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Down at the senior center, the gardeners were discussing their vegetables.
Fred: "Tell me what you do to get such great tomatoes? I can't get mine to ripen. How can I get them to turn red?"
Ed: "You have to embarrass them."
Betty: "Embarrass them? How do you do that?"
Ed: "Go out in the garden at around midnight and drop your drawers. That will embarrass them."
Fred and Betty go home that night and follow Ed's suggestion. They both return the next day.
Ed: "Well, Fred, did it work?"
Fred: "It sure did. You should see my red tomatoes! How about you Betty?"
Betty: "Well, I went out like you said at midnight and lifted up my nightgown all the way to my chin."
Fred: "What happened to your tomatoes?"
Betty: "Absolutely nothing--------but you should see my CUCUMBERS!!"
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