Jessica finds her little girl toilet, 6 year old Emily, at a different type of orphanage
The Orphanage

Jessica David approached the door of The Lost Girls Home cautiously. Within a few moments she would know if her long hidden fantasies were about to become a reality, or if she was about to become another statistic and face on the evening news as she was being led off to jail. She had learned of the orphanage and had been directed to it through a blind lead that she had received in her e-mail. She didn’t know the sender and hadn’t requested the information it contained, but the contents of the message struck directly at her nasty nature and seemed to command her attention and she couldn’t help herself from responding.

The 39 year old single woman enjoyed sex and loved children but didn’t care to be tied down by the obligations of being a wife and mother. However, it was her love of children that had led her to the door of the orphanage; for Jessica’s sexual desires leaned entirely to having sex with young girls. And it wasn’t just the normal sex a woman would have with a child; Jessica wanted to have a child she could use for the perverse toilet fantasies she had long fantasized over. She had no idea how or from where the desires had stemmed but they had played on her mind for most of her life.

She had first engaged in toilet sex while attending university. She had a few shit based relationships and had always chosen a young looking submissive partner and dreamed the girl was a small child. While the trysts had satisfied her immediate need for sexual relief, they never fulfilled what she always though as the ultimate sexual experience of having a young child positioned beneath her ass as she squatted over her face and filled her mouth with shit.

She had continued her sexual life style after graduation and eventually purchased a home computer to visit internet sites that featured scat sex, frigging herself to orgasm as she viewed the movies and read the stories. It was during one of these visits that she had begun a private chat with one of the other visitors. They began exchanging e-mails and soon found out they shared the same sexual interests. One evening Jessica was surprised to find a mysterious message stating they had just what she needed and directing her to open a particular a web address.

When Jessica entered the web site she was delighted but a bit disappointed. It showed a series of pictures and short movies of women using seemingly willing young girls as toilets. She was invited to apply for membership, but the membership application asked for extensive and deeply personal information, including her sexual preferences, and carried a rather large price. She was a bit hesitant at divulging that information but her desires won over so she completed the application and authorized payment to her VISA card.

She had expected to be allowed admission to the site but instead received only an acknowledgement that her application and information were being processed. She eagerly checked her e-mail repeatedly for the next few days for her access information to the site but heard nothing further. After not seeing anything for a couple of weeks she felt she had been scammed and wrote the matter off as a loss. She didn’t contact her charge company for fear of the embarrassment of having to divulge her journey into possible illegal activities, but did closely monitored her financial data to be sure she hadn’t become the victim of identity theft .

All of that changed a few days ago when she received another e-mail from the site. She eagerly open the message expecting her pass code and was surprised to only find a message congratulating her that her application had been approved, it further informed her an appointment had been made for her to visit with a Miss Browning and gave her the directions to an orphanage outside of the city. This was the invitation that led Jessica to The Lost Girls Home and would change her life forever.

The orphanage was secluded and set on large well kept grounds, an apparently converted manor home and estate dating back some years. The door was opened for her before she even reached the top step by a smiling shapely woman. She appeared to be a few years older than Jessica, possibly in her late 40’s or early 50’s, but the younger woman was taken in by her mature beauty. She was a comely woman with a relaxed smile and hazel colored eyes, with short cut auburn hair framing her face. Jessica noticed a few lighter roots in her hair, betraying the fact it had been colored, but it didn’t detract from the woman’s attractiveness. Her overall features and demeanor reflected that of a completely confident and self-assured woman, one who could be strict and demanding if the situation required, yet her casualness also revealed an inner friendliness and caring nature. Jessica imagined that at sometime she may have been a business administrator or possibly a university professor.

The woman was dressed smartly yet provocatively in a cream colored silken blouse and complementing short skirt that reached her mid thighs. The blouse had a Vee neckline that revealed the cleavage of her ample bosom, and she was obviously braless as Jessica could see the woman’s’ nipples pushing against her blouse and the brown circles of her areolas were clearly visible through the light material. She was wearing an elegantly styled necklace with a pendant that rested just at the top of her cleavage, enough to moderate what might be taken as a whorish appearance by the display of her breasts. Her torso tapered to a trim waist then flared to full yet proportionate hips and continued down to well shaped legs.

“Hi. Miss David, isn’t it? I’m Miss Browning,” she extended her hand. “Do come in. Please, let’s go to my office for a talk.”

Jessica felt at ease in her presence was but still had some reservation as they exchanged greetings and she followed Miss Browning to her office. Still not knowing what to expect, was she to be arrested when she entered the room, she was relieved to find the office a large study. Miss Browning showed her to a comfortable chair and offered her a glass of wine, as well as motioning to pack of cigarettes she could avail herself to.

