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Its not a sequal but its somethign else that happened
My Older Brother and I P2

If you have read my first one you can skip to the second part, there are only a few differences in this one. The main one is that is was only about a few weeks ago. Also it's not a sequal but its somethign else that happened

I am Ashlee, and I’m 19 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am about 5’3” with a slim body. I have 36bs and well I cant complain about my hips. Derek, my older brother , is 22 he is about 5’8” with a slim but muscular build and loves sports. I first had sex with him when I was 14. We have been having it since.

I decided I would go out iwht the girls for the night so I was trying to figure out what to wear. Because of this I was only in my underwear. There was a knock at the door to my room.
“ Just a sec” I said as I moved behind the door of my closet so whoever it was would not see me. “ Alrighty come on in.”
Derek walked in, “Oh, it’s just you Derek.” I said as I stepped out from behind my closet door into view and walked back over to my mirror. Still trying to figure out what to wear.
“Hey Ash whatcha up to?”
“Not much just trying to figure out what to wear tonight. What do you think?” I held up two outfits on hangers in each hand up to my body.
“Hmm, I like this one.” He got behind me and took both of them out of my hands, put them on the bed, and put his hands on my shoulders.
“Of course you do.” I said as I laughed a little.
“You know this is even better.” He undid my bra so I shrugged it off and let it fall to the floor. Her turned my head and kissed me, his hands on my hips. Closing my eyes I kissed back putting my hands over his.
“So I assume your not here just to say hi are you.” I said, breaking away from the kiss.
“No, I’m not little sis.”
“Sounds like a plan to me.” I turned around and undid his belt and pants, he removed his shirt. I pulled his boxers down and took his manhood I my mouth. I felt it grow in my mouth and once it was full size I stopped and stood up, removed the rest of my underwear and put my arms around his neck.
“I would eat your sweetie pussy too but we are kinda short on time so I will get you next time. Lets get straight to it.” He moved me over to the bed, turned me around and bent me over it.
“It has been a while since you had me like this.” I told him as he got into position.

He started teasing me by prodding my pussy lips with the head of his dick.
“Damnit Derek just put it in me already.”
He pushed in and kept pushing slowly, Like every other time he first enters me I squeaked as his dick stretched me (He always laughs at me when I do.) I felt every inch of his dick as he entered me. He leaned over me and held both of my breasts in his hands and played with them a little. He whispered, “How is that? Is it any better?” He started to thrust at a quick pace.

Between him going in and out of me and playing with my breasts, all I could really come up with is a “mmhmm”. I was to the point where I didn’t care if anyone heard so I just let myself go. Thank god Mom wasn’t home.
“Ashlee how do you keep yourself so tight.” He was silent for a bit as he continued pumping me. Then he groaned as he felt my insides spasm from the first orgasm of the day.
“Ohh fuck Derek, god damn…keep going.” His Cock felt so good inside me.

He started to pick up speed with his thrusts, doing so cause me to lose some stability in my arms so I just let myself fall to the bed. He pulled me up against him, his arms still around me. Letting go of my tits he moved his hands down to my hips and the other between my legs and started rubbing my clit as he fucked me. Since he was holding me up I rested my hands on top of his and got even louder as my next orgasm hit me. That’s when he held me tightly against him and let out a long groan.
“Engh..fuck Ash! Ahh.”
Resting my head on his shoulder I pressed against him and let out a sigh as I felt him cum release into my pussy. I LOVED feeling his cum inside me.

I was still trying to catch my breath. We both stayed in that same position, leaning over the bed for a bit just relaxing, him still inside me. He got up a bit and started to trace my tattoos with his fingers, knowing full well it would just really turn me on. (My tattoos are on my sides, ask me on yahoo if u want to see them.) After a while he leaned forward and said, “ Ash, you up for one more?”
“Mmmhmm, but this time I am on top.”
“Alright” he backed up and slid out of me. He moved the clothes I had set out from the bed to the top of my dresser and layed down. I climbed on the bed and moved over him, my knees on each side of him. His dick was hard again , moving myself over it, I held it up and lower myself onto him. Feeling him enter me again. He groaned as I started rocking myself forward and back on it. I closed my eyes as I started to pick up some speed, he put his hands on my sides and moved them up and down over my hips over and over again. My hips, being as sensitive as they are, I came again and put my hands on his chest and leaned to hold myself up.

Groaning again, clearly trying to hold back from cumming as my pussy squeezed and milked his cock. He continued to rub my hips as rocked, I tried to tighten myself for him and held it as I rocked. His cock just kept going balls deep in me and about halfway out then back in me again. He stopped rubbing my hips and held me still so I couldn’t rock anymore.
“Ashlee, god… I cant hold it anylonger.”
“Baby just do it… cum in me”

With that he came in me a second time. Not as much as his first shot but it still felt like a fairly good amount. Once he stopped cumming I lifted myself off his dick and layed down next to him, my hand on his chest. “How was that sweetie?” I asked him in a soft voice.
“Ash, it was great. You always feel amazing no matter how many times we do it.”
I put my hand on his cheek and moved his head to face me. “ I love you Derek, I always will.” kissing him right after I said it. After a while he put his arms around me and broke away.

“We should probably get dressed before Mom comes home.”
“Good idea,” I replied.
Derek got up and put his clothes on after wiping himself off. I threw on a towel and started off to the shower so I would have a fresh start before going out with the girls tonight.
Again just like last time contact me if you want, give me your honest opinion. Or what you think I should or shouldn’t do in the next one.

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2010-06-29 23:56:21
another good part now for the next part

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-23 06:03:28
Let her show her breasts off if she wants to.

Yeah, talking more about what where they were and what he did with them while she was on top would be nice.

Not bad all and all though.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-18 23:27:38
this is awesome i always fantasize banging my step sis with her double d tits

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-25 11:22:07
I voted a positive because I love to read about sibling sex...but the story could have been written better in my opinion. For being written by a female the content of this story still seems to lean toward 'his' pleasure and not hers....I mean, no time for oral but get to the main event more than once??

old man 4Report

2009-11-22 11:05:35
You don't need your mom. Get at least one of your friends to be included in a threesome with your brother. Never had a threesome but almost had a girlfriend allow me to bring a friend. She never said no and almost said yes. I have fantasized his fucking her while she gave me one of her great blowjobs.

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