This story is based on a time when I really did dance on stage, but this was a bit more fun than I really had.
Almost 20 years ago, I was in my mid 20’s, fresh out of college with a degree in liberal arts, and no real job. Looking through the want-ads in the newspaper (remember what that was like?) I spotted a listing for “male exotic dancer”. I figured it would be worth checking out. I ended up getting a job at the Nob Hill Theater in San Francisco doing JO dancing for $20 and tips. Lap dancing was encouraged and I could usually take home about $40 for 20 minutes of time and a orgasm, both of which I had lots to spare.

I had a female friend at the time, we’ll call her K, who I had known for several years, but had never quite hooked up with. We had spent many an hour comparing kinky ideas and desires, but for some reason, it had always stayed platonic. So of course I had told her about the dancing soon after starting, and a bit to my surprise, she said she would enjoy watching one of my shows. Of course, I was all for this! I was dancing 3 times a week, so the next show was a couple days away, so we scheduled the “date” and I spent that time in eager anticipation.

She drove with me over to the city (we were both still living in Berkeley ), and I dropped her off near the theater while I found parking. I did this because one of the rules of the job were that we were not supposed to have any friends in the audience while dancing. So she went in and I parked the car, went in, and got ready for my show.

Getting ready mainly consisted of stripping down to my Jockey’s and boots, and giving myself a little head start on the hard-on, so I was pushing at my shorts as the curtain came up. With that prep, I was on stage, the announcer introduced me, the music started and the lights came up. My dance consisted of mostly grinding my hips, rubbing my hands over my chest, sides, legs, and butt, and stoking my cock to keep it hard and make it interesting for the audience.

So once the music started, I quickly shed my shorts and got my cock out for display. I stayed on stage for a couple minutes, making sure to turn around and show my ass, bending over and spreading my cheeks as if ready for a good hard fucking. A few minutes into the routine, I went down the stairs and onto the floor, and begin to really dance for the tips. I would strut up to each audience member, and spend a little time stoking and gyrating for him, and since many of them would have their own cocks out and be stroking away, I would turn around, back up towards them, and again spread my cheeks so they could get a good look at my asshole!!

I also liked to put my foot up on the arm of their seat, and push in close so the tip of my cock would only be a few inches from their face. Sometimes I would comment on what a hot dick they had, or how large it was, anything that I thought might make them feel good. But if they looked away as I walked up to them, I would leave them alone, figuring they weren’t comfortable with the close up attention.

So I working my way up the audience, and see K in the next row, between a couple of guys that both have their cocks out, and figure I better give them a good show. Then I suddenly realize the K is giving a bit of show of her own. She has her jeans un-buttoned, and what looks like (and is later confirmed to be) a double ended dildo that she is thrusting in and out of her pants, so that it almost looks like she’s stroking her own cock!

But I go in to do my thing. I go in to the row in front of them, climb up onto the arms of the seat directly in front of K with my back towards them, and bend over putting my hands on the seat in front of me. This places my ass just a little above head height, with my legs spread and my cock and balls dangling down in front of them. I pump, grind and gyrate in front of them for a couple of minutes, then climb down, step over the seat, and proceed to do the foot-on-the-armrest, stroke my cock and pull on my balls, and let them stroke my legs and butt (you weren’t really supposed to let them touch your ass, but the management didn’t really care, as long as they didn’t touch your cock or balls). The guys put some bills in my boots, and K just looked up and smiled.

I went on and finished the floor part of the dance for the remaining audience, then I made my way back up onto the stage for the finish. This was the part that I really enjoyed, since I finally got to relieve the pressure that had built up in my cock from 20 minutes of constant attention. I liked to grab my balls in one hand and pull down to stretch my ball sack, and then give my cock a few nice long, slow strokes. While doing this, I always would try to make eye contact with some of the audience members. Today, I was watching K! Then pulling real hard on my balls, I gave my cock a hard pull that stretched the tip of my cock open, and with that I shot my wad up and out over the stage. I always pumped several loads, and this was no exception. With that explosion, I just sort of collapsed onto my knees and sat there for a minute of so, milking the last of the cum from my cock. The last thing I did was to rub my finger over the hole at the tip, and smear the last of the dripping cum over the head of my cock, then licked the cum off my finger.