Jessica was relieved. She knew it hadn’t been a police set-up and relaxed with her wine and a smoke as Miss Browning began explaining to her about the orphanage. She began by apologizing to Jessica about the delay in the response to her but the delay was due to their investigating her character. She explained that they offered a special service and wanted to be sure their clients were discrete, respectable and financially capable of affording their service before they extended an invitation. They had found out about Jessica through the e-mails she had been exchanging with her contact in the chat room; the other woman was actually a staff member of the Home. What came next stunned yet absolutely delighted her.

Miss Browning explained that The Lost Girls home wasn’t actually an orphanage in the true sense, but rather a home for discarded or unwanted young girls that were left with them by uncaring parents or unwed mothers, the ages ranging from infants to 7 years old. They provided a loving and caring home for the girls, whose only responsibilities were to abide by the rules. And the rules were quiet simple; they were either trained, in training or waiting to be trained to service female clients as personal toilets. The girls were available beginning at age 3, she felt it would be too difficult for girls younger than that to comprehend what was expected of them, for various periods of time, anywhere from a few hours for a session in the Home or for outside rental from a single night to a week or longer. The prices of the rental depended upon the length of time, the girl’s age and her level of experience. She explained that they even tried to place the girls in a permanent home with one of their clients if the two established a bond from frequent sessions together.

“Well, Miss David,” she concluded, “are you interested in become a client of The Lost Girls Home. You seem to share our interests and meet our criteria, and we would welcome you as one of our family.”

“Yes,” Jessica eagerly responded, then blushed a bit at her seeming eagerness. “Sorry for that. I would certainly like that. What now?”

“Well, that’s up to you,” her hostess smiled. “You’ve been accepted and if you wish you can have your first session this evening. You can view the profiles of our current girls. When you’ve made your choice we’ll get you comfortable in one of our private suites and bring the child to you.”

“I’d like that, Miss Browning.”

“Please, call me Mandy, that’s my real name. Miss Browning is a simple alias that I felt suited our service,” she smiled at Jessica, “if you follow me? May I call you Jessica?”

“That would be fine,” she returned the smile at the joke of the alias. “Jess or Jessie is also fine.”

“Great. Here you go,” Mandy drew a small laptop computer from her desk drawer and slid it to Jessica, “all of the girls are here. When you have made your selection press this button on my desk, it’ll buzz me in my quarters. You can also access the girls’ profiles from your home computer if you wish to call in advance for arrangements. Of course, as a member of the family you are always welcome to stop by at any time unannounced. We have a lounge where you can have a quiet drink and meet some of our other family members, and we even sometimes let the girls mingle there with our clients. After all, we’re all family.” She gave Jessica a nice smile, refilled her wine glass and left the room.

The selection of girls was almost overwhelming. They were all so cute and precious that Jessica felt herself getting wet just anticipating the evening ahead of her. She selected a 6 year old named Emily who had been at the Home for 3 years and was listed as fully trained, Jessica didn’t want to have to waste any time explaining or giving directions, she simply wanted a functioning toilet.

Mandy appeared moments after Jessica buzzed her. She nodded at her selection, made a quick quiet phone call then led Jessica from her office and to the private suites. Jessie was impressed with the size of the room and the furnishings; it was joined to a full bathroom and both were decorated in soft pastel colors. There was a king size four-posted bed in the center of the room and the wall at the foot of the bed was a large mirror. There was also a mirror behind the bedhead and on the ceiling over the bed.

On the nightstand there was a phone that connected to the lounge to order refreshments for herself if she wished to relax for a few moments between the sessions with her girl. It was permissible to provide the girl with refreshments also, but Mandy cautioned her to be careful if she chose to do provide her with anything other than soda or a fruit drink. While they did permit the girls to have a small amount of alcohol for its’ stimulating and relaxing properties, or even as a reward if the guest was particularly pleased with her performance, she would simply not tolerate anyone allowing one of her girls to consume too much to become the least bit intoxicated.

Mandy pointed to a huge built in bureau and closet and indicated they were stocked with a full selection of different sizes, types and styles of lingerie for her use. There was usually a charge for any item but as a new member the cost was waived for her first visit. She encouraged Jessie to get comfortable and she would return soon with Emily.

Jessie undressed and rummaged through the bureau and closet, she wanted to look special for her first night of toilet sex with a little girl. She chose a pair of crotchless panties with frilly leg openings and a matching push up half bra with a front closure that enhanced her 38C breasts and left the upper portion of her areolas and nipples exposed. She considered putting on the sheer robe that accompanied the set but decided against it and reclined on the bed, not surprised by the sound of what sounded like a plastic sheeting under the linen.

