The second part of my fantasies realised.
Fantasy Fulfilled Pt2

If you haven’t read Pt1 then I suggest you do to give you the background to this next episode. The names have been changed to protect the guilty and the story is based on true events. If your not into male group sex then read no further.

Since I had returned home from Kens I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about my first experience with another man, when I was with my friends in the cold light of day, I was disgusted with myself. At night though, when I was on my own, I would replay the experience in my mind, getting hornier and hornier, masturbating and fucking my ass with anything that came to hand. I had a few toys I liked to use, the handle of a hairbrush, the neck of a beer bottle and the handle of a large screwdriver had all explored the inside of my ass.

It was during these wank fests that I yearned to see Ken again and have him fuck me hard. Ken had given me his phone number and told me to call him and several times I had got as far as picking up the phone and dialling the number, but I always lost my nerve. Once I had even let it ring once before hanging up.
This particular night however, I had been drinking with my buddies and got home feeling horny as hell, I put some porn on the TV and started to jerk off, I licked my finger and pushed it into my ass. God I need to be fucked I groaned. I grabbed some moisturising cream from the bathroom and picked up my hairbrush with the big fat handle. I rubbed a big dollop of cream into my asshole and pushed the hairbrush into my butt, it slid in to the hilt, ooohhh I moaned. Pre-cum had formed on the tip of my dick and I wiped it onto my finger and transferred it to my mouth, savouring the salty taste. I got onto all fours, bum pushed into the air; reaching back I pushed the hairbrush in and out of my ass getting harder with each stroke. Fuck this, I need a real cock! I got up and walked to the phone, wiggling my cute bum, hairbrush still inserted. I got Kens number and dialled. Ken should be back from the bar by now I thought.


Oh my god, he’s answered, no going back now I thought.

“Hi Ken, its Cherry how are ya, sorry to call this late.

“No problem, it’s good to hear from you”

“Listen, I’ve been thinking that maybe I could come and see you some time”

“Great! When did you have in mind?”

I won’t bore you with the whole conversation but Ken sounded really excited to hear from me and we arranged that I’d go to stay with him for a long weekend the in a couple of weeks. He’d arrange for someone else to run the bar and I’d take the Friday and Monday off work.

OH MY GOD, I’d done it, no going back now, I was so nervous and scared but really excited too. I finished jerking off thinking about how I was going to suck Ken’s beautiful hard cock. I couldn’t wait.
The next 2 weeks seemed to drag as I counted down the days; I had a little preparation to do though. I thought I’d surprise Ken by removing the hair from my ass and cock. I wasn’t very hairy anyway and so I didn’t think it would be too much trouble. With scissors I trimmed the length of my pubes and bought a waxing kit. Wow, it was painful to say the least, to do my ass I had to go on all fours, looking with a mirror. It was worth it though, I loved the look and it felt really sexy. I hoped Ken liked it too!

The time had come and on Friday morning I got a train to Kens, he was due to pick me up from the station. My cock was hard all the way there; I had to keep adjusting my trousers and eventually put my bag on my lap so no-one would notice. Once I went to the toilet and pumped my cock a few times, but stopped short of coming. I wanted to save that for Ken.
We arrived at the station and there was Ken, waiting on the platform. He looked exactly as I remembered, thank god, he was quite the stud and I felt nervous butterflies in my stomach. We made small talk and when we got to his car he opened the door for me. As I got in he gave my butt a hard pinch, ooh, he made me jump. He laughed and the ice was broken.

It was short drive back to Kens and during the trip he told me that he’d been thinking about me a lot and that he was glad I‘d called. He hadn’t thought I would. I told him that I’d nearly called many times but always lost my nerve. He laughed and said he completely understood. When we got to Kens he poured me a drink and I made myself comfortable. Ken told me he had a fun weekend planned.

“I’ve invited a friend of mine and his partner over tonight, for dinner. Is that ok?”

I was a little disappointed, I wanted the first night to be fuck fest with Ken, but I hid my feelings.

“Sure. That’s fine.” I said.

