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Chapter 5

“Sorry I couldn’t come up with a better dinner,” Mrs. Brown said apologetically as she helped herself to a slice of chicken, “but you didn’t exactly give me much warning that you were coming over.”

“Stop apologizing,” Mrs. Kimball said with a shrug of her shoulders. “I know we didn’t give you much warning, but we felt it was important to get together right away after we found out about Sally.”

“You know about Sally and Leroy?” Mr. Brown said with a quick look at his son and the blond girl sitting next to him.”

“Of course we know,” Mr. Kimball said with a soft chuckle, “and we fully approve of everything, including the baby in Sally’s belly.”

“If you approve,” Mr. Brown said with a confused frown, “then why are we getting together like this?”

“Leroy,” Mrs. Kimball said, turning to look at the boy with the deep blush across the table from her, “didn’t you tell your parents about us? I know Sally told you about us, I thought you would have told your parents about us by now.”

“I didn’t think I had the right to tell them,” Pornacopia said, his face growing even redder as he spoke, but only one other person around the table knew the real reason for his deep blush. It was when he looked across the table and saw the grin on Mrs. Kimball’s face that he knew she was the one who’d removed her shoes under the table and was now playing footsie with his cock.

“I guess I can understand that,” Mr. Kimball said with a shrug, “and if that’s the way you feel then I guess I may as well explain things.”

Mr. Kimball cleared his throat and took a deep breath before he started, “To start with, Chief Brown, my wife and I are first cousins. Don’t worry, we really are legally married, in our home state it’s legal but unusual for first cousins to marry, and once we were married there other states had to accept the marriage even if it would have been illegal to marry in that state.”

“I’ve heard of couples doing something like that,” Mr. Brown said with a nod, “but this is the first time I actually met someone who did it.”

“That would explain why the two of you look so much alike,” Mrs. Brown said thoughtfully, “but it doesn’t explain why you approve of your thirteen year old daughter getting pregnant by our son.”

“Let me finish, then you’ll understand,” Mr. Kimball said. “You see, not only are we cousins, we’re also swingers, we’ve traded partners so often that we’re not even sure if Sally’s brothers and sisters are full or half siblings. We were hoping that Sally would join us back when she was ten, but by then she was already in love with Leroy and determined that he would be her first so I haven’t exactly had a chance with her yet. That will change tonight though.”

“But the real star of the night will be me and Leroy,” Mrs. Kimball said, running her toe along the length of Pornacopia’s prick through his pants. “I expect him to knock me up with a half brother or sister for my grandson by the end of the night.”

“That’s so . . .,” Mrs. Brown seemed lost for words so Lynn tried to find the right one for her.

“Crazy? Stupid? Hot?” Lynn said with a broad grin. “I have to go with hot because just thinking about watching Pornacopia knocking up Sally’s mother is making me horny. Besides, is it any crazier than letting Leroy knock us up?”

“I guess not,” Mrs. Brown admitted with a blush almost as deep as her son’s as the rest of the table chuckled at her embarrassment. “But how did you know about us and Leroy?”

“It wasn’t that hard to figure out,” Mr. Kimball said with a broad grin, “even if Sally hadn’t told us I think we would have figured it out since we have a similar lifestyle.”

“How similar?” Chief Brown asked, chewing his bottom lip thoughtfully.

“Well,” Sally’s mother said with a mischievous smile, “when we left home to come over here we put our twelve year old son Paul in charge and told sisters and brothers they had to do whatever he says because he’s in charge.”

“Mom, you didn’t,” Sally gasped. “You know how horny Paul is, he’ll have everyone fucking like rabbits by now.”

“I know,” Mrs. Kimball said, “I also know that Cindy’s last period was two weeks ago and that Jane’s first period was about the same time. And considering how much those two girls want to be just like their older sister I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re both pregnant by the end of the night.”

“And if you think that’s kinky you haven’t heard the last of it,” Mr. Kimball said with a chuckle. “While your son is knocking up my wife, I’ll be fucking Sally for the first time, that is if she’s willing to let me.”

“Ready, willing, and anxious to fuck you dad,” Sally said, “the only thing that kept me from fucking you years ago was the fact that I wanted Pornacopia to fuck me first. But now that I’m carrying his baby I can’t wait to get you cock in my cunt.”

“That’s fine for the four of you,” Lynn huffed, “but what are the rest of us going to do while the four or you are fucking each other silly?”

