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A father watches his teen daughter with two boys
I watched in fear as the three of them romped around on the outstretched sleeping bags. Crouched down behind the thick evergreens for the past hour my back was taking the brunt of it. For some reason I couldn’t move, I was fixated at the sight of it, the sight of my daughter and two boys messing around inside the tent.

I stumbled upon it by accident; seeing a soft glow of light coming from the tent when I awoke. I thought about pulling the plug of the extension cord but thought it better to walk the distance and check on them. It was supposed to be only Janet and Betty for the sleepover. To my surprise I heard their voices still awake at one o’clock in the morning, but then I heard other murmurs, male voices.

My guess was that Janet left sometime earlier, but her boyfriend Rob stayed.

I was ready to bust in and chew all three a new asshole when I caught a glimpse of the shadows on the tent wall. Still to this day I am not sure why I didn’t go in. Instead I crept around the back of the tent. There was a large screen window to peer into. If it wasn’t for Betty having her shirt off I probably would have. Even if it was my daughter the sight of her in her bra was turning me on.

It was a small night light set in the corner shinning off just enough light into the tent.

The boys had wasted no time, with their shirts in a heap over to the side along with Betty’s. Rob was on his back watching Billy making out with her. It was quite apparent he was excited with his shorts puffed out in the front. As Billy continued to kiss her he was sliding his body on top of the young girl’s body. At first I thought she may have been the neighborhood tramp when Rob pushed Billy aside taking over for him.

The two boys took turns at her for quite awhile. And it wasn’t just kissing; the girl let them have liberties with her tits until Billy rolled her over and unfastened her bra. There was a lot of flak from her at first but subsided as soon as he restarted kissing her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as he sucked one nipple then the other.

Thinking what a slut my daughter was as Rob took his turn. Then listening to the chatter between the three it became clear that she wasn’t, this may have been the first time a boy had her naked. There was no way I was allowing her shorts to come off, that was were it would stop. I remember when I was fourteen. If it wasn’t for the girls being so uptight at that time I sure I would have been a father several times over.

There she is sitting cross legged embraced with Rob as Billy sat behind her tweaking her nipples. Then his hands go down over her stomach reaching her waistband. I tried getting up off my knees to stop them, but I couldn’t, I was obsessed with what was happening.
I can believe she let him slid his hand into them. Then things take a turn for the worse. Billy pulls her backwards as the two lay down on the sleeping bag, hands still glued around her front they lay spooned tightly as he humps her ass. With her shorts open Rob smoothly draws them down removing them from her ankles. It was bad enough his shorts are already off.

This has to stop. But again I couldn’t move. My mind has to be perverted; there I sat watching, my daughter only in her panties, one boy only in his underwear as the other boy begins to remove his shorts.

My little girl can’t keep her eyes off of Rob rubbing his dick, and then her eyes become the size of saucers when he yanks the cotton briefs down. Betty let loose with an audible gasp. “It’s so big Rob” for his age it was average, maybe measuring in at a five inches, maybe a bit more but to girls first sight of one I guess it was big.

Laying himself down on her front side she was now sandwiched between two young studs. They both worked her over pretty good. Billy on her backside kissing her hairline and neck, Rob attacking her front slobbering her mouth when not sucking hard at her nipples. She fought well at first, trying her best to fend off the attackers, but with two of them it was only a matter of time before she relented. Together they worked at getting her panties off. They would be of no protection anymore.

If I wasn’t able to see the expressions on her face I would say this was a case of rape. But who was raping who was not clear. She was pushing her ass back as much as he pushing into her ass crack. These boys had an awful lot of stamina; I think I would have cummed a long time ago. Rob was forcing her leg up over his, I’m sure he was setting her up for a fucking. But Billy was a little quicker.

Rob was nestling down, prick in his hand aiming towards her cunt when he was startled backwards. Billy already had his dick at her cunt slit trying desperately to find its opening when Rob’s dick began tangling with his.

“What the Hell dude, you some kind of fag?”

Rob took second fiddle as he went back to playing with her tits. She started getting jittery when Billy’s dick found it’s intended target. Betty tried in vain getting her leg off of Robs but he wouldn’t let her holding it in place while it was draped over his. Getting very verbal with Billy as he almost punched into her.

“Please Billy, don’t….. Please” but the words went on deaf ears.

“No! No! We can’t do this.”

“Ah come on Betty, we’ve gone this far, why cant we?”

“Because I’ve never done it before, and I don’t want to start.”

“Please Betty, you’ve gone this far, just let me put the head in, I promise if you don’t like it I’ll take it out”

I think both boys were shocked when Betty replied; “You promise? You promise to take it out if it hurts?” “You bet I do Betty, just let me try.” That was the first lie of the evening.

Her body relaxed somewhat as Billy pushed her legs up towards her belly as Rob backed away slightly. He fumbled around clumsily for a minute. I knew his dick had to be positioned correctly when his hand moved from between them to her shoulder. With hands on her shoulders he began a deliberate movement with his hips, pumping them gently at first. I guess hunger for pussy took over. One forcible push and the silence ceased.

