weekend so I told her I would come over at 1pm because I didn’t have to be home till 4pm.

so I went over there at one and she was wearing a robe and she took it of the second I got in the door and slid down to my dick and started to suck it while I got right sprung and she started to gag then she laid on her back and opened her legs so I helped my self and got this great sensation her pussy was so wet and warm and great feeling I keep going in and out faster and faster till I though I was going to collapse but still keep going jasmine was moaning very loud and keep screaming fuck me harder deeper and I didn’t even notice that I had popped her cherry she started to cum and so did I we both had a great intense orgasm together but we weren’t done yet my dick harden right back and got ready for combat I moved towards her ass like I did the day before and stuck my dick in there she was staring to have a orgasm as I fucked her ass she told me to go as fast as I could so I did with me hitting my climax the next minute and then we cleaned up and she said that she was happy that I helped her with goal of losing her virginity that she wanted to help me with something………..

if this was liked i will post more and all trademarks and copywrites are to me the author so if this is reposted i will know this is also a origianal story i dint copy it from nobody so plz comment weather it is good or bad thanks.

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2013-04-09 22:42:03
This story is so fake!

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2011-12-31 21:29:40
that was a long sentence

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2011-12-31 16:21:43
This storie was so fucked up lol My Cock started Crying
Now you never told us about you !
Are you English, Africain ?
P.S. Go get laid at lest Three times befor trying to write about Sex

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2011-02-25 23:23:25
i love the lack of punctuation. it makes it super easy to read. oh wait...

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2009-07-21 17:08:20
reread your story, there are different names

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