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Mom & daughter go shopping for sexy clothes
"Ready to go, honey?" Sara called into her daughter's room. "Remember we're going shopping for your birthday present today."

"Okay, mom, I'll be ready in a jiffy," Cindy said back through the closed door. "I'm just finishing dressing."

When Cindy walked down the stairs she was wearing a short skirt that flared out high above her knees, short lacy pink socks with black strap-on sandals, and a ribbed top that clung to her outlines. Her mother stood at the foot of the stairs, looking up at her daughter. The skirt bounced as she skipped down the stairs and Cindy thought her mother was staring under it at her pink panties, which matched her socks, and she knew would be visible from her mother's vantage point.

"Well, you look ready for some sexy shopping," Sara said.

"You look pretty good, too, Mom," Cindy said, appraising her mom in her loose- fitting silk top that accented the soft swelling of her breasts, and was unbuttoned just enough that Cindy could glimpse the top of her mother's lacy white bra. And the tight fitting jeans showed she had retained her shape, hugging into the curves of her crotch and highlighting her firm butt. Cindy had to admit her mother was quite a looker at 38, better looking than many of her school friends.

They locked eyes for a moment, then strolled out the door arm-in-arm. Soon they were at the mall and Sara steered them toward a lingerie shop. "I told you it was going to be sexy shopping," she whispered into her daughter's ear, leaning close and brushing a breast against her arm. Cindy felt a new thrill shoot up her arm at the soft touch, and let her mother lead her into the shop filled with women's underwear. It was a bewildering array, but Sara quickly found what she wanted.

"This might be just the thing for your birthday party," she said, holding up an outfit that revealed much more than it concealed. "What's your size. Oh, I bet it's the same as mine." She held the lacy baby doll in front of her and smoothed it against her body, then went to stand beside her daughter. "Here, go try it on and come out and let me see."

Cindy took the skimpy outfit and headed for the dressing room. She dropped her skirt and peeled off her top in the narrow room, then slid the baby doll on. But she had to take it back off because her bra and panties showed ridiculously beneath it, so she slid them off as well, then slithered back into the seductive outfit. She felt a little embarrassed to go back out into the store wearing only this tiny outfit, but knew her mother was waiting for her, so she took a deep breath, twisted the knob and stepped out.

She found herself facing her double, or rather her mother dressed in the exact same outfit and looking incredibly sexy. She nearly fell into her mother's arms, and when the older woman reached to steady her, she felt fingers lingering at the edges of her breasts. Again the thrill raced through her. I'm getting turned on by my mother, she realized. First Dad, then brother, and now Mom. This is too much, she thought. Just too fucking much. Then she licked her lips in anticipation.

Sara saw the movement and said, "Yes, they are deliciously sexy, aren't they? The baby dolls, I mean."

Cindy blushed a bit when she realized she'd been staring at her mother's tits and licking her lips. She had gotten lost in her own lust.

"Yes, definitely," she answered, sure her mother caught both meanings.

"Should I take that as a yes, then? That this is what we should get you for your birthday?"

"Yeah, sounds super. You look terrific in yours, too. Are we getting them both?"

"That's the idea. And I want us both to wear them for the big party. I did tell you it's going to be a double party didn't I? With Uncle Mark's number forty coming up and your number nineteen almost the same time, we thought we'd just combine them."

"You want me to wear this for Uncle Mark?"

"Well, not just for him. For everyone at the party. It'll just be a little family gathering, nothing big."

As they walked out of the store with the packages under their arms, Cindy saw a new sparkle in her mother's eyes, and thought there was a different feeling to the arm that went around her waist. But the thought of wearing the new baby doll in front of Brad and Daddy and Uncle Mark put a spring in her step. Maybe I can fuck all three of them, she thought, just as her mother's hand patted her on the ass as she stood waiting to get in the car.

They drove home without talking much, but Cindy was eyeing her mother, watching the blouse flutter in the breeze from the open window, and watching her running her fingers up her thigh, then up to her breast, then finally into her crotch. She spread her legs slightly and let her fingers linger there for a moment, then licked the finger into her mouth before releasing it. She licked her lips to moisten them and looked her daughter straight in the eye. "You looked very sexy in that baby doll in the store," she said. "Maybe we can try on some more when we get home."

"You look pretty good, too, Mom. We could almost pass for doubles."

"We'll have to try that at the party," she said with a wink, and Cindy wondered what she meant.

When they got home, Sara tossed the packages onto the kitchen counter and got out a bottle of wine. "Want something?" she asked Cindy.

"Well, I,"

Seeing the hesitation, Sara said, "Okay, want a glass of this? It's just the thing after a hard day of hot girl-thing shopping."

"Sure, that'd be great, Mom."

As she took a sip of the dark red wine, Cindy felt a warmth crawling toward her belly. She tilted her head back and drained the glass, then noticed her mother staring at her. "What, Mom?"

"Oh, it's just that you look so damned cute in that little outfit and downing that wine like it's the nectar of the gods. I could just eat you up."

Cindy almost dropped her glass as the warm feeling settled in her stomach and a hot twitch of desire shot up her back. She set the glass down, trembling.

"Here, let me help you, hon," Sara said, stepping close and steadying her daughter's hand. She stood close, her breast rubbing gently against Cindy's arm, took her hand and gently kissed the fingers, as Cindy leaned her head back, shivering with delight at her mother's touch. Then she felt her mother's warm lips kissing her throat, sucking sweetly at the erotic hollows. She put her hands on Sara's shoulders to steady herself, then felt her mother's hot breath just inches from her own panting mouth. She closed her eyes and felt her mother's lips close over hers, showering hot kisses on her willing lips, then her mother's tongue softly probing at Cindy's open mouth. She slid her tongue out to greet the hot searching organ as it slithered into her throat.

