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Cheryl’s suspicions turned out to be correct.
Fbailey story number 382

Her Cheating Husband

I had listened to Cheryl complain about her cheating husband almost every night at work. We both worked the night shift as security guards.

Cheryl was a pretty woman of thirty-six. That was her bra size too because we used to joke about that and the fact that her husband always called her Double-D.

I was sixty-two years old and thinking about retirement, my wife left me years ago, and I found Cheryl to be very attractive. She sure filled out her uniform. I liked the way her shirt gapped between the buttons across her breasts. I enjoyed seeing glimpses of her colored bras. Most of her bras were lacy and looked really pretty from what I was could see.

Anyway back to her complaining…it was every night and most of the night too. She suspected him of just about everything under the sun. She smelled perfume on him when he came home, she found lipstick on his collar when doing the laundry, and she found receipts in his pocket for flowers that she never received.

I had worked with a private detective years before and offered to provide her with some surveillance. She said that she would really appreciate it and I was hoping to receive some of that appreciation. However, as much as I wanted Cheryl I was also hoping that her suspicions were unfounded.

I used every minute of the day that I could spare to tail him. I only needed to sleep and work so I varied my sleeping pattern to match most of his time off. I did not tell Cheryl anything for the first two weeks, and then I took her with me.

I had never seen her out of her uniform before and I was impressed. Cheryl came running out of her house toward my car. She was wearing a white shirt that was only tied in a knot under her big breasts, a really short black skirt, and a pair of high heels. I wondered how she could run in those shoes. She opened the door and slipped into the seat next to me. As she did that her skirt rose up enough to let me see a small patch of florescent orange panty covering her pussy. I got an instant erection that she noticed as she closed the door and said, “Hello. I see your glad to see me.” Then she looked down at the bulge in my crotch.

I was absolutely speechless as I drove off. I had to check my notes to see where I was to go. I found his car in the right area and then found a place to park that was not too far away but far enough so as not to get caught. I pointed out the house that he goes into and handed her the binoculars.

Cheryl recognized the house as belonging to one of her old girlfriends. It seems that Cheryl and her husband had a disagreement over weather or not he was having an affair with that woman. Cheryl said that Julie was a cheap slut and had broken up more than one marriage.

I positioned me camera with the long lens on the seat next to me and waited. An hour later he opened the door and I started taking pictures. Cheryl watched as he turned back to the door and a woman stepped into his arms for an extended kiss. It wasn’t so much the kiss but the fact that the woman was naked, standing on her front porch, and in her husband’s arms. I just held the rapid fire button down and took a burst of pictures for the five or six seconds that they kissed.

After he got in his car and drove away Cheryl asked me to take her home…to my home. I wanted Cheryl but not on a rebound. Revenge sex was not for me and I didn’t want to take advantage of her. However, Cheryl was too good to pass up and I was thinking with my penis.

Once we were inside my house I asked her if she knew what she was doing. To which she replied that she certainly did. She said that she had wet dreams about me ever since we started working together but that because of her marriage vows she had never acted on her feelings. However, with her cheating husband she felt that she could fulfill one of her dreams. Apparently I reminded Cheryl of her father, who died when she was a teenager. She had loved her father very much and thought that she had married someone just like him. She said that her father would never have cheated on his wife and that she was sure that I hadn’t either. I hadn’t.

Cheryl silently untied her white shirt and let it fall open revealing those wonderful breasts to me. I knew that I could worship those babies for years. She then lowered her black skirt giving me a brief look at her bright orange panties before she bent over obstructing my view. As she stood up I caught a smile that looked kind of mischievous like a little girl teasing her father. Then she turned to face me, hooked her fingers in her panties, and bent over again removing them and tossing them right into my face. I caught them and held them to my nose as I inhaled her musky fragrance.

Standing before me in just her red high heels Cheryl said, “Daddy do me like you used too.”

I was not too keen on being called ‘Daddy’ by the woman that I had come to love even though she was young enough to be my daughter. Then I had to think about ‘like you used too.’ Had her wonderful loving father molested her before he died? I had to know.

I asked, “Did your father molest you?”

Cheryl replied, “Oh no! He would never cheat on my mother, even with me. But I always wished that he had before he died. For years after his death Mommy said that Daddy was the best man in the whole world and that if I ever found one like him that I should do whatever it took to keep him.”

She walked right up to me, looked right at me, and asked, “I have found you. Haven’t I…Daddy?”

I pulled her to me and buried my face in her breasts as tears came to my eyes. My wife had told me before her death that I would find the perfect replacement for her…someday. I think I had.

I took Cheryl’s hand and led her through the house to my bedroom and to my bed…the one that I had shared with my wife for over thirty-five years.

As I undressed, Cheryl looked at the picture frame that I keep on my end table. It was of my wife on our wedding day. Cheryl looked at it, kissed it, and told Evelyn that she would take very good care of me. Then she put Evelyn in the drawer.

My erection was bigger and harder than I could ever remember. However, it had been a good fifteen years since I had sex with anyone other than my right hand. Cheryl was gentle, she was patient, and she seemed to enjoy the fact that it took me a very long time to cum. My wife had always appreciated that fact too. I kissed Cheryl and I played with her big beautiful breasts as I made love to her and slipped my cock in and out of her pussy hundreds of times. An hour and a half later I cum and filled her with a large amount of sperm.

Cheryl said that she had never heard of a man lasting as long as I had before. She said that I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records. She also said that I had given her more orgasms than she could count and that she had lost count after a dozen.

As we lay there side by side I said, “My wife would have approved of you.”

Cheryl replied, “My Mother would have approved of you too.”

I asked, “What do we do now?”

Cheryl replied, “First I need to get a divorce, then we need to get married. I want your children.”

The End
Her Cheating Husband
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