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This is part truth, part fantasy, autobiographical. Let me know what you think…
I have never really been with a man, although when I was a teenager my cousin and I would play sex games all the time when ever he spent the night. We would pretend to be asleep and then one of us would tiptoe over to the others bed and would proceed to take off the others night clothes. When it was my turn I would always push the envelope and go further. We started out just undressing each other, and then tying up the others cock…I loved the feel of his rock hard throbbing cock and believe me he got really hard. This went on for some time, each of us taking turns, pretending to be asleep while the other played with our cock. I remember the first time I stopped tying him up. I had him naked and I turned him over on his belly and played with his ass, kissing it and licking his hole. He loved this…then I turned him back over and began to rub his throbbing cock. I was hard as a rock but I didn’t know where to go next so I would finish and go back to my bed where I would await my turn. He was shier than me so I was always the one to go further. He was not as gentle as I was and I got off more playing with his body than having him play with mine… One night I got really horny and I put my mouth on the tip of his dick…I can still recall the sensation and taste, it has never left me. When I go on Red Tube, Tube 8 and go the gay videos, I want to grab hold of Brent Corrigan’s dick and suck on it, taste it, swallow his come. Once I rolled my cousin on his stomach and tried to put my dick inside him…he spread his cheeks but I never penetrated his ass. As we got older, I began to date and we never spent the night with each other. I kinda forgot about him as I began to date girls. I was really into porn back then. When I was alone in my room, I hid books where my mom couldn’t find them. I beat off two, three time a day, every day. Being Catholic, I always felt guilty after I came but I just couldn’t resist the urge.I fucked my first girlfriend when I was 18 and once that happened I became hornier and hornier. My favorite porn book was called Trailer Trollop. It was all about anal sex. I became obsessed with my anus and played with it all the time, putting my finger in my ass while I beat off.
I had a pretty normal sex life through high school but when I moved out of my parent’s house, fantasies about being with a guy came back to me. I once walked the streets late at night in Cape May. I was rock hard at the thought of having a guy pick me up. I could never pull the trigger so went home and found a candle and put it in my ass while I beat off…major orgasm. I sort of pulled the trigger once when my first wife was away. I was really horny and had taken some speed and smoked some pot. Emboldened by the drugs, I drove downtown around midnight with just a shirt on. I was hard thinking about picking up a guy. I saw a boy standing on the street corner and asked him if he needed a ride. He eagerly got in the car, looked over and saw my erection and we took off to my house. When we got there we went up to the bedroom and began to mess around a little. I reached into his pants and felt his small cock. It was also bent in the middle. I was bummed because I was looking to get fucked in the ass. All that happened was that I let him suck me off. I was not into it and was in a hurry to get rid of him, which I did. I drove him partway downtown, gave him some cash and drove home. I didn’t feel guilty or anything…just disappointed that when I finally got the nerve up I found this guy.
Another time I almost came close to being with a guy. I was with a bunch of actors, two of whom I knew were gay. We were all smoking grass, listening to music. I had on a pair of shorts, no underwear. I saw one of the gay guys looking at me all the time and I got feelings in my stomach and got a little hard. I casually exposed my cock to him, lifting my leg so he could see down my shorts. I was throbbing watching him stare at me. I got up to go to the bathroom, closed the door, and sat on the toilet not knowing what was going to happen. I was hard and excited but afraid too. I locked the door and began to beat off. I was fantasying sucking on his cock when he knocked on the door and whispered for me to let him in. I panicked…No way was I going to let that happen and I told him to go away.
As I grew older I went through stages of fucking myself in the ass with cucumbers and occasionally a dildo. I always gave myself enemas and made sure I was clean. I took to filming myself, hooking the camera up to my TV. I loved my body, especially my thighs and cock. I would go to porn stores and look at movies of guys fucking each other. I would get so horny. I loved to smoke pot when I would have these sessions. Sometimes I would fuck all day and into the night. Back then the next day I would be really sore and because of that I could only fuck myself once in a while. Plus I had a wife and a son so I had to pick my times.
I got into mirrors about ten years ago and loved to fuck in front of a mirror. I would fuck but I didn’t learn how to have a great orgasm until a few years ago. Now I have the most intense orgasms you could ever imagine, either when fucking a girl or fucking myself with a 10 inch dildo.
I no longer get sore, in fact I can fuck myself and go right to work. I never wash the come off me and I love the feelings I have in my ass and cock while I am at work…I get horny and can’t wait to come home and fuck again. I have a ritual now, changing it from time to time but it always starts with me getting stoned. Then, I go on line and watch porn, lesbians are my favorite, but I love watching beautiful women getting boned in the ass. Sometimes I go on gay sites and watch beautiful guys fuck. I always give myself hot enemas with a hose in my shower. Standing in the shower and taking hot water up my ass is such a turn on and feels so good that I sometimes do it for up to an hour. I will lie down with the shower on and stick the dildo up my ass. I rock up and down on it and close my eyes pretending a beautiful man is fucking me or my girlfriend is pegging me.