“They’re a lot of fun” Said Ken. “You’ll love ‘em”

“Tomorrow, I thought we’d go to a club I know, down town” He continued.

“Sunday we can just kick back and relax, but we’ll play it by ear”

“Sure, that all sounds great” I replied.

We sat next to each other in the lounge, had a couple of drinks and talked for a bit, Ken put his hand on my thigh and I responded by putting mine on his. He looked into my eyes and said.

“Ok, shall we get it out of the way and go to bed?”

“Oh yeah” I replied, all my nerves gone and relieved that Ken had taken the first step, I knew once we got the first one out the way the rest of the weekend would be fantastic.

I stood up and followed Ken to the bedroom, Ken started to remove my clothes. I helped Ken with his at the same time. When Ken pulled down my underwear he stopped.

“Wow, you’re shaved” He said, obviously pleased.

“I did it for you daddy” I said coyly, turning around so he could see the full effect and kicking off my pants.
“Do you like it?”

“Oh yes” Ken nodded in appreciation.

Ken came up behind me; I could feel his semi hard cock pressed up against my smooth buttocks. He reached round and cupped my hairless balls, stroking my cock.

“Oh, you ARE a naughty little boy aren’t you?” He breathed, adopting the same role he played last time.

“What shall we do with you?”

“I don’t know Daddy” I panted, feeling lovely and submissive as he tugged my cock to a full erection.

“Lie down on the bed on your back”

I did as I was told and Ken knelt by my head and offered his cock to my mouth. I greedily sucked it, savouring the feel and taste. His dick stiffened and I licked up and down the shaft. He positioned himself over my body in the 69 position and took my own rock hard cock into his mouth, sucking gently and stroking. He pushed my legs apart and I felt his finger probing for my asshole. I raised my hips a bit and he found what he was looking for and pushed his finger into my opening. I gasped and sucked harder on his cock, jerking him quickly. Ken pushed down, forcing his cock deep into my mouth making me gag, clearly wanting me to slow down. I reached round and grabbed his ass, massaging and squeezing his firm buttocks, trying to take as much of that 8” cock into my mouth as I could. Ken continued probing my hole with his finger and then stopped sucking me and got up, pulling his dick from my mouth, I looked up at his muscular body, admiring his cock, my saliva dripping off it as he gazed down at me.

“Right bitch, what do you want?” Ken had slipped into his role as dominator effortlessly.

“Fuck me” I gasped, loving the naughtiness of our game.

“Fuck me what”

“Fuck me pleeeeease daddy” I said and got on all fours, presenting my newly waxed asshole to him, pushing it high into the air.

“Hmmnn” said Ken getting behind me.

I felt his tongue flick around my hole sending tremors through my body. He licked and sucked me, pushing his tongue into my crack. I writhed on all fours, reaching back and pulling my ass cheeks apart with both hands.

“Oh yes daddy, don’t stop” I moaned.

I could feel Ken panting behind me, I knew he had amazing control from last time, but this was getting to him. He pulled away and I heard him get something from the bedside table. I felt the coldness as he applied lube to my rectum, pushing in 1, then 2 fingers right up to the knuckle. He finger fucked my ass for a few minutes using both fingers; I pushed back onto them moaning with pleasure. I was going mad with desire, I wanted more, he could fist my ass if he wanted.

“Ooooohhhhh” I sighed.

His fingers withdrew and I felt the tip of his cock nudge at my opening. My hands were still holding my butt cheeks and he grabbed them pulling them up. The weight of my upper body was on the side of my face, squashed into the mattress, he pushed forward and the tip of his cock prised open my well lubricated hole.

“OH YES!” I cried, I felt so defenceless and dirty and I fucking loved it!!

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me” I moaned as he withdrew the tip of his cock and pushed forward once more, the tip of his dick pushed past the sphincter muscle. I’d forgotten how wonderful it felt to be impaled on my daddy’s dick. He felt so big and I could feel him stretching my hole. He pulled back a bit then plunged back in, going deeper this time. There was no teasing like last time; Ken wanted one thing, to fuck me hard. He told me later he had been saving himself and hadn’t cum since I’d called him. He picked up speed, pounding me rhythmically, pulling on my arms and thrusting his hard dick, balls deep into my ass.

