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Kirstin and Henry renew their passion for each other.
When Henry woke the next morning, he briefly wondered why he was surrounded by pink. Then he remembered the events of the night before. He was naked in his stepsister's bed after spending most of the night fucking her.

Kirstin wasn't in bed with him, though, which was unfortunate since his cock was painfully hard. Henry stroked it for a few minutes, letting thoughts and images from the previous night flow through his brain. He quickly decided that it would be better if Kirstin was the one stroking him so he rose from the bed and went to find her.

As he passed the bathroom, he heard the shower running. It made sense that was where Kirstin would be; she'd showered before they'd gone out to dinner the night before, but hadn't showered since, and they had definitely gotten down and dirty in the meantime. Just thinking about fucking Kirstin in the men's room at the restaurant made Henry's cock jump once again.

He opened the bathroom door and was greeted by a cloud of steam. Over the sound of the running water, he heard moans and gasps. Was Kirstin masturbating in the shower? Henry pushed back the shower curtain.

Kirstin had the hand-held massage showerhead in her hand, aimed straight at her pussy. Her other hand was occupied with the nipples on her gorgeous tits. She looked at Henry and smiled. "I was hoping you'd wake up soon."

"But you decided to entertain yourself in the meantime?" he asked.

"Sure, why not?" She aimed the showerhead at his hard-on. "Doesn't that feel good?"

"Yeah, but you're getting water all over the floor."

"Then get in here and let's have some fun."

Henry stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain closed. Not that anyone would find them; his father and Kirstin's mother were away for the weekend. They'd asked Henry to look after the house while they were gone, even though Kirstin lived there and was old enough to take care of things. From what she'd told Henry, she spent a lot of her free time taking care of her own horniness.

Kirstin aimed the showerhead at his cock again. "This is fun!" she exclaimed.

"Give me that."

"Make me."

They wrestled over the showerhead until Henry finally thrust his finger into Kirstin's pussy. She gasped and loosened her hold on the showerhead, which Henry was able to yank away from her. "You jerk!" Kirstin said. "That's cheating!"

"Really?" Henry aimed the stream of water at her clit. "Still think I cheated?"

"Yes, and you're cheating now, trying to make me forget about it." She moaned softly. "Oh, fuck, Henry that feels so good!"

"Yeah, so why are you complaining about it?"

"Because you cheated!"

"Get over it." He fiddled with the knob on the showerhead that increased the intensity of the flow. "How does it feel now?"

"Holy shit!"

"Done complaining yet?"

"You're very persuasive." She angled herself so the water hit her more directly. "Keep it up, big brother. I was close to cumming before you got in here, and I want to finish what I started."

"What do I get out of it?" Henry asked.

"You get to fuck me. I want you to cum in my pussy, big brother. I love tasting you, but I want something different this time."

"Is that safe?"

Kirstin rolled her eyes. "Duh. I told you how much sex I have. You think I'm not on the pill? And I get tested every few weeks, so I'm completely clean. So are you going to do it or not?"

"Yeah, after you get off."

"Cool." She grinned. "Then hurry up and get me off."

Henry giggled to himself and held the showerhead closer to her pussy, knowing the pressure of the water would bring her over the edge. After a moment, she started to squirm. "God, Henry!"

"Like it, sis?"

"Oh, yeah. I do this to myself all the time, but I never knew I could make it this strong. I'm cumming!"

"Then cum, little sister."

She did, shouting his name. Henry hung the showerhead up and said, "Ready to be fucked now?"

"Are you kidding? I've been ready since I got up this morning!"

She put one leg up on the edge of the tub and moved the other away from it, giving Henry a nice view of her pussy. He was tempted to just plow into her right then, but hesitated as he saw her juices and the water from the shower glistening form her pussy. Henry couldn’t resist and lowered his moth to cover her swollen pussy lips. He let his tongue trace a line form her ass to her clit and then pinned her clit between his teeth a flicked across it with his tongue as fast as he could. She moaned loudly as she thrust her pussy back onto his tongue and began to fuck his tongue.

