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A volunteer finds his gateway to the maure women he desires
Normally, Ruth was the last stop of the day when I was delivering food for the Meals on Wheels program. She was the only one of the many older women on my route that had been receiving my intimate attention. This week, Ruth was out of town for a family reunion, so obviously I would not be delivering food to her. So now, Nancy was the last stop of the day.
As I walked up to Nancy’s house, I was a little depressed at the fact that I would not be doing any freaky experimentation with Ruth, so I had a little storm cloud hovering above my head. I was quickly snapped out of my bad mood when I was hit with the scent of chocolate chip cookies baking. The front door of Nancy’s house was open, and the smell of the cookies was drifting through the screen door.
I came up to the door and rang the bell. Nancy poked her head around the corner from the kitchen and greeted me, and said I could let myself in. I came into the dining room in the front of the house and closed the door behind me.
“You can just set the food down on the table.” Nancy called out from the kitchen. I turned back and put the bag on the table.
“You know, I was talking with Ruth this weekend.”
Her words startled me and I froze. I was a bit freaked out, seeing as if Nancy knew the wrong thing, she could get me in a lot of trouble. I may be a volunteer, but I still had a boss that would be pissed if he found out what I was doing.
“She told me that I should take care of you while she is gone.” She said quietly. I could tell she was standing behind me now, since she no longer had to call out. I slowly turned around to face her.
“I told her that it would not be a problem.” She said, standing at the entrance to the kitchen. She was posed with her hands on her hips, wearing a frilly white apron, black high heel shoes, and nothing else.
Nancy was a much smaller woman than Ruth. She was also about five feet tall, but she was only about a hundred pounds. Nancy also had snow white hair, but it was in a tight perm. At a youthful 68 years old, Nancy had flawless skin, and surprisingly perky B cup breasts. The ruby red lipstick she was wearing shined as brightly as the small gold hoop earrings, catching light off of a nearby lamp.
My pants immediately started to bulge, and Nancy got a huge smile when she laid eyes on the tent I was pitching. She confidently strode up to me unbuckling my belt and whipping it off of my pants. I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor. Nancy threw her arms around my neck as I pried my shoes off and stepped out of my pants.
As soon as I was standing firm again, Nancy immediately jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. She hooked one of her arms around my neck, freeing the other to reach down and grab my shaft. Feeling that I was already standing at full mast, she positioned me at her entrance and swiftly loosened her grip dropping her cunt down onto my penis. Even though she was only a little moist, she had a very loose hole and offered very little resistance. Once she had planted herself firmly at the base of my stalk, Nancy closed her eyes and planted a kiss on my lips.
At this point, it was obvious to me that Nancy was the complete opposite or Ruth. There was no way I was her second lover, or that her gaping cunt had been empty for 20 years. I am sure Nancy had many lovers after she divorced her husband, and I was willing to bet that there were multiple exotic sex toys in her possession for her to punish her former baby factory with. But I was not about to complain.
I grasped firmly on her little round butt cheeks, lifted her, and dropped her back down on my shaft. Nancy bucked her legs and started bouncing on my cock. She immediately started moaning and I could feel her starting to get wet. Her moans grew louder and she was pulling her body tightly against mine. Nancy slammed herself down and squeezed every muscle in her body. I could not believe that she had reached orgasm already. During her squeezing, she still didn’t have much of a grip on my dick, and it was no wonder why. This little lady was probably a sex fiend since she was a young girl. I didn’t want to think or all the cocks that had driven into this now ample cavern before me.
I turned and set Nancy’s ass down on the dining room table. She let go of my neck and laid back on the sturdy wood slab. Her heels were still pressed into my back, and she used them to start a rhythm right away. I grabbed her hips and started pounding away. If I was going to give her much pleasure, I was going to have to grind against her clit. I knew I would have no problem lasting for the long haul since I was basically throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
