Just a little fantasy I had and would like to share
It's a lazy afternoon, and I'm dressed in your (and mine) favorite outfit; little black boy cut panties, a tight corset, black stockings and black pumps, and of course my black leather collar around my neck. Today you also have my balls in their ball stretcher, so they look like they have a little leather corset pushing them down, away from my cock. You've had me cleaning the house, dusting, vacuuming and some sweeping, all the while with our big red butt plug stuffed up my ass!!

I've noticed you seem a little antsy, but I haven't asked why. Then about 4, the door bell rings. You tell me to go answer it. I'm shocked!! I hesitate, and you tell me to get my ass moving, or it's going to be turned crimson! This is the first time you've ever spoken to me like this, but I can tell you mean it, so I walk to the door slowly, and as the doorbell rings again, I open the door. Standing there are 4 guys. I'm blushing bright red as I stand there looking at them as they look at me. I don't know what to do. Then you call out, "Don't be impolite, Invite our guests in." I manage to stammer out some sort of invitation, and step back as they walk in.

They all give me a good looking over as they come in, and you then walk up and greet them like old friends. You ask them if they'd like anything to eat or drink, and as they say yes, you tell me to get their orders and bring them out to the patio. I go off to get their drinks, still having no idea whats going on. As I'm getting their drinks, I have time to realize just how humiliating this is. My cock is straining to escape the panties, and therefore quite prominent. I still have Big Red in my ass, and the base is clearly visible from behind. To say nothing of my general dress. And I have no idea of who these guys are! I don't know what to do, but I get their drinks on a tray, and carry them out to the patio.

The 5 of you are sitting in chairs, in a large circle. This leaves me no choice but to walk around to each person to hand them their drink. That means each person gets a great view of me, and a view of the plug base as I bend over to hand out the drinks! Just about the time I've finished, the door bell rings again! You just look at me, and I know what to do. At the door are 3 more guys. I invite them in (I'm beginning to get my voice back), and ask them if they'd like anything to drink, as I show them to the patio door. As I'm making their drinks, the door bell rings again, and I know what I have to do. There are 4 more men at the door that I invite in, take their drink orders, and then show to the patio. Once I've passed out all the drinks, and in the process made sure everyone gets a great view of my ass hole all filled up, I stand there not knowing what to do next.

You look up at me and tell me you have a surprise for me. I manage to sputter out, "I'm already surprised!" This gets a laugh from everyone, and you tell me this is something you think I'll really enjoy! You then tell me to go get the large coffee table and bring it out here, and ask someone to give me a hand. All the guys offer, some making comments along the lines of "where do you think he would like my hands?". But a large black gentleman follows me in and helps me bring the table out side. Once out there, you then tell me to take off my corset and panties. This brings the humiliation back big time, but I follow your instructions and unclasp the corset, then wiggle out of the panties, freeing my cock to jump to attention!

You then tell me to get up on the table on my hands an knees, and at this point I think I have a pretty good idea of what's about to happen!!! Once on the table, a guy walks around to where my head is, and slowly unzipping his pants, he pulls his cock out. Oh what a beautiful cock too!! It's probably 9 inches long, with a beautifully shaped head, and nice thick shaft! He slowly traces the head across my cheeks, nose, touches my eyes with it, then down the tip of my nose to my lips! I eagerly open my mouth and my tongue darts out to touch the tip. I then lean forward and take the head into my mouth and begin slowly sucking and swirling my tongue around it. As this is going on, all the other guys are stripping, and in just a couple moments, there are 11 hot guys all naked on our patio!!!

As I tear my attention away for this wonderful cock I'm sucking, I realize that this is no where near the largest cock there!!! You then tell me that your posting to find these guys only specified that they enjoy group activities, and be VERY well endowed!! WOW!!! You then tell me that the only rules are that all orgasm that the guys have MUST be shot onto me!!! I see the guys beginning to lube themselves and each other up, and as I eagerly begin sucking the cock that is still in front of me, I feel a sudden pull on Big Red, and out it pops. I have no idea who's behind me, but once Big Red is out, I feel the tip of a cock begin pushing into my ass, and as it begins to slide in, I ride back on it, feeling it stretch me and go deeper and deeper!! I can hardly keep my focus on the cock in my mouth with this cock deep in my ass!!! I feel it push up against something, and then pull back. It pushes in again and I push back against it, and again it stops. Once more it pulls back, and then into me, and this time as I push back, I feel myself open up and with a bit of pain and lots of pleasure, I feel his stomach push up against my ass checks as he goes all the way in!!!

Just about this time, the cock in my mouth is pulled out, and I watch the owner give it a couple good pumps, and jets of cum shoot out and I feel it land on my head and back and shoulders!! As he moves away, a new cock is quickly fed into my mouth! This one is even bigger and has some pre-cum glistening on it's tip. I lick the salty pre-cum away, and then quickly dive down onto it!! As I do this, I feel the cock in my ass, which has been pumping in and out this whole time, pull out, and then I feel I jet, then a second jet, and finally a third jet of cum hit me in the back of the neck and all over my shoulders!!! The cum on my neck drips all around and drips down onto the table.

