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By Greybeard

My girl friend, Debbie, had a somewhat unusual childhood that I
thought might be of interest to some of you.
When Debbie was only one and a half, her mother dissappeared. Her
father married again, to a slender attractive woman who Debbie always
adored, even though she was disciplined regularly from about the age
of eight until she left the house to marry at age 19.
Her stepmother used a strap on her and to this day, the sight of a
leather strap sitting on a table will cause Deb to blush and shake.
Debbie had two younger half brothers---when she was 13 years old,
Jimmy was nine and Billy was seven. What was unusual though, was that
although Deb was subjected to frequent strappings and spankings, her
younger brothers were never required to undergo corporal punishment.
She was the only one who got it on the behind, and even though it
didn't seem fair, that's how it was and she never questioned it.
It was Deb's step mother who usually took charge of the
punishment, although she would get occasional spankings from her
father as well. For the most part, her stepmother did not require
that Debbie take her clothes off to be punished, but she was sometimes
required to remove her things afterward so that Mom could inspect the
degree of damage that had been done.
Since the strapping frequently was accomplished while Debbie was
wearing just shorts or a short dress, and the target area often
included her legs as well as her bottom, she often had to wear blue
jeans to school the next day to cover up the bruises.
Most punishment was instantaneous after whatever offense she was
being chastised for, but sometimes, if she was out with her mom,
Debbie would be told that punishment would be forthcoming. Debbie
says it was especially humiliating to be told by her mom that she was
"going to get it" when they got home as she could not stand the
The punishment sessions usually took place in either her parents'
room or her own room and although in the early days her younger brothers did not usually
get a chance to see Debbie being punished, they could hear her cries
and the sound of the strap. They would often giggle about it
afterward and she knew that they told their friends that Debbie had
"been whacked on her fanny" or some such thing, which made her cringe
with embarassment when she thought about it.
Although for the most part Debbie's younger brothers did not see
her get spanked in her younger years, there was one occasion in particular that she
described to me when they were present for her punishment. Debbie was
already driving at least, in the neighborhood, when she was 13, and one afternoon after school, in trying to back into the garage, she managed to run over a wagon that
belonged to the two boys. When her Mom saw what had happenned, she
marched Debbie into the house while holding her firmly by the ear.
"You'll pay for this young lady," her stepmother said, striking
terror into Debbie's heart, but her mom told her that she would wait
until her Dad got home before the punishment would commence.
When her father got home, the two parents conferred for a few
minutes alone, after which, Debbie was told to report to her parents'
room, and the boys were told to be present too.
When everyone was seated in the room, Debbie's mother went and got
the strap. Then she told Debbie to take off her clothes, "All of them
young lady, I want you naked in front of everyone."
Debbie couldn't believe it. But she was too afraid to refuse. As
her younger brothers looked on in astonishment, Debbie took off her
sweater, her wool skirt, her half slip, her shoes and bobby socks, and
then her brassiere and her little pink cotton panties. She hated the
boys seeing her naked body like that.
"Now bend over and grab your ankles," said Mom, which meant that
from behind, Debbie's bottom hole and her genitals were clearly
exposed. In total degradation, Debbie was smacked again and again
with the leather strap until she was bawling her eyes out while her
two brothers and her father looked on.
Finally her step mother stopped. She made Deb walk over to each
of her brothers and bend over and show them her reddenned bottom close
up. Mom asked each of them in turn whether they thought Debbie had
been punished enough. Both the boys giggled, but said yes, she had
had enough.
When she bent over in front of her father, however, it was another
"I don't think you've learned your lesson, young lady," he said,
"get over my knees right now."
He then proceeded to give her a thorough hand spanking on her bare
behind, and this time she bawled like a baby. When her father was
through, Debbie's stepmother made her stand in the middle of the room
so everyone could see her nakedness. She then ordered Debbie to run
in place with her titties and bottom cheeks bouncing up and down while
everyone counted out loud to one hundred together. When they reached
one hundred, Debbie was allowed to leave the room and go to her own
bedroom. She says she didn't sleep at all that night and cried into
the early morning hours.
Debbie was allowed to stay home from school the next day after her
punishment, but that evening it became obvious that her brothers had
told all the kids they knew what had happenned.
There were several anonymous phone calls for Debbie that night,
boys calling up and saying, "Are we going to see your red behind
tomorrow?" or "We hear you like to show everyone your bare bottom, can
I see it?" and things like that. Debbie went back to school the next
day but it was more than a week before she was able to look anyone in
the eye, kids or teachers.
Debbie is now in her thirties, but I have no trouble picturing her
as a teenager. In fact, I have seen some very sweet pictures of her
in her teen years. She still has a slender body, and a cute little
bottom, and whenever I think of this story, I get excited and often
make her take off all her clothes and drape her naked body over my
knees for an old fashioned bare bottomed spanking, which is what I am
going to do right now.
Her brothers still live in this town. Do you think I should
invite them over some time to watch?
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