She couldn’t believe her dream was about to become a reality. There she was, almost naked and reclining in bed waiting for a little girl to join her for an evening of wanton and uninhibited toilet sex. She was glad she had eaten an early dinner before leaving home for the appointment, by this time her body had been well processing the food in to waste so she would have a nice load to feed her toilet. She felt herself becoming wet and reached down to stroke her pussy, not at all surprised by how moist she was, while raising her other hand to mold her breasts and tweak her nipples. She was glad she had the whole evening because she was certain she would cum almost instantly when she felt the girl kissing and caressing her body.

Her reverie was interrupted by a soft knock on the door, then a few moments later the door opened and Mandy struck her head inside,

“Hi Jess,” her eyes roved up and down Jessica’s body and she smiled at her with evident approval. “You’re ravishing, if I was a little girl I’d eat you myself. You ready to meet Emily.”

“If she’s ready,” Jessica nodded. She appreciated the compliment but wasn’t really taken in that much, she was fairly certain Mandy used it many times. She turned to her side on the bed, getting ready to sit up, as Mandy opened the door and ushered Emily into the room.

Jessica stopped and just stared, the girl was a doll. She was average size for a six year old and dressed only in a pair of cotton Barbie panties. Her face was soft and round with a cute little nose centered on her face beneath deep brown eyes. Her hair was light brown and fell down her shoulders in braids that hung to the tiny pink circles that would someday grow into the girls tits, each were tied on the end with yellow ribbons.

“Jessica, I’d like you to meet Emily,” she smiled at her, “she’s all yours for whatever desire you have until midnight.” She then turned to the little girl, “Emily, say hello to Miss Jessica. I want you to be nice to her and give her every pleasure she desires. Okay?”

“Yes, Miss Browning,” Emily responded looking up at the Headmistress. “Hello, Miss Jessica,” Emily said softly and nodded in her direction. “I’m very pleased to meet you and hope I will please you tonight.”

Mandy excused herself when the introductions were over and quietly eased out of the room, leaving the child and the woman in that paused area when two prospective lovers are checking each other out and not knowing what next to say. It was Emily who broke the silence.

“How do you wish to start, ma’am? What do you wish me to do first?”

“Why don’t you start by taking off those panties so I can see your naked body,” Jess was still smitten the beautiful girl. “I’d just like to admire you for a moment.”

“Yes, Miss Jessica.” The little girl immediately obeyed and was quickly naked.

Jessica finished sitting up until she was sat on the side of the bed as her gaze roved up and down Emily’s tiny body. She really was eager to start her toilet activities but she was having another first time experience in having a naked 6 year old in front of her and she wanted to make the most of the opportunity. She determined that she was not just going to use Emily for her toilet service but to also use her as a lover. Little Emily was so desirable and Jessica had a yearning to actually make love to her; to kiss and caress her body, sucking on the tiny BB’s of her nipples as she stroked her fingers through the tight slit of her immature pussy.

Rising from the bed Jessica walked over to where Emily was standing and knelt in front of her, their faces about a foot apart. She reached out and caressed the girl’s cheek with her palm, reveling in the softness of her flesh, then circled her hand behind the girls head and pulled it forward as she bent her own head and kissed her.

As their lips met both of them opened their mouths and stabbed their tongues together. Jessica brought her other hand to the girls butt and molded the soft tight flesh of her ass while they kissed. She could feel Emily moving her mouth on hers as she returned the woman’s kiss, and sensing the child’s experience excited Jessica even more. She removed her hand from the girl’s head and reached down between Emily’s legs to stroke her slit; the girl obligingly spread her legs to allow access to Jessica’s hand. Jessica’s arousal was elevating and she wanted to orgasm, to release her passion so she could begin her toilet activities with the girl.

“You’re a very pretty and sexy girl, Emily,” Jessica said softly as she broke their kiss, and reached out to hold the girls hands in her own. “Are you ready to have some fun with me tonight?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Emily blushed and hung her head slightly with embarrassment. This was a bit different from the usual routine when she was introduced to a woman she was to service. It wasn’t uncommon for the women to be slightly demanding and command her to begin her duty almost as quickly as Miss Browning left them together. But Miss Jessica seemed more kind and almost as if she cared for her. She raised her head and nodded. “And I promise to please you and do everything to make you happy.”

“I’m sure you will, honey. Come with me.” Jessica rose from her knees and, still holding one of the girls’ hands, led her to the bed. She turned around and sat on the edge of the mattress with her legs spread apart and pulled the girl towards her and between her thighs. As she stood between the woman’s thighs Emily’s face was even with her own and Jessica bent forward to kiss her again, at the same time resting her upturned palms on the girl’s cheekbones. Removing her lips from Emily’s, Jessica placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders and pressed downwards as she spread her legs wide open.