It was all he could stand to hold back any longer. His cock was straining and standing straight up as if homing in on her sweet pussy. He stood and placed the huge head of his cock to her pussy lips. And shoved for all he was worth. She gasped as his cock impaled her and the sheer force of his thrust lifted her legs off the shower floor.

Shower sex was awkward, no question. It was only the second time Henry had fucked someone in the shower, and his last partner had fallen over, ending the attempt. But Kirstin had apparently had practice with it; she moved her body so Henry could fuck her hard and directed him in how to position himself to get inside her even more deeply. "God, I can't believe you've never done this!" she said.

"I've done it once," Henry replied.

"Only once? Then how'd you get so fucking good at it? Fuck, Henry!"

"That's what I'm doing. Fucking you."

"Fucking your hot little stepsister."

"Yep. And your fucking your big stepbrother."

"Mmm, your cock is so fucking big! Henry, I'm cumming again Henry Oh God…here it cums!"

Henry was close himself, but he held it off until he felt Kirstin's pussy clench on his cock. She cried out so loud it was almost a scream. "My turn," Henry said.

"In me, big brother. Cum in me!"

"I am!" He thrust hard, once, then again, and felt his balls empty into his stepsister's cunt. He held her tight as stream after stream of his hot cum flowed into her spasming pussy.

He could have stayed there in that position but the water was turning cold so he pulled out of her as Kirstin shut off the water. "That was fun," she said. She reached out of the tub and pulled two towels off the rack, one of which she handed to Henry. "Get dried off, big brother. We've got a busy day ahead."

"Oh, really? And what should I wear for that busy day?"

"Just what you have on." Kirstin winked and got out of the shower.

Usually the first thing Henry did after a shower was to get dressed. Not today. His stepsister was evidently planning to spend the day naked, and she expected him to do the same. Henry didn't have a problem with that at all.

They were in the kitchen, where Kirstin was cooking eggs and home fries. "Be careful the grease doesn't splatter you," Henry teased.

"Wouldn't be the first time," Kirstin replied.

"What do you do, cook in the nude every weekend?"

"Sometimes. Especially if I spent the night with one of my fuck buddies. None of them know how to cook worth crap." She shook the pan with the home fries. "And when Mom and your dad aren't around, yes, I cook in the nude here too. I don't like clothes when I'm alone."

"Good grief, and all this time I've thought you were this shy, innocent little pain in the neck kid. When did you grow up?"

Kirstin grinned. "Over time. So anyway, what do you want to do today? More fucking, I hope."

"Aren't you sore yet?"

"No. I never get enough. Haven't you figured that out yet?" She scooped the eggs out onto a plate. "Actually, I am a little sore. But we have the house to ourselves all weekend, and I plan to take advantage of the chance to get to know my hot big brother a little better. You pretty much ignored me when we were younger, you know?"

"You're five years younger, and you were a pest. Now that you're eighteen, you aren't quite as *pesty*."

"A lot of my friends had crushes on you. And on your friends. Some of whom I've fucked, by the way."

"You're shitting me." His friends had ignored Kirstin just as much as he had when they were younger.

"Nope. I guess once I turned eighteen and started college, I became a little more appealing." She set a plate in front of him and reached beneath the table to grope his cock. "Hmm, feels a little bit hard. Does it turn you on to think about me fucking your friends, big brother?"

"It turns me on to think about you fucking me. Even if you are a little sore."

"That could be arranged. Pull your chair out."

"Let's eat first. I need some energy. I haven't completely recovered from last night yet."

Kirstin giggled and went back to the stove. "I can't believe I never fucked you before. You're hot, you're funny, and you’re every girl's dream guy."

"And I'm your stepbrother, which kind of means we shouldn't be fucking."

