I like this serious cuckold fantasy - interested to know if anyone else does. if you do I'll write some more :)
I like this extreem cuckold fantasy - interested to know if anyone else does. if you do I'll write some more :)

I love my partner more than anything in the world. I am not very good at it but I try with all my might.

I will do anything for her and obviously she can do as she sees fit. Anything she does or doesnt do is fine by me. I just have to love her and I adore her. As I say though I am not very good at it and she doesn't always like my attitude much. But it is all made up for because when she is happy or when I do something right and she kisses me or hugs me the feeling is indescribable.

I am most useful to her as a sex aid. I make her cum whenever she needs and she delights to see me getting hard when she lets me glimpse her naked. I am not allowed to fuck her or anything like that. I could never satisfy her that way and it is far better to leave that to her friends. They really make her happy and I just know I could never do that.

We discussed it early in our relationship. She made me cum a couple of times in her hand before we were married, but I have never actually had intercorse with her. That would be wrong. Back in those early days she explained it all to me about how some men are for fucking and some are for loving. I am clearly one of the for loving ones. I accepted right away that I would never be allowed to fuck her, but in return for my understanding I would be allowed to relieve her sexual tension in many other ways that her lovers wouldn't have time to do for her.

It means I get to live with her and to see her naked and to touch her and make her cum and to sleep with her. It seems like the ideal relationship to me.

It took a bit of time for me to realize that as a loving type man I shouldn't insult her by letting her ever see or touch my seman. We had a talk about it though a couple of days after we were married and she explained that the time when she had made me cum right at the start of our relationship she had been sickened by the sight and feel of my cum and that it should be obvious to me that it was excrement. Some men she explained, the men that can fuck, have really sexy cum, she loves the feel of it in her mouth, on her body, in her hand or anywhere else they choose to let her have it. Theirs is a sexy precious resource,theirs can be used to make healthy strong babies. Mine on the other hand is bad, repulsive and downright dangerous. If it ever contaminated her body it may get into her and make a baby. That would be disasterous. A baby from my excrement would be weak and probably crippled from birth. That is why it is so dangerous. It could still make a baby, but it would be unfair to bring a baby like that into the world.

So now we understand this we take precautions and so far things have worked out well. Here is an insight as to how we live. As to how I try to help her deal with her needs and how she loves me and gives me what I need or deserve in return.

Every night she makes me lick her until she cums, sometimes I have to finger her up the bum as well and sometimes she just likes a good fisting. Either way it is a ritual, each night I have to make her come. Sometimes she will stroke my cock or make me stand in front of her and touch myself until I am good and hard then we start on her. I always have to be naked and hard first though. As soon as she has cum she makes me promise not to wank and to try to calm down then we go to sleep! Sometimes it is hard to sleep and I feel very desperate, but I would never betray her and touch myself. It usually takes at least an hour before I can sleep.

If she wakes up in the night she will play with my cock until I wake up and get desperate all over again. She always does this if she wakes up. In the morning she teases me again until she is bored and then either has me make her cum or makes me watch her with her big glass dildo, which I have to wash and polish for her when she has finished. Then, if she is home she teases me all day, she walks around naked or by touching me. I spend my life in a state of desperation!

When she decides I am ready I am allowed to masturbate, but I have to stick to the rules when I do it. First I have to pay for it, this is always by letting her hurt me and degrade me, sometimes this can be quite bad, depends what mood she is in. I always have to bear the mark or some sort of scar which she puts on my body, once I have this I am allowed to start.

Her favourite hurtings are 6 strokes of the cane as hard as she can over my bare bum, or she will heat a pin in a candle flame and when it is red hot she holds it to my nipple until it is cold again. Quite often it sticks to my skin which comes off when she removes the pin. It hurts for a second or so then just feels tingly and sexy, I like it when she does this, it's nicer than the caning and it leaves a really nice scar that lasts for about two weeks. She tears the scab off it each morning to make it last longer and feel good.

once I have been marked I am allowed to masturbate. I have to do it in the bathroom, to begin with standing by the toilet, then as I get close she makes me kneel in front of the bowl. My seman is of course simply bodily excrement and as such we wouldn't want to have any accidents, it needs to go straight into the bowl and be flushed away. Once I have finished I have to clean the toilet with bleach and then take a shower.