Emily well knew what the woman wanted and dropped to her knees, facing the pink gash of Jessica’s wide open pussy. Pressing her hands against the inside of the woman’s thighs for balance she eagerly lowered her face into the moist heat between them. Emily truly enjoyed eating pussy. She did not have any objections to feeding from the assholes of her mistress’s clients or drinking their pee, for that was her duty, but there was little performance needed from her other than lying down and opening her mouth. But when she ate a woman’s pussy it was she who was in control, licking their hot moist flesh, sucking and playing with the swollen nubs of their clits or fucking her tongue in their pussy hole. She had carefully practiced and learned how to best make a woman cum through the use of her mouth and tongue and was self proud of her skills.

Extending her tongue she buried her face at the bottom of Jessica’s furry snatch and drew her head upward, dragging her tongue between the lips of her inner labia. When she felt her tongue glide over the woman’s distended clit she flicked it with her tongue then closed her lips around the nub and sucked it into her mouth, lightly nipping it with her teeth as she tickled it once again with her tongue.

“Ohhh, God, Emily” Jessica moaned, “you are so fucking good. Eat me baby!” She dropped her hands to hold the girls head in her crotch.

She was pleased with herself when she heard Jessica groan under her ministration and felt the woman’s hands on her head, firmly holding her face against her pussy. Emily opened her mouth to release Jessica’s clitoris and began taking quick long swipes of her tongue through the wet folds. She loved it but she felt hindered by the woman’s panties and forced her head backward against Jessica’s hands.

Jessica was confused by the girl’s sudden pause and as she looked down to see what was wrong she saw the child looking up at her, her cheeks coated with her vaginal emissions.

“Miss Jessica,” she almost had pleading look, “may I please remove your panties? I want to show you how good I can eat your pussy and make you cum, and they’re kinda in my way. Also,” she continued a bit timidly, “I’d really like to feel your cunt hairs on my face.”

Jessica didn’t respond, she simply nodded her head and raised her hips from the mattress. Emily quickly removed her panties and started to lower her head to her pussy again when Jessica stopped her.

“I want you to come up here and take my bra off too, then we’ll both be naked.”

”Yes, ma’am” Emily stood and deftly unclasped the bra with practiced fingers, then drew the strap off of her arms and dropped it on the floor next to the panties.

Emily was enthralled by Jessica’s bare breasts as they were released from the confines of her bra. Rather than drooping like so many of the women she had serviced, Jessica’s tits stood firmly on her chest, her hardened nipples surrounded by the deep pink of her areolas and jutting outward as if begging to be suckled. Emily started to lower her mouth towards the nub when Jessica suddenly scooted backward.

Jessica felt relieved to have her breasts freed and had noticed Emily beginning to lower her mouth to her nipple but that wasn’t what she wanted, she wanted the girl’s mouth back on her pussy to bring her to an orgasm. Her legs had felt slightly cramped being spread along side of the mattress so she scooted around to lie full length on the bed with her legs spread wide; not only would this be more comfortable but she also could watch Emily eating her in the mirrors.

Emily hadn’t needed to be told what to do, crawling on to the bed she laid on her stomach between Jessica’s outspread thighs. Placing her fingers on folds of her labia she pulled them apart before lowering her face back to her hairy crotch, nestling her nose in the wet folds and nodding her head up and down to alternate quick stabs of her tongue into Jessica’s pussy hole and quick licks across her clit.

“That’s it, that’s it,” Jessica moaned, dropping her hands to Emily’s head. “Eat my fucking pussy and make me cum.” She felt the girl increase her efforts and raised her legs, bending them and placing her feet flat on the mattress.

As Jessica bent her legs it slightly raised her butt from the mattress and exposed her asshole to Emily. The girl could see small bits of shit embedded in the wrinkles surrounding the woman’s anus and wasted no time in lowering her head and placing her mouth over the woman’s rectal opening. She licked at the puckered hole to wet and loosen the bits and take them in to her mouth. When little nibs were removed she stiffened her tongue to stab it into the hole a few times then licked her way back to Jessica’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck,” Jessica almost shouted, “lick my asshole you little toilet. Lick my asshole…eat my pussy …make me fucking cum!!!!”

She was totally aroused, her senses in a state of almost overload as little 6 year old Emily switched her attention between rimming her asshole and licking her pussy. She didn’t know which hole she wanted serviced most, all she wanted was to cum. She reached down and grabbed Emily’s pigtails, using them as handles to pull her head up and down as she humped her pelvis against the girls face and ground her groin into her mouth.

“Now, baby, now,” she screamed as she felt herself beginning to roll over the edge of her orgasm. “I’m...I’m…cumming!!!” she screamed again as she felt her pussy pulsing. She pulled Emily’s face firmly against her pussy as she shuddered and erupted in her climax, her cum spewing out of her pussy and flooding Emily’s face.

When Emily heard Jessica screaming of her pending orgasm and felt her tugging her braids to pull her face against her she moved her mouth over her pussy and placed her hand at the top of her slit to diddle her clit with her fingers. She was lapping at Jessica’s pussy hole wanting to catch her juices as they seeped from her pussy as she climaxed but wasn’t prepared for the jets of cum the spewed from her hole. It filled her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could but she couldn’t drink it all down, the last couple of spurts squirting on her face and flowing down her cheeks.