With that, the show was over. Several bills had been thrown onto the stage, so I picked those up, waved and thanked the audience, picked up my shorts, and walked off stage. K had agreed to meet me out front of the theater about 10 minutes after I finished. When I came out, she was waiting with a huge smile on her face. On the drive home, she asked me how it felt to do that. I said it really felt like I was watching someone else do those things, that I always felt a little disconnected from myself both during and after the show for awhile, but that it was a huge turn-on. She said she could tell that !!! . She asked me if I felt any humiliation when I was on stage. I told her it I had wondered about that, because I definitely felt something, but that it was such a turn-on, I had a hard time defining it. She said she thought she understood. I told her I had wondered if I would feel exploited, or in some way degraded or lessened, but that I really didn’t. I figured that if both the audience and I were enjoying our selves, then it seemed like it was a win-win situation. She agreed that if it didn’t bother me, then she could see nothing wrong. I was actually very happy to hear that, as I had always valued her opinion and if she had found it distasteful or in some way wrong, I would have been very upset.

With that conversation going on, I drove her home through the late afternoon traffic. When we finally got to her apartment, she said that she had had such a fun time, she thought she should do something for me to show her appreciation. Not sure what to think (remember, we had never hooked up in any way except platonically), I asked what she had in mind. She smiled and said I should come up, as it would be much easier to show me than to explain.

No more encouragement was needed. I parked and went up with her. Inside, she told me she wanted me back in my “dance outfit”, and she would be back in a minute after changing. She went off to her room, and I stood there for a moment, just a bit shocked, but thrilled. Then I began to wonder what she meant, and decided I would strip down to my Jockeys and boots, since that seemed like a safe compromise, just in case I was completely mis-understanding things. Of course my cock immediately began to get hard, but with a bit of readjustment, I had it comfortably stowed. I stood there for a minute, feeling a bit odd, so decided to sit down on the couch. I only had to sit there a couple minutes, looking out the windows at the apartments across the courtyard, before I heard her open her door and walk down the hallway to the living room. I stood up, turner around, and just marveled at what I saw. She had brushed out her hair which was long and black, was wearing a black kimono, and had on black, high-heeled boots that went up to just below her knees. I had always thought she was beautiful, but this added a whole new level to that.

She told me to sit back down, and said it more as an instruction than a request. I sat down and she came up behind me. I thought she was going to put her arms around me, or something like that, but I was just a little off. She reached around my neck, and buckled on a black leather collar. Next, she told me to stand up, and asked what in the world was I doing with those stupid briefs still on, get them off now! I complied, and as I bent over to slid them off, she reached over and clipped a leash to the collar. “Now,” she said, “I think you’re ready to begin having some real fun.” She explained that from what we had talked about in the past, what she had seen today, and what we had discussed in the car on the way home, she felt that I would really enjoy a bit of play with her, and that if I felt differently, say so now. You can probably imagine that I was not about to disagree with her, and just said I trusted her completely, and was ready.

She tugged on the collar and told me to follow her, and she was going to get me cleaned up. I followed her down the hall to the bathroom, where she told me to get on knees and put my face on the floor. From this position I could only see part of what she was doing. She walked out of the room, returned a moment later having removed the kimono. She was now dressed in the boots, a “top” that consisted of a series of black leather straps that acted as sort of a push-up bra, leaving her breasts exposed, that all met up at a tall leather collar that went around her neck, and the most amazing thing of all, a HUGE black cock standing at attention. She was wearing a leather harness around her waist that had this monster of a black dildo mounted to it. I reached for my cock, but she reached down and grabbed my collar and gave it a jerk and said that would be the last time I would touch myself with out her expressed direction.


2011-09-28 16:11:32
didnt really like this story

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2009-07-13 00:14:41
very fun start, you ended it to soon. -ok i am hooked and will be looking for part two. dont keep us waiting to long!!

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