“Oh god yes, fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck me”

I was in a world of pleasure now, nothing felt as good as giving myself completely to this. My own cock stretched against its skin and I felt he may make me cum without even touching my dick.
He gave one big thrust into me, nearly knocking me flat and I felt his rod stiffen and twitch inside me.

“Oh no, I’m cumming” Ken cried, releasing my arms and grabbing my hips, pulling me onto him even more.

I felt Kens cock explode in me, twitching with each ejaculation. It felt fantastic as I was flooded with his hot juices. I grabbed my cock and jerked myself off; it only took a couple of tugs before I felt my own orgasm build inside me and my dick erupted over the bed.
Ken withdrew and I felt his juices trickle out of my anus down my legs. I turned around to face him and taking his dick in my hand licked up the combination of my ass juices and his cum.

“Oh my god Cherry, you are one horny little fucker” he sighed.

“You make me like this daddy” I giggled.

While Ken, busied himself getting things ready for the dinner party, I had myself a bath. I was a little disappointed that the sex had been over so quickly, the last time Ken kept me right on the edge of orgasm for ages. Even so it was great and I was looking forward to more of the same. It turns out it was only a warm up for Ken, and I was going to experience the best sex of my life during this weekend.

Our guests arrived right on time; Jason was Ken’s best friend and worked as a personal trainer at the gym that Ken went to. He was 6”2 and really muscular, good looking and about 30 at a guess. His partner on the other hand looked like he’d just left school. (He had, it turns out he was only 16) His name was Mark, petite like me, very feminine, with short blond hair. He held onto Jason’s arm as they were introduced and giggled effeminately flicking his hair back with a toss of his head.

During dinner the wine flowed and we all chatted and laughed getting drunker and more boisterous as the evening went on, Ken was right, these two were good fun, Jason had a wicked sense of humour and more than once I felt him staring at me. He remarked to Ken, that he’s done well finding me and asked outright if I was a good fuck.

“The best” replied Ken, winking at me.

“Ooh” laughed Mark.

“I bet” said Jason licking his lips.

I excused myself as I went to the toilet and when I returned Jason was sat back in his chair with his eyes shut. I sat next to Ken and pointing at Jason laughed

“Too much to drink?” “Where’s Mark?”

Ken signalled to look under the table and I saw Mark on his knees between Jason’s legs sucking on his cock like his life depended on it. I felt my own dick stiffen in my trousers and I continued to watch Marks expert mouth working Jason’s thick hard member. I looked at Ken who just raised his eyebrows as if to say “why not”. Not to be outdone and having drunk enough wine to remove any inhibitions I sank to my knees, unbuckled Ken’s belt, unzipped his trousers and pulled them open. I pulled his cock out and sucked his semi-hard dick into my mouth, I worked on his dick sucking and jerking him, licking up and down his shaft, he stiffened, getting harder and harder. Kens placed his hands on the back on my head and pushed down, forcing me down onto him. I could hear Mark slurping behind me and Jason moaning in pleasure.

“We’ve got ourselves a right pair of cock whores here Ken haven’t we?” laughed Jason.

“What do you say we liven this party up?”

Ken pulled me up from beneath the table and stood up.

“I’ll grab some tequila shall I?” He asked.

“Sure, and I’ve got a little pick-me-up here myself” Said Jason
As Ken went to the kitchen, Jason produced a small plastic bag with some white pills in it. I was no stranger to drug culture and whilst being no junkie I’d dabbled and experimented like most teenagers. My guess would be ecstasy. I’d had ecstasy previously and loved it, its name was highly appropriate. It made your body very sensitive to touch and heightened your senses. Mark appeared from beneath the table, wiping his mouth. He eyed the tablets.

“Oh goody” He giggled.

Ken came back with the tequila and poured us all a shot which we downed quickly, slamming our glasses down.

“Everyone in?” Asked Jason, holding up the bag.

I looked at Ken.“Have you tried “E” before” he asked.

I nodded.