“Join in the fun of course,” Mr. Kimball said with a quick wink. “Just because I’m fucking Sally that doesn’t mean that I can’t fuck you and your mother. Of course I could use a little help with fucking three women, care to join me Chief.”

“Love to,” Chief Brown said giving Sally a leer.

“Hold on everyone,” Mrs. Brown said as everyone started pushing their chairs back from the table. “We need to clean up before we get so involved with fucking each other that the dishes will be stained and the food spoiled by the time we’re done.”

“She does have a point,” Mrs. Kimball said with a shrug, “if we all chip in we’ll have every thing done before you can say, ‘fuck me daddy.’”

“Hurry up everyone,” Sally said grabbing the nearest dishes and carrying them toward the kitchen, “the sooner we get things cleared up the sooner mom can get knocked up and dad can fuck me.”

With everyone working together they were able to clean everything up in just a few minutes and then moved to the living room where they all stripped out of their clothes before Pornacopia and Mrs. Kimball settled down next to each other on the couch. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Pornacopia asked without taking his eyes off Mrs. Kimball’s jiggling tits.

“How can you look at my erect nipples and ask me such a silly question?” Mrs. Kimball chuckled. “You can see that I’m getting off just thinking about fucking you in front of both our families, not to mention the fact that my pussy’s drooling just from the thought of carrying your baby at the same time Sally is. I’d think you were the one with second thoughts if your cock wasn’t so hard right now. Are you sure you’re ready for this?’

“I’m ready,” Pornacopia said with a quick swallow, “just a little nervous, I’ve never performed in front of so many people before. But knowing that you want my baby as much as Sally does is so kinky it makes me so hard I want to fuck you no matter who’s watching, in fact, the idea that everyone’s watching makes things even hornier - as if that was possible.”

“Oh, it’s possible,” Mrs. Kimball said, reaching down to stroke Pornacopia’s hard cock as he reached out to squeeze her tits. “You know, Leroy, my tits are still swollen from my last pregnancy, how big do you think they’ll get while I’m carrying your baby?”

Pornacopia didn’t answer but everyone could see his cock grow even larger as he thought about it. “Ok, I’m ready now,” Pornacopia said, “but before we fuck I’ve got to get a taste of your pussy.”

“Such a well trained boy,” Mrs. Kimball said with a soft chuckle, stroking Pornacopia’s stiff prick with one hand while she slid the fingers of her other hand along her wet slit.

“Curiosity not training,” Pornacopia said with a chuckle of his own. “This will be my first chance to see if a mother and daughter taste the same.”

“Always an investigator,” Chief Brown said as he gave his son an approving grin. “Just make sure you give us a good show while you’re doing it.”

“Oh, we’ll give you a good show,” Mrs. Kimball said as Pornacopia slid his head between her thighs. “So, how do I taste?

“You taste great,” Pornacopia said, “you don’t taste the same as Sally, but you still taste great.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Sally’s mother said, “but in case you can’t tell I’m already hot and horny and you don’t need to warm me up, so let’s see what we can do about making a baby?”

“Well if you’re really that anxious,” Pornacopia said, reluctantly shifting up Mrs. Kimball’s body until the tip of his cock came in contact with her pussy. “Can I play with your tits while we fuck?”

“You better,” Mrs. Kimball giggled, “what kind of a show would it be if you didn’t play with my tits?”

“A pretty poor one,” Mr. Kimball said, reaching out to play with his daughter’s tits as he let out a short laugh. “Sally, I can hardly wait until your tits start growing and filling up with milk.”

“Me either,” Sally purred as her father played with her small buds and Chief Brown started fingering her juicy slit.”

“Pay attention or you’ll miss the best part you three,” Lynn hissed. “You don’t want to miss the moment when Pornacopia actually knocks her up do you?”

“Of course not,” Sally said as she pushed herself up on her elbows, “this will be something to tell my sister or brother - not to mention my daughter or son. Dad, wouldn’t it be great if I had a girl and mom had a boy?”

“Or the other way around,” Sally’s father said, focusing on the way his future son-in-law was slamming his hard cock in and out of his wife with gusto. “Someday I hope to watch while Leroy’s oldest son knocks up his oldest daughter.”

“I’ll make sure we all have prime seats,” Sally chuckled, trying not to feel jealous as she watched her mother fucking her boyfriend.

“Oh,” Mrs. Kimball said as Pornacopia’s cock slid in and out of her juicy fertile cunt, “your mother and sister taught you well.”