"Which is what I tried to tell you last night when you grabbed my dildo and started fucking me with it."

"You were fucking yourself with it first. I just decided to help you out."

"And I tried to talk you out of it."

"For about ten seconds."

"True. Then I figured if a hot guy wanted to fuck me, who was I to stop him?" She took the home fries pan off the burner and shut off the stove. "So after we're done eating our breakfast, we can have some dessert?"

"Sounds like a plan to me."


They ate quickly, both of them wanting to get to what would happen next. Even though they'd fucked several times the night before, Henry hadn't gotten enough of his sexy stepsister yet. Before this weekend, it had been over six months since he'd gotten laid, and he was making up for lost time now.

As soon as they were done eating, Kirstin cleared the dishes from the table and leaned over it. "Okay, big brother, fuck me."

"Isn't there some rule about don't fuck within twenty minutes of eating?" Henry said. He couldn’t help but giggle when he realized his comment had been out loud.

"That's swimming, you goof."

Henry stuck his fingers in her pussy. "You feel wet enough to swim in."

"Then dive on in."

Henry stood and positioned himself behind her. Her sweet ass was standing up proudly in the air. He'd gotten to know her pussy pretty well the night before, but he still loved the feeling of her tightness enveloping his cock as he pushed into her.

"God, Henry, I love your fucking cock," she moaned as he finally thrust his full length inside her. "I swear it's the biggest I've ever had."

"I bet you say that to all the guys with big cocks," Henry said.

"Yeah, sure I do. Oh, fuck! Honest Henry…it is the biggest cock I have ever seen. Don’t you even know what you have between your legs?”

Henry ignored her question and reached around to finger her clit as he thrust in and out of her. Kirstin whimpered as he touched her. "You like this, huh?" Henry said.

"Fuck, yes! Damn it, Henry, make me cum!"

Henry flicked her clit faster and fucked her harder. He could feel his balls tighten, about to explode. Just when he thought he couldn't hold out any longer, Kirstin cried out, "Oh, my fucking lord, I'm cumming!"

The contractions of her cunt were enough to send Henry over the edge. He shot his cum into his stepsister's pussy, thrusting until he was sure there was no more in his cock. Then he withdrew. "That's just the beginning, you know," he said.

"Oh, really?"

"I still haven't eaten you. So go get cleaned up, because there's no way in hell I'm eating you out with my cum in your pussy."

"You never know, you might like it. But I'll clean up this time." She grinned and hurried off to the bathroom.

When Kirstin came out of the shower, Henry was waiting for her in the family room, where the whole thing had started the night before. In his hands, he held her dildo, which he'd found in the corner of the room. "You probably ought to put this back in that little box of yours," he said.

"Yeah, having our parents find it wouldn't be too good," Kirstin agreed. "But do you want to use it on me first?"

"It was in some dust in the corner. You might want to wash it off before you use it again."

Kirstin examined it. "Yeah, that does look pretty nasty. Okay, I'll go wash it and put it away. Don't go anywhere, okay, big brother?"

"Wouldn't dream of it."

He watched his stepsister's sexy ass wiggle as she walked out of the room, and stroked himself thinking of what he was going to do to her next. Since he'd shown up the night before to check on the house while his father and Kirstin's mother were out of town, he and Kirstin had fucked about half a dozen times. And neither of them had had enough yet.

Henry lost himself in thoughts of what he and Kirstin had done in the past eighteen hours or so, and caught himself just as he was about to cum. He didn't want to masturbate himself to orgasm; he was planning on making Kirstin do that.

She came back into the room carrying a vibrator, a bottle of lube, and a butt plug. "Thought we could have some fun with these," she said. "I did tell you last night that I wanted to play with my toys, right?"

"Yeah, but a butt plug?" Henry had never done anal sex, though after what Kirstin had told him about her experiences, it didn't surprise him that she had.

