Picking up where I left off.
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There may be no sight sexier to me than a woman with her feet off the edge of the bed, on her knees and…. her tits! Think on that a moment. Get the image….knees apart on the bed and tits on the bed. To be in that position a woman must arch her back severely offering her ass so exposing her asshole and pussy to her lover. Nothing better. Except maybe having two young children; her little girl and her little boy on either side of her in exactly the same position with me standing up right behind them. OMG!

I was literally shaking with excitement. My breathing was shallow. My hands trembled. My rock hard cock was sticking straight out in front of me pointing at their beautiful butts as it bounced in rhythm to my racing heart beat. I eased up to mom running the head of my dick up and down her ass crack over her pussy lips and up over her sexy, slightly hairy butthole. She wiggled her ass a bit and moaned in anticipation of what was to come. The penetration she loved. I leaned down to give both her pretty butt cheeks a long, licking, wet kiss. Inhaling the musky scent of her pussy and her asshole I teased her with my tongue making small circles around it yet never quite touching her puckering anus. My saliva was shiny on the dark brown skin of her lean, muscular ass. I do love making them crazy! Making them beg to be taken with moans and jerking sexual body language and those hot, quick breaths. Momma was ready and willing, whining for penetration already. She would have to wait. There were children present! Children waiting to be played with wiggling and watching on either side of her.

With my cock resting on the crack of their mother’s ass I ran my hands over both of the kids smooth, taunt baby butts. I always forget how small preteen butts are! These were both so small just one of my hands almost covered each. These little kids were so lean that their tiny assholes just popped out and were on perfect display for me. The boy had a brown vertical slit of an asshole while his little sister had a pronounced, tight, tiny donut ring asshole. Hard to believe anything could come out of her little beauty much less that anything could slide up into it! Both children were completely clean, flawless, and inviting. With my fingers splayed out over their little butts reaching up onto the small of their narrow backs I began massaging their assholes with my thumbs while I continue to tease mom’s anus and vaginal lips with the head of my dick. The little boy arched his back hard against the touch of my thumb presenting me with his little ball sack tucked just under his asshole…a fine seam of darker brown skin leading from his anus down in a straight line over his scrotum between his little balls and on up to the base of his penis. I took his testicles between my fingers and thumb gently playing with them. His little cock was rigid and in this position pointing straight down. He had a beautiful, cut 3” to 3.5” hard-on. Very few South American boys are circumcised but this one was and that is just the way I like them….little pink cock heads erect and ready for sucking. I turned my attention to his sister.

To my amazement her little pussy was already slightly swollen, open and displaying those incredible tiny inner pussy lips standing out like little wings. Her tiny vagina was glowing….blushing with what could only be called sexual excitement. She had a shiny wet, hot pink (almost red) seam between little girl pussy lips. The child was lubricating and I had yet to really touch her there. My attentions had been on her donut anus. I leaned down and ran my tongue up from her clit over her anus and back down again. Her taste and smell was overwhelmingly wonderful. Slick, salty slightly sharp. With my thumbs I spread her opening her fully, running the tip of my nose between her little lips with it coming to rest on her puckering asshole. While tickling her anus with my nose my tongue pushed up inside her incredibly tight little pussy. This seemed to startle her but she obviously loved it beginning to make little sex noises and giggling, wiggling her little ass against my face and mouth. She let out little grunts as I worked her to new wetness slurping and sucking her mini-clit drinking in her delicious baby cunt juices. Watching and hearing her children, naked on either side of her, being used for my sexual pleasure mom was going sex crazy. Crazy to be penetrated. Her pussy literally dripping now, she reached back between her legs finding my balls massaging and tugging on them trying to entice me to fuck her one of her holes right now! Speaking in Spanish instead of Portuguese for some reason, “Oh si! Ahora!” (“Oh yes! Now!”) But I wasn’t quit through with her kids yet.

Sucking each thumb into my mouth I got them as slippery as possible with spit and forced each into the young assholes of the children just up to the first knuckle. Both children cried out in surprise and pain but I held them tightly moving my thumbs around inside their little holes. The boy was easier to get into than the little girl. Her donut anus was strong and tight but pulling out of her putting it back in my mouth and then back in her butt I forced it in well past my knuckle. She tried to go down onto her belly but I had her anus deeply hooked on my thumb and literally picked her up by the asshole to her original ‘ass-up’ position. I began ‘thumbing fucking’ the kids…in and out, in and out, in and out again. Again. Again. Both children were vocalizing, complaining some but as I worked their little assholes their noises were turning into sexual urgency. The girl was quietly ‘singing’, “Aye! Aye! Aye!” with each thrust into her. Her brother was grunting loudly, arching his head back hard as I pushed my thumb deeper and deeper into his young asshole.

