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The next few days in school were hell. I couldn't wait to get to my dads on Wednesday night I knew we would play again in the shower. Finally the night came and my dad picked me up from school I had made sure to get sweaty at recess that way I would need a shower. I got in the car all dirty and the first thing my dad said was “Looks like someone needs a shower.”

I was so excited now. I had a raging(if you can call it that at the age) hard on trying to force its way out. It only took us fifteen minutes to get home and as soon as I got in the door I headed for the master shower and my dad followed. I undressed quickly and turned the shower on. I hopped in and my father was right behind me.

Immediately I noticed 2 new toys on the bench one were these big bead things on a plastic kind of rope and another was an odd shaped looking dildo. I asked my dad what these new toys were and he said they were anal beads and a male vibrator(to stimulate the prostate) he said they were a lot of fun and that we would have to try them.

We quickly scrubbed each other wanting to get to the fun time in the shower. As soon as we were clean I was bent over on the bench and I felt my dads lube covered finger getting ready to penetrate me. God I was so horny and when I felt his finger go in I actually moaned which I didn't really mean to do it just came out so naturally. I moaned more as his fingers moved in and out of me I was savoring every minute of the pleasure and he was loving hearing my moans of pleasure. It wasn't to long before I felt a second finger go in. It felt even better I found myself wanting more and more I looked back and said “Daddy go faster.”

I didn't have to tell him twice soon his fingers were fucking me hard and fast in and out it was xtasy. I told him now to stretch me more and it was then that he grabbed the beads. He lube them quickly and I felt one pressing at my hole I let it in and my hole consumed it. It felt great it was like a popping sensation when they went in. I started to notice by the third bead that they were getting bigger. I looked back and couldn't believe my hole was stretching to take them. I saw my dad getting close to the end and he met a lot of resistance I tried to stretch but it wouldn't go. Finally he forced it in and I yelped but the pain was so wonderful he let the beads sit inside me a minute and played with my dick.

My dick felt more sensitive than it ever had at that moment and he slowly jerked away I felt myself getting ready to cum and I started to breathe heavy. About a minute from then I looked back and said “Oh Daddy I'm gonna cum! Your gonna make me cum Daddy!” and with that I shot my little load on the bench. My body was exhausted from the orgasm but I knew there was more to come because my ass was still full with beads.

He slowly started to remove the beads and it felt wonderful and looked even better I was in disbelief that my hole could take that much up inside of it. As the last bead popped out I knew it was daddy's turn. I grabbed the other new toy and put some lube on it then some lube on my dad's hole as I prodded it with my little finger.

My daddy's cock wasn't hard yet but it was getting there I knew he enjoyed pleasing me but I wanted to swallow more of his cum again. I took the new toy and turned it on as it was vibrating away I put it to my daddy's hole and pushed it in. As the toy entered him his dick twitched in spasmic pleasure. As I pushed deeper I could tell I was hitting a sensitive spot because without touching his dick it was growing and getting hard. Is stayed at that spot and moved the toy in little circles then I took his dick in my mouth.

He gasped from the feeling of my warm mouth on his cock. The taste was even better than I remembered I sucked him better this time harder this time and it wasn't long before his balls started to tighten up and I knew he was gonna shoot his load I sucked hard but he pulled his dick out of my mouth right as he was cumming and he shot his goo all over my face and chin.

I laughed and said Daddy you shot me in the eye. He said we'll have to do something about that and he wiped the cum with his fingers and fed it to me and I ate it up just like the good little boy I was.

We turned off the shower and dried off then daddy asked me if I wanted to play more in the bedroom and I said sure. Then he said well why don't we first dress you up for our playtime. I said ok and we went to his closet in the back corner of his walk in closet he had a droor full of panties and lipstick as well as some mini skirts and baby tees. He told me to put on some panties and pick a skirt and a shirt I did as he said the mini skirt wasnt so mini on me and the shirt look like a normal t but the panties fit perfect. Then he put some lipstick on me and said that I looked very pretty and ready to play.

We went into the bedroom and he laid me down on my back. Then he got up and straddled my chest putting his dick on my new red lips. He was soft so I knew what I had to do I inhaled his cock in my mouth and went to work but this time was different he started to fuck my mouth which kept making me gag but it felt good. My slobber had covered his dick and he kept fucking my throat making me take his dick deeper and deeper in my mouth. Finally when just before I thought I was going to run out of breathe he pulled his now hard cock out of my mouth.

He looked at me and said now that your dressed like daddy's little girl do you know what little girl's do for their daddy's? And I said no he told me that little girls let their daddy's fuck them and shoot their cum inside them that way they feel better. He then asked me if that was something Id like to do. I said of course daddy anything that makes you feel good.

Right then he grabbed my ankles and held my legs high in the air while his other hand pulled my panties to the side of my now exposed little hole. He grabbed a small bottle of lube on the nightstand and squirted some on my ass then on his cock. He rubbed it in on his cock and put his dick up to my asshole.

I looked up at my daddy and said what are you doing daddy that wont fit its to big. He told me that it wasn't a problem that he would make it work. He began to push forward and I had no idea the amount of pain that making it work would cause me. His head popped in my hole and I screamed in agony it was by far the most my hole had been stretched.

He told me to be a good girl and to moan for daddy while he fucks my hole. I tried to moan although it was through tear soaked eyes the pain was excrutiating. But he continued on I looked at him and said oh daddy it hurts it hurts so much. He said its alright it will feel good soon. I trusted him and my trust was soon rewarded as once his dick had made it about ¾ of the way into me and he started to get a rhythm I noticed my dick getting hard again and the moans soon became very real. As he pumped me I started to beg him to fuck me deeper and harder and faster. Fuck me daddy I screamed fuck your little girl good. He continued to pound me and soon I had my first anal orgasm my cum shot out of my dick without me ever touching it. It wasn't long after he saw the cum in my panties that he started to grunt letting me know he would cum soon. Then all at once he shoved his whole cock in me and began to cum shot after shot of hot cum filled my hole and what a wonderful feeling it was. I looked at my daddy and said I love our special time daddy and he just said me too baby me too.

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