"What's wrong with a butt plug? Gets me ready for anal. And trust me, anal is not a bad thing."

"I'll have to take your word for it."

Kirstin stared at him. "You've never fucked a woman in the ass?"

"Nope. Never found a woman who was interested in it and I guess now that you have mentioned my size….that might have been a reason.

Kirstin laughed. "Wow, I never figured I had more experience than you. Well, you've got a willing woman now, so are you going to fuck my ass, big brother?"

"Maybe later. Right now, I'm going to eat your sweet little pussy."

"Oh, yeah. You've been threatening to do that since last night and haven't gotten around to it yet." She sat on the couch and squirted some lube onto the butt plug. "If you're going to eat me, do it with this in my ass, okay?"

"Um, why?"

"Because it feels good." She put some lube on her finger and rubbed it in and around her asshole. "Just like this …it feels good. Here, Henry." She held out the butt plug. "Put it in."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. I want you to fuck my ass later, and with this in, I'll be nice and ready for you. I've never taken a cock as big as yours in my ass before, but I don't think there'll be any problem. I just have to be prepared."

"All right."

Kirstin raised her legs above her head, so her asshole was open to him. Henry had no idea how to put the butt plug in, but he had the feeling that just ramming it in wouldn't be a good idea, so he inserted it slowly. Kirstin moaned and squirmed as he did. "Mmm, I love that feeling," she said. "You're doing it just right, big brother."

"Glad to hear it."

Finally the base of the plug rested against Kirstin's ass. She lowered her legs and shifted on the couch. "Very nice. It feels like it's thrusting into me when I move." Sliding down on the couch, she said, "Okay, you've been asking to eat me since last night. Go for it."

"About time."

Henry placed her legs on his shoulders and lowered his mouth to her pussy. Her juices tasted just as he'd imagined: delicious. He lapped at her wetness for several minutes until her moans and noises implied that she was nearing orgasm, and then nibbled at her clit. "Henry, holy shit!" she shouted.

He took his mouth off her long enough to ask, "Are you cumming?"

"Fuck, yes! Don’t stop now!!”


He returned to nibbling and sucking, and was rewarded a moment later by a scream as Kirstin came. He looked up at her. "Guess there's at least one thing I do well."

"You do everything well, big brother." She pulled him up beside her. "Let me suck that cock of yours again, and then we'll see if it can fit in my ass."

"Sounds good to me."

Kirstin took his cock in her mouth and sucked its head. Then she licked it up and down, massaging his balls gently with her hand. After a few moments, she stopped and handed him the bottle of lube. "Okay. I'm ready; are you?"

"I'm not sure about this."

"It's going to feel really good. Just do it nice and slow. The plug has me ready for you, but you're bigger than it is, so go very slow."

While Henry lubed his dick, Kirstin pulled the butt plug out of her ass. Henry put his cockhead against it and pushed slowly forward. Kirstin gasped. "Okay, stop for a second."

"Am I hurting you?" Henry asked.

"A little, but that's okay." She took a deep breath in and let it out, and Henry felt her relax. "Okay, keep going."

Henry had to stop twice more, but finally he managed to get most of his cock inside Kirstin's tight ass. He held still for a moment, adjusting to the new sensation. "I'm not going to last long," he warned.

"That's okay, I don't want you to. I love anal, but if it lasts more than a few minutes, it starts to hurt me. Go ahead, big brother. Fuck my ass, and fill it up with your cum."

Henry thrust slowly at first, but when Kirstin shouted at him to make her cum, he picked up the pace. Kirstin reached down and played with her clit while Henry fucked her. It was only a minute or two until Henry felt his orgasm about to hit. "I'm going to cum, Kirstin," he warned.

"Oh, yeah, big brother. Cum in my hot ass!"

He did. "Fucking hell, Kirstin!"

"Yeah!" She stiffened, then relaxed. "I came too, big brother. Damn, that was one of the best ass fucking's I've ever had!"

