It was a hot summer day and mom and I were coming back from the city. We had to take the train and it was rush hour traffic. As the train came we saw that the car was packed all the way up to the doors but since we didn’t want to wait for the next train because there were delays all day, so we packed in like sardines in this one. It was really hot out today and I was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Mom was a wearing some sandals, a pair of white tights and a shirt on top of her tights. The shirt was a little long and just covered her butt. The top had a lot of cleavage showing. Since she’s not a fan of underwear, she had none under her tights and she had a series case of camel toe working today.
As soon as we got into the train my mom ran a little forward to get a hold onto the poll so she wouldn’t fall when the train moved. I was stuck next to the door. As I started looking around I noticed a bunch of black guys were all around us. They began to look at my mom like she was a whore in the Puerto Rican day parade in New York. At first I was a little worried, but began getting aroused at how they were looking at her. Each one was nodding to the next to check out this great piece of ass.
The next thing that happened really aroused me. Since the train was pretty packed and everyone was basically touching body parts as it was, this one black guy who was about 6’2 and was very well built just bumped his groined into my mom’s ass. I don’t know if she was scared or just didn’t want to make a scene but she had no reaction at all. For the next five minutes this guy kept bumping his dick into my mom’s ass with no reaction from her whatsoever. At this point you could clearly see that this guy was packing a monster. I’d never seen a bulge like this through anyone’s pants in real life before. This guy became so confident that he started blatantly grinding his dick into my mom’s ass. The whorish instincts of my mom came into play because she began to move her ass back with every bump he gave her. I guess she really did love the feel of a big cock.
I couldn’t really hear what they were saying because the train was very loud but this guy began whispering in her ear and she began smiling. This convo went on for several minutes when I saw this guy move to talk to her face to face and grabbed her whole ass cheek. It was our stop next and I could see this guy take out his cell phone and write down my mom’s number on it. Then the doors opened for our stop and mom ran to the doors and we got out. I asked her if she knew that guy and she said no but he was a carpenter and he was going to do some repair work on our backyard.
I woke up the next day and I heard some loud noises downstairs. I walked downstairs and I saw 6 of the black guys from the train yesterday sitting around my dining room table eating breakfast, with my mom nowhere to be found. I asked where my mom was and they said she’s using the bathroom, and that they were here to help out with the backyard. My mom walked into the kitchen and asked me if I wanted breakfast. She was wearing her silk blue robe which was very revealing. When she went to get the eggs out of the refrigerator, she bent over and her robe slid up. It was so short the bottom of her ass hung out and u could see her pussy lips. She wasn’t wearing any panties. All of the black guys and I turned our heads to check that out, and then I gave a look back at the black guys and they all basically nodded in approval of my mom. At the same time all of us smiled. After I made breakfast mom said that they were going to do some yard work, for me to watch them, and she was going to the store and that she’d be back soon. These guys went off to do their job and I went upstairs. In about an hour I came down to check on them and I opened the door to walk out into the backyard. As I was doing so all of them were getting naked. I was like what are you guys doing and they replied that my mom said that they could have anything they wanted in the house. They were going for a swim in the pool because it was too hot. All 6 of the guys got completely naked and jumped in the pool. All of them were really well built and hung like I’ve never see. At that exact moment my mom walked into the house and into the backyard. She asked the guys how the work was coming along and they said pretty good but it got so hot that they needed a dip in the pool. The next thing I knew all six guys came out of the pool. Now my mom and I had a view of 6 huge black uncircumcised dicks. The next thing my mom said was weird, “I guess you’re not the only uncircumcised guy around the house today.” One of the guys heard that and grabbed his dick in his hand and said “but I bet his is not as big as this one.” My mom giggled.
Mom then said, “The water looks so good I feel like taking a dip too, I just gotta go change into my bathing suit.” All the guys in a synchronized voice said no need were all naked, u can go naked too. My mom then turned to me and said, “You coming in too”. Feeling inadequate with the dick size I said its ok ill just sit out here. With no hesitation my mom took off her skirt, took off her top, and took off her thong and was completely nude and went to jump into the pool. Like a following everyone got back in the pool in an instance. These guys began swarming my mom like sharks in the water. After about 30 seconds of swimming around they basically cornered her into the far end of the pool. I could see that everyone was grabbing at every body part of hers and there was no resistance on her part. She looked like she was jerking off every dick inside the pool. My mom then asked me to go inside and go them all a bunch of towels and sun tan lotion and drinks and stuff. I was hesitating because I really wanted to watch this but went anyway.
When I came back out I saw the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. These six huge black guys were running a train on my mom. They were all on the grass. My mom had a dick in her pussy, a dick in her ass, and two dicks in her mouth at once. These guys were completely destroying her and she loved it. All of these guys were fucking her raw too, what a whore. She couldn’t even fit both of those dicks in her mouth. She had each cock in each hand, had the foreskin pulled back, and had both heads touching and she was sucking on them both at once. One guy came so quick he came all in her mouth, all over her face and all over the others guys dick. My mom had no problem licking up all the cum. The guys that were double penetrating her were simultaneously pounding her in and out. Their balls were basically smacking together on how on point they were. Suddenly the guy that was in her ass clenched up groaned and busted a big nut in her asshole. At that exact moment the black dude that was left in her mouth came a long nut right down her throat and she didn’t let a drop go this time.
Suddenly the guys that weren’t in on the action ran up to get their turn. One went straight in for her mouth and she began sucking. The other one was trying to stick his dick in and I don’t know if he missed the asshole or not but he stuck his dick right in her vagina. She had two dicks in her vagina and she was moaning like an animal now. I have no clue how these two huge cocks fit in that cunt but these guys had their dicks and balls completely glued to each other to make the hugest dick I’ve ever seen. With the gratification of fucking that pussy and rubbing his dick on another dick both guys came at the same time inside of my mom. The guy that was in her mouth moved down to her pussy and began to fuck her. He busted inside of her within a minute. Next my mom said, “I cleaned all you boys out, who’s going clean me out”. I was so in the heat of the moment that I ran up and I began to eat my mom’s pussy clean of all the cum that was busted inside of her. I was eating it up like a Labrador on peanut butter. I picked up her legs and licked her asshole out too. At that point I didn’t care if it was my mom, I just wanted a piece of that fine pussy. After I was done eating her clean I took my dick out and stuck it in her pussy. Her cunt was stretched so much my dick didn’t feel anything. It was just like fucking an ocean. After a few pumps, I figured let me fuck her ass, this whore won’t care at this point. Her asshole was a lot tighter then her pussy but also fairly stretched out. After about 2 minutes I busted inside of her. She was completely exhausted and almost passed out on the grass. After I was done one of the big guys came up and picked her up on his shoulder and threw her in the pool. He said, “Wash up and let us know when you’re ready for round two, were going to be here for a while.”

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2010-06-07 00:28:14
I'm not into gang bang sexual abuse. One or two together in a threesom on one at a time is much sexier and intiment.


2009-10-15 01:42:24
Nice job! write more and dont be afraid to get more descriptive. that's the hott stuff


2009-09-19 22:39:48
do you have more please

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2009-07-11 23:29:28
that was hott, i wish i couldve been part of that crew

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