Every 6 weeks I have to take the libido test and then she calculates how often I need to be allowed to masturbate depending on the result. The test is good for the first day then it gets really bad. This is how it works.

On day one I am allowed to masturbate following the usual rules in the morning, then I have to go to the store and buy one pair loose fitting black boxers. When I return she teases me all day and I have to masturbate once each hour, this continues all day until I am dry. In the evening before I serve her she milks my prostate ensuring that I am absolutely dry.

I the have to sleep in the new black boxers each night. Every morning when I take them off she inspects them for any sign of seman. Our usual routine continues except that I am not allowed to masturbate at all.

After a few days I am so desperate that I can't bear it, but still I must refrain from any kind of relief. After about three days she steps up the teasing and makes me look at dirty stuff on the internet and in books so that I have an almost permanent hard-on. Then I serve her before we sleep as usual, me wearing the boxers.

Eventually usually after about six days I have a wet dream in the night, when she inspects the boxers in the morning it is very obvious that I have ejaculated in my sleep. When she sees this I have to burn the boxers and wash and change the bed cloths, after all as I said my seman is excrement, so it is only fair that I clean up my mess. Then I shower and try to appologise to her and explain why I messed the bed.

This is the end of the test. However many days it has taken since being milked dry to involuntary ejaculation less one, just to ensure no more night time accidents, is the time she will make me wait between my allowed masturbation days.

Of course I also have to be punished for cumming without asking and without being hurt and marked first. The mark will be applied first, usually a pin burn in some prominent place. Often she does it on my lips or one of my eyelids, that really hurts for ages, but it is part of a punishment so I guess it's fair.

Then the punishment proper begins. She calmly explains that I have done wrong betraying her by cumming in my sleep and that the punishment needs to be quite serious to negate the wrong I have done. She asks me how bad I think it should be to make things right again.

Of course I realise that I have really done bad, not only have I betrayed her trust, but I have actually ruined my boxers and contaminated the bed! I actually think it's unforgivable really and I so wish I could learn to control my stupid primevil urges and save the embarrassment of this bed messing each time, but I don't seem able to do so. I feel that I have been so unkind to her and I should be made to suffer as much as possible, I always feel like crying my eyes out when we have this talk. I feel so quilty and ashamed.

She sees my pain and we always agree that I should be badly hurt to make things right between us again. I would love for her to be able to maime me or blind me or something permanent and fitting, but of course people would notice if we did something like that so we agree on her causing me some minor traumer that will only last a few short days.

And so we begin the punishment. First of all I need to be made uncomfortable, she has a special way to make me feel really bad. We have a small pippette which we bought on ebay and she uses it to administer the medication I need in order to feel right and ready for us to contnue. I cerimoniously get it and bring it to her along with an egg cup of vinegar diluted half with cold water. Then I meekly ask her to administer it to me. She takes it from me and I lay on the bed with my shoulders on the pilow, my head laid laid on a towel back behind the pillow.

Are you ready darling she asks and I say yes. I then ask her to please make me feel ill and she does. She fills the pipette with the vinegar mix and looks at me. I know what to do and I hold my right eye open with my fingertips whilst she floods my eye with the vinegar. The effect is immediate and it feels like my eye is on fire. I know that I am not allowed to touch it or to move from my position so I try to control myself as we get ready to do the other eye.

At this point I can hardly see and my eyes are on fire. I lay as still as I can and she fondles my cock which surprisingly is usually hard by now! I am of course naked and she is fully dressed as befits the situation.

Sometimes she has to hold my hands at this point as it is occasionally impossible to control their involuntary movement to comfort my ruined eyes. She calmly explains that I should be able to control myself better. It was, after all, my lack of self control that led to my accident in the night and again now I am showing a lack of control when she is trying to help me get over it. I understand and almost at once I can lay still again.