“Well hell yes, lets party!” shouted Ken.

Jason cut 2 pills into halves which we each swallowed with another shot of tequila. Ken put on some pumping house music and we had another couple of shots waiting for the “E” to kick in. I was really drunk now. I started rubbing Kens cock through his jeans. He smiled at me.

“You’re going to get it tonight you slut” he breathed at me.

“Good, I want it” I replied.

We moved into the comfort of the lounge and I stood in the middle of the room, gyrating to the music. Mark joined me, and we danced, the ecstasy taking hold now. Jason and Ken sat on the sofa admiring us. I was really hot now, the dancing and the ecstasy making my temperature rise. I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. Mark cried in delight and ran his hands over my torso.

“Yeah you whores, strip for us!” Our daddy’s cried.

Mark giggled and started to unbutton his shirt to reveal his hairless chest. I kicked off my shoes and took off my socks. The alcohol and ecstasy had removed whatever inhibitions I had left. Mark and I slowly unbuttoned our jeans trying to be as sexy as possible. Doing the worst lap dance impression ever, my head was spinning and my vision blurred. Jason and Ken clapped and jeered as we stripped to our briefs. We gyrated and pumped our bodies in time to the house music, pushing up against one another. Mark lunged at me and pulled my briefs around my ankles. There I was, naked and sweaty, my cock semi hard, with 3 guys and their lustful intentions.

“Yeah!” yelled Jason & Ken rubbing their crotches.

Mark removed his briefs and revealed his body completely to us. He had a lovely smooth white skin and beautiful pear shaped ass. His dick was long and thin, circumcised and semi flaccid. We danced to the thumping house music, gyrating our hips, pricks swinging and bobbing. It was bizarre, I really felt completely comfortable, naked and horny in front of these guys. Mark moved across to me and pulled me in close to him; our cocks rubbed against each other and hardened more. He pulled my lips to his own, staring into my eyes with a lustful gaze. Our lips joined and our mouths parted, his tongue flicked into my mouth and probed around. This was my first ever kiss with another guy, although Ken and I had fucked, we’d never kissed. Mark was so feminine it seemed ok and I relaxed and kissed him hard back, my arms hugged him to me, my hands massaging that beautiful butt. Marked reached between us and grabbed my cock, pumping it rhythmically. Every touch on my body was sending shivers of pure ecstasy, like small electric shocks. We moaned in pleasure as we caressed each other’s bodies. I caught site of Jason & Ken, they now had their dicks out and were openly wanking themselves.

“Hey!” Shouted Jason.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

We stopped abruptly and stood still looking guilty. I felt myself redden and wondered if Jason was angry that I’d fondled his boy.

“You’re very naughty boys.” Ken agreed rising from the sofa and moving toward us.

“What are we going to do with them Jason?”

Ken and Jason pulled us Mark and me apart and led us to the sofa. They positioned us with our heads and chests resting on the sofa facing each other, on our knees.

“Hands behind your backs.” Ken said, and we dutifully obliged.

Our masters tied our hands with some cord and manufactured gags out of t-shirts which they tied around our mouths. I felt completely helpless and amazingly sexy. What did they have in mind? I thought and my cock throbbed in anticipation.

“You are very naughty, filthy boys, who must be punished” Ken and Jason said in unison.

Without warning one of the boys smacked my buttocks with his bare hand hard.

“Aghhh” I cried into my gag.

The blow made my eyes water and a rush of pleasure coursed through my body. I involuntary dry humped the air.
I heard another slap and saw Marks eyes widen and he too gasped. Another blow to my rear was followed by a gentle caress of my buttocks and a finger rubbed my asshole. Just when I thought the spanking was over I was slapped again even harder than before. I stifled a scream and felt my butt cheeks glowing. I could see from Marks expression he was getting the same, a tear ran out of the corner of his eye and down his cheek.

“You love it don’t you, you pair of cock hounds.”

