Randy knocked on the door hoping it was the correct house.

“Hey douche bag,” said his friend Trevor as he opened the door.

“Take off your shoes and follow me,” said Trevor as he started walking through the house.

Randy followed his friend taking in the new environment. He entered a room as his friend sat on the chair next to the computer.

“So what have you been up to?” asked Randy.

“Nothing really you?” replied Trevor.

“Yeah I haven’t done much either,” said Randy.

They hung out for a little while longer until they heard a knock at Trevor’s front door. Trevor opened the door and standing there was their friend Eddie.

“Hey guys,” said Eddie as he walked in.

“What do you guys want to do?” asked Trevor.

“How ‘bout we play that new game you got,” suggested Eddie.

“Sure,” said Trevor as he led them back to his brother’s room.

“Yeah my bro went to the mountains for the weekend,” said Trevor as he set up the game.

“Are these your bro’s?” asked Randy as he looked at two issues of Maxim.

“Yeah,” said Trevor as he gave the other controller to Eddie.

As they played the game Randy flipped through the magazines. After looking through both magazines he had a raging hard-on that he hid in his waistband.

Randy watched them play the game a little while longer until it was dinnertime.

“Hey mom can we order something?” asked Trevor.

“Sure we can,” said his mom, Debra, passing a menu.

She looks good for 43, thought Randy to himself. Figuring in the fact that she lost her husband and she survived cancer, Randy thought she looked fantastic.

“Ok what do you guys want?” asked Trevor snapping Randy out of his imagination.

They ordered their food and it arrived soon after. They sat there eating their food while discussing what they would do next.

“Hey Trevor, I’m going to be out until tomorrow morning,” said his mom.

“Ok that’s not a problem,” said Trevor.

“Hey do you guys want to go swimming?” asked Trevor.

“I will in 30 minutes,” said Randy smiling.

“Wow you’re so funny,” said Eddie.

Trevor led them back to find things to wear in the pool.

“Here Eddie you can wear my bro’s bathing suit and Randy you can wear a pair of my bro’s basketball shorts,” said Trevor.

Randy changed in the other bathroom and walked out he noticed that the shorts were too short, but he decided it wasn’t a problem.

They all walked outside as the sun started to fall. They cleaned out the pool a little before getting ready to go in.

“Hey you guys look,” said Eddie as he pulled his suit down enough to show his part of his pubes.

“Wow your gay,” said Trevor.

Trevor got in the pool and the others followed. The pool was only about 3 ½ feet deep and it was in the shape of an oval. There wasn’t much to do, but they started running around the oval creating a current. Eventually they tried to turn around but the current pushed them back.

“Hey do you guys want to play a game?” asked Trevor.

“Sure,” said Eddie.

Trevor explained the rules of the game and before long they started. Randy went under the water for a few seconds before emerging with his eyes closed. He went around until he reached out and touched someone’s shoulder.
“Is it Eddie?” asked Randy.

“Yeah you got him,” said Trevor.

The game continued on until it was the last turn. Eddie was it and as he reached out he grabbed a handful of Randy’s junk through his shorts.

“Woah let go,” said Randy.

“Sorry man,” said Eddie.

“I’m cold let’s get out,” said Trevor.

They got out and walked towards the towels. Randy noticed the wet shorts were plastered to him so it left little to the imagination. After drying of they went inside to change, but Eddie and Trevor could not help but look at the impressive bump in Randy’s shorts.

After changing the guys decided to play some video games. Randy beat Eddie every time and Trevor beat Randy every time. Finally it was Eddie’s turn to face Trevor.

“Eddie if you beat me here I will suck your dick,” said Trevor confidently.

“Deal?” asked Eddie.

“What the fuck are you gay?” asked Trevor.

“No but if your so confident then you shouldn’t be scared,” said Eddie.

“Fine,” said Trevor wanting to not look scared as they shook hands.

The game started and the game was pretty even. They kept trading rounds until the fifth and final round. The tension was high as Eddie was one hit away from losing. Eddie strung together a nice combination and he landed the final punch.

“What the fuck?” said Trevor in disbelief.

“Come on Trevor get ready to suck my cock,” said Eddie as he pulled down his pants.

Randy watched as his straight, black pubic hair came into view. His cock flopped out and low-hanging hairy ball sac came out.

“I’m not sucking your dick,” said Trevor.

“A deals a deal,” said Eddie.

“Just do it Trevor,” said Randy.
Trevor got on his knees and looked at the cock in front of him.

“Stroke it until I’m hard,” said Eddie.

Trevor reached out and slowly wrapped his fingers around the thin cock. He slowly started to pump his hand up and down and Eddie closed his eyes. His cock was soon hard and throbbing in Trevor’s hand.

“Haha Eddie seems like what they say about Asians is true,” joked Randy looking at the 4-inch cock in Trevor’s hand.

“Shut up just wait to see how long I perform,” said Eddie.

Trevor kept stroking Eddie’s cock as a drop of precum came out of his slit. Eddie opened his mouth to tell Trevor to lick it when his cock jerked in his hand. His small cock started to spurt cum all over Trevor’s face. After depositing his small amount of seed all over Trevor’s face his cock shrunk.

“Haha what an iron man lasting a whole 1 minute,” said Randy though laughs.

“Yeah and you didn’t even warn me you jackass,” said Trevor angrily.

“Wow I bet you douche bags wouldn’t last much longer,” said Eddie.

“You wanna make a bet?” asked Trevor.

“Yeah I beat you wouldn’t last longer then me,” said Eddie.

“Fine $5?” asked Trevor.

“Sure,” said Eddie.