Jessica relaxed as her climax ebbed but Emily kept her face in her crotch and dutifully cleaned the cum that had sprayed her thighs and ran down to her asshole, and sucking it from her pussy hair. Then, as she had been trained, she crawled to the foot of the bed and awaited her next instructions. Jessica was puzzled by the girl’s action.

“Emily,” she called to her, “why are you lying there? Why don’t you come up her next to me, honey?”

“This is where I’m supposed to be when you don’t have me pleasing you. Miss Browning doesn’t want us to be close to her friends because we might smell after we service them. We’re supposed to stay away until you’re ready for us again.”

“How about if I want you next to me, is that allowed?”

“Yes, ma’am. If you want.”

“I want,” she smiled reassuringly then patted the mattress. “Come up here and give me a hug and a kiss.”

Emily flashed her big grin and scampered next to her. This was the first time she had ever been asked to join a woman she had serviced. She knew that it might only be because she had only eaten her pussy and not actually her shit, and maybe things would be different later, but she enjoyed the moment for what is was.

Jessica laid quietly for a few moments with Emily after a brief hugging and kissing session. She wasn’t sure why she was being so kind to little Emily. The girl’s whole purpose of being there was to serve as a sex toy and toilet and from what had just happened it appeared the girls had been trained not to expect much from the clients in return for the service. Well, she was just acting along with her nature and that wouldn’t permit her to be unkind or abusive to children. Whatever the case, she felt a need to piss and from the grumbles in her stomach knew that a good bowel movement would follow.

“Emily,” she announced to the girl, “get on your back, I need to pee.”

Without saying a word the girl scooted to the middle of the bed, leaning her head back and opening her mouth as Jessica rose then squatted over her face. Jessica looked down at her mouth as she pulled her pussy lips apart and released her bladder.

The stream started as a slow trickle and splashed on the child’s chin, then as the flow increased it worked its’ way over her mouth and nose. Jessica squirmed her hips to direct the flow into the girl’s mouth and watched with increasing arousal as her piss filled Emily’s mouth and the girl’s throat muscles bobbed up and down with the motions of her swallowing.

It was evident that Emily wouldn’t be able to swallow her piss fast enough to keep it all in her mouth so Jessica stopped bothering in trying to aim the flow. Instead she grabbed the bedhead with both hands and started moving her hips back and forth and in small circles. She had bent her head between her outstretched arms and watched with amazed excitement as the golden liquid squirted from her pussy in a hard stream and totally bathed the little girl’s entire face. It was almost amusing to see Emily trying to keep her mouth beneath the flow, her little tongue flicking out to lap at the stream of urine as it splashed on her face and rolled off.

When her stream started to slacken Jessica released the bedhead, raised upright than lowered her pussy flush onto the girls face, shooting the last trickles of piss directly into her mouth and down her throat. As she strained her bladder to empty it she felt a movement in her bowels, apparently her bladder movement had massaged her intestinal muscles and caused them to start moving her freshly processed waste down her rectal channel. Jessica raised herself to pull her pussy from Emily’s face and clenched her rectal and stomach muscles tight to stem the movement and delay her turds until she was in position to let them fall into her toilet’s mouth.

“Do you feel better now, Miss Jessica?” Emily looked up at her. “I’m sorry I couldn’t drink all of your piss, ma’am. I tried but there was just too much coming out too fast and I couldn’t swallow fast enough.”

Jessica noticed an almost apologetic expression on the girl’s face as she gazed down at her, she gave her a reassuring smile. “That’s okay, honey. I had to pee real badly and there was quite a lot, wasn’t there. Don’t worry about it. Alright?” The sight of Emily’s face and hair wet with her piss stimulated Jessica and she could hardly wait to brown the girl with her waste.

“Yes, ma’am,” Emily smiled back. Although she had only known Miss Jessica for a couple of hours Emily liked her a lot. She was so different than the other women she had serviced. She knew her duty at the Home was to obey the guests and service them as they commanded, without hesitation or question, and she did so. Most of them were demanding and uncaring, seemingly only concerned with achieving their own pleasure at any cost, and regarded the girls as not much more then a toy – a means to their end.

But Miss Jessica wasn’t like that at all, she was kind and actually did seem to care about her feelings. Sure the woman had been a bit harsh when she was eating her to
an orgasm and peeing on her, but Emily accepted that as Miss Jessica being caught up in her passion. What impressed her was how gentle and tender the woman was when she kissed and hugged her, and how she seemed to be careful not to cause her any intentional discomfort. She even called her “honey” or “baby” while she serviced her, and had wanted her to lie close to her and not at the end of the bed.

