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This is a true story with myself and a mature 62 year old lover
A Beautiful Rendezvous With Alan

This is a true story that actually took place in My home country.I currently living and work
on a beautiful island in the Caribbean.I am 28 years of age and I have for a very long time had
a huge craving for sexual encounters with a mature man of mainly Caucasian decent.I have my
preference in the man I want to make this happen and I had only one group in mind and it
was Caucasian men.

My work load is very heavy and I finally got a break by being rewarded for my hard work with
more hard work. But I was happy with my new project when I was filled in on the details.
I had to travel to my home country to conduct and implement a new approach to certain things
with our sister company.Now I have been visiting a very popular web site for young men who
want to date mature men and after months of looking I got friendly with this man named Alan.

Alan is 62, 5ft 9", 185 lbs, Caucasian and is a very prominent businessman in the hospitality
industry.We chat on a usual basis until eventually we shared E-mail addresses and then next our
phone numbers.He was such a nice guy, very straight forward, good looking, smart and as a bonus he
had loads of money. Apparently Alan and I had the same sexual interests with me wanting a mature man
to explore my sexual desires and the same for him wanting to have a younger man to explore his
sexual desires.I have never had sex with a man before but I am craving for my opportunity.Alan
has had one encounter with a man and that was like nearly a decade ago which did not work out the
way he hoped it would.Previous guy just wanted to get his money.

After 9 months of courting Alan we decided that it was time for us to meet and he agreed to travel to my now
home island to meet with me.So the date was set but then came my new work project.I was gonna
be based in my home country for approximately 6 months and Alan told he would only stay for
3 weeks, I was not bothered with that at all.I shared this with Alan and he was happy
to get a chance to travel to new territory. So all was set and the date to travel arrived and I made
my way via a straight flight.Upon arrival,Alan would arrive 1hr after me so I waited for him.
I was so so nervous and excited at the same time cause this would be the first time we will
actually meet each other.Finally I saw him and he saw me too and a huge smile came from him
and same from me.We shook hands and made off to our taxi as professional as we can be.

We talked about things and got acquainted and we arrived at this posh Hotel and we booked a Deluxe
Suite with two beds.We went in our room and then we both unpacked and I went for the shower.
I was so nervous and so excited I could have fainted with excitement.When I came out of shower and
Alan had on no shirt but only a boxer and my oh my did electricity flow all around the room.
Alan then said its my turn.So he went in shower and I was now getting a drink in the mini bar.
I wanted something strong and went straight for Vodka and had 3 shots in 5 minutes.Alan was
now finished and came out wrapped in a white towel and I handed him a drink and he took it
and we eventually had about 7 shots each and we were both now almost drunk.What happened next
was inevitable.Alan walked up to me and pulled my towel off me and his too and we just stared
at each other for about 1 minute when we drew closer and kissed....pure passion was all I felt
and we moved on to my bed and he layed me down and went straight for my totally hard 7" love
meat.It was so amazing I was moaning and groaning as he sucked and licked my pre cum and
he sucked and licked me and then I moved aside I went down on Alan.It was my first cock and it tasted
great.His pre cum was a bit salty but I was loving it so so much.His cock was a little smaller than
mine but fully erect...was a bit surprising for me since he is 62..

As I was sucking him Alan said I want to enter you. Just the sound of that almost made me cum
right there but I quickly unplug his cock from my mouth and I crawled over him and then I stretched
for some petroleum jelly and Alan did the honor and lubed up my virgin anus and I was a bit
afraid it was gonna hurt but I was over powered with pure pleasure and I was in ecstasy..I wanted
his cock in me so bad.I then positioned my self on top him and then lowered myself slowly.
As his cock head made contact with my anus it just reacted and relax itself and I lowered myself some
more until the head was in, then I went some more and then all the way with help of my body weight.
It hurt a bit but I was drunk and the pleasure hit me like a huge wave and I said fuck me Alan
and I started to moved up and down his solid shaft and I was loving it so badly.Alan had a look
of a boy getting candy from his daddy. After about 5 minutes of riding him I rolled off
and went on my knees and he mounted me from behind.He went in so gently and started to
go in and out until i felt his body starting to tremble and I myself was oozing with pre cum.
Suddenly Alan started to groan louder and louder until I felt inside me a hot liquid starting
to hit my walls and he held on to my shoulders and gave me his load.I loved it so so much.I was sure
he was loving this a lot.

After 2 minutes his cock got limp and he pulled out and he said please I want your youthful
cock in my ass now. More good news for me.So I moved behind him and I then felt like an animal
and started to suck on his anus and he said" wow, this feels amazing".His body was so soft and smooth
and it made the whole experience more intense to the point where we each wished this was forever.
As I licked his anus which was pink and soft he was relaxed and told me to lube him up.I took
the jelly and rubbed it all around and in his ass hole.I then positioned myself behind him and
when my cock head met his pink moist anus it felt so right and I slowly pushed the head in and
he just groaned and I pushed in about 2" more and then I went all the way.Alan was just moaning
from pleasure and as for myself it felt so amazing. His inside was so warm and his ass was actually
gripping my cock so as I pushed in and pulled out it was tight.My body was trembling with such pleasure that
I have never experienced before.I made love to his ass by fucking him for 6 minutes when
eventually I felt things walking up my back and I held on to his shoulders and leaned forward
on top him and started to fuck him faster and faster and then I shot my youthful juice up his
ass and all he was saying is "oh yes, oh yes, oh yes". I was in a trance as I was having a very
long and powerful orgasm.I emptied my cum in him and we just fell to one side with my
cock still in his anus and the next thing I realized, was being awakened by a knock on our room
door. I jumped up an realized that my cock was still in Alan's ass and he woke up too.I made my
way and opened the door with my towel wrapped around me.It was the bell boy who was just checking
on our room cause since we arrived we never came out or made any contact since checking in 3 hrs

Funny thing is, the bell boy was an older man maybe about 55 and he said " I envy you two love
birds".I told him "Thank You" and shut the door and went back to bed with Alan.Alan then turned around
and told me, that he will stay the entire 6 months with me. We moved closer and kissed again and felt my
cock started to get hard again and Alan said "this time I want to taste your juice" and I told him the
same thing.We both went to the shower and had a warm bath, and when we were finished Alan requested dinner
to be brought up to our room and so our first night together was one never to forget.I went to the mini bar
and this time I went for a bottle of Jack Daniels.

And no, the bell boy that brought our dinner was not the same older man, if you were thinking we invited him to join our sexual party.It was all Alan and myself.And so our Beautiful Rendezvous rolled on with lots of beautiful sex.

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2010-04-30 18:59:26
love these mature stories

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2010-03-29 15:36:22
What a plan

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2010-03-23 21:54:46
I remember my first time. It was beautiful.

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2009-10-08 10:46:43
I love a mature man. I am meeting my boss tomorrow to fuck and he is so so sexy

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2009-09-15 10:26:10
Me too...

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