Then I ask her to continue and I push my head as far back as I can so it is almost facing the wall behind me. When she agrees I am in the right position she again fills the pipette and slips the end into one of my nostrils. She rubs my cock with the other hand and teases the inside of my nose with the pipette. Sometimes this can go on for a few seconds or a minute or two, either way it feels like forever, my cock desperate in her little hand and my head telling me that I am about to be violated by the vinegar.

Anyway at some point she will squeeze the bulb and release the burning liquid into my nose. I feel it trickle up into my head and then as it finds it's way into my sinuses the pain hits and it is unbearable. But I try to control it and she holds me down as she unceremoniously fills my other nostril with a full dose.

It floods my sinus and trickles into my throat, I choke and splutter, then coughing and sneezing then just an unbearable throbbing pain in my head and face. I look to her for comfort but can hardly see through my tortured eyes. At this point she makes me sit up, slaps my face hard and leaves me to reflect on my abysmal behaviour and lack of self control.

As I sit there, my head throbbing and my face starting to swell from my abused sinuses, my eyes streaming I start to feel, at last that I am in a fit and ready state to be punished. Don't misunderstand, all this might sound bad, but the eyes will feel better in a few hours and the headache and sinus pain will have almost faded to nothing by tomorrow, so this is really just the discomfort I deserve to feel before and during my punishment, it is just how I need to feel when she comes to give me my main punishment.

I sit unmoving for what seems like hours. In truth it is only about half an hour. I am sweating from the pain in my sinuses. I can hardly breathe through my nose now and it is running and blocked. It feels like a really bad winter cold. I always think how clever she is to be able to instantly within an hour give me a cold and make me feel all the worst flu symptoms. Headache, streaming eyes running nose and sweating but not feeling hot. I love her so very much I wish she could make me feel like this every day. I want to give her everything I have. At least when she does this for me I know I have given her my health, even if only for a day or so.

Downstairs she finishes up her coffee and picks up the syringe and the other things she needs to help me give her more. I hear her returning up the stairs and she comes into the room. She looks stunning, she always looks stunning. Her tight tea shirt, her hair, face, every part of her is perfect. I feel such emotion and love as she stands before my naked and suffering body.

She smiles and asks me how I feel. I cry openly and copiously again and beg her to hug me. She shakes her head and reminds me that I am not in favour at the moment. If I promise to reform and, most of all, just control myself then she may let me have a hug after we have finished and I have cleaned up. Of course she is right. My face is a mess; my eyes are red and swollen, tears still streaming down my face, my nose constantly running and I sound like I have a heavy cold. My body is covered in sweat. Obviously she couldn't let me hug her even if I wasn't out of favour. In this state it would be insulting for her to let me enywhere near her. I appologise for being thougtless and she accepts my appology, but reminds me that yet again, already I have insulted her by my lack of self control. My emotions are no different from my bodily functions and I really must get a grip. I say I am sorry again and she shakes her head gently.

Once again she asks me how I feel and this time I correctly say, brightly, fine thanks, just seem to have a bit of a cold or flu starting. She smiles sweetly and says o well, shit happens. You feel alright other than that though? Yes; fine I say. Good. Well. We need to stop you feeling fine don't we, you deserve to be punished. O yes please. Make it all better for us again, please. Make me feel bad enough to pay my debt to you my love. She smiles. I do miss you really, but I just won't, I can't, tolerate your inconsiderate, selfish and frankly insulting behaviour.

I start crying again. She continues. What would you think if you woke up to find I had shit myself in the night and hadn't even realized, worse to see me laying there still wearing panties covered in my mess? You absolutely have to learn to control your bodily functions. I cried more as I felt my cock harden fully and immediately as she was describing herself in that humiliating state. She saw of course and was furious. I hate you. You filthy cunt. You are getting off on imagining my suffering. [pause] You cunt. How could you do that? She slapped my face again so hard I fell sideways. She grabbed ny hair and pulled my upright again. Then she spat fully in my face. You cunt. Open your mouth. I did so and she spat into it and slapped me again.

