Laura's Lessons Continue With Her Pretty Young Neice
After talking to her younger brother Cory, Kim decided to giver her Aunt Laura a call since she was alone in the house. When her Aunt answered, Kim was suddenly tongue tied, what was she going to say? After an awkward pause she heard her Aunt ask,

"Is that you Kim?"

"Yes, how did you know it was me?"

"Cory called and said you might be calling me."

"Oh well, I am."

After catching up on all the mundane family things, Laura asked Kim if she was calling about possibly visiting her. Kim laughed saying she had been toying with the idea. Cory seemed to have enjoyed his stay so much, and her Mother was driving her crazy, she needed a break. Laura told Kim that she was would love to have her come spend some time with her. Kim told her she'd love to, but it would look funny, her going on the spur of the moment right after Cory got home. She was afraid her Mother would have issues...she did about everything else. Laura told Kim to leave things to her, and she'd take care of it.

A couple of days passed when Kim's Mother called her aside. She asked if she'd be interested in going to visit her Aunt Laura. It seems she was still lonely after Cory left, and she could still use some help around the house. Kim told her Mother she'd be happy to go visit her Aunt. Kim arrived at the airport and quickly found her Aunt waiting for her at the baggage pick up. Kim thought her Aunt looked so beautiful, giving her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"My Kim, you've really turned into a beautiful young woman...I love your red hair and those green eyes."

"Thank you Aunt Laura, you look beautiful too."

"OK, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Cory, don't call me Aunt, it makes me feel me Laura from now on OK?"

"Sure no problem."

"Great, let's go home...we can talk on the way."

As they drove Kim and her Aunt talked about her flight, when her Aunt turned to her asking,

"OK Kim, what's the real reason you're here?"

"It's my Mom, she's such a controlling bitch, always in my business, and of course you can't discuss anything with her, because its either a taboo topic, her she just clams up."

"You mean like when it comes to boys and sex."

"Ya, you could say that."

"Kim is there something else you're not telling me, or maybe you're afraid to tell me?"

Kim was silent, which spoke volumes.


"OK, well I think I'm bi sexual."

Kim looked at her Aunt half way expecting her to stop the car and put her back on the plane home.

"Alright, is that it?"

"Is that it...are you kidding, that's a lot don't you think?"

"Not really Hon, you see...I'm bi as well."

"I like men....I even have a boy friend."

"I sort of use him like a fuck buddy whenever I need a cock, but most of the time I prefer women."

"Really, I had no idea."

"Well, I don't share it with everyone obviously, it's not something that I would share with just anyone, but since you're bi as well I feel safe in sharing it with you."

"Have you been with another woman, or do you just feel that your are bi."

"I've been with a few girls, but I never felt comfortable with any of them."

"I see, well we're just about home...we can talk more there."

Once they arrived home, Kim put her things in her room. Her Aunt watched as she put things away, admiring how beautiful Kim had become. She had beautiful shoulder length red hair, sexy green eyes, and a very attractive body. She though for a moment, then said to Kim,

"Kim, I hesitate to say this, but when I'm alone I like to go around the house nude, would it offend you if I were to do're welcome to join me of course."

Kim blushed a little then smiled and said,

"I don't mind at all and yes, I'd love to walk around naked too."

"Did....Oh never mind."

"No what Kim, I don't want you keep secrets from me."

"You can talk to me about anything, and I do mean ANYTHING."

"Did Cory see you naked, I mean did the two of you walk around naked?"

Laura smiled, "In a manner of speaking....yes."

"I'll tell you about it later, right now I'm famished, let's eat."

Kim finished unpacking as her Aunt went to make something to eat. With her heart pounding in her chest she undressed, excited about being naked in front of her Aunt. Kim went downstairs and into the kitchen. Standing at the stove was her Aunt, naked as well. Kim couldn't get over how beautiful she looked. Her Aunt turned and saw Kim staring at her and smiled saying,

"Come here, let me see you Kim."

