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Birthday Fun

In his gaze I could feel my mask begin to slip. My face turn into a blushing scarlet that stained my cheeks. With one look from him my heart would begin to race within my chest. How extremely clich?nd poetic it all must seem to the outside observer but I could not lie and trivialize all the feelings that had blossomed as a result of this new found angel in my life.

Many long days and nights had passed since our first meeting. Yet my mind was bewildered by thoughts of him both day and night. Often I would awake from a dream with tears in my eyes, sad to have left him behind. Within the privacy of my room i would fantasize, finding myself drenching the sheets and my fingers, as they smoothly carressed my aching desire filled clitoris.

For imeasurable amounts of time I would stay locked away from the world, living in my head, where I could feel my fingertips carressing his chest, quiver at the imaginary touch of his lips to mine, his hands reaching and touching me. My body quaked under these fantasies, trembled, became hot, and would come into a place of ecstasy. Although it was satisfying and wonderful, it could not sustain my burning desire for the real thing, for him.

His name was Johnathon. His hair was a russet colour that was filled with gentle waves, his eyes a light brown. I did not know what lay beneath those eyes, if his thoughts mirrored mine. But I knew I was desperate to discover that fact, even if he did not share my feelings... I needed to know.

So on the day of my nineteenth birthday I had finally mustered enough courage to risk the painful rejection that might come. I was overjoyed when he had accepted my invitation, and i spent much of the day awaiting the moment we could be alone together. The hours ticked by until he had finally arrived. John, wearing a large grin that could light a city.

" Happy Birthday, my sweetest friend." He came forward and embraced me briefly. My fingers reluctantly let him slip away.
" Even happier now that you are here." I smiled at him looking up at him under my eyelashes, as I felt my cheeks grow hot.
" It seems the party has died down, by the sound of it." He entered the front hall and examined the now empty house.
" Yes everyone has found their way home by now. It is just myself at present." I took a deep breath worried that this might scare him off.
" How fortunate for me." He said surprising me.
" And why is that?" I said coyly.
" Because since we met I have longed to share some kind of private moment with you." John walked over to the parlor, and sat himself on the couch, his eyes found mine and he motioned that I should sit next to him.

Slowly and with great effort I made myself sit next to him, trying desperately to control my breathing as my heart fluttered within my chest. As I sat down on the other end of the couch, he moved his body toward mine shuffling to get closer to me. His hand slowly stretched up and pushed a dangling piece of hair behind my ear. His hand pausing and softly crawled down my neck before leaving. I felt my lips part as I had not known that I had forgotten to breathe.

" I am a dasterdly fool." John spoke softly.
" Why is that?" I asked.
" I have forgotten to get you a present." He sighed.
" As long as you are here with me, I shall count that as my greatest gift of all." I spoke without thinking and turned away shyly. With a touch of his fingers to my chin he pulled my face back to face his. I could see within his eyes an earnest look. The look made me melt, and without any words shared we both knew. I leaned my head up and he bent his down, his lips then softly touched mine, pressing gently.

My tongue extended out and licked his lips, as I kissed him again deeply. My arms stretched and wrapped around his neck pulling him into me, his hands like mine were restless and one moved around my waist, while the other was on my collar under a racing pulse. A heat began to build within me and as the juices started to flow beneath my underwear.

" I want you, I always have." He broke our kiss to tell me.
" The same can be said for me to you." I grinned and then hurled my body onto him.

He lay back and moved his hands from the small of my back to my ass squeezing as I continued to move my lips with his, stretching my tongue into his mouth exploring it. My body grinded against Johns, my thighs straddling him as I could not contain myself from this overwhelming desire. Johnathon began to moan and my pleasure increased as I heard this knowing that I was pleasing him. I gasped for air, breaking our kiss to gaze down into his eyes. The light brown eyes sparkled and I slide down his body.