From her past experiences of servicing women she knew that most of them would have a bowel movement and require her to eat their shit soon after they pissed on her, and she figured Miss Jessica would do the same. She decided that since the woman was so nice to her she was going to try to repay her kindness by working extra hard for the rest of the night to give her as much pleasure as possible.

Jessica knew she couldn’t hold her load back much longer and started shifting her body to perch her asshole over the girl’s mouth. She decided to stay in the same spot on the bed to get the best view of her feeding her shit to Emily. She would be able to see the reflections in the mirrors at the front and foot of the bed, or lean forward and brace herself with her arms and bend her head to look between her arms.

“Do you want to feed me your shit now, Miss Jessica,” Emily asked as she felt her moving around.

“Uh huh, just stay right there.” Jessica stayed on her knees and spread her legs as far apart as possible so her turds could drop unimpeded and directly into the girl’s mouth.

“Yes, Miss Jessica.” She didn’t stay exactly still though, she adjusted her head to align her mouth as much as possible under the wrinkled brown opening poised over her face.

Jessica took a few deep breaths then grunted a few times as she flexed her rectal muscle and very quickly felt her shit begin moving down her channel. When she felt the tip of her first turd spear through her anal ring she braced herself on her arms and looked down between her swaying tits, eager to capture in her memory forever the moment of her feeding her first turd to a child.

She was slightly disappointed though as her first turd was small and dropped out of her so fast she almost missed it as it fell towards Emily’s mouth. Taking a deep breath she squeezed her muscles and grunted to force out a longer second log. She could feel the firm log as it forced its’ way down the final inch of her shit tube then force her anal ring apart and was thrilled to see the tip of the turd appear from between the vee of her crotch. Being eager to see the girl eating her waste she raised up and backwards so she could get a view of the girls face.

She thought the view to be so exciting she couldn’t help but reach down and stroke her fingers through her pussy. Emily’s cheeks were slightly puffed from the mouthful of shit she was chewing and a small trickle of brown colored spittle leaked from the corner of her mouth. She watched as Emily chewed her meal and noticed the action of her throat muscles as she swallowed her waste. When she raised her eyes to look at the girl Emily’s eyes locked onto hers and held her gaze. When she broke their eye contact Emily swiped her tongue over her lips then snaked it to the corner of her mouth to lick at the escaping spittle.

Emily was caught a bit off guard by how quickly the first turf dropped from Jessica’s asshole but she deftly caught the nugget of shit in her mouth; its’ smallness passing right to the opening of her throat. She forced it from her throat back into her mouth, chewed it to a pasty consistency and swallowed, then quickly reopened her mouth for the next turd. She watched Jessica’s anus pulse a few times then slowly enlargen as the hard tip of another turd began to push its’ way through the woman ass ring, it looked like tiny individual globules compressed together to form a solid log. These were Emily’s favorite types of turds, they easily separated when she chewed and when her teeth mushed into the tiny bits each one seemed to release it own flavor of human waste; she also felt they were fun because the small pieces would trap themselves between her teeth and gums and she would have to chase them with the tip of her tongue.

She wished she would have had time to play with it after it had filled her mouth but she saw Jessica’s anal ring begin to expand with the tip of her next turd. It slowly emerged with a crackling sound and dangled over her until it began to taper then quickly dropped with a “thwipp” of escaping anal gas. The odious wind filled her nostrils as the squishy piece of shit filled her mouth, a horrendous tasting spongy mass that seemed to be one of the foulest pieces of shit she had ever experienced. She suppressed her gag reflexes and hurriedly ate it, swallowing pieces of it whole to rid her mouth of the hideous clod of dung as quickly as possible. She carefully tried to control her facial expressions to avoid showing any sign of her revulsion, she knew Jessica was excited watching her eat her shit and didn’t want to do anything that would lessen her excitement or arousal.

And Jessica was indeed excited as she squatted over the child’s face; she was finally fulfilling her long held dream of fully using a little girl as her toilet. She reached a hand to her pussy and frigged herself as she loosed another turd from her rectum, feeling its’ softness in the nerves of her anus as it slowly slipped from her tube with a crackling and spurt of wind. She noticed a brief look of horror pass over Emily’s face as the turd filled the child’s mouth and she closed her lips, but the girl nonetheless ate and swallowed the bodily waste she fed her.

She was replaying the scene in her mind when she felt a pang of pain in her stomach. She tightened her stomach and intestinal muscles to move the load along her tract, feeling a large mass squeezing down her tube.

She was getting ready to tighten her muscles again when her asshole suddenly opened with a gurgling flap and a long, round turd pushed out. It took about 3-4 seconds to fully exit her asshole and fall to Emily’s waiting mouth, exiting with another wet sounding fart.