It's only a moment before my ass again filled with a new cock, and this one slides right in, and begins immediatly fucking me hard!! I'm sucking for all my worth on the cock that's still in my mouth, but it doesn't take long for that one to be pulled out, and again with just a couple pumps, it shoots its load onto my head and this time onto my face too!

Before I'm presented with the next cock, I look over at you. You have stripped also, and have your legs up and one dildo buried into your ass, while with another you are playing in your pussy and with your clit. You have your eyes almost closed, and it looks as though you are about to begin one of your multi-orgams!! Just then, you open your eyes and look at me. You see me watching you and give me a big smile and ask, "Having fun?". All I can do is nod, and the next cock has been shoved into my mouth, and I begin sucking away!!!

Over the next 30-40 minutes, I suck and get fucked by what I think has to be every guy there. But then everything stops for a moment, and you, who look pretty happy and relaxed yourself, tell me to roll over onto my back. This takes me a minute, because of all the cum all over me and the table, things are pretty slippery!!! Once on my back, you ask two of the guys to grab my legs and lift them up. In this position, I see the black guy who had helped me bring the table out, walk into view. OHMYYGAAWDD!!! His cock is simply enormous!!!! It must be close to 16 inches long, and close to 3 inches in diameter!! It looks fake it's so big! He walks up you my ass, which is as open as it's ever been, and puts the tip of that monster at may hole, and begins to push. I can feel my ass streaching and streaching, and suddenly I watch him slide in!! He only goes in about 6' then pulls all the way back out. Then he pushes back in and this time goes a little deeper. Everyone is watching this, almost in silence. He keeps pulling all the way out, waits, then pushes back in, a bit deeper every time. After a few minutes, he's gotten up to about 12 inches into me, but I feel like he's hitting something inside me. He then speaks for the first time, and tells me to relax, and as he pushes in, to push back. He pulls out again and then back in. I push as he goes in, and I feel like he almost goes in. Again he pulls out and plunges in, and I push back. This goes on a couple more time, and then about the 6th time, suddenly I feel myself open, and he slides in deeper than ever!!! He pulls out again, and this time as he gets to the point, I push even harder and he slides all the way in!!!! I feel like I've got a telephone pole up inside me, but it also feels so filling I can't believe it!!!! He then pulls all the way out, then plunges all the way in!! OH FUCKING AAAHHHHH!!!!!! I'm almost screaming, FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME !!!!!! And then from the side, I get hit in the face with another jet of cum !!! COVERMEINCUMMM!!!!

My cock, which has been totally ignored through all this is standing at it's most ridged attention. Another spray of cum hits my chest from the other side, as I continue to get fucked by this awsome cock!!! You then walk over and kneel on the table beside me, then throw your leg over, and slide onto my cock!!! You begin riding my cock to the same rhythem as the monster fucking me, and then someone stradles my head and a cock is pushed into my mouth from above. I just ride the waves of pleasure as I'm used in both ends and have you riding me. I feel more cum hit me, then the cock in my mouth is pulled out, and it's cum his you on your tits. At this point, you begin cumming, and lean down on me, smearing cum all over yourself, and lock your mouth onto mine. I taste your tongue, and the taste of cum, and then I begin cumming harder than I ever remember. It feels like I'm going to completely drain myself deep into your pussy!!!

As I begin to think again, I realize I'm still being pounded in the ass by that beutiful monster cock!!! I'm not sure what to think, but suddenly it stops deep in me, and then I feel it spasm, and again, and again, and again. And it keeps going, and I know I'm being loaded with a bucketload of his cum!!!! When he finally stops, he slowly pulls out, and I just lay there with you on top of me, and my cock still buried in you, wondering what will come next. Just about then, I feel something at my ass, and then realize someone's tongue is probing at my hole!! You then sit up, and turn around and ask, "Are we still rolling?" Someone answers "Yes". And I suddenly realize this has been videotaped!!!

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2015-12-24 18:27:04
So horny after reading this story have to go ride my 12" dildo and get myself off

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2014-02-14 17:07:34
Maybe someday my lady will train me like this. I'm a white guy that likes BBCs that are aggressive and love to be degraded and abused.

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2013-05-07 02:24:54
Loved the cocksucking while dressed in panties and stockings! Turned me on and I want to suck those cocks!

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2010-09-08 20:14:45
I love bi stories. I love to fuck pussy or hot ass while someone is ramming an oversized cock up my ass. Its the best feeling in the world when I cum and my ass locks down around a big thick cock. One in the mouth at the same time is always a pleasure especially if he cums in my mouth

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2009-11-21 01:34:13
you got me to cum. i love the part when some one was in your ass,one was on ur cock and one was in ur mount. good storie

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