Henry pulled out of her. "My turn to go clean up."

"Yep. No more fun till you wash that thing off. Hurry back, though, big brother. We aren't done yet."

Henry thought Kirstin might join him in the shower, but his stepsister left him alone this time while he cleaned himself up from fucking her in the ass.

Once clean, he dried off and left the bathroom to find Kirstin waiting in the hall. "My turn," she said.

"You could have conserved water and joined me again," Henry pointed out.

"Yes, but I thought we could use a little break. Speaking of which, a couple of my friends are coming over to work on an econ assignment that's due Monday, so we're going to have to put our little fuck-fest on hold for a couple hours. You don't mind, do you?"

"Do I get to watch?"

Kirstin giggled. "If watching three college freshmen do an assignment makes you hot, go for it. This is legit, Henry. Though I have to admit, Carlene's kind of cute. I wouldn't mind getting a piece of her."

"Getting a piece? You've been practicing talking like a guy?"

"It makes some of the men I know pretty hot to hear a woman talking like that about another woman. Anyway, go get some clothes on, big brother. I don't want my friends to see what they're missing. I'll be out of the shower in a few."

"You don't have any clothes with you."

"I figured I'd flash you one last time after I clean up."

She went into the bathroom and shut the door. Henry found the clothes he'd taken off the night before and put them on. While Kirstin was with her friends, he would probably go back to his apartment and change. The night before, he hadn't brought any extra clothes with him. He hadn't planned on spending the night at his dad and stepmom's house. His original plan to just pop in and help out his dad had changed. His sexy stepsister had changed his plans and he was only to happy to revel in the thoughts.

Kirstin was still in the shower when the doorbell rang. Henry opened the door to reveal two girls, one blonde, one brunette, neither as hot as Kirstin. "Who are you?" the brunette asked.

"I'm Henry, Kirstin's stepbrother," Henry replied. "Who are you?"

"I'm Una, and this is Carlene."

Henry studied the blonde. Kirstin was right, she was pretty cute. A brief image of Kirstin and these two girls in bed with him flashed through Henry's mind, but he pushed it aside before his cock could get hard. "Come on in," he said. "Kirstin's in the shower."

"No, I'm not." Kirstin came down the hall wearing a pair of short shorts and a tight, cropped tank top. "Okay, girls, ready for some exciting econ?"

"I'm going to go back to my place for a little while," Henry said. "I'll be back."

"Thanks for the warning, big brother." Kirstin licked her lips. The sight of her in that outfit immediately gave Henry the hard-on he'd tried not to get. So he quickly exited after a quick good bye and nice too meet you to Kirsten’s two friends.


At his apartment, after he changed his clothes, Henry did some cleaning and checked his email. After about an hour, he returned to his dad and stepmom's house. From the giggles coming down the hall, it was easy to figure out where Kirstin and her friends were.

He went to the family room and peeked around the doorway. Kirstin was topless; Una was in a bra and the shorts she'd arrived in, and Carlene was completely nude. They appeared to be working on their assignment; at least, they had textbooks open in front of them. But their lack of clothes made Henry instantly hard.

He coughed, and the girls turned toward him. Carlene gasped and grabbed at the blanket that was draped over the back of the couch. Una seemed stunned. Kirstin grinned and pushed her B-cup boobs up with her hands. "What do you think big brother? Like what you see?"

"I have to admit, they're pretty hot." Henry went over to her and tweaked a nipple. "So this is how you do homework?"

"We're done, right girls?" Kirstin said.

"Wait a minute. Did your brother just grope you?" Carlene asked.

"Stepbrother," Kirstin corrected. "We aren't actually related. So yes, he did."

"Damn!" Una said. "How long have you been keeping this little secret, Kirstin?"

"Just since last night."

"Are you going to fuck him after we leave?" Carlene wanted to know.

"Maybe, maybe not." Kirstin closed her textbook. "You'll never know. See you guys Monday in class."