I will set up mirrors and fuck for hours at a time, never coming until I want to. I sweat and grind and moan and beg for the cock to go deeper. I will play rock and roll and fuck to the rhythm of the beat…Coldplay’s Talk is a favorite and so is Abracadabra by Steve Miller, try it, it is awesome.
When I am ready to come I begin to play with my cock and get it hard while I am fucking myself to the music. I work myself up and down on my pretend cock, pressing it on my prostrate gland until I can’t stand it. I go slow, imagining it is Brent Corrigan’s giant dick. I beg him to come in my ass and start stroking my cock to the rhythm of him fucking me. I let him pound me hard into my ass and I can feel him starting to come and as I stroke my cock I begin to shudder and build up to a climax that causes me to moan and groan so loud….I come, shooting sperm all over my stomach and just shake and shake. I relax and just lie there with the cock in my ass. When I am done I slowly slip it out of my butt hole and It feels so good I almost come again. I am so horny now all the time, I don’t care about fucking girls although there is one who I am really attracted to but she is married. She loves me and maybe we will have an affair. But in the meantime all I think about is getting it on with a guy.
I want to undress him, and play with his cock, causing it to get rock hard. I can feel his butt flesh as I pull down his underpants, me sitting on the edge of my bed him standing in front of me. I rub his balls and play with his ass and I gently kiss the head of his throbbing dick. I love the head of his dick and can taste the pecum. I get saliva all over his shaft and kiss and suck on his balls. I move up his shaft and when I get to the head I start to suck and kiss him, and he is rock hard. I finish undressing him and we get on the bed naked and begin to fondle each other. I want his cock in my ass, want him to lie on top of me and make love to me. I open my thighs to him. I play with the soft head of his dick and hold it, pressing the head against my ass. I can feel his head penetrate my anus and I gasp as he begins to push it inside me. I arch my back and push against him, drawing all 10 inches inside me. Once he is all the way in I just hold him there, contracting my insides, massaging his cock and driving both of us crazy. I am in a trance, this is better than anything I have ever felt. We begin to rock and I wrap my legs around his waist and move him in and out. I want him all the way inside me. I am so taken away by this, I kiss him. I open my mouth and begin to tongue him. He responds and we begin to rock together. I don’t want to come yet but I want him to come inside me. I can feel him and I squeeze his dick as I move up and down…tighter and tighter. He is moaning and I can feel him get even harder and then I grinded my ass against his cock and balls….I could feel them as we rocked back and forth. I can feel him tense up and then he shudders as he explodes inside me. I hold him tight and kiss him everywhere. The passion is overcoming me and I tell him I have never had sex like this before.
He pulls out of me and I take his cock in my mouth and suck the sperm off his dick. He begins to get hard again and I tell him to fuck me again this time while I am on my stomach. I roll over and he climbs on me and slowly pushes all his 10 inches inside me. I can feel his thighs and balls slap on my ass. My whole body is covered with his and he pushes in and out of me. I am light headed and have never felt anything like this before. We fuck and fuck and I want to come. He slowly pulls out and I roll over on my back. He mounts me again and I wrap my legs around his waist and take all of him inside me. As we move as one I begin to stroke my pulsating cock, easy at first. I feel about to pass out from the pure pleasure and his dick inside me and I begin to come. He comes down on top of me, thrusting his cock, slapping his balls against my ass and I explode. I grab him and hug him so tight…I want to be like one person. As I come he explodes inside me again. I am overcome with his sex. I know that this is not the end but the beginning. I see us fucking all the time…in the shower, outside, in the car, on the beach. He climbs off me, licks and kisses my inner thighs, and takes my cock in his mouth licking the come off my shaft’
This is my fantasy and now I want to have it really happen. I have thought about this and it is time for me to find a guy I can have sex with…I am going to get it done this weekend. I will drive around, maybe head to DC and try to find a guy there. There is no question in my mind. I will suck a cock this weekend and I will get fucked in my ass.
I have never been this horny. All I can think about is hooking up with a guy next weekend. I want him naked in my bed.
Here is how it will go, I hope;
I am going to drive downtown and meet a guy who I can suck and fuck with. I want to wander into one of the gay bars in Baltimore or DC. I’ll walk in with my shades on and sit at the bar, order a beer and just pretended to be by myself but I will really be looking for someone to approach me.
Before I leave to go, I get really stoned. This makes me hornier and bolder. I can hardly suppress the feelings that I’m getting. I can feel the excitement in my loins. I have to get ready so I turn on the shower and thoroughly douche myself… let the water get warmer as I put it up my ass. It feels unbelievable, clean, relaxing, and my legs get weak. I grab the dildo and slowly start to put it up my ass. Once it goes deep inside me I begin to move on it and press my ass full of cock up against the tile wall and the suction cup holds it in place as I ride up and down on it
Now I am ready to head downtown. I am apprehensive but excited and I know that it is finally going to happen.
I walk into two bars before I find one I felt comfortable in. I know what I want and I am not going to compromise.
