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Im New at this !
I am a junior in high school and I have been in my schools Spanish club for three years. Ever since my first day in Spanish club I have had a crush on Nikki. Oh, Nikki is the hottest girl I know, gives me a hard on just looking at her.

Her beautiful blue eyes, long brown hair with blond highlights that looks so good especially when it is straighten. Nikki’s best features are on her body. Those nice breasts, I’d say B cups and even though they’re not the largest they are the perkiest. Her ass just moves with her in those tight jeans. I can only imagine her soft pussy.

I could never have Nikki because she has a boyfriend. She has been dating her boyfriend Karl since the 7th grade. Another reason I will never be with Nikki is because her Dad is my Spanish club advisor. If I even tried to touch Nikki they would both kick my Ass.

Every once and a while Mr. Peck (we use to call her pecker head, but it just makes me think of what I’d do to her with my rock hard peck) would have BBQ’s at his house for the Spanish club and the most active kids would usually spend the night. The girls spent the night in her sister Kelly’s room, and the guys spend the night down stairs. I spend the night in her brother’s room and he hates Nikki so he tells me about all of her sexual adventures.

Apparently Nikki is not loyal to Karl. She cheated on him with my friend Sean. Her brother Mick told me that the day she met Sean she was sitting on her couch in her nice little short shorts that showed her very hot and tan legs. She had a low cut shirt that you could see her nipples through. Sean sat next to Nikki and he saw her hand in her shorts. He looked as she pulled her hand out and showed him her soft and fuzzy panties. “wana touch!” she whispered. He took his hand and felt the think fabric. She pushed his hand down further and he could feel the warmth of her pussy. He began to rub it a bit when she put her hand between his legs. She grabbed at it harder as he slipped his hand under her panties and began to run her clit, moving his fingers faster and faster! She slipped her hand into his pants and stroked his cock as it got harder. Ehh. . . Eh. . . She let a little moan slip out as Slipped is fingers inside her and moved his fingers in and out. She unbuttoned his pants and played with his dick with more force now. Ah . . . she moaned a little more and slipped her mouth over Sean’s hard cock. BANG! BANG! BANG! “shit” someone was knocking on the door. Sean buttoned his pants back up and went back to hanging out with Mick.

Nikki knew it was her youngest sister Kelly so she decided to take her shorts off and Answered the door. “Why don’t you have pants on” She asked. “It was hot out, do you have a problem with it”. “No! I like those panties they’re hot.” “Oh, you want to feel them.” Kelly began to rub the panties, she liked the way it felt. Then she realized it was turning Nikki on, quickly stopped and walked away. “Why did you stop?” “Ewww!” Kelly walked back up to her room but touching Nikki’s pussy really did turn her on and she wanted more.

Kelly lied down on her bed and thought about what she had just did. She thought whether or not she should go back and talk to her sister, or do more than just talk. After all she did like it and god would she like to be touched. The tight jeans and blouse she was wearing was too much on a hot day like this so she started to change. She slipped off her shirt and before putting on another one decided she liked her bra because it had two little fish over the nipples. Then she slipped off her pants and figured that if Nikki doesn’t want to wear pants then neither does she. Kelly lies on her bed and thinks her sister in those hot panties. She begins to slip her hand in hers and rubs her clit. Then she takes her hand out and sucks on her fingers and then puts them back on her pussy as she begins to rub faster and puts her other hand under her bra. She plays some more with her wet pussy and her fingers begin to penetrate. Ah . . ehh . . . ohhh . . . . Ahhhh She moans as she gets herself off. Breathing heavily now that she has squirted and her pussy is so wet! She looks up and sees Nikki in her door way still only in her panties staring at her but with her hand in her pants.

"You like little sis?" Nikki asked as Kelly shouted “Get the Fuck out!" “I could just get the Fuck in. . . You know you would like it. . . I am really good with my tongue." "Ewww. You’re my Sister" Kelly exclaimed as she ran downstairs. This is where she ran into me! I could see how her panties were wet. This made my Penis stand at attention like no solider could. She ran back upstairs almost knocking over Nikki on her way. Nikki didn’t seem to care that I saw her in those sexy panties, she just smiled. Then she turned around to put her shots back on bending over to show me her amazing ass in those sexy panties. I almost came in my pants if I hadn’t already. She put the shorts on (Still looking hot as ever) and turned around noticing me staring and gave me a dirty look so I ran off to talk to Sean and Mick.

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2011-12-19 15:14:33
Good story you need to put more detailes in it though like the sisters age her looks etc. otherwise a good story at least I liked it :)

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2009-07-17 17:00:16

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2009-07-07 19:38:52
i liked it, a tad short though, part 2 on its way ?

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