This is a story about a young boy(From the time hes 9 yo to 13 yo) and his father(46 yo at start)
My story starts just as I'm turning 9 yo. The dark cloud over my birthday this year is that my parents divorce is final. My 7th birthday they filed the papers. Needless to say I'm not keen on birthdays. By this time my mother had begun dating men and these men found the need to constantly call me sport(god how annoying that is) and I didn't like any of them. My father on the other hand didn't really date after the divorce he just spent more time at work or with me. Me and my dad always went fishing on the weekends and on the weekdays he had me(wed and thurs) we would rent and watch movies. I loved spending time with my dad he encouraged my basketball( I was always athletic) and helped me with anything I needed.
This most recent summer right before my 9th birthday i started to grow pubic hair and told my dad right before we went on our road trip to montana. Because of my telling him this we had a long talk on the way their about the birds and the bees. I felt better after that and we had a nice vacation. I didnt like the hairs so I pulled them and my dad told me not to do that when I informed him of it but I continued to do so.
It was around this time I found my older brother's porn stash and discovered what masturbation felt like. I came but not like an adult it was similar to precum. One friday night while I was looking at the magazines my dad walked in and caught me he quickly took the magazine and said we would discuss it before we went fishing tommorow. I felt so ashamed in the morning but dad told me not to and i felt a little better but as we fished i forgot completely about it. When we came home I called the first shower(our water heater wouldn't really give heat to two showers at the same time) but dad said "why don't we shower up together in mine?" I said "ok" and followed him.
My dad's master shower was huge and had two shower heads and a big bench in it. It was much nicer than my shower. We went in and he started to undress I did the same but felt a little weird about being naked in front of him I was lean and muscular for a 9 yo. I probably was 4 in hard and i was all smooth and circumcised. When I saw my dad's thing I had to try not to gasp it was huge probably 10 in and really thick around. I remember thinking that I wouldn't be able to hold it up if I had to pee out of it. As the shower warmed up we both got ready to get in.
As I stepped in I noticed a fake penis that was a little bigger than mine sitting on the bench and it was pink. I immediately asked my dad what it was he said it was a dildo and that it was for fun. As I wet myself down and he did too under the stream he said "now we can wash eachother so it wont be hard to reach anything" I said ok but ill shampoo myself. So as I rinsed my hair out he said you ready to get scrubbed and I was. he put some liquid sope in his hand and started to scrub my chest and arms i thought this was nice I dont even have to bath myself anymore. Slowly he made his way down toward my crotch and as he did i started to feel like when i looked at the magazines but before he got there he went to my back. As he was scrubbing my back i noticed my thing was getting hard.
Soon his hands found my butt and i liked his hands on my butt and he did too. Then all of a sudden I felt one of his fingers scrubbing my hole i didn't say anything it felt weird but it made my thing really hard all of a sudden I felt his finger go in. I asked "what are you doing dad?" he said "well how else do you clean your insides?" I thought everything was normal again. He pulled his finger out of me and finished washing me. "Now your turn to wash me." he said I did as was told and begun scrubbing his back he had to kneel so I could get all of it when I got to his butt I did just as he had done to me I rubbed my little finger on his hole and then i slowly pushed it in he then told me to move it in and out to make sure i was scrubbing his insides right. i did that for about a minute and then pulled out my finger scrubbed his legs and then started to do his chest and front.
As I made my way to his thing I found myself excited again and wanting to touch it. I started with his balls and i scrubbed them gently then I asked him how I should wash his thing and he took my hand and stroked his thing with it to show me how I said ok. As i washed it got even bigger he told me I could stop then and said he wanted to show me how that dildo was used for fun.
He grabbed a bottle of what I didn't know at the time was lube and told me to bend over on the bench. Then he told me he had to scrub my insides with this special stuff so we could have the fun. So he squirted some lube on his fingers and on my hole. Then he put his finger inside me again and started moving it in and out. It felt so good and my thing got hard again I told him this time and he told me that it was normal for my cock to get hard like that. I thought to myself what a great word cock was.
All of a sudden I felt him put another finger in meand move it in and out as well I was in heaven it felt so good. I told my dad that I like this a lot and thought it was great fun. After a few minutes he said I think you're ready and he picked up the dildo and put some of the lube on it. he then put it up to my hole and started to ease it in. I could feel my hole stretching to let it in and I like that feeling. He eased it in and after what id say was five minutes of slow short movements forward he put all 6 in of the dildo in me.
He asked me if I was ready for the real fun and I enthusiastically said yes and he started moving the dildo in and out of my little hole. God it felt so great my little cock was so hard and was beginning to feel like it was gonna explode from the pleasure. I looked back and could see the pink dildo moving in and out of me. It looke as good as it felt and shortley thereafter my dad stopped and said it was his turn. but he told me to just watch and masturbate if I wanted.
He took the dildo and stuck its suction cup to the bench then he put some lube on his ass and some more on the toy and to my amazement he sat right on it and started bouncing up and down his cock swinging back and forth was turning me on. I was jacking off as I watched in pleasure and as I watched his cock started to grow and get hard again.
I told him I thought my cock was gonna explode and at this point he pulled himself off the dildo and came over and put his mouth on it. I couldn't believe the pleasure and shortly after he put his mouth on me I came(like i said it was more like precum). He asked if I would give him a blowjob also I shook my head yes and he said maybe we should get out and dry off first I agreed. He had a chair in the bathroom and after we dried off he sat in it and told me to come over and get on my knees I did as was told.
Now I found myself face to face with this giant cock and was incredibly horny he didn't need to tell me anything I wrapped my lips around it and went to work. It made my jaw ache a little but I like the way it tasted so I kept going. He put my hand on his dick and started stroking himself with it as well he didnt need to help me for long I got the hint. As I was stroking him I twirled my tongue around the head of his cock in my mouth and moved him in and out of my mouth as far as I could his balls started to tighten and he started moaning then all of a sudden he told me he was cumming I kept my mouth on his cock and felt him shoot wad after wad in my mouth till he went soft. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and he said open up I showed him the cum and he said swallow like a good boy and I did as I was told I let that big load of cum slip right into my 9 yo belly.
After we got dressed dad looked at me and said very seriously "Now we can't tell anyone about Daddy's special shower time or we won't be able to do it again ok?" I said "ok" and never told anyone.

Let me know if you like it I will share more experiences if you did

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2016-10-18 13:24:24
I enjoyed the bonding time between a boy and his dad. I regret not having any time with my boy's. Now I am alone and no one to be with me. Let's just say my WIFE is a _ _ _ _ _. It's been 10 yrs so now I crave cock. Hopefully not to be a virgin

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This is not only educational, but as usual, cnramihg and fun. :) I just like it because I get to make out and there happens to be a cock in the way.

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