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Curious little eyes.... Horny Teen Brother... Sleeping Parent
Day 1
July 14

Dear Diary;

Happy Birthday to me!

Mommy and Daddy gave me you, my first diary today. Sissy's always writing in hers, and hiding it away. She didn't know that I knew where to find it all the time. Finding it and actually being able to read it were different though. She wrote what looked liked scribbles to me. It was frustrating sometimes, but, you're my diary, and I'm not going to write about Sissy all the time.

Sometimes, I may write about Timmy, our big brother. He's older than Sissy and me. He's funny. Sometimes, I see him in the bathroom making funny faces in the mirror, and making muscles. He doesn't always close the bathroom door all the way when he's in there. It's funny to watch him. I don't watch him when he pees though. That's just gross.

Sometimes, I'll write about Kevin and Chrissy. They're the twins that live through the back yard, and through the woods. We all like to play in the woods together. They're older than me too. I think I'm the youngest of all the kids we know.

Well, that's all for now. I'm tired of writing, so I'm going to close and lock you now and find a good place to put you. Someplace different than all the places I found Sissy's Diary.


Day 2
July 15

Dear Diary;

I don't feel any older. I still feel like the little girl I was before my birthday. Today was boring. I played out in the woods with Kevin and Chrissy. We played house. Kevin was the Daddy, Chrissy was the Mommy, and I was the baby. I'm always the baby. We always have fun though.

Sissy is going away for a few weeks to Grandma's and Grandpa's. It's going to be real quiet here without her. She's always yelling about something, or throwing something, or slamming something. Mommy and Daddy called Grandma and Grandpa for her to spend some time on the farm.

Timmy doesn't really bother with me. He's a teenager, and I'm only 8. He mostly goes out with his friends all day long.

It's going to be a very boring summer without Sissy. I have to be quiet in the house all the time because someone's always sleeping. Daddy works nights, and Mommy works days. Hopefully the twins would be around to play with.

Good Night Diary.


Day 3
July 16

Dear Diary;

Something weird happened today. Timmy had the bathroom door open like always but this time it was open wider. I watched him from my bedroom with my door open a little. He started by making the funny faces he always did. Then he checked his muscles. I tried to be quiet, but he was really being funny.

I think he heard me giggle. He looked toward my room. I ducked as he started to look my way. I don't think he saw me. I was holding my breath hiding until I thought it was safe. When I looked back, he was naked, and his thing stuck straight out from his body. It looked like he was choking it as his hand moved back and forth on it.

I felt funny inside watching him. His eyes were closed. His legs were bent a little. His hips moved forward towards his hand then back away from it again. Then there was some icky stuff start to come out of the tip. It grossed me out, but I couldn't help but watch.

Soon his face twisted like he was in alot of pain. The tip of his thing was dark purple. I didn't understand why he didn't stop squeezing and tugging it if it hurt. His hand moved faster and faster and it looked like he was having trouble standing up.

He cried out, and fell forward but caught himself on the sink. His thing started spitting out icky clear and white stuff. I closed the door quickly and hid in my bed. I was scared. I shouldn't have been watching. I worried if he was ok or not. I didn't know if I should wake up Daddy or not.

I heard him turn on the shower water after a long time. When he started singing, I knew he was ok. I got up and peeked out into the bathroom. I couldn't see him. I don't know why but I poked my head in to see him in the shower through the frosted door.

I ran back to my room got dressed, and ran out the door. I didn't stop running till I got to the play house in the woods that Kevin, Chrissy and I play in. I didn't say anything about what I saw, and tried to pretend I didn't see a thing. We played house like always then they had to go. I was almost able to forget what I saw that morning until it was time to go home.

I hope I don't have bad dreams.


Day 4
July 17

Dear Diary;

This morning, Timmy had the bathroom door open all the way. I didn't watch him this time. I was still too scared from yesterday. I didn't really want to go out to play either. It looked like it was going to rain. I stayed in my nightgown and tiptoed to Daddy's room.

I could hear him snoring softly. I slipped into his room and crawled into bed with him. I haven't done that in a long time but right now, I really just wanted to cuddle close to him and maybe go back to sleep. Timmy was singing extra loud in the shower this morning. I pulled a pillow over my head and cuddled close to Daddy.

I woke up in my own room again and there was delicious smells coming through the house. Daddy decided to cook because it was raining. I loved when he cooks because I get to help. I was surprised to see Timmy in the kitchen with Daddy. He was just sitting at the table talking. My eyes went to between his legs and darted to the table right away.