I am going to take your general health and well being now and you are going to willingly surrender it, then I am going to hurt you and get this over with. Kneel and spread. I did as she asked. blubbing something along the lines of she is always welcome to anything I have, health, wealth, happiness anything I can give. So I should be if I have to put up with your copmpany every day she said, and picked up the syringe and the sherry bottle.

Some time ago we found an article on the internet which explained how a person will get very drunk if you inject alcohol up their anus. Sort of like a wine enema. It said that you experienced none of the usual plesant sensations like when you drink, you just get drunk very quickly. It also said that you only need a very small amount, two glasses would come close to alcohol poisoning very quickly.

She drew the strong sherry up into the big syringe and looked at it. Then she looked at the bottle then back at me. I knew what she meant and I agreed. I nodded. She drew up about half as much again. Then she pushed the nozzle up my bum and pushed the strong wine deep into my bowles. I clenched my cheeks as she removed the syringe to make sure I didn't leak then I sat up again.

I wondered what she had chosen as a main punishment this time. I secretly hoped it would be something really bad. I felt that I had failed her so badly and just wanted to show her I would do anything or give anything for her to love me again.

Lay down she said and I carefully did so. I was already feeling drunk! It could only have been two minutes since she had administered my treatment. She took my right leg and laid it with my knee pointing out, so my foot was on it's side. Do you promise to improve your ways? She asked. I do I do I cried, anything for you my dearest love. She smiled and I felt a huge rush of relief, but managed to hold back the tears of joy this time. Ok then. Get off the bed and lay on the floor just as you are then. I tried to sit up, but the room was starting to spin, I took it slowly and laid on the floor carefully positioing my leg as she had done. She smiled again and rubbed my balls. I was in heaven. It felt like she loved me again. I looked at her and she was smiling.

Soon be over now love she said gently, then i'll let you make me cum. I couldn't believe it. I felt so happy. Will you really give me all you possess? she asked. Of course, willingly I said. She picked up a hand towel, folded it into four and laid it on my foot covering my leg to my instep. Then she rubbed my balls again playfully. How do you feel she asked. Fine, thanks, bit of a headache and my colds getting worse, actually I feel a bit sick too now and the room keeps moving but fine really. Sounds like you are ready then. Good. She said. You don't seem to have much left to give me health wise do you? I looked st her and she smiled. Well I know what I want now. She said with a smile. Can I have it? Of course, anything take it I said. She smiled, then bent and kissed me gently on the lips. Ok.

Do you know what it is? she said quietly with a sexy sultry sheepish look. She reminded me of a child about to ask for an innappropriatly expensive christmas present. No, but whatever it is you take it. I said genuinely meaning it. God how I want to please her. There are two things that I want then. She continued. can I have two? Yes, you can have as many as you want I said, anything sweetheart. The second is your dignity. When I am done here I want you to come to the bathroom. You look so drunk that you are likely to throw up, so the bathroom is the best place for you and as I am feeling more than a little horny you can make me cum before you pass out. Of course, I will try not to pass out I promise I will make you cum, I won't let you down again, I promise. She smiled and knelt next to me, bending to kiss me on the lips again. Sometimes you can be quite sweet she said.

What is the first thing you want I asked as she sat back on her heels and picked up the sherry bottle.

Your mobility. She said and as she said it she raised the bottle and bought it crashing down right on my ankle bone. Even though it was covered with the towel the weight of the bottle and the force with which she had smashed it into my foot certainly worked. The bottle somehow remained intact, but my ankle didn't! The pain was excruciating. I was sure that I had heard my bone splinter as she made contact.

She stood up giggling. Cool! Very cool. She said. Then louder and commanding Come on then I want you to make me cum now, like you promised. She walked off towards the bathroom. I tried to stand but the room spun and I felt suddenly very sick. I couldn't seem to move my foot and the pain was just unbearable. I tried again and managed to kneel. Come on, hurry up. She called. I crawled as fast as I could to the bathroom. I knew there was no way I would be able to stand, even if the room wasn't moving. My foot, my ankle was ruined. When I made it to the door she was standing there in just her tea shirt. She had removed her skirt and panties. I could see her wetness almost running down her legs!