Jessica looked down hastily, hoping to see her piece of shit landing in the girl’s mouth, but the turd was already jutting from between Emily’s lips. The turd wasn’t as large as she had imagined, but its’ girth stretched the child’s lips surrounding it and about 2 inches of the arc shaped piece of shit remained outside her mouth. The wetness and gas of her movement had splattered Emily with small bits of wet excrement that slowly dribbled and ran down her face, their movement being propelled by the motion of the child’s facial muscles as she chewed and swallowed the turd.

She felt the last expulsion had emptied her bowels and moved backward, lowering herself to rest on her haunches on top of the girls hips so she could watch the entire scene of Emily eating her turd. It was so arousing to see the bit of shit that protruded from her mouth wagging from her chewing motions and the muscles of her esophagus moving as she swallowed and the loads of shit traveled down her throat and into her belly, that Jessica absently reach her hand down to play with her heated moist pussy.

“Oh, Emily, Emily, Emily,’ she muttered, “you are such a beautiful little toilet.”

Emily has hardly emptied her mouth of the foul turd when she saw a trickle of brown sauce seep from the bottom of Jessica’s wrinkled anus. Her anal ring then fluttered and expanded, spitting small specks of the liquid on to her face, and forcing out the conical end of a large brown turd. The log seemed huge as it emerged, growing bigger and bigger as it was slowly released by the woman’s asshole and lowered itself to her waiting mouth. She quickly swiped her tongue over the specks of waste on her lips to taste the flavor of the next course in her fecal dinner and was relieved to find it not to be the same vile taste of the last turd she had consumed; it was rather routine - if shit could be labeled routine – having the putrid quantities one would expect of processed waste produced by a human body, but still edible.

She felt the greasy turd slide between her lips, stretching them almost to the point of discomfort, and completely fill her mouth. She had fixed her eyes fixed on the brown roll when it first passed her lips, waiting to see the end but it seemed endless. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to take the entire turd in to her mouth and secured her lips around its’ body when the tip touched her throat and she felt she could no longer continue taking it into her mouth, leaving a stem of extending from her lips.

Emily allowed the spittle that had collected at the rear of her mouth to soften the tip then worked her throat muscle to swallow the slime as it dissolved and slid down her esophagus. She bit through the crusty shell of the turd then began chewing and eating the shit filling her mouth, she had hoped to create more room to suck in and devour the stem hanging from her lips but her motions caused it to slowly bend over, break off and fall to the bed.

Hearing Jessica’s exclamation of pleasure she chewed slowly to prolong the obvious delight the woman had of her efforts. As she worked the shit in her mouth she twirled her tongue through the paste then loosened her lips and snaked the brown coated tip over her lips. As the mass lessened and her mouth became less stuffed she forced her mouth in to a small grin then opened it slightly as she chewed so Jessica could see her eating and swallowing her filth.

When her mouth was empty she caught Jessica’s eye then opened her mouth and swirled her tongue around in an “all gone” gesture. But it wasn’t all gone and she knew it, there was still the fallen piece of shit lying beside her on the bed. Picking it up with her fingertips she brought the tiny turd to her lips and began licking it with her tongue, rotating her hand to lick at all sides.

The turd had the consistency of a hard paste and Emily had no trouble in collecting a small pile on the tip of her tongue as she licked upwards. When her tongue flicked over the end she curled it and drew the shit laden muscle into her mouth, cleansing it then sticking it out again to take another swipe along her raunchy treat that had so recently been waste that was rejected by Jessica’s body and expelled from her through the shitty passage of her rectal channel. After 8 – 10 swipes of her tongue she opened her mouth wide, stuffed the remaining bit of the unsightly clod inside then chewed and swallowed.

Jessica had been watching Emily’s incredible toilet performance with awe, this had been beyond her wildest dreams and expectations and she was aroused beyond words. Her fingers were drenched with her juice as she had continued stroking her pussy and fingering herself throughout the little girl’s performance. Reaching out with her other hand she gently rubbed and stroked the child’s stomach.

“Did that taste good, baby,” she muttered at Emily not much above a whisper. “You liked that didn’t you? Did your little tummy get filled with Miss Jessica’s shit? Mmmm?”

“Yes, ma’am” Emily gave her a lewd smile. “I liked it lots. Your shit tastes the best of everyones.” She wasn’t exactly truthful but from what she could see of the woman’s aroused state she knew it would add to her excitement. And she was happy she could repay Miss Jessica’s kindness to her with her toilet services to the woman. But she didn’t feel she had dome enough and wanted to do more. She squirmed her body down between the woman’s thighs and reached up to place her hand in her pussy.

Jessica had closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she frigged herself, wanting to cum again, when she suddenly felt the girl’s fingers replacing her own on her pussy. Glancing down she saw Emily smiling up at her.

“Are you done shitting, Miss Jessica? I’ll play with your pussy and eat you again if you want?”