He was wearing cut off shorts but they were loose. He wasn't wearing any undies, so his thing was sticking out a little. It reminded me of yesterday morning and I remembered how scared I was. I gave Daddy a hug and sat down at the table next to him. Timmy smiled at me and winked.

I felt funny inside again and wondered if he knew I saw him yesterday. I quickly looked at the food on the plate Daddy made for me. I felt embarrassed by Timmy's wink and scared, but I didn't know why I felt so scared.

After breakfast, Daddy went back to bed and left Timmy and me alone. We went into the living room, and Timmy sat on the sofa wish his legs wide open so his thing poked out his shorts again. I couldn't help it, my eyes just kept looking there. I lay down on the floor facing away from him while he flipped through the channels.

I really wanted to look over my shoulder again, but I didn't want to. I was afraid to. Timmy was flipping through the channels and stopped on some cartoon. He stopped flipping through the channels and was very quiet. I wanted to know why, but I was afraid he was doing what he did yesterday.

He asked if I wanted to play a game, but when he asked, he was right behind me and not on the sofa anymore. I jumped cause he scared me. He put both hands on the floor on either side of me and kneeled over me. I didn't know what he was up to, and I was a little scared. He was 15 and almost never talked to me. Now he was almost laying on top of me while I was belly down on the carpet.

I nodded and looked over my shoulder at him. He had a strange look in his eyes but he was smiling. He said if I wanted to play the game with him, I had to do what he wanted, and if I complained once, or stopped him once, he wouldn't ever talk to me again. I nodded.

My mouth was very dry and I tried to swallow but there was nothing to swallow. He lifted my nightgown up to my waist and put his hand between my legs. That felt very weird. No one touched me there since I've been taking showers alone. The way he touched me was different than the way Mommy and Daddy used to when they washed me.

His fingers rubbed between my legs until I started to feel wet between my legs. It felt good so I opened my legs and lifted my butt so he could do it more. He stopped rubbing me, and I turned to see what he was doing. He was opening his shorts and pushing them down. He looked at me and asked me if I wanted him to stop. I remembered what he said about never talking to me again so I shook my head.

I was really scared. I didn't know what he was going to do. I wanted to run to Daddy, but I didn't want Timmy to never talk to me again. He pulled my panties down and pressed his fingers between my legs again. This time, he opened up my lips down there and rubbed his fngers over my pee hole. It felt very strange, but very good. My legs opened more all by themself this time and my butt raised up by itself.

I felt his thing touch my butt and that felt very strange. Inside, I started to feel like I had to pee. I wanted him to stop, but at the same time, I wanted him to keep going. Just as I felt like I was going to pee, my legs stiffed up, my butt lifted higher and felt like it opened up. He poked his thing against my front hole.

I froze. I didn't know what he was going to do. His thing felt too big for what it felt like he was going to do. He told me to get ready, but I didn't know what I was getting ready for. He put his hand under my belly, and pulled me up hard against him. His thing stabbed into my front hole and I had to bite my lip not to cry out.

He tried pressing into me further, but it felt like something was blocking him. He held me as close to him as he could, and we changed position. He moved to sitting on the floor with his back against the sofa still poked inside me and forced me to sit on him facing the TV.

My front hole was feeling stretched and sore. Timmy didn't let me go. He started rubbing my pee hole again which started making me feel very good again. My hips started moving, and my legs opened wide and jerked each time his fingers moved. I felt my pee hole swell and started feeling like I had to pee again.

This time, Timmy didn't stop rubbing. My back arched so my head rested against his chest. My hands slid up my belly under my nightie and started to pinch and rub my nipples. They were hard and poked out a little. When I pulled and twisted them a little, I felt like I was starting to pee. My body started to press down on Timmy and his fingers moved very fast over my pee hole.

He told me to rub my clitty and pulled one of my hands down to where his fingers rubbed fast and hard. My fingers rubbed my pee hole like he was and he put his hands on my hips. My belly tightened up, my legs stiffened up, my back arched far all at the same time as my body exploded. I felt Timmy pull me hard onto his lap, but that felt like it happened to someone else.

My body was jumping alot. It felt like I was peeing on his thing. He started lifting me up and slamming me down very hard. My body kept jerking and jumping and suddenly he stopped moving. He rammed me down on his lap hard and pressed his hips up against me. I felt something splashing up inside me and thought he was peeing in me.

Then I remembered yesterday morning. It didn't look like pee yesterday so maybe it wasn't pee now. His thing was jumping inside me while it was spitting into my belly.

My body hurts between my legs, but when I think about it, I can't help but rub my fingers over my pee hole. It feels good. I wonder if Timmy will ever play like that with me again.

Uh oh.. Night Night Diary.. Someone's opening my bedroom door.
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