I nodded furiously and Mark did the same. The spanking continued, hard slaps followed by gentle strokes and a rub of our assholes. My body convulsed as the spanks and ecstasy caused tremors from my head to my toes and my hard on throbbed, feeling big, swollen and angry.
I felt some cold liquid being dripped onto my red hot butt cheeks and gently massaged in, a finger rubbed the oil into my fuck hole, dipping inside. I writhed and pushed out my rear, desperate for more. A second finger joined the first, squeezing in beside it, stretching my ass lips open. I looked over at Mark, his eyes were half shut, and he was clearly loving whatever was being done to him. I didn’t know or care who was delving their fingers into my butt, I just wanted more, and they slid in and out easily, relaxing my anus for things to come.
The fingering stopped I received another slap on the rear as I heard movement behind me. A moment later and I feel something hard probing at my hole, too hard to be a dick it was pushed forward.

“This is what you get for being naughty, filthy, dirty little boys.” Ken said.

My ass lips spread wide as the object was eased in, I grimaced and moaned gently. Whatever it was it was ribbed and felt wonderful. I received another couple of gentle slaps and then the object was being withdrawn, just before it was going to come out it was thrust forward, I yelped as it filled me and sighed as it was withdrawn only to be thrust in again. Mark was panting and moaning, obviously getting the same treatment. The treatment continued for 5 or so minutes, Mark and I humping against the sofa.

“Ok stop, you’re enjoying this too much” I heard Jason say.

The object was pulled from my ass and I gasped as it was withdrawn. I felt my bonds being untied and the gag was removed. I looked at Mark and he mouthed a silent kiss at me.

“Right you pair of sluts, since you like each other so much, we want a show.” Jason said.

As if on cue, Mark stood and pulled me up from my knees. I spotted the pink ribbed 7” dildo that had been used on me and made a mental note to get one. Mark giggled as if he could read my mind and kissed me full on the lips. I responded in kind and Mark pulled away and started kissing my neck, he moved down to my nipples and flicked at them with his tongue. They became erect and he nibbled them with his teeth. My cock was so pumped and hard now I felt it might explode. Mark dropped to his knees, I couldn’t wait for him to take my dick in his mouth but he teased me, licking my stomach and then my balls. He looked up into my wide eyes, I could see his pupils fully dilated and he looked wild with desire, he licked his lips running his tongue around, moistening his rosy lips, never losing eye contact me. I moaned and pushed his head toward my throbbing member.

“Suck his cock Mark, take it you whore” Ken said.

I looked over at the pair of them, trousers round their ankles stroking their hard cocks, grinning at each other.
Mark licked at the tip of my penis, it twitched and throbbed. Mark ran his tongue up and down my shaft, and with his hands he caressed my balls but never touched my cock. He flicked his tongue at the tip of my dick and it twitched uncontrollably. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Please suck me.” I pleaded.

Mark looked into my eyes and then took my cock into his mouth, he clamped down with lips and sucked me hard, pulling back and then quickly taking it all in again, fucking my dick with his mouth.

“Oh, Oh, Oh!” I cried in time with Marks unbelievable blow job. My head was thrown back and my eyes closed. Mark slowed and giving his mouth a rest, started wanking me, pulling back hard on my foreskin sending intense jolts of pleasure and pain through my body.

“Oh yes baby, don’t stop, don’t stop” I panted.

Mark pulled back on my dick hard and stopped, I looked down and Mark was staring up at me, his mouth opened a centimetre from the purple swollen end of my cock. I could feel his breath and pushed forward trying to force my painfully hard dick into his mouth. He pulled away and I whimpered.

“Come on, pleeeeease”

“Only if you fuck him after” Commanded Ken.

“Ok daddy.” I’d agree to anything to continue the pleasure.

Mark wrapped his lips around my wand and resumed his mouth fuck.
Well this was an unexpected turn up. I was going to fuck another guy’s ass, I couldn’t wait.

“Ok, stop now and get on your hands and knees you little bitch” Instructed Jason.

Mark dutifully obliged.

“Yes master” he said assuming the position and pushing his butt into the air. It was bright red from the spanking and I could see the outline of hand prints.
He parted his legs and wiggled his rear at me. I got on my knees behind him and kissed his butt cheeks, slapping them playfully.