“ I sat for about twenty minutes and a guy walked in, 40’ish, handsome…6’ 175 lbs. He went to the other end of the bar. He seemed to know the bartender and they struck up a conversation. I watched for a while and they finally stopped talking. I was looking at him when he looked over at me and we made eye contact. There was a quick blink and pause by me and he laughed. I said, “let me buy you a beer!” and he said thanks. I’ll cut to the chase…we hit it off! After small talk I just came out and asked if he had a boyfriend. He said no and I told him that I had never been with a guy before but that if he wanted to I would like to make him the first. I said making love to a guy really had to feel right for me to go through with it. We talked and when no one was looking, I reached over put my hand on his crotch. He immediately grew hard and I knew right then that he was the one. It was big and he was erect. We decided to go to my house.
He followed me in his car and we went inside. I was nervous but knew what I wanted. The lighting in my small apartment is very soft. I lit a joint and we both smoked it. I was on fire and for the first time ever I reached down inside his pants and felt his cock. I rubbed it up and down and then I unzipped his shorts. No underwear and his pants dropped to the floor. I reached around his waist and with my hands on his soft ass I pulled him to me and begin to lick and kiss the head of his dick. It tasted unbelievable and I started to slide my lips up and down his shaft and kissed and licked his balls going further down to his anus. I didn’t know if he was clean but it didn’t matter to me because he was going to fuck me all night. I have an insatiable sexual appetite and can go for hours. I pulled his shirt up over his head and he just stood there naked and I was so hard I thought I would come on the spot. We went back to me fondling his balls kissing and sucking on his cock.
I told him how clean I was and I told him he had never fucked anyone quite like me. We were both naked on my bed and I pulled him close to me. I reached down to his cock and began to slide my hand up and down in it. I rolled over on my back and he got on top of me. I never felt anything so sexy in my life as he pushed the head of his cock into my anus. I was ready and slid my ass up pushing his cock further into my ass. I put my arms around his waist and grabbed his soft ass and thrust myself so that he was all the way inside of me. We stopped and he just left his hard cock in my ass and then we began to move slowly back and forth. I held him tight and I couldn’t help myself as I stared kissing his neck and then moving to his lips. We deep kissed each other and grinded our bodies together as he pushed his cock in me all the way. I kissed him with more passion than I ever had done before with anyone and we rocked back and forth together. He tensed for a minute, and then pushed his hard cock real slow into my anus. I squezzed him hard, slowly massaging the head of his penis. I could fell all of him inside me. ..I was kissing him so deep that I was in a sea of passion…He told me he was going to come and he exploded...I could feel him come. I pushed him of me and took his cock into my mouth and licked his come off his shaft. Now I needed to come so we began to fondle each other and get in the mood again.
He said that he had never been in such a passionate embrace and said he wanted to get fucked by me. I took him in the bathroom, showed him how I douched, and left him alone. When he came back to my bedroom he climbed into bed next to me and he began to play with my rock hard dick. I am not huge but my penis is soft to the touch and it is easy to get all of it in your mouth. He did that and he forced his finger up my ass. I had him pause for a minute and I reached across my bedside table and got my 10 inch dildo out of my drawer. I pulled him on top of me and slowly inserted my cock into his anus…it was soft inside and I pushed back and forth until I was all the way in. I then arched my back and took the didlo and slid it into my ass hole, slowly, feeling it go all the way in. Now I was in really in a sex crazed trance. I wanted everything. We deep kissed and rocked together. I held him tight and told him I wanted to fuck with him all night. He felt the same and he asked if I could put the dildo inside him. He rolled off me and onto his stomach. I started tonguing his anus, sticking my tongue inside him. I began to slide the dildo inside him and he groaned and thrust his ass in the air trying to get all of it. He did and then he slid over on his back and began to move up and down on the large, hot dildo. I climbed on top of him with my face is his crotch and my crotch in his face, 69 style. I licked his balls and went down to his anus which was filled with the dildo and licked all around it. He was moving up and down on it, going faster and faster and at the same time he was sucking on my cock. I moved up to his cock and began to suck it too. We were both in a sexual frenzy and I could feel us racing to a climax. I wanted to come with him and we both starting talking to each other moving our lips all over each others cock. He thrust his dick into my mouth, I started sucking faster and faster. He did the same and we could feel each other start to come. He came for the second time and we exploded in each other mouth. He left the dildo inside him, and I got off of him and lied down next to him. I said I loved him and he just kissed me on my lips. Both our mouths were full of come and we just kissed deeper and deeper. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a state of ecstasy. He pulled the dildo from his ass and I fell asleep in his arms.
When I awoke I he was asleep next to me, naked. It was dark out, I was beside myself. I had finally been thoroughly fucked by another guy and it was unbelievable. My stomach turned over and over….I had feelings I hadn’t experienced before ever. I wanted to fuck him again, and again. I knew that I would never come out and declare I was gay but I also knew that I was seriously bi and I knew that he and I would get together again.
That is my fantasy…I want to live it this weekend. I am going to try until it happens and I won’t compromise my wants. I have to have a large cock. I will be bold when the time comes and won’t hesitate to make sure I get what I want. I am hot right now, horny. I am consumed with the thought of sucking another man’s cock. I want to hold it, kiss it all over. I will let you know how it goes.


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I'll fuck you

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oh my f'ing god it made me barf 2times

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