“Oh, yessss,” Jessica hissed, “I’d like that. And right now!” Without further comment she squirmed up to straddle Emil’s head again, pulled her labia apart with her fingers and lowered her crotch to the girl’s face. “Eat me, baby,” she cried hoarsely, “eat my cunt and make me cum.”

Emily’s eyes were riveted on Jessica’s pussy as it descended toward her face, the forest of pubic hairs glistening with droplets of the juices that had leaked from the deep pink slash nestled within. The girl’s senses reveled in the wonderful aroma of the overheated pussy as her nose and mouth were grazed by the moist and tasty flesh of the Jessica’s womanhood. She extended and flattened her tongue and felt Jessica’s pelvis lurch and thrust at her face the moment she made a long swipe along the length of her slit.

“Awww, shit,” Jessica fairly shouted and dropped her hands atop Emily’s head, “Eat me!!”

It took only a few mere moments for Emily to have Jessica writhing on her face as she applied her practiced mouth and tongue to the woman’s vagina. Opening her mouth wide she placed it over the center of Jessica’s cunt, sucking her inner pussy lips into her mouth and swabbing her tongue along their wetness, delighting as her tongue and inner mouth were coated with the woman’s fluids.

She raised her eyes and gazed up Jessica’s torso, past her firm jiggling breasts with their hardened nipples and up to her face; a face contorted with passion from the efforts of her mouth alone. She reached her hands up to grasp the woman’s soft buttocks to steady her a bit then rolled her tongue into a tube and rapidly fucked it in and out of her pussy hole.

“Unggh,” Jessica exhaled throatily. She couldn’t believe how hot and horny she was, all through the efforts of a 6 year old girl, and began fucking the little face trapped beneath her. “Make…me…cum!!” she panted in time with her fucking motions, feeling the beginnings of her orgasm rising within her.

Emily knew her woman was on the verge of her orgasm and eagerly wanted to taste her cum again. Giving her pussy hole a few last stabs of her tongue she tilted her head and drew it up her slit until she felt the nub of her clitoris, then drew the erect nub into her mouth, nipping it lightly and flicking it briskly. When she felt Jessica fuck her crease harder across her face and her juicy flow increase she straightened two of her fingers and jammed them inside her asshole as far as she could; the woman went stiff and exploded in her orgasm.

“Aieee!” Jessica screamed, the invasion of her asshole and the fluttering tongue on her clit pushing her off the cliff of orgasm. She grabbed Emily’s braids, pulled her face tightly into her crotch and jammed her pussy against her mouth. “Suck meeee!”

The hot cum squirting from Jessica’s pussy was all the reward Emily could want as her woman pulled her face into her cunt and her juices gushed out to flood her mouth. She sucked and swabbed at the forceful flow as she swallowed the delicious nectar, enjoying its’ warm taste and creamy consistency as it titillated her taste buds and oozed down her throat.

As her orgasm peaked and then passed Jessica released the girl’s braids and rolled off her face to lie on her back on the bed. Emily remained as she was, swallowing the last of Jessica’s cum, licking her tongue around her lips to draw in what she could then sticking her fingers in her mouth to suck off the shit that coated them.

She was confused as to what to do next, wondering whether she should crawl to the foot of the bed as she had been trained or if Jessica would want her to remain by her side. Her question was wonderfully answered when she felt Jessica reach her arm beneath her neck and pull her next to her in a warm hug.

Jessica ordered a couple of wine coolers for them to share before they headed to the shower together and they were waiting outside the door when they finished a playful shower. Jessica made love to Emily that rest of the evening, licking her body and having her taste of a child’s pussy, engaging in toilet sex only once more when she needed to piss from the effects of the wine coolers.

She became a regular visitor to The Lost Girl’s Home, never tiring of the thrill of toilet sex with a young girl. She tried different girls for a variety but there was something special about Emily and she kept going back to her, enjoying her so much she became her only choice when she visited the Home. The two developed a bond over time, playing Mommy/Daughter games when they were together and becoming friends to the point of falling in love with each other. Jessica eventually began taking Emily home with her for weekend long visits and even kept her for a week when she took her annual holiday.

Mandy Browning was aware of their close relationship and didn’t disapprove in the least, by that time Emily was approaching her 8th birthday and would soon have to leave her charge. During one of her visits she approached Jessica and asked if she would be willing to have Emily placed with her on a permanent basis, the Home would arrange to file all of the documents to make it a legal adoption. Jessica of course agreed without a moment’s hesitation.

When Mandy called Emily to her office and proposed the idea to her, the little girl’s only response was to grin widely as she rushed to her new Mommy’s arms.

The two of them lived their lives in a love filled home. Emily found a boyfriend when she grew into a beautiful young woman, got married and had two equally beautiful daughters, but she always found time to spend with her Mother for an evening or weekend of lustful toilet sex.

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