“Shit Billy stop….. Take it out it hurts…. I said take it out before I start screaming.”

Neither happened, he stayed in position, she didn’t scream. In fact he just lay behind her frozen while she wiggled around trying to escape him. But there was no where to go with Rob in front of her and Billy now holding on for life with his arms wrapped around her there was no way she could escape.

It took a minute for her to calm down but she did. Dejected she laid there as Billy began to withdraw and re-insert his dick. I felt sorry for her at first, conquered she accepted him unwilling. Something began to happen within her, she started to hump back as he slid into her cunt, a look of hunger and enchantment came over her face.

The poor boy that had held out so long for this was fast approaching his limit. A girl with a tight cunt like hers was straining his reflexes. I watched his face as it contorted each time she pushed her ass backwards trying to get more of his dick in her. My daughter’s legs were now pulled upwards with her knees against Rob’s stomach.

Rob still played with her tits the whole time. When his eyes met with Billy’s it was clear he understood what was happening.

“Billy, don’t do anything stupid.”

“Cant help it.”

“Billy….. Better not, you’ll be sorry.”

Even if I was man enough to get up on my feet and bust in the door of that tent it still would have been too late. He was going over the edge and there was no stopping him.

“Betty I cant believe how good this feels. Your pussy is too tight for me, I gonna cum soon.” Each thrust after hat was calculated and intentional. One last plea from Rob caused Billy to recalculate his desires.

As Billy blurted out “Holy shit I’m cumming” he pulled back enough to disengage from Betty. Bending almost backward to watch I could see his dick poke out the front of her legs as a huge surge of cum flew through the air landing squarely on Rob’s stomach. As quickly as he pulled out he reached between them and once again pushed into her cunt. I was sure there was a lot more of the white stuff deposited into her from his constant jerks.

I figured that was the end but no there was more. Now that they had loosened my baby up Rob surely wanted his turn. Billy finally rolled off her onto his back as his dick shrunk in front of my eyes. She wanted more, the look in her eyes told it all, just like her mother I thought. Rob pulled her close. No hesitation from her as she crawled onto his body as he laid flat on his back.

I was about to get the show of my life. Her ass facing towards me I watched as Rob lifted it up and then positioned his dick at her entrance. My worse fear surfaced; yes the nerd beside them had indeed unloaded his seed. She slowly descended onto his shaft forcing Billy’s cum out around Rob’s dick. She rode him like a two bit hoar. This boy had it all, staying power that made me jealous. It went on for a good while, Billy’s cum was churning up into a frothing foam as it collected around the base of Rob’s dick and her cunt lips.

Then it was over, it’s amazing how the human body works. Rob reached around her hips slowing her down to a crawl. He wanted to enjoy his orgasm. As she leisurely went up and down on his dick I watched as his nuts tightened up close to his body, his back arched up slightly then the big vein on the front of his dick began to swell then subside several times over.

She had to be one tight bitch. In combination with size of his load and her tight cunt it began almost immediately flowing out around him. Each time she went up a long white trail of cum was left on his dick mixing in with the other boys. Exhausted she fell onto his chest causing his dick to fall from her. A continuous trickle of baby juice dribbled out of her cunt.

I knelt there watching as the cool night air began to evaporate the sweat from my neck. What kind of father was I? I had just watched my daughter get her virginity stolen from her, not by one boy but two. I had let both boys blow their wad in her tight cunt, and worse I enjoyed watching the episode unfold.

Dejected I slowly made my way back to the house and into bed. The next morning I thought I had dreamt about Betty when she and Janet showed up for breakfast. While they ate I walked out back into the tent, yes there on the sleeping bag was a stain that had dried to a crisp, dried cum from the boys.

But when Betty asked to sleep out again I just had to answer “Fine with me!”

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2014-02-09 23:03:30
What a father wont do for a good show, wonder how many more time he was by the tent watching ??

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2012-01-18 19:40:09
Good fiction. In real life, dad better get her on birth control because parents are held responsibile for their kids by the all powerful government who makes a living everyone out of their $$$!

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2009-10-07 22:07:09
you spelled whore wrong.

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did dad cum watchind them i would have

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2009-07-19 07:02:59
*****Twstd&Dmntd4Lfe*****...................... whats going on peeps......
``lastone222`` -> great story...... well written............. the people want
=> dad & daughter....... that will kill it............. JANET %> seduces &
fucks ~> BETTYS father....... later on ~> JANETS mother ~> does the
same......... later on ~> JANET & HER MOTHER......... later on ~>
JANET & HER MOTHER + BETTYS father......... later on ~> BETTY
+ JANETS mother........ later on ~> BETTY + JANETS mother &
JANET............... i've just given you about ===> 7chapters ===> of
pure kick ass stories.............................................. have good one

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