"Oh, come on, you're not going to let us watch?" Una said.

"Not this time." Kirstin winked at Henry. "I don't think he's ready to put on shows quite yet. Have a good afternoon, ladies."

Grumbling, her friends packed up their books and left. As soon as they were gone, Kirstin grabbed Henry and shoved her tongue into his mouth. They kissed and groped each other by the front door until Henry couldn't stand it any more. He pushed Kirstin's shorts down, undid his pants, and lifted her up against the door. "Ever been fucked like this?" he asked.

"Once or twice."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Henry lined his cock up with her opening. "Well, you're about to be again."

"Go for it."

Henry thrust into her. It wasn't easy for him to keep his balance while he held her up against the door, but he managed, fucking her harder and faster until she finally cried out, "Henry, I'm cumming!"

"Good girl." He thrust even harder and felt her cunt squeeze his dick as her orgasm hit.

When she recovered, he lowered her to the floor and said, "On your hands and knees."

"You aren't going to cum with me against the door?"

"I'm afraid I'd drop you," Henry admitted.

Laughing, Kirstin got down on the floor. Henry knelt behind her and pushed his cock back into her pussy. "You could fuck my ass again," Kirstin suggested.

"Not this time."

Henry tried to gold on for as long as he could, but the moans and whimpers coming from his step-sister made that impossible. He slammed into her one last time as his cum sprayed deep into her pussy once again. He groaned as he pulled out and her pussy clamped down on his head. He pulled her up to him and kissed her deeply. "That was hot. It turned you on to hear your friends talk about watching us, didn't it?"

"Hell yeah. I like to be watched. But maybe some other time."


Kirstin stood up and pulled her shorts back up. "By the way, Mom and your dad called while you were gone. Mom's not feeling well, so they cut the trip short. They'll be back around eight tonight."

"They will?"

"Uh huh. So if there's anything you've always wanted to do, we'd better get to it. Wouldn't want them to catch us."

"No, we wouldn't."

A mischievous twinkle came into Kirstin's eyes. "I know one thing I've always wanted to do. Follow me." She skipped off down the hall.

Henry found Kirstin sitting on the edge of their parents' bed. "What are you doing in here?" he asked.

"Getting ready to fulfill a fantasy." Kirstin bounced on the bed. "It's a water bed. I've been fucked a lot, but never on a water bed. And look up." She pointed to the mirror mounted on the ceiling. "I think my mom and your dad are kinkier than we ever realized."

"Could be, but I'd rather not speculate on our parents' sex lives."

"Well, we know they have sex, but I guess you're right." Kirstin stood and shimmied out of her shorts. "So what do you think? Going to fuck me here, or what?"

"It's our parents' bed."

"That's the point. It's exciting to think about what might happen if we got caught, isn't it?" She lay down, spread-eagled. "Come on, big brother, this is your last chance to taste my pussy in this house, at least until our parents decide to have another weekend away."

Henry couldn't resist. He bent and licked her slit, enjoying the moans he brought from her. Kirstin squirmed as he tongue-fucked her opening. "Damn, Henry, why didn't you do that to me before?"

"A man has to keep some secrets."

He sucked her clit into his mouth. "Fuck, Henry!" Kirstin cried.

Eating pussy was something Henry had always loved, and he flattered himself that he was good at it. From his stepsister's reaction, he was right about his assessment of his abilities. She had one of the sweetest pussies he'd ever eaten, and he prolonged it, bringing her to the edge several times before he finally let her cum.

"Fuck, yes!" Kirstin shouted. "Oh, my god, Henry, that's the hardest I've cum yet! We're definitely going to keep doing this after this weekend. There's no way I can give up someone who eats me that well."

"Of course we're going to keep doing it," Henry said. "We'll just have to find somewhere else to do it. Like my apartment."

"I've never even seen your apartment."