Now I took aim suddenly and savagely ramming my cock into their mom’s sopping pussy. She yelled! And began humping her back up and down, her fingers gathering the bed spread in a vice-grip of ecstasy shaking her head back and forth. She was having an immediate huge orgasm! I continued to ‘fuck’ all three of them with thumbs and cock; each struggling with my penetration of their sex hole creating a sexual craze for me that took me to a place total pleasure and total control of this entire little family. Mama’s cunt was glued to my cock; she was flexing her pussy muscles on it hard. Her face was down on the bed turned looking at her daughter through half mast sex eyes, her mouth open, drooling as I continued to fuck her right on through her orgasm into a new heat of helpless fucking. Her baby girl was tense, eyes closed, tears running down her face, snot from her nose but not crying…straining and grunting with my big thumb now all the way up her tiny ass as far as I could force it into her. She was fully into sex now…the penetration. Oh man! As little as she was she was pulling herself off of and then pushing herself back onto the big digit flexing in her over stretched asshole.

The boy was playing with his little hard cock now. Jacking off. “Aw! Si! Si! Oh, oh, oh! Aye!” All kinds of little noises and languages were coming from his mouth as he got lost in an adult sexual experience. I popped my cock out of his mother who collapsed immediately on the bed. In one smooth, powerful thrust using mom’s slippery pussy juices I rammed my wet cock into his virgin asshole! The little boy screamed big time. His sister was oblivious lost in her own pleasure and pain struggling to find her very first orgasm. His mother could do nothing for him. She was a limp, sweaty mess, a pile of jelly on the bed still whimpering and convulsing from yet another crushing orgasm. Her cunt was bubbling with what looked like a big cream pie but this was all her own thick, white, delicious pussy juice running from her. My 7” cock had not yet ejaculated. There were still some things to do to this family. Wonderful nasty things!

Fucking the boy balls deep and thumb fucking the little girl I coaxed their mother back to her ‘ass-up and open’ submissive position. I jammed my one free thumb up her butt, hard. Her anus was slightly open and relaxed from her two big orgasms so entry was easy; surprised her but she responded with a low growling moan and began fucking back on it immediately just like her daughter was! I let this go on for maybe a minute when I pulled out of all three at the same time!

There is was! First one the then next and then finally the little girl’s relaxed too…three gapping assholes looking at me! Lined up in a row side by side. They slowly opened up more and more …mamas as big as a half dollar and the babies buttholes gapped opened to the size of quarters. An awesome family portrait.
I shot it with my cell phone. No faces. Just gapping assholes!

OK, that’s it! I fucking had to cum! I turned mama around putting her on her back, her head on the edge of the bed under my balls. I had her boy straddle her face with his little hard cock just above her mouth and his asshole easily available to me above her. The little girl did not ever cum but she stood beside and behind me reaching between my legs from behind cupping and fondling my balls. Moving her face close to the penetration, she watched intensely as I began butt-fucking her big brother again. Mama was sucking her boy’s cock now slurping and moaning….in heaven the boy fell face first into her sopping wet, gooey pussy. He began to eat his fill of mom’s pussy juice, licking her cunt hair and sucking sweaty wet, stretched out lips and her nibbling clit. With all this stimulation mother began sucking him off like crazy as her daughter watched everything from a perfect vantage point now down behind me and between my legs still playing with me balls.

Suddenly mom started making the telltale gagging, moaning and swallowing noises of a woman eating cum. I could feel the contractions of the boy’s rectum on my cock as he pumped his little boy cum into his mother’s mouth. She shuddered gently as her boy began shooting in her mouth. She wanted it all. He pumped her face hard. I pulled out of his ass and finish myself off by hand all over his young butt. Thick ropes of sperm shot from my cock, not know what she was doing the little girl pulled and massaged my balls kissing the side of my butt cheeks and creating a huge additional volume of cum from me. My cum was all over the boy…his back, his butt cheeks, running down his ass crack over his distended asshole to his scrotum. God it was beautiful. God he was a mess! My cock was half soft now as it hangings over moms face dripping the last drops of my semen across her nose. As for the boy? Only one thing to do!
I had his mother and sister lick all my sperm off of him sucking and licking it out of his gapping asshole too. They were hungry, loving and careful as they thoroughly clean the little boy’s back side. They didn’t miss a drop using fingers to dig it out of his asshole then popping them in their mouths. Mom spent a lot of time tonguing and kissing his little red anus. Like a mama animal she was licking her little boy’s butt, sucking his cock again; soothing him and loving him. It was beautiful to watch. I was hard again already!

Because I could I had all three of them use their mouths and wet tongues to clean me up too. OMG!

I like Brazil.

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2011-12-12 13:34:22
One of my favorite stories on this site. Read it a couple of times now.

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2011-12-12 12:20:44
One of my favorite stories on this site. Read it a couple of times now.

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2011-05-17 00:44:58
Its funny how people who comment that this story is sick, came on to this website and willingly read a story that said young people (usually children), would be having sex.


2010-06-12 22:48:39
more! more! more! except do a lot with the little boy. and sound effects were really hott.

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2010-05-10 00:14:12
would have loved you to have fucked the little girl. other wise ok story

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