“Lick his ass” Said Ken

“We want to see your tongue right in there”

I ran my tongue up from his ball sack to his anus, and flicked my tongue at his crack.

Mark groaned.“Ohhhhh god”

I forced my tongue in and spread his ass cheeks with my hands so our masters could see.

“Very good.” They said in approval. “Now finger fuck him.”

I slurped away at his asshole for a bit and slipped a finger into his already slippery crack; Mark was breathing heavy and moaning as he pushed back onto my hand I withdrew and added another finger inside him. I moved them in and out and twisted them as I pushed them in.

“Lick your fingers now” Ken instructed.

I withdrew my hand and looking at my daddy, licked my fingers and sucked them.

“Nice” said Jason. “Now I want you to fuck him, stick your prick into his juicy hole.”

Mark reached back and rubbed his hole, dipping one then two fingers deep inside. I knelt up behind him and pushed the tip of my dick toward his ass; he withdrew his fingers and spread his cheeks for me. I pushed forward slowly, the tip of my cock pushed at his ass lips. I had to push hard to get it in past his sphincter. Mark gasped and my cock slid forward, inching my dick into his warm lubricated hole. The sight of my dick disappearing into Marks tight hole looked amazing.

“Mmmmnnnmmm” sighed Mark. Grinding his hips backwards.

“Yeah, you pretty slut, fuck that cute little ass!” whooped Jason and Ken.

I withdrew and pushed slowly in again, going deeper this time.

“Yes, yes, do me, give me your cock.” Mark panted.

I looked over at our masters; their faces were flushed and glazed in lust, pumping their hard love swords.
I started pumping at Marks butt, building a rhythm. He felt tight and I loved the sensation of my first anal fuck. I built up speed and Mark put his hands on the floor to steady himself. I grabbed him by the hips, pulling him backwards and forwards in time with my thrusts. I spanked Marks already glowing butt cheeks, Mark whimpered but I knew he loved it and hit him again harder. Mark squealed in delight.

“Harder. Harder.” He cried.

I obliged and rammed my cock into him. I rode his cute little ass for a few minutes before Jason interrupted.

“Ok, ok, enough, now swap places” Jason commanded.

I pulled my cock slowly out, savouring the site when the tip popped out leaving his gaping asshole. Mark leaped to his feet grinning.

“Your turn now baby.”

I got on my hands and knees in front of my masters and Mark got behind me. I looked into Ken’s eyes. A finger worked into my hole and I spread my legs, pushing my tummy down and butt up into the air. A second finger joined the first and his other hand massaged my balls. I moaned. I felt so wonderfully dirty; I wanted to fuck all night. One of the side effects of ecstasy is that it prolongs your orgasm considerably.

“Use this.” Said Ken, passing Mark an empty beer bottle.

Mark removed his fingers and I felt the cold hard neck of the bottle probe at my rectum. Still looking at Ken I yelped as Mark pushed the bottle forward, hard. My yelp soon turned to a moan of pleasure as the neck of the bottle easily slid into my fuck tunnel. Ken grunted in approval, his lust was taking over and he tugged furiously on his boner.

“Do you like this Daddy” I asked him, pouting my lips.

“Oh yes you dirty cock whore.” Ken replied his eyes glazing over slightly.

Mark fucked me with the beer bottle, and rubbed my dick and balls building up the pace and driving me wild. Suddenly pulled it out with a pop and I felt his knob bumping at my asshole. I licked my lips at Ken and Jason.

“Yes Mark, give it to me.” I murmured.

Mark pushed and the end of his dick squeezed into my hole. I purred in appreciation.

“Stop!” said Ken.

“Make him beg”

Oh god no, not more teasing, I didn’t know if I could stand it. Ken knew how horny it made me though, and what It would make me do. Mark did as he was told even though he probably wanted to ram his dick deep into me. He stopped with just the end in and kept it there even though I was squirming and pushing back trying to get more into me.

“Please Mark, fuck me, come on baby, fuck me.” I pleaded, gasping in exasperation

“Don’t ask him, ask us.” Jason interrupted.