Nancy had her eyes closed and was thrashing her head from side to side. I figured she wouldn’t mind if I treated her like a whore. I continued to pound away with all of my force, at a ridiculous speed. Nancy was loving it and was screaming by now. I reached for the ties on her apron and released it, throwing the apron up over her face. I reached up and started to pinch her nipples. I rolled them around, and rubbed them with lots of friction. After a few moments of that, Nancy froze once again, grasping the edges of the table. She let out a high pitched shriek, which I am sure the neighbors had no problem hearing, and gushed a puddle onto the table that ran off the side and onto the floor.
Since I was still nowhere near finishing, I decided to change things up. I pulled out of Nancy and got down on my knees. I went to work on her clitoris, sucking on it and teasing her with my tongue. Nancy would press her pelvis into me and grind her button onto my teeth.
I reached up and inserted my index finger into her hole. I should have figured it wouldn’t be doing much, so I tried two, three, and then four fingers. Finally, I had a little resistance. I worked my fingers in all the way up to the last knuckles, and started to pump, stroking the backside of her canal. She was apparently liking it, because she started to buck up into my face when the backside of my knuckles came into contact with her g-spot.
I picked my head up and flipped my hand over, tucking my thumb into my palm. I slowly pressed in, and pulled back out just a bit. I worked back into her warm, wet tunnel, until I got my hand in all the way. I was buried up to my wrist in this loose old whore. I curled my fingers back, forming a fist inside of her. My fingernail scraped across Nancy’s spot, making her jump violently. I started to pump my arm into her, punching Nancy’s vagina vigorously.
I decided that there was no need to make love to this woman. I decided to try and finish myself off. I stood up and started to stroke myself hard again while I continued to punch her cunt. When I was hard, I lifted Nancy’s pelvis up, from the inside, pulling her to the edge of the table. Her juices were flowing freely down her ass crack, so her rectum was more than wet. I put the head of my cock to her asshole.
“NO! I don’t do that!” Nancy screamed at me.
“You do now, BITCH!” I quipped back to her. I had half of my arm inside of her, so Nancy was going to be my little puppet now. I thrust my dick sharply into her. Nancy let out a quick scream and arched her back and shuttered. From the feeling on my cock, I could tell that she was not ready for me. I pumped my dick in and out a few times keeping my pushes shallow.
Then I quickly pulled my shaft out and pressed my fist down inside her vagina at the same time too. Nancy gave a loud moan as I collapsed her colon. She couldn’t stop herself from releasing all of the contents from her exit hole. Her feces plopped out and hit the floor with a soft splat. I didn’t skip a beat, quickly slamming my dick right back into her shit hole.
I continued to fist fuck this old bitch while I took care of myself in what was apparently her virgin asshole. Her ring was perfectly tight, as I pulled out and slammed back through the doorway. Her sphincter was milking my dick for all it was worth. I pounded away in both of her holes for about ten minutes, until I was ready to explode.
I pulled my dick out with a little pop, and ripped my fist out of her vagina. I quickly pumped my cock, bringing myself the rest of the way, and shot my load onto Nancy’s stomach and tits. After I had emptied my balls. I reached out and spread my cum into her skin.
With that, I reached down and grabbed my pants, putting them on and stepping into my shoes. I moved to the door and looked back to the table. Nancy was laid out, with her legs hanging off the end, and had a euphoric smile on her face.
“Enjoy your dinner, I’ll see you tomorrow.” And then I walked out of the house. I practically floated back to my car, thinking about how I had just fucked this old slut and was back out of the house in half an hour.

This is the best job ever.

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2016-05-27 04:40:17
norte de carolina raleigh


2009-08-06 07:00:58
Iv had the pleasure of an older woman (72) She was a little drung but a great feel at first. Got the best bj ever from her in a car while bringing her home from shoing. and had the best fxxk ever when i was doing some repair work for her......pity there is not more older women willing to play


2009-07-29 19:06:36
It was not bad just be a little more wilder

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2009-07-09 02:13:29
nothing like an older fuck to make a man feel younger than his age....

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