I slid down to his pants and my hands went to unfasten them desperately. Then I felt his hands on mine stopping me. I looked down at him, confused. He shook his head. Johnathon then sat up and looked at me, leaning into me. Kissing me and slowly pushing me down so that I was now on my back, under him. How urgently my arms desired to touch him, how hot my body felt as I felt his crotch over mine and his eyes penetrating me with a fiery desire that indeed mirrored mine. His hands reached down under my skirt, and rubbed my undergarments that now were ruined by my dripping juices. I began to pant and moan as his hands began to undress me. I closed my eyes and bit my lips already feeling as though any moment I could climax under his touch.

He stripped me off my clothes tossing them to the side, then looked me over his hands moving over each curve of my body. Down my neck, across the mounds of my breasts, over my stomach and feeling my waist, moving slowly he went to my thighs, to the pit of my knee and floating across my calves to my ankles. Shivers rippled down my spine as my breathing became more audible and my moans increased. Johnathon grinned pleased, his lips kissing up my leg as my hands gripped tightly onto the cushions of the sofa.

Then he removed his shirt, his eyes on mine. I took my hands and felt the hard muscular chest he had hidden so well. It felt wonderful to touch his bare skin that was warm and soft. He bent down and bit my lip gently before kissing me. His hands groped and cupped my breasts firmly. I gasped as his touch continued to make my insides twist. He removed my undergarments, each touch gentle and deliberate. His hands on my bare skin traced again each curve. Reaching down he felt the heat and wetness of my mound, his fingers slowly entering my lips and stroking. I arched my back and began to moan again as he kissed down my neck.

Johnathon hearing my inense pleasure began to grin. He pressed his bare chest against mine, my hard nipples against his muscular body made me gasp again for air. He slid down my body then kissing his way down my neck, taking a moment to lick and suck on my nipple, then kissing down my abdomen, until his lips were over my *lips*. With a short grin he stretched his tongue within them taking a long lick of my wet cunt over my clit, his hands on my waist. He began to lick faster and my moans became loud. His tongue was twisting its way around making me go insane as I started to twist myself my hands reaching down and feeling his russet hair. He continued to lap up my juices and I moaned loudly arching my back so close to climaxing. Hearing that I was close he stopped. Moving back up my body and kissing me I could taste myself on his lips, it was delicious.

I sat up and used my arms to push him against the couch. Spreading his legs I unfastened his pants and pulled them off. To no surprise he was fully erect beneath them. I smiled eager to return to favor. On my knees I extended my tongue and licked the tip of his penis. Johnathon moaned and I opened my mouth taking him in slowly. All the way down, his hand reached to the back of my head grabbing a handful of my long blonde hair. He groaned loudly. I moved up and down his shaft my tongue twisting around as I continued. His hands grew impatient pushing my head faster on him. Then he stopped suddenly.

Before I could ask him what was wrong he had picked me up in his arms. Carrying me easily within his arms he found his way to my bedroom. Tossing me upon the bed with such urgency he pinned my body down with his kissing me passionately. I could feel myself ready yet I could not help but gasp as he thrust himself inside me. I screamed, with an orgasmic pleasure. He reached his hand down and grabbed my breast tight then began to slow down grinding against me his hard cock moving in and out of me. Each time my moans increased and I was trying hard to contain myself and withhold my climax.

He began to push harder into me grinning as he heard my moans turn into screams. All the feeling rushed through me as he pounded my wet, tight, pink pussy. Do not stop was all I could think. But he did not. He continued moving his body with mine I grabbed his shoulders to keep from tearing up the sheets. It was with all this joy and ecstasy that Johnathon thrust hard into me, he lifted me up to him hugging me tightly as we both climaxed, his manhood filling me inside.

We held eachother in that position for a while listening to eachothers breathing slow down. He then gently laid me down and pulled out. Laying next to me I spun so that I was laying against him, my head on his collarbone my arm wrapped around his chest. He looked down at my eyes and parted his lips to speak...

" Happy Birthday." he said then kissed me softly on my lips.

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2011-04-06 17:45:10
Dont care about the Age vs Vocab.. I loved your vivid expressions.. nice one.. keep them cUming,, :) I throughly enjoyed it.. xoxo

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2009-07-22 21:15:01
you have a very odd writing style. i like it, as i can understand a better vocabulary than most. some people will be confused by your choice of words though. the only real problem i had is 19 year olds do not talk like that

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