“Please master, I want cock, I need to be fucked, pleeeeease.” I groaned.

I was desperate now; the frustration of just having the tip of beautiful bloated dick inside me was killing me. Still Mark left me frustrated.

“Oh god, come on, come on, pleeeeease.”

I saw Jason nod to Mark and grabbing my hips he thrust forward. In one swift move he fully impaled me on his rock hard member. A red hot bolt of pain was replaced by a rush from the ecstasy. My face contorted as the involuntary spasm made my whole body shiver.

“Ooooohhhhh god” I moaned in total ecstasy. Whilst Ken and Jason cheered in delight.

Mark left his dick fully inserted whilst my rush subsided, leaving me panting. I started moving my hips in a circle, grinding backwards onto his knob. Mark pulled back and plunged in again, his thighs touching my buttocks. I can’t describe how good this felt, the drug had heightened my senses and made feel filthy and dirty, I was willing to do anything now in pursuit of this pleasure. Mark proceeded to fuck me hard and slow, pulling right out and then plunging back in, pulling me back by the hips to completely engorge me on his dick. Jason and Ken stood up and moved over to us. Ken lowered himself to his knees in front of me and offered his cock to my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and Ken guided his dick in, as I closed my mouth around his shaft, ken moved his hips back and forth, fucking my head. At last! I had always fantasised about being in this position, on my hands and knees one hard dick in my mouth and another fucking my tight white ass. It couldn’t get any better.

“That’s it you slut, suck my cock.” Sneered Ken

I felt Marks chest rest against my back and I took a break from cock sucking to look over my shoulder. Jason had positioned himself behind Mark and was guiding his dick towards Marks butt. I resumed pleasuring my daddy and then Mark bit down on my neck.

“Hmmnnnnn” I heard a stifled moan in my ear as I guessed Jason’s cock penetrated Marks ass.
We continued like this for a while, finding our rhythm, Mark sandwiched between us, fucking and being fucked. I wished I could see it, we must have looked great. I made a mental note to get a video camera to record our sexploits some time. Ken pulled away and the next thing I know, Jason’s cock was being pushed toward my mouth, still glistening with Marks ass juice. It was a fine looking penis, a little longer and quite a bit fatter than Kens. I opened my mouth wide. Looking up at Jason I put on my dirtiest look and taking his cock in one hand proceeded to lick up and down his shaft savouring the taste of my fuck buddies ass juice. I heard Mark give a muffled gag, and he momentarily stopped fucking me. I guess Ken was forcing his dick deep into Marks throat.

“Now, on your back”

I pulled forward and Mark slid out of my gaping butt. I rolled onto my back and pulled my legs up. Looking at Jason I fingered my puckered ass, dipping a finger inside, feeling the slackness that once had been so tight. I lifted my finger to my mouth and sucked it as if it were a lollypop.

“Jeez Ken, where did you find this one” Jason laughed.

He positioned himself between my legs. Placing one hand on each of my thighs below the underside of my knees he pushed my legs up so my thighs were touching my chest. Placing the tip of his prick at the entrance of my butt he pushed forward, his prick was a good deal thicker than Marks and although my ass was well loosened by now it still stretched it painfully.

“Owwwwww, your soooooooo big master.” I crooned bending my head up to try and get a look.

“You love it don’t you, you dirty little slut” Jason asked, sliding his dick farther up my hole.

“Yes, master, I love being fucked by your big hard dick” I whispered at him.

I could see Ken now sat on the sofa and Mark was lowering himself onto his cock. God this was so erotic. The house music was still thumping, the ecstasy still making my body rush with every touch. I stared mesmerised as Mark went right down on Ken’s dick and then, rising and falling he rode him slowly. Jason withdrew and lunged forward and I was fully engorged on his dick. Another huge shudder rushed through my body, and Jason started to pound away at me hard.