She raised one leg and put her foot on the rim of the toilet bowl. Then she spread her fanny with her fingers. Come here lover. Eat me. I knelt in front of her and smelt her sex. She always smells strong when she is excited and I love it. I licked her as I tried to focus on her hairy bush, but she seemed to be moving and so did the room. I managed a couple of licks then, suddenly had to turn and put my head in the bowl. I wretched then vomited over and over into the toilet. Five or six times I was productive and as I knelt back up I realised just how ill I really felt. I looked at her stahding there still with her leg on the edge of the bowl. She was openly rubbing her fanny and her juice was pouring from her. She looked just like she was wetting herself, pissing on the floor.

I forced my face back between her legs and she pulled my head in by my hair. Yes, Oh no, Oh, no. Then she convulsed and squirted like a fountain over my face and im my mouth. I couldn't help it. I knew what was about to happen and ripped my head from her grasp just as I vomited again into the bowl. I think I managed to miss her and get to the bowl in time and when I had finished I looked up. She was standing there, hands on hips, looking so sexy, her legs wet and shiny with her cum. I smiled at her feeling totally elated that I had given her all she wanted. I had kept my promise and she had taken most of my concsious health as well. She looked me in the eye. You look a right state she said. Clean yourself up and get dressed. I think we can be friends again now.

See you downstairs shortly. I thanked her and watched her oh so sexy bum wiggle as she walked away. Then I was suddenly sick again.

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor and I felt like I had been kicked all over. I managed to bring my thoughts together and appraise how I felt. Apart from the euphoric sensation of knowing everything was alright between us again I felt dead. I somehow managed to get into the bath and turned on the water. I washed myself and looked at my foot. My ankle was absolutely massive. It had swollen to about three times it's usual size, and was a mixture of yellow, purple and blue. I levered myself up and managed to stand on my good leg. I tentatively tried to put some weight on the bad one. The pain was intense and it was clear that it wasn't going to be possible.

I sat on the edge of the bath and dried myself as best I could. I still felt slightly sick, but not like I was going to vomit any more. My head and face was aching and throbbing uncontrollably and I was sweating alot. Still; on the good side the room seemed not to be moving and I was proud to have given her my comfort and for her to have given me these familiar feelings that most people would view as inconvinient or uncomfortable or painful or bad in some other way. They were her gifts to me and I am proud of them.

I managed to get back to the bedroom by kind of hopping and holding onto the walls. I dressed with some effort and then made my way downstairs to be with the woman I adore. I had to go down by the stairs by sitting on one and kind of sliding down on to the next as even holding onto the handrail it was impossible to do anything but stand there.

I eventually made it and sat down. She wasn't there. I wondered where she could have gone, but when I looked at the clock I realiised it was mid evening. She wouldn't have waited in for me on a saturday night so she must have gone out with her friends. I sat there and quickly fell asleep, happy in having done my duty to her.

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We like a little playful 'Cuckold Play' now & then BUT This Is Some Sick Shit!

WE Just Can NOT Give YOU Any Encouragement ! ! !
So Must Vote A Big Negative! And Strongly Recommend YOU Seek Councling

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OMG this is really fucked up strory and you are sick for writing it..... iof she was muy wife I woud have kicked the shit out of her and rtortured her so she could see how ir feels and then throw her fucking ass out the door..... no way would I ever put up with a woman like her

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this story makes me sick........ any man who allows a woman to treat him like shit and then goes out fucking around with other guys deserves a good kick in the ass and the woman should have the shit kicked of her then kicked out of the house


2010-11-18 04:15:56
I thought she was going to remove his nuts instead of busting his ankle, ...maybe next time. He cannot serve her well after losing his leg from gangrene.

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it was...strange. but good

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