"Maybe I'll take you over there tomorrow, if you don't have other plans."

"I was planning to fuck you. We were going to spend the weekend, remember? Just because Mom and your dad are coming home early doesn't mean we have to give up those plans."

"Sounds good to me."

Henry undid his jeans and took out his cock, then pulled his sister by her ankles to the edge of the bed and put her legs on his shoulders. Leaning forward, he thrust the full length of his cock into her pussy. It vanished into her easily now. "Fuck that feels good!" Kirstin said. "I'm so fucking glad you caught me with that dildo last night!"

"So am I. I never would have found out how tight your cunt is otherwise." He slammed into her a few times. "Do you like that?"

"Hell, yeah!"

He fucked her harder, until both of them were sweating and moaning. "Oh, my god, that looks so fucking hot!" Kirstin exclaimed. She looked at the mirror on the ceiling. "I can see your cock sliding in and out of me, Henry. It's fucking unbelievable!"

"Glad you like the view." Henry looked down where their bodies were joined. "Looks pretty damn hot from this angle, too."

"You're my new favorite fuck buddy," Kirstin said.

"Uh huh." Henry pounded into her. "You're my only fuck buddy."

"Really? Do you mind if I keep fucking other people?"

"You're my stepsister, not my girlfriend. I don't care what you do. In fact, it kind of turns me on to hear about it."

"Good, because it turns me on to talk about it. Like it's going to turn me on to talk about that big, thick cock of yours fucking my tight little pussy."

"Mmm, keep talking."

"Keep fucking!"

Henry did, thrusting in and out of her until both of them came at almost the same moment. Then he collapsed beside her. "How much time do we have till they get back?"

Kirstin checked the clock on the nightstand. "Only a couple hours. Long enough for you to fuck my ass again. I know you liked that."

"Yes, I did. Go get your plug and your lube."

Kirstin jumped off the bed, but hadn't made it out of the room yet when they heard the front door. "Hello, is anyone here?" Henry's father called.

"Fuck, they must have made good time getting back!" Kirstin said.

"Quick, get to your room and get dressed," Henry told her. "I'll keep them occupied."

He fastened his jeans and headed to the front door while Kirstin gathered her clothes and scurried to her room. In the front hall, Henry's father and Kirstin's mother stood next to a suitcase. "Looks kind of messy around here," Kirstin's mother said. "You didn't have any parties, did you?"

"Please," Henry said. "When do I have time to party? Kirstin's been here, and she had a couple friends over to do some homework for one of her college classes." Of course the house was a mess; he and Kirstin had been too busy fucking to clean.

"Kirstin was here all weekend?" his father said. "That's rare."

"I decided to spend some time getting to know my big brother." Kirstin entered the hallway. "Welcome home. Sorry about the mess; we'll clean up."

"No problem," her mother said.

"So wait, you guys actually spent time together?" Henry's father said. "And you got along?"

"We got along very, very well," Kirstin said.

"Glad to hear it," her mother said. "I'm going to bed; I'm really not feeling well. Henry, thank you for taking care of things around here."

"You're welcome." Henry just hoped she never found out just what he'd taken care of.

"Speaking of taking care, I'll come tuck you in," Henry's father said. He followed his wife down the hall to the master bedroom.

Henry and Kirstin looked at each other. "Ewwww, that's disgusting!" Kirstin said.

"Guess parents have sex too." Henry opened the door. "I'd better get going. Give me a call tomorrow when you're ready to come over."

Kirstin put her arms around him and gave him a passionate, tongue-filled kiss. "I'll definitely be ready to cum," she said, "See you then."

"Tease." Henry walked out the door to his car. Before he got in, he looked back at the door. Kirstin stood there, in plain sight, with her shirt up and her bare tits showing for anyone to see. Henry shook his head and got into his car. He'd pay her back for that the next day. Driving home with a hard on was going to probably be the norm from now and on. It was something Henry knew he could live with.

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