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Lorelai has some "fun" with Rory and her boyfriend
I became a pretty big fan of the Gilmore Girls a few years ago, and this led to fantasies about Lorelai and Rory getting involved in some erotic situations. This story is about Lorelai, Rory, and her boyfriend Dean.
Here’s a pic of the two:

It started as a typical Friday night for the Gilmore Girls: they had ordered pizza, rented one of their favourite movies, and Rory’s boyfriend Dean was over to join them in their fun. Dean had been to enough of these Friday-Movie-nights to know that their favourite movies were ones that were easy to make fun of. Tonight was no exception, with the showing of “Plan 9 from Outer Space”, generally accepted as one of the worst movies of all time. But, the badness of the movie determined the degree of fun to be had at the Gilmore house: the worse the movie is the more snide comments can be made about. And, that of course meant a barrel of laughs tonight during the worst movie of all time, especially considering Lorelai and Rory were legendary for the jokes they made about bad movies. So far, tonight had been one of the funniest and most enjoyable movie nights in recent memory, and little did he know that the enjoyment was just about to increase exponentially.
It started innocently with another one of Lorelai’s humorous rants. One of the female characters in the movie just slapped an awkward and sloppy kiss on the male lead. This prompted Lorelai to say, “How romantic. That’s probably how Dean kisses, hey Rory?”
“As if”, the girl replied, pretending to take offense to this allegation. “Dean’s like the greatest kisser in the world”.
“Oh yeah?” said Lorelai, and what do u have to compare to?”
“well I just assumed he is”
“Well maybe you shouldn’t make a bold statement like that until you have a little more experience”.
Dean laughed in between the girls on the couch, but just as he did Lorelai leaned over and started kissing Rory. This took him off guard, and at first he thought it was just a gag, but about 10 seconds later it was clear that it was anything but. Rory pulled back initially, but now she was going along with it, following her mother’s lead. Lorelai had both of her hands on her daughter’s head, which she used for control and she continued sucking her face. This kiss was extremely passionate (calling it a French kiss would be an understatement) and it was all going on inches in front of this horny teenage boy’s nose. His heart-rate had instantly shot up to a critical point in response to this steamy, and unexpected turn of events, and he just sat frozen there in shock. This was easily the hottest thing he had ever witnessed, and it excited him further knowing that the best was probably yet to come.
As they finally broke apart, Rory had an odd look on her face. There was definitely surprise there, but there was also an unmistakable hint of euphoria and satisfaction. Lorelai shot a devilish smirk at the two young lovers and waited for a response.
“Well that’s a big blow to my ego”, Dean joked to Lorelai. “Your kissing prowess far exceeds mine, and I’m sure Rory would agree."
Rory mustarded up an almost imperceptible nod, being still in a bit of shock.
“Experience my good boy, experience.” Lorelai said. “Oh, and by the way, your ego’s not going to be the only thing of yours that I blow tonight."
Dean laughed awkwardly, noticeably blushing at the comment.
“Here, I’ll show you how to kiss so you can work on your skills for Rory.”
She moved the short distance to his lips, and proceeded to kiss him as thoroughly as she just had to her own daughter. Rory was really turned on by the site of her mom making out with her boyfriend, and her dripping pussy needed immediate attention. She guided Dean’s hand to inside her silk panties, and helped him rub her wet cunt. She let out a bit of a moan, as did Lorelai, muffled of course by the boy’s lips.
Dean was currently overwhelmed with excitement. He was furiously fingering his teen girlfriend’s hairless mound, while at the same time he toungue-wrestled her mother. He sprouted an instant hard-on the moment Lorelaie leaned over to French Rory, and now it was throbbing uncomfortably under his close-fit jeans. As if detecting his discomfort telepathically, the mother-daughter team reached for his belt buckle simultaneously and released the tension it created. The two girls let out pleased grunt as they freed his massive 8-inch cock from his boxers.
“Wow, lucky you, Rory. This is all yours.” Lorelai commented.
“Yes it is, but I think I can share it with the woman who gave birth to me. That’s the least I can do.”
“Let’s call it even. I have been waiting for this moment for quite some time. There’s probably nothing I have wanted more”
“ To do this with me, or with Dean?”
Instead of answering this question, Lorelai resumed mouth-fucking Dean wildly. Her lust had seemingly skyrocketed since she began rubbing the enormous, young shaft and balls of her daughter’s boyfriend. Rory gladly helped her mom with the task, as her cunt continued to get treatment from Dean’s left hand. His right hand was busy caressing virtually every inch of this 36 year-old woman’s sexy and curvaceous body. As he was exploring her impressively shaped tits underneath her tight t-shirt, she quickly removed the top to give him easier access. He was blown away by how much more arousing they were in the flesh. After he groped them lovingly for a little bit, Lorelai had the sudden need to remove his lips from hers and move them to her exposed tits.