“Fuck yes” I cried. “Fuck me hard”

Jason fucked me like this for what seemed like ages, I grew delirious with lust and at one point thought I’d pass out. Mark was yelling out obscenities as he bounced up and down on my daddies prick. I felt Jason’s cock swell and he stopped abruptly, clearly on the point of cumming. He pulled his prick from my ass and I felt some juice trickle out and run down onto my balls.
Mark raised himself off Ken and I saw my daddies cock glistening with butt juice. Mark came and lay beside me, upside down, he pulled me onto my side and took my cock in his mouth. I took the cue and took his into my mouth. Ken came and knelt over my lower leg and raising my upper leg, guided his prick toward my ass. I reached down and helped him find the way. I stopped sucking on Marks dong just long enough to say.

“Yes daddy, give me your lovely hard cock, fuck me with it daddy, I want your cum.”

“Ooooohhhhh yes, more, harder” I moaned as he slipped easily into my ass.

I saw Jason crouch behind Mark and raising his leg pushed his fat dick into that cute 16yr old ass. I had a great view, my face only a couple of inches from Marks hole. It looked amazing at Jason’s dick thrust in and out, puckering marks anus. Mark bit down on my cock gently as a spasm of drug and dick induced pleasure racked his little body. The boys fucked us hard and boy did we love it! Our moans of pleasure grew louder. Jason pulled his dick from Marks ass and plunged it into my mouth, then he dipped it back into Mark and then back to my mouth.
He resumed fucking Mark and picked up speed. I felt Mark sucking me harder and he took hold of me wanking me furiously. I responded in kind pumping his cock.

“I’m cummmming” cried Mark.

I felt his dick twitch and suddenly my mouth was filled with warm 16 year old cum. I swallowed hard but his dick spasmed again and I got another splash of goo against the back of my throat, some seeped out and ran down the side of my face and I swallowed again quickly. Boy it tasted good, I wanted more of that. Mark collapsed back and I took over jerking myself hard. Jason rolled Mark onto his tummy and continued to thrust into him pounding away at Marks limp, spent body, Mark whimpered quietly. Jason grunted withdrew his manhood and a fountain of salty cum splashed onto Marks quivering buttocks, running between his cheeks around his fuck hole and dripping off his bald scrotum. Ken was still fucking me hard and Jason sat back laughing.

“Yes Ken, fuck that whore, and make his butt bleed”

Suddenly I was flipped over again and Ken, pulling me roughly by the hair, pulled me towards Marks sweaty body.

“Eat his ass bitch.” I was instructed as my head was forced towards Marks sticky hole.

“No, please daddy no.” I pushed backwards, pretending not to want any of it.

“Do it, whore.”

I relented and licked Marks creamy buttocks, taking Jason’s cum into my mouth and swallowing. Jason whooped in delight and Ken, satisfied, resumed fucking me roughly, ramming his prick into my ass, and picking up speed as his orgasm approached. I spread Marks cheeks and lapped at his cum covered asshole. I stuck my tongue in and it was so slack now and I managed circular motions with my tongue. Mark groaned and squirmed.
Kens cock swelled inside my ass and he whipped it out and stood in front of me pumping it quickly. I sat up and opened my mouth expectantly.

“Oh Yes” Cried Ken as his dick exploded.

Splash after splash of salty cum hit my outstretched tongue and fell onto Marks butt. I swallowed as much as I could. Ken pushed his cock into my mouth and I sucked him clean, feeling him soften in my mouth. I lay back on the floor tired and sticky. My butt felt battered and sore but in a good way, still horny having not cum yet I got on all fours and wiggled my rosy red butt at the boys.

“I’m still horny daddies.”

Jason and Ken looked at each other and laughed. Mark groaned.

“Anyone for afters?” Said Jason, producing his little bag of pills again.

The fucking continued until day break and I was left extremely sore but very contented, I got to cum in Marks ass and I took a couple of loads in mine. We slept most of the next day and got up in time to get ready to hit the club that Ken mentioned.
If you want to hear about that, and more importantly, the after party you’ll have to wait for the next instalment.

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just lie i fuck Roanne! and jorlyn!


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My asshole needs the kind of treatment u describe so well. My finger is up my bum now in anticipation


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There were a couple spelling and grammatical errors, but nothing to deviate away from this HOT piece of work. Really fantastic, can't wait until your next one. :) ~Much love

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