“Don’t forget Sally,” Pornacopia said, giving Sally’s mother a quick grin, “I learned a lot while I was knocking her up too.”

“While I’m glad you’re such a good student. Now keep sucking my tits while you fuck me.”

Pornacopia’s reply was muffled as he sucked Mrs. Kimball’s left nipple between his lips and started gumming it. While Mrs. Kimballs tits were larger than her daughter’s or Lynn’s they were smaller than the pillows on his mother’s chest, but he’d already discovered that he enjoyed playing with tits no matter how small or large they were. With every thrust of his cock Pornacopia ground his groin into Mrs. Kimball so that their pubic hairs blended together and tickled his balls. He let out a muffled groan with every stroke and fought to keep his balls under control so he wouldn’t shoot his load before Sally’s mother had at least one orgasm but he realized it was too late when his balls started to jump uncontrollably against her blond bush.

“I’m cumming,” Pornacopia groaned as he slammed his cock as deep as it would go in Mrs. Kimball’s pussy and held it there as the sperm spat out of his cock and into her fertile belly.

“So am I,” Mrs. Kimball screamed as her cunt clamped down on Pornacopia’s invading cock and tried to strip every drop of baby juice from his body. “Fill me with your cum, give me a baby.”

“I will,” Pornacopia panted, resting his head between Mrs. Kimball’s tits while his sperm leaked out of his softening cock and into her pulsing slit. “I hope that did the job,” Pornacopia said with a smile, “I don’t think I’ll manage another orgasm for a while.”

“In that case it’s a good thing I’m at the top of my fertility tonight, because the sooner your baby is growing in my belly the better.”

“If you two are really done,” Mr. Kimball said, giving his wife and her teenage lover a leering smile, “then get off the stage and make room for the next act.”

“Yeah,” Sally said, giving the two lovers a quick shove toward the edge of the couch, “I’ve been waiting to fuck my daddy for over three years now so don’t keep us waiting.”

“Ok, ok,” Pornacopia grumbled as he got up from Mrs. Kimball’s body, pulling his limp cock out of her sucking pussy with a slurp and a drop of clear cunt juice that rolled down her bare ass to form a wet spot on the cushion.

“Come on mom, hurry up,” Sally said, bouncing from foot to foot as she waited for her mother to get off the couch so she could take her place.

“Hold your horses,” Sally’s mother said with a laugh, “I don’t want to lose any of Leroy’s baby juice.”

As soon as her mother was off the couch Sally slid into the place she’d abandoned, settling her pussy just over the wet spot her mother had left when she got up. “Come on daddy, don’t keep me waiting after all this time.”

“Of course not,” Mr. Kimball said, giving his wife’s bare ass an affectionate pat as he passed her on the way to the couch. Sally’s father slid his head between his daughter’s spread thighs and gave her a quick leer, “why don’t we give everyone a full show this time?”

“Good idea daddy,” Sally said as she watched her mother and Pornacopia take the two seats she and her father had abandoned just a few minutes earlier. “Eat my pussy and make me cum, and then I’ll eat your cock until you’re good and hard.”

“And then I’ll fuck you until you scream for mercy or pleasure - whichever comes first.”

“I can take a lot of pleasure daddy,” Sally moaned as her father moved in on her bald cunt and licked it from base to clit. “You know what I like dad, do it.”

Mr. Kimball sucked his daughter’s clit between his lips and caught it between his teeth, chewing the nubbin gently until Sally’s body started shivering in anticipation of her approaching orgasm. Sally let out a scream of pleasure as her father shifted his attention from her clit to her slit and shoved his tongue as deep as it would go before he started wiggling it around in her tight hole as her body started jumping around the cushion and she squeezed her father’s head between her naked thighs.

As Sally’s thighs clamped tight around his ears Mr. Kimball shifted closer to his daughter’s pussy, tickling her clit with his nose while he sucked the juices streaming out of her slit and swallowed the sweet liquid with obvious pleasure.

“Why Pornacopia,” Mrs. Kimball said, reaching down to stroke Leroy’s hardening cock, “I thought you didn’t have another fuck in you.”

“I guess I was wrong,” Pornacopia said, cupping Mrs. Kimball’s breasts in his hands and gave them an affectionate squeeze. “I guess I couldn’t help it with a show this -“

”Kinky?” Mrs. Kimball said before Pornacopia could finish what he was saying.

