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Chapter 1

This sounds like something out of a porn movie, but it really happened.
I’d stopped at the local Denny’s restaurant for dinner the other evening after work. I was just sitting there, reading the paper and drinking my iced tea, when a family walked in and took the booth next to me.
I glanced up — I’m kind of like a bird with a shiny object when it comes to reacting to movement in my field of visions — and wasn’t terribly excited by what I saw at first. In came mom, kind of dumpy, followed by a second adult woman. Then, a slightly chubby but still cute younger blond girl stepped through my field of vision.
Then, my eyes almost popped out of my head as in walked one of the most perfect teen bodies I’ve ever seen. Wearing a tiny pair of tan shorts — just loose enough yet tight enough to outline the shape of a potentially amazing ass without looking painted on — and a tan, spaghetti strap shirt, the slender brunette sauntered in. She paused as the blond slid into the booth ahead of her.
Trying not to stare too obviously, I found myself wondering if she was wearing panties. I could see the straps of her bra on her shoulders, but the waistband of her shorts began just below the top of the crack of that amazing, teenage ass and there wasn’t any indication of underwear showing. I remember thinking, if she was wearing panties, they must be extremely tiny.
The waiter came and got their order. Mom and the second, older woman got up to go to the john. Apparently, I hadn’t been as surreptitious with my viewing of the girls because, as soon as the adults were gone, she turned to me and smiled, showing braces on her teeth.
“Did you get a good enough look at my butt?” she asked, grinning.
My head about exploded as I started looking for ways to quickly exit the restaurant. I considered just jumping through the big, plate-glass window across from me, but her next words stopped me in mid-thought.
“I like being looked at,” she said, nodding toward the cell phone sitting beside me on the table. “Can you get messages on that?”
I nodded, still struck dumb by the unbelievable situation I was finding myself in.
“What’s the number?” she asked, pulling her cell phone out.
I told her, watching numbly as she entered it into her phone. She grinned again, pushed a few buttons, then watched for my reaction as my phone buzzed, indicating an incoming message.
I opened the phone with numb fingers, pushed the appropriate buttons and, soon, a photo message appeared on my screen. I triggered the download function and, there before me, was a small image of the girl sitting across from me, topless, with her hands covering just the nipples on her perfect teenage breasts.
I looked up at her, my eyes bugging out of my head, I’m sure, as the phone buzzed again. She’d moved across to the other side of the booth, which left her sitting right in front of me with her legs spread slightly. I realized, even as I downloaded the second photo she’d sent me, that my mental question about her wearing panties was being answered, and that answer was, ‘No.’
Her thighs split apart, allowing the leg opening of her shorts to open and me to see up her leg to a lightly furred, bare pussy. Either she was too young to have hair on her lips, or she shaved, because her labia were completely bare and glistening, even in the little bit of light that managed to creep past the leg opening of her shorts. She grinned and the younger blond almost laughed out loud as I just about dropped my phone into my drink.
“Check out that one,” she said. “Quick, before her mom and my aunt get back.”
I looked down at my phone, feeling my already-hardening cock shoot down the leg of my jeans as it reached full erection. It was again an image of her, this time with the younger blond also in the photo. Both were topless, with rock-hard nipples capping their young, firm tits.
At that point, as I looked up at her, I saw her eyes dart behind me. Realizing what that meant, I quickly closed the phone after hitting the “save images” button. Moments later, mom and auntie returned and the little brunette stood to let them slide back into their seats.
As she stood, she put her hands in the pockets of her shorts and pushed as if she was digging for something in the bottom of the pockets. What this did, though, was push the front of her shorts down until I had a clear vision of just the top of a tiny patch of pubic hair, slightly darker brown in shade than the hair on her head. Her tiny nipples popped on her perfect tits, poking through the material of her bra and shirt. I just about came in my jeans.
She sat down with her back toward me, the change in position of her shorts allowing me one final glimpse of the crack of her perfect teen ass. I figured the show was over, proceeding to eat my salad. When finished, I paid my check and headed home, thinking this young teen exhibitionist had left me with enough mental material — as well as a couple of actual images — to jerk off to for quite some time to come.
In fact, upon arriving home, that’s just what I did. I downloaded the images she’d sent me to my laptop computer and stroked my raging cock to a massive orgasm, cum coating my fingers, hand and arm as I shot, while gazing at the four teen tits on the screen.
The immediate pressure relieved, I began reading emails and finished up some paperwork I hadn’t had a chance to get to at work during the day. The little brunette vixen was still in the back of my mind as I concentrated on the boring statistics I was perusing. I finally finished up the paperwork and settled in for another boring night of television.
I was about halfway through some science fiction movie on the tube, not really thinking of anything, when there was a knock on my door. Looking through the peephole, my cock once again grew to full erection in seconds.
I was looking into the smiling face and braces-encased teeth of the little brunette from the restaurant.

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Pretty good story wish it were me in that situation.


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really cute 19/m/wash st. ,green eyes 6ft 195lbs long n really thick , i posted a couple storys lol (not very good) i like role play and talkin bout taboo wit nawty lil gurls call or txt 360 689 4926 females only plz

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