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Three lady friends were discussing what they should do about the fact that each of their husbands was named, Leroy. When they got together to talk, it was very confusing as to which husband they meant..and this happened all of the time. So one day when they were all together having lunch they decided to figure out a way to solve this problem. One lady suggested giving each of the husbands a nickname. She then exclaimed, "Mine will be called, '7-Up.'"
"Why do you want to call your husband, 7-Up?" asked the other two friends.
"Because my Leroy has seven inches and it's always, UP!"
"Then I'll call my Leroy, 'Mountain Dew,'" said the second lady.
"Why would you call him that?" asked the other two friends.
"Because my Leroy is always Mountin' me and doin' it," she proudly exclaimed.
"Well then," said the third lady,"I'll call my Leroy, 'Jack Daniels.'"
"You can't name him that," cried the other two women, "Jack Daniels is a hard liquor!"
"Yessirreee! That's my Leroy!"
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