“Actually I was going to say hot,” Pornacopia said with a quick chuckle. “Considering the fact that I fucked and knocked up my mom and half-sister I don’t think it’s that kinky for your husband to fuck his daughter - especially since I popped her cherry and knocked her up.”

“Do I hear a touch of jealousy in your voice?” Mrs. Kimball teased as Pornacopia’s cock surged to full life in her grasp.

“Pride maybe,” Pornacopia said, “but not jealousy, not the way I’m reacting. Why don’t you get in my lap? I’ll stick my cock in your pussy and we can have another fuck while we watch the show.”

“I do like the way you think,” Mrs. Kimball purred, climbing into his lap and lowering herself down while Pornacopia guided his hard cock between her wet pussy lips. “That’s it Leroy, fuck me, fuck me and give me another load of baby juice. The more juice you give me, the sooner you knock me up.”

“I know,” Pornacopia hissed in Mrs. Kimball’s ear, “and I really enjoy giving you all the baby juice I can, but the extra pressure doesn’t help, so why don’t we enjoy the rest of the show while we fuck?”

As Pornacopia and Mrs. Kimball started their second fuck Chief Brown was trying to decide which of two pregnant women to fuck. “Enjoying the show dad?” Lynn asked, letting her hand follow his thigh up to hard cock and tight balls.

“What do you think?” Chief Brown asked with a groan when Lynn wrapped her hand around his erection and stroked his shaft. “As much as I’m enjoying the show, I think I’d enjoy it a lot more if I was fucking one of you, but I’m having trouble deciding which one.”

“Well it is my turn to sleep with you tonight,” Mrs. Brown pointed out, “so I guess it’s only fair for you to fuck Lynn now since I’ll have you for the rest of the night.”

“Sounds fair to me,” Lynn said with a greedy gleam in her eye, “let me slide into your lap and we can go for it.”

Chief Brown and his wife both helped Lynn to slide into his lap, holding her swollen stomach steady as she slid down her father’s erection until her ass slapped down on his bare thighs. “Fuck me dad,” Lynn purred, riding her father’s cock with a slow steady stroke, shifting her body so that his shaft slid across her erect clit every time she lifted and dropped her ass in her father’s lap.

“Your cock feels so good inside me dad,” Lynn groaned, “I almost wish this was your baby instead of Leroy’s. It feels so good to have you inside me along with him.”

“So, you think it’s a boy now?” Mr. Brown said, his cock twitching as it slid past his grandchild and back out of Lynn’s pussy with every stroke.

“I don’t know,” Lynn giggled, running her hands over her swollen belly, “but I have a fifty-fifty chance either way. But right now I don’t care, I just want to feel my father’s cock inside me while I watch my brother’s girlfriend fuck her own father.”

“It is a great show,” Mrs. Brown said, frigging her own cunt as her eyes strayed from the show on the couch to the show next to her and then back to the couch again. “I think the only thing better than watching a father fuck his own daughter is to watch your own son while he fucks you and knocks you up.”

“I guess you would know, mom,” Lynn said, reaching over to stroke her mother’s swollen belly as she as she let her own belly bounce around while she rode her father’s stiff cock. “By the way, I actually managed to squeeze a few drops of milk out of my tits this afternoon.”

“Really?” Mrs. Brown asked, “do you think I could try for a taste.”

“Sure,” Lynn said, “help yourself to all you can get, as long as you can actually suck on them when their jiggling around like this.”

“I’ll find a way,” Mrs. Brown said, sliding closer to her husbands chair and reaching out to grab one of Lynn’s bouncing breasts. Lynn let out a groan as she squeezed her step daughter’s tit until a dribble of milk oozed from the engorged nipple and then she leaned over to lick the breast clean before it had a chance to get away.

“Nothing like fresh breast milk,” Mrs. Brown said, licking her lips with pleasure before she released Lynn’s swollen tit. “But we should probably wait a few more days until you have a steady supply before we start drinking it.”

“If you say so mom,” Lynn sighed, “I actually kind of like the way it feels when you squeeze the milk out of my tits like that.”

“In that case you’ll love it when the milk really flows,” Chief Brown said. “Once your milk starts flowing Leroy and I will have trouble keeping our mouths off your tits.”

“That sounds good,” Lynn said with a wistful smile, she shifted her body slightly to ease the weight of her swollen belly, she could already feel her cunt starting to quiver with her approaching orgasm and she tried to prolong the pleasure as long as she could.”

