She was my cousins best friend yet I couldnt keep my hand off her
I'd never seen a person more beautiful. Both on the inside and out. she was the night. Her hair spun of the deepest chocolate falling long down her back. Her eyes a vivid grey, the color of rain clouds. A slim waist and dimpled cheeks. She was my cousins best friend. I had never been attracted to a girl before but she had a radiating energy that a person couldnt help but grab. I'd spent hours with my cousin and his best friend. I'd come to feel a connection with her deeper than friendship. I had to conceal my feelings.
We stayed up late that night, the three of us, watching old movies on tv. My cousin steve's eyes drifting closed, him fighting to stay awake between our giggles. The night soon worn on him and he fell into a deep sleep. Me and Carmen continued talking as his soft snores fell around us. She looked at me as a smile crossed her lips. I was breathless. The soft glow of the tv touching the tops of her gorgeous breasts. My eyes couldnt be peeled from them. I felt my sticky heat slide from between my legs as the rise and fall of her chest teased me. I felt her eyes on me and she slid closer. A soft laught corrupted from her throat. Her hand moved to my hair and she pulled a piece of popcorn from my locks from our earlier popcorn fight. We both laughed softly. She moved closer and placed a small kiss to my cheek. I looked back and my mouth opened in shock. She placed another kiss, this time it grazed my lips. I pushed mine back on hers hard as my hand moved up around her neck. Her hand caressing over my leg. My lips moved from hers and trailed over her cheeks and down her neck. She looked to steve who moved in his sleep. Her hand fell in mine as she pulled me to my feet. My heart pounded hard and my body pulsed to its rhythm. She lead me into steve's room and pulled me into her arms. Her gentle voice moved across my ears.
"I have a confession." She said. I moved back and looked into her eyes. I nodded. "I want you." That was all the initative I needed. I wrapped my arms around her her waist and pulled her close to my aching body. she pressed her hungry lips to mine. My tongue enveloped hers as she stuck it in and out of between my plush lips. Carmens fingertips caressed my breasts over my top. They puckered to attention in her hands. She backed me against the closed door and shoved her hot wild body on mine. Her hips grated against my pelvis making my already wet pussy drip and pulse. I raised my leg, my knee pushing between her thighs and she began grinding against my leg. She rode, she stroked her pussy against me. Her lips parting and cloudy eyes glazing over. I turned her around and pressed her against the door. My lips found hers and my hands held hers above her head. She thrust her chest out against mine. My hand slide down her body rubbing my fingertip along the top of her pant hem. It caressed against the silky skin of her navel. Carmen panted and moaned against my open mouth. I pushed my hand against the warm apex of her thighs. The hair on the my arms raising as shivers overtook my body. I put my fingertips on her pants button and pulled at the material. The button slide out of it hole and I pulled at the zipper. My fingers moved up and down over her panties drawing her sweet nectar from between her lips. She squirmed under my probbing fingers. I felt her moisten. She soaked through the satin of her underwear. "Please", She begged. I flicked my finger against her. She jerked. I moved my hand up and slide it under the material. she had soft shaven pussy lips. My tongue snaked out and licked my own. Her legs parted and my pointer slide between. She was so sweet. so ready for what I wanted to give her. She wanted it. I ran my fingers up and down her wet slit, soaking them. My hand retracted from her pants and I pulled them to my lips. My dainty pink tongue flicked out and tasted the tips of my fingers. She writhered from my grasp and took my hand in hers. Carmen pulled my fingertips and sucked on each one of them. I moaned out as she sucked on each finger delicately. She got a look in her eye. Raw lust. Need. Her hands clasped around my arms and she pushed me back. She kissed at me. Kissed down my neck. Fingers burning as they undid the buttons on my shirt and pulled it over my head. I felt her tongue press against the top of my bra, it ran down.. down between my skin and the material and vibrated on my nipple. I groaned out. Carmen looked back into my eyes. A smile crossing that lovely mouth. She didnt speak. No words were required for what was happening between us. I didnt want to break whatever magic was connecting us. She pulled down my pants and buried her head against my cotton underwear. My embarrassment darkening my cheeks. How I wished that I had put on something sexier. She didnt seem to mind. She breathed in a deep breath as her nose pressed against my vagina. Her tongue ran along up and down my cleft. Fingertips brushed my panties to the slide as she smothered her mouth and nose into my pussy. I moaned out loudly. She stopped and looked up. I unhooked my bra and pulled it off. My fingers moved over my mounds and pinched at my nipples. Carmens tongue moved back against my dripping gash, tongue delving deeper into my folds.
I moaned and jerked as she continued to eat me out. Sucking at me. Feasting upon my hot wet cunt. Her tongue slide and pushed down, teasing my hole. It slid in and out of me. Fucking me with her mouth. In and out, in and out. Building up my excitement. Her fingers launched into my pussy hole, replacing her tongue. It moved back up...moved and flicked against my clit as she rammed her fingers into me. Harder, faster. Pounding my pussy. I screamed out as my orgasm took over my body. My hips rocked against her fingers, squeezing around them. She withdrew her hand and mouth. I looked down into her face. It gleamed with juices around her mouth. Her eyes twinkled. She put her fingers back into her mouth and ran her tongue between the middle and pointer. Temptress. Teasing me. I wanted to taste her. I knew she tasted as juicy and fresh as she had in my dreams. She laid back on the bed and spread her legs. A grin covering her mouth and a mischevious gleam in her eye. She began running her hand over her pussy, slapping it, making her hips jerk in excitement. Carmen giggled softly and pulled off her outfit. She laid in the soft glow of the moonlight pushing through the parted curtains. Her body turned and she got in doggy position on all fours. A lovely ass thrusted up into the air. I couldnt handle it any longer. I moved to her. Fell to my knees. She pushed her hips against my face. My nose poked against her ass, giving me an idea. I moved my tongue and recovered her with it. I licked up and down that puckered goodness. She pushed her ass against my mouth. I tasted her pussy on it. Tasted a mixture of bodily fluids. The pure naughtiness of it excited me beyond all measures. Remembering her fingers in me as she ate me, I stabbed mine into her. she cried out instantly and rode my fingers and tongue. I ate. I dined on her like I'd been starved. She came into her climax and shot her creamy load onto my fingers and across my chin. Her body convulsed and collapsed onto the bed. I climbed up and cradled her into my arms. She moved her head and kissed me softly. She fell asleep in my arms. For my first time with a women I was in absolute bliss. Our one night of pleasure became a love affair and soon after a relationship. I'm still with my Carmen to this day. Steve was definetly ok with it lol.


2009-07-08 00:27:00
Please proof read better, and maybe try double spacing to make it easier to read. Nice story.


2009-07-06 21:22:21
eo bad i did'nt read it ever heard of paragraphs geesh get a clue duh

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