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A teacher was giving her lessons to her first grade students. The topic was about forming a complete word from several given letters. She gave the class an oral test but, whenever she could, she tried to avoid calling Bart for the recitation. She knew very well that Bart was able to make offensive sex jokes out of almost anything under the sun. It was five minutes before the bell sounded when Bart finally noticed that, even if he was raising his hands, the teacher wouldn't call him, so he started to complain.
Bart: "Excuse me, Mrs. Johnson, but it seems that you've called everyone else in the room but me. Could you please give me a shot at it?"
Teacher: "Well, OK, Bart.... I'm gonna give you three letters and PLEASE try your best to form a very DECENT word out of it. Am I understood?"
Bart: "Yes, Ma'am."
Teacher: "Good, so here goes your three letters.....The teacher paused for a while to think of three letters that COULD NOT POSSIBLY form any offensive English word. After a few seconds she said....."OK, Bart, try this D...W...A..."
Bart bowed his head, thought for a moment, then answered... "D...W...A.... Ummmm.... DWARF !!!!!!"
Teacher: "Very good, Bart!!!" The teacher was about to turn her back when she suddenly heard Bart continue his unfinished answer......
Bart: "DWARF!!!!!! and he has a GREEN DICK as big as THIS!!!!"
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