"Holding Kim at arms length, she complimented her on how beautiful she looked and what a beautiful body she had. Kim was rather quiet as they ate dinner, wondering what might happen next. After dinner, Kim and her Aunt went into the den where her Aunt asked her to come sit next to her.

"Now, about Cory....yes he saw me naked.

"He happened to be walking by my room as he was going to bed, and well he caught me masturbating."

"I was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at myself in the wardrobe mirror and pleasuring myself....I like watching when I masturbate."

I could see him out of the corner of my eye, stroking his cock, he looked so handsome, and aroused I didn't want to stop him, and if the truth be know, I found it very arousing knowing he was watching me."

"Then as I was cumming he left to take a shower."

"I went into his room and waited for him, I know it was probably wicked of me, but I knew he was having girl trouble, not feeling confident with them sexually, so I decided to see if he wanted to learn from me how to make proper love to a woman, and basically that's what we did...made love."

"I hope you don't think me perverted, but he needed help, and I wanted to him to learn from someone that cared."

"Oh no Laura, that was so nice of you to teach Cory how to make love to a woman, no one else would have done it, and you're not wicked at all."

"I wish I could learn something from you about making love to a woman, since you have experience."

"Of course Kim, I'd be happy to, but I think you already know, it would just be a matter of helping you feel more comfortable with it."

Laura raised her hand, stroking Kim's beautiful red hair. Kim was in a trance, she wanted her Aunt to touch her, caress her, anything, she wanted to experience the love of another woman. Kim's shyness started to wane a little as she raised her hand, and ran her fingers through her Aunt's hair, moving down and caressing her cheek. Laura smiled and leaned forward, kissing Kim lightly on the lips. Kim was really starting to burn with passion as the light kisses turned to more passionate kisses, with Laura sliding her tongue past Kim's lips. Laura moved her hand down, caressing Kim's breast, running her thumb over her nipple.

Kim started moaning softly as her arousal was now off the charts. Laura kissed her way down Kim's neck, pausing at her breast, making small circles around her nipple. Kim was so aroused that she started cumming almost immediately. Laura kissed her way down Kim's stomach, inching ever closer to her pussy, pausing to rub her cheeks against Kim's fiery red pussy fur. Kim was moaning, and squeezing her breasts, as Laura moved between her legs running her tongue up and down Kim's wet lips. Kim gasped having never felt anything so amazing in her life.

Laura slid her tongue between Kim's lips, slowly running her tongue up and down Kim's creamy slit. She inserted her tongue in Kim's sex, as Kim raised her hips, as the orgasms washed over her again. Laura replaced her tongue with her fingers as she moved up, taking Kim's clit between her lips, flicking it with her tongue, and sucking it. Kim was beside herself, she'd never felt anything so erotic before. Once she had finished cumming, Laura kissed her way back up to Kim's breasts, sucking her nipples again. When she was finished she looked at Kim saying,

"Well, how was that?"

"Oh Aunt...I mean Laura, it was so beautiful, I want to do you now."

"As much as I want you to, I have something planned for tomorrow, you'll understand in the morning...right now I want you to go and get some sleep, I'll be up later. Kim went upstairs somewhat disappointed that she didn't get to make love to her Aunt, but then she was sure what she had planned for tomorrow would be worth the wait. In the morning when Kim woke up her Aunt was sitting on the edge of her bed smiling.

"Do have some hiking boots?"

"Hiking boots?"

"Yes, we're going on a picnic, and we'll need to hike a little bit."

"I have some old boots I think will fit; try them on and then come downstairs, there's someone I want you to meet."

Kim dressed and went downstairs where she saw a beautiful brunette. She was wearing hiking boots, and short, all dressed for the picnic. Kim loved her long sexy legs and her friendly smile. Her Aunt introduced her as her part time lover, her name was Donna. Donna held out her hand, her beautiful brown eyes looking Kim up and down. Laura grabbed the food she'd made and the three of them left for the picnic. On the way, Kim and Donna seemed to bond, taking and laughing, everyone having a good time.