On the couch Sally was sucking her father’s cock as deep as it would go in her throat but he pulled it out before she could get a taste of his cum. “Dad,” Sally whined as her father pulled out of her mouth and slid down her body until his quivering shaft was poised at the crease of her pussy.

“Don’t worry Sally,” Mr. Kimball said as he slipped the head of his cock between her pussy lips, “you’ll have plenty of chances to drink my cum, but tonight I want to fuck your tight little pussy as soon as I can.”

“Ok daddy,” Sally said with a sigh of pleasure as her father slid his whole prick into her cunt until his hairy balls bounced off her ass, “but I expect to drink your cum straight from your cock after this.”

“Whatever my little girl wants,” Mr. Kimball promised with a wide smile, grabbing Sally’s hips and holding her steady as he fucked her with the largest cock she’d ever had in her pussy.

Sally wrapped her legs around her father’s ass and pulled him tight against her body so that his chest hairs tickled the erect nipples of her small tits. The pleasure from her tits and her overstuffed cunt joined together in her pregnant belly and she wondered if her baby was enjoying the fuck as much as she was.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me,” Sally begged, wiggling her ass to gain as much pleasure as she could while her father rammed his hard cock in and out of her wet pussy. “I’m cumming daddy,” Sally screamed while her whole body jerked and spasmed under her father’s body.

“Good, “ Mr. Kimball said with a grimace as he held back his own orgasm until his daughter’s cunt relaxed it’s grip on his shaft, “now hold on and I’ll try to give you another one before I cum.”

“Go for it dad,” Sally gasped, “Pornacopia’s done it a couple times and my second cum always feels better than my first one.”

“That’s what your mother always tells me,” Sally’s father told her, puffing slightly as he fucked his thirteen year old girl. “I’d give you three orgasms if I could, but your pussy is so tight and wet I could have trouble giving you two, but I’ll do it, somehow.”

“Thank you daddy,” Sally said, pulling her father’s head down and giving him a tongue filled kiss. She could already feel her body shivering with pleasure and knew it wouldn’t be long before she and her father her father shot his load deep in her pregnant belly.

Mr. Kimball knew it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load either, usually he’d be able to hold off his orgasm until his partner came two, three, or even four times but knowing that his daughter was pregnant and that her belly and tits would soon be swelling with Pornacopia’s baby made him so horny he just couldn’t hold back like he usually could. He could already feel the tickle running through his balls and cock, warning him that he would soon waste his baby juice in a girl who was already pregnant, but he didn’t care.

“I’m cumming Sally,” Mr. Kimball screamed as he stuffed his whole shaft into his daughter’s tight pussy and felt it clamp tight as his balls pumped his juice deep in her thirteen year old body.

“So am I daddy,” Sally screamed, wrapping her arms and legs around her father and holding him tight as he filled her pussy to overflowing with his baby juice.

“Thank you daddy,” Sally said, giving her father a quick peck on the lips while they both tried to catch their breaths. She could hear the applause from their audience and knew that they’d appreciated the show as much as she had.

“I hope you’ll give me a chance to catch my breath before you climb into my bed tonight,” Mr. Kimball said with a chuckle.

“Actually dad, I was hoping you and mom would let me stay the night,” Sally said with a hopeful grin. “Lynn, Pornacopia, and I would like to try a three way tonight.”

“I guess it’s alright with me,” Mr. Kimball said with a slight frown, “I’m sure one of your sisters will want to sleep with me tonight.”

“What about mom?” Sally asked, “aren’t you going to sleep with her?”

“Not while I’m trying to get knocked up with Leroy’s baby,” Sally’s mother pointed out. “Since you’re spending the night here I guess I’ll be using your room for the night. Maybe it’ll be lucky for me to spend the night in your bed.”

“I hope so mom,” Sally said, reaching out to pat her mother’s flat belly, “I kind of like the idea of you having Pornacopia’s baby about a month after I have mine. It’s kinky and hot and it makes me so horny I can hardly wait for my next fuck.”

“Me too, honey, me too,” Mrs. Kimball said, giving Sally a quick kiss. “And right now I think your father and I better get home before your brothers wear out your sisters. Thank you for everything.”

“No, thank you,” Mrs. Brown said. “That had to be the hottest show I’ve seen in a long time, thanks for the inspiration. By the way, are you free next Friday?”

“We will be, “ Mr. Kimball promised. “But like my wife said we better head home before the girls are so tired they can’t join me for the night. Enjoy the night Sally, see you tomorrow.”

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