“You in on this?” Trevor asked Randy.

“Nah,” said Randy.

“Why you scared?” asked Eddie.

“No I know I could last longer then both of you,” said Randy.

“Aw I think it is cause he has a small cock,” said Trevor.

“Yeah you got me there,” said Randy sarcastically.

“Whatever we will let this little watch,” said Eddie.

Trevor stood up and dropped his pants. His patch of pubic hair was dirty blonde although it was not as impressive as Eddie’s. His balls were tighter to him and it had wisps of hair. Eddie took the cock in his hand and started to stroke. Soon his cock was as hard as a rock and they saw that it was about 5-½ inches long and it was a lot thicker than Eddie’s.

“See Eddie that is how a white man’s cock looks,” said Trevor.

Eddie looked down at the cock and saw the large veins that he was feeling in his hands.

“Oh look at that Eddie I lasted longer so let’s finish this up so I can get my $5,” said Trevor.

“Lick it bitch,” said Trevor.

Eddie reached out his tongue and licked along the shaft.

“Suck it hurry I’m gonna cum soon,” said Trevor.

Eddie slowly pushed the head into his mouth. Trevor pushed in a little and Eddie started to gag. Eddie pulled his mouth off and the air felt cold on the wet cock. It was just enough to push him over the edge as his cock twitched. Randy watched as the first spurt hit Eddie square in the face. After he was finished the two left to wash their faces and they returned to see Randy with a bump in his pants.

“You sure you don’t want to make the bet?” asked Trevor.

“Nah,” said Randy.

“Ok whatever you say,” said Eddie as he handed Trevor $5.

They continued playing different games until it was getting late.

“What do you guys wanna do?” asked Trevor.

“I dunno I want to swim,” said Eddie.

“You really want to at this time?” asked Randy.

“Yeah,” said Eddie.

“Fine let’s go,” said Trevor.

They grabbed some towels before walking outside into the darkness.

“Don’t we need to change?” asked Randy.

“I don’t,” said Eddie as he took off his clothes.

The lights outside allowed vision of the pool and limited vision around it. Randy watched as the chubby Asian turned around and walked towards the pool. His hairless ass shook as he went up the steps and slipped into the pool. He then watched as Trevor stripped off his clothes and then watched the chubby white kid entered the pool.

“Come on pussy,” said Eddie as his head emerged from the water.

Randy decided he would do it. He stripped off his shirt showing his thin stomach and then he pulled down his shorts. His shaven cock came into view and then his shaven ball sac.

“Oh wow you shave?” asked Trevor.

“Yeah what’s the problem?” asked Randy as he slid into the pool.

“Nothing it just looks different,” said Trevor.

Randy noticed that Trevor and Eddie had full-blown hard-ons as he entered the pool. They swam around for a while until they decided to get out. They dried off a little before going inside. Randy looked around and saw the shrinkage that had taken place. Randy was about to put on his clothes when they stopped him.

“What are you guys doing?” asked Randy.

“We’re going to see what you got,” said Trevor as they held him down on his bed.

Randy felt a hand grab his soft cock and they began jerking it. Soon his cock was rock hard.

“Woah look at this Trevor,” said Eddie.

Trevor looked over his shoulder and saw the cock.

“That’s impressive,” said Trevor as he took an eyeful of the 8-½ inch cock that was slightly thinner than Trevor’s.

“Let me suck it,” said Trevor.

“Fine here,” said Eddie as he got up.

Randy felt a mouth engulf the head of his cock. The head was trying to take more and more as it slide down his shaft. He heard Trevor start to gag after getting about 3 inches in his mouth.

“Suck my dick Randy,” said Eddie who was now sitting on his stomach.

Randy looked at the hard cock sitting on his chest. He watched as Eddie slid up his body until the hairy cock was in his face. Eddie pushed his head up against his lips and finally Randy opened his mouth. Eddie felt his cock being engulfed until he felt all four inches in his mouth. Randy felt his nose rubbing Eddie’s pubic hair as he felt Trevor suck another inch into his mouth and then his head rubbing against Trevor’s throat. Eddie stroked in and out a few times until he felt the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum,” said Eddie as he pulled out after a couple minutes.

He shot his load on Randy’s chest before falling to the side. Randy felt Trevor pull his mouth off his cock.

“Suck his cock Eddie I want him now,” said Trevor.

Randy felt Eddie’s mouth as Trevor’s cock approached his mouth. He opened up as the cock slide in his mouth. He sucked more and more into his mouth until the veiny cock was all in him. Trevor was rough then Eddie had been when he started to fuck his mouth. Randy could barely breathe when Trevor finally pulled out and added to the pile on Randy’s chest.

“I’m going to cum,” said Randy as he felt his balls draw in.

Eddie let go of the cock as it shot its load. He emptied his balls all over his own stomach.

“Shit man you lasted longer than both of us,” said Trevor.

“And he shot more cum out,” continued Eddie.

“Well I’m going to go clean up,” said Randy.

Debra arrived home early in the morning. She quietly walked the hallway as she noticed a light in one room. She peered in through the crack and saw her son and his friends sucking each other’s dicks. She thought to herself that this was not right and to step in but then again she was invading their privacy. She couldn’t stop watching as she watched them all spurt their cum. She heard the one with the big cock say that he was going to clean up so she quietly rushed down the hallway and into her room.

Randy went down the hall and entered the bathroom. He cleaned off his stomach before going back to find his friends dressed and in bed. Randy slipped on his clothes before taking his spot in the room. He saw $5 on his pillow.

“What is this?” asked Randy.

“You won,” said Trevor before turning off the light.

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