Once they arrived at their destination it was a short hike to a little hidden away spot where no one could see them. Once Laura had laid out the blanket, Laura suggested that they get more comfortable. Laura and Donna started stripping followed by Kim. Donna had a very sexy body, with nice full breasts, hard nipples and a neatly trimmed bush. She walked over to Kim, putting her arm around her, and giving her a hug.

"I hear that you're into women."

"Yes, I think I really prefer a woman to a man, although I think I'd still like a cock now and then, but for the most part, I like women more."

Donna smiled, "That makes three of us."

Then Donna started caressing Kim's breasts, kissing her as Laura looked on. Kim was more comfortable this time, kissing Donna back, as she caressed Donna's breasts. Kim took over, caressing Donna's breasts, while making small circular motions around her nipples as her Aunt had done to her. Donna responded with moans of approval, which spurred Kim on. The more Donna cooed and moaned, the bolder Kim got, kneeling down as she kissed her way down Donna's stomach. Donna sat down on the blanket, resting on her elbows, her legs parted as Kim kissed her way down to her sex.

Kim was now between Donna's legs, smelling the aroma of another woman for the first time. Kim ran her tongue over Donna's pussy, tasting her juices as they started to flow. It was as if Kim had been making love to women all her life, parting Donna's lips, and lapping up her juices as Donna laid back and moaned, telling Kim how beautiful she was doing. Kim licked and sucked Donna's pussy, working her fingers into her pussy and ass, as she moved up and took Donna's clit between her lips. Donna gasped, thrusting her hips into Kim's face as Donna's body was rocked with a powerful orgasm.

Kim heard another moan and looked over to see her Aunt with her fingers in her pussy, cumming as she watched Kim getting Donna off again and again. Laura asked Kim to lay down on the blanket, as Laura lowered her pussy down onto her Niece's face. Donna in the meantime moved between Kim's legs, and began licking and sucking Kim's pussy while Kim was sucking her Aunt's pussy. Kim found Laura's aroma to be different from Donna's although just as pleasant. She also liked the fact that her Aunt had a much larger clit than Donna, she felt she could pleasure her Aunt more because her clit was so large.

Kim licked and sucked her Aunt's pussy, evening rimming her ass making Laura cum over and over. Donna in the meantime was bringing Kim to her own orgasm as well. After cumming hard, Laura moved off Kim and joined Donna, kissing Kim's breasts and teasing her nipples. After a few minutes, Kim was cumming hard. That's when Laura reached inside the picnic basket and pulled out a dildo showing it to Kim.

"This is going to be our man today, and he won't get tired or go soft either."

Laura eased it into Kim's pussy, slowly working it in and out of her pussy. The harder she fucked Kim's pussy with the dildo, the more Kim loved it. Donna in the meantime had found a dildo as well, and laid back, and began fucking herself with the dildo as Kim watched. Laura eased a much smaller vibrator up Kim's ass, turning it on allowing it to vibrate. Kim loved the feeling inside her ass. What really got her off was when Laura removed the vibrator from her ass, and placed the vibrator on Kim's clit. Kim started cumming, over and over from the sensation of the vibrator on her clit.

The women spent the day making love, and teaching Kim all the different ways women could pleasure one another, orally and with toys. That night after Donna left, Kim spent the night in bed with her Aunt, making love until they dozed off. Finally the day came when it was time for Kim to leave. Kim thanked her Aunt for teaching her so much. Laura told her it was her pleasure, and maybe someday she and Cory could come back for a visit together. Kim's eyes lit up,

"Do you think I should tell him what we did?"

"That's up to you Dear, but I think he somehow knows already."

"Ya probably so, but it would be fun for the three of us to, well you know."

Laura smiled, "Now that would be something...we'll have to wait and see."

Laura drove Kim to the airport telling her to be safe and to say hello to Cory for her. Then they kissed as Kim walked into the terminal, happy that her Aunt had helped her with so much. She knew she'd be back to see her, with or without her brother Cory.

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