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Two flees go on holiday every year to Florida. They always meet up at the same bar, The red lion. One year the first flee, Tom, was sat in the bar, when the other flee, Tim, walked in. Tim was shivering and complaining of the cold. Tom asked what was wrong. Tim said that he'd just rode all the way there in the moustache of a biker. Tom said "next year do what I do, go to the airport bar, have a few drinks, climb up the leg of a nice air stewardess, then nestle and enjoy the trip."
The next year Tom was sat in the same bar again when Tim walked in. "What's wrong, didn't you do what I said?" Tom said, noticing that Tim was shivering again.
"I did exactly what you said, I walked into the airport bar, had a few drinks, climbed up the leg of a nice air stewardess and nestled. I fell asleep and the next thing I knew I was riding up the motorway in the moustache of a biker"
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