In a daze, Cindy walked up the stairs, feeling her mother's hands probing under her skirt as she slowly ascended, the fingers gently caressing at her ass cheeks, teasing at her crack. The touch was like liquid fire, so different from a man's, so understanding of her body's needs. She couldn't wait to fuck her mother.

When they got into Sara's bedroom, Cindy stopped just before the bed, as her mother's fingers continued to massage her ass. Sara moved up close behind her daughter and reached around her waist, pulling them close together. Cindy could feel the softness of her mother's breasts pressing into her back, and the fingers moving up her sides, stopping to lightly squeeze her own aching tits. She could have melted in a puddle right there, and she felt her pussy starting to drip cunt fluids onto her panties.

Sara leaned closer, her lips tracing outlines on Cindy's neck, bringing sobs of lust from her daughter's throat. She felt cool air against her skin as her top was skinned off to land in a pile on the floor, and the insistent fingers lifted the bra straps from her shoulders. Cindy turned to face her mother, and instantly felt a hot tongue probing at her nipple, drawing it to erection as a wave of desire spread warmly through her. Sara turned to the other tit, sucking both nipples to stiff tips. "Mmmm, what tasty tits," she said, and covered Cindy's mouth with another probing kiss, snaking her tongue in and drawing a gasp of pleasure from deep within that willing orifice.

Cindy's hand went to her mother's tits, massaging them through the silky top, then unfastening the few buttons and grabbing at them wildly, slipping her hands inside the tight bra, freeing the gorgeous tits so she could return her mother's sucking favor. Sara leaned into the kisses, feeling a warm glow spreading into her pussy, and drawing her daughter's face deeper into her heaving tits. "God, you're hot," Sara said, pushing her daughter back onto the bed. "Do you want me to fuck you. Would you like that?" she growled from somewhere deep in her throat.

"Umm hmmm. Yes, I want to feel you between my legs." Cindy spread herself wide and ran her fingers up her snatch, feeling the soaking wet panties oozing with her hot juices.

"Get out of those clothes, then," her mother commanded. Both women quickly stripped bare, and Cindy stared with delight at her mother's shaved pussy.

"Ohhh, I've never seen that before. Does it feel different shaved?"

"Yeah, more sensitive. Your father likes it, says it tastes better when he eats it. But yours is cute, too. I can't wait to sink my tongue into it, and then maybe you'll get a taste of mine."

With that, Sara crawled up between her daughter's legs, parting the smooth thighs and licking her way toward the honey covered pot where they joined. Cindy laid back and fingered her tits, teasing the nipples into full erection. She cried out when Sara's tongue touched her clit, shivering with anticipation. She wanted to cum in her mother's mouth, just like her father had cum in her mouth. The thought of his hot cum spewing into her mouth set her motor running higher and she jerked her hips against her mother's lapping mouth, feeling the trembling growing stronger.

Sara licked furiously at her daughter's clit and stroked two fingers into her pulsing cunt as Cindy rocked back and forth, lost in the lustful manipulations. Sara could feel the orgasm bubbling just beneath the surface of her daughter's spasms, and slowed her motions, bringing her hand out of the hot snatch and working it up her ass crack, toward the tiny puckered anus waiting to be drilled. The cunt juice lubricated her finger, and Sara easily drove it in a little way, with Cindy nearly screaming in a mix of pain and pleasure. She didn't want it to stop, but it hurt some. After a while she couldn't separate the two feelings, and her asshole opened up to her mother's insistent finger.

As it popped all the way in, Cindy felt herself nearing the edge of her endurance. "I'm gonna cum, Mom. Ohh, I'm gonna cum right in your mouth. Mmmm, eat me, suck me off. Oh, god, yesssss." she screamed as the orgasm gripped her and she ground her hips tighter against her mother's lapping lips. Sara licked and sucked, pulling out all the flavor of her daughter's yummy pussy, savoring the taste and feel of the juicy cunt squirming in her hands, overcome by the pleasures she was giving her with her fingers and tongue. She knew there would be no turning back for Cindy after this lesson in lust.

Then she trailed up her daughter's still quivering body to plant a deep, soulful kiss on her mouth, forcing her tongue deep down her throat. "Does that taste good, honey? Do you like the taste of your pussy in my mouth?" she panted into her mouth between tongue strokes.

"It tastes delicious. Better than anything I've ever had. Except maybe...."

"Maybe what?" Sara demanded.

"Maybe hot cum in my mouth. That is so fucking sweet tasting. I don't know if I'll ever get enough of it."

"And just whose horny cock have you been sucking down that sweet little throat of yours," Sara asked with a twinkle that was so lascivious that Cindy answered before thinking.

"Well, Daddy's is awfully good, and ......"

"Oh, you've fucked Jamey, have you? I wondered when he'd get around to fucking that hot little pussy of yours. But I want you to save some for me, too. How did you like fucking him."

"Well, we didn't actually fuck, but I sucked him off."

"Ah, so there is still a treat left for your birthday party then."

"You mean you want me to fuck Dad for my birthday?"

"Why do you think we got those matching outfits. And I bet your Uncle Mark will want a taste of you too once he sees how hot you are, and Aunt Josie might just want to join in too."

"Aunt Josie likes to eat pussy, too?"

"Sure, after all, we are sisters. And nobody loves each other like sisters. And she's been working on Mark, too."

"Working on him how?"

"Well, that might just be one of the secrets that'll have to keep until the big party. But we'll see what we'll see, and I don't think anyone will be left disappointed."


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