“Oh Fuck!! That’s what I’m talking about!” Lorelair cheerfully exclaimed.
He had never had this much fun in his entire life. His excitement meter was off the charts. He was sucking and licking her nice-sized breasts passionately, using his right hand to push her towards him. This was clearly well-received by Lorelai who was gradually moaning louder and louder, as her head jerked back and she looked towards the ceiling with a look of pure satisfaction. The 17 year old’s mind was officially blown about 5 minutes ago, and now he anticipated his load was very soon to follow. Lorelai realized this as he suddenly eased up on the tit-sucking, so she dropped to her knees in front of the couch and began to jerk his cock as she skilfully licked his leathery sack. At the same time, Rory was twitching a bit, signalling the beginning of her own mind-blowing orgasm. Although he was pre-occupied by the climactic event that was about to take place, he still had the presence of mind to continue to finger-fuck the young girl so they could come at the same time. They both let out audible moans of pleasure as they began to cum simultaneously.
He jerked back as the first stream of gizz hit Lorelai’s face. She then pointed it towards her perfect tits, to let some spray on them. After all of it had been emptied, she rubbed his enormous dick all over her curvy pair, as she scrunched them together to accentuate her cleavage.
Rory began to scream in ecstasy as her pussy juice squirted onto Dean’s hand and all over the inside of her panties. She wiggled and squirmed on the couch. Never had she felt anything nearly as powerful, and thus there was no way she could control her loud reaction. The young coupled laid back on the couch in a warm embrace, exhausted by the earth-shattering explosions they both just experienced. Lorelai remained on her knees licking Dean’s gooey shaft, intent to lap up every remaining drop of his cum. She had surprised herself with the amount of restraint she had shown to not have reached her own orgasm by now. She could have easily released herself when Dean and her were sucking each other’s face, but she wanted to prolong this wonderful feeling as long as possible. Her panties were soaking wet, and her almost bare pussy was now begging for some contact. Her left hand slipped between her legs, pulled her drenched underwear to one side, and began frantically rubbing her sloppy cunt. As she worked at getting herself off, she continued caressing the cock with her lips and tongue, and her right hand was groping her daughter’s sexy young body. The sensual energy of the threesome was quickly leading her to a level of sexual release that she hadn’t experienced since she was 16, experimenting with Rory’s estranged father. She wanted this so bad, but at the same time she really didn’t want it to end. But before she could do anything about it, she started to spasm uncontrollably as her first orgasm hit. The sheer power of it seemed to surpass what the young lovers had just gone through, and her moaning and screaming made Rory’s earlier reaction look timid and weak. Unbelievably, this went on for at least 35 seconds, as Lorelai welcomed wave after wave of intense explosions of pleasure.
She lied on the floor, as exhausted and maybe just a little more satisfied than the 2 kids, when she was abruptly disturbed by the ringing of the bell. She shot a look of concern to her daughter, and quickly began to put her shirt on and concealed any evidence of what she was just up to. She told the two to take their clothes and go to Rory’s room as she went to answer the door. She opened it to reveal her neighbour Sally struthers standing there with a look of worry on her face.
“Oh, hi dear”, greeted Sally. “I’m sorry to bother you, but I was just out in the yard looking for Marmelade, and I heard a couple of ghastly screams coming from your house. It sounded like you and Rory.”
“You did?” Lorelai asked, acting surprised as she frantically searched for a plausible explanation. “Oh, right, we were just watching a scary movie, and you know how we can get involved in a film”.
“Oh, yes of course. Well, I am relieved that that’s all it was, because it sure gave me a start.”
“I am very sorry Mrs. Struthers, we’ll try to keep it down.”
“Oh, nonsense dear. Please enjoy yourself, it’s just not as fun when you have to contain your emotions.”
“Oh, I definitely agree with you there. Well good night.”
“Yes, good night dear, I will talk to you later.
Lorelai closed the door and let out a relieved sigh and she leaned up against it. The it began to soak in what they had just done, and suddenly she felt her cunt begin to moisten and plead for some more attention. She proceeded to Rory’s room where it could certainly get what it needed, and then some.
This story continues, but I don’t want to write anymore until I see what people think of it. Hope you enjoyed it!!
I also have ideas for one where Rory and Lorelai team up against the guy who owns the diner.


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Yes kitty kat. Fillmore girls is merely a play on the real title, as you often see in pornos: "Shaving Ryan's Privates", "Men in Back", that sort of thing.


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you mean Gilmore Girls, I believe.


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Very sexy but no lead in. Unexpected it was mom thought it might be a sister. Still very hottt!!!!!!

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