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I thought what happened with Ms Rosen and I was only going to happen one time. She was teacher and I was a student. We fucked once and I thought it would never happen again. What happened next was a shock.
It was Wednesday and a beautiful spring day. Only 1 more month left of school. Also for the last week I was really happy. I just fucked the best looking woman in school. My guidance counselor Ms Rosen she was smoking hot. For everyone that didn’t read my first story, She is 5’4, fair skin, brown hair that reached her back. Beautiful blue eyes, nice round ass, and were nice legs. Her pussy was really tight and it felt good fucking her. I was on cloud nine. I was happy also cause Wednesday was the days that the group met Ms Rosen during lunch I couldn’t wait. Lunchtime came and I didn’t grab lunch I waited for the group. We went up and I was just smiling. Ms Rose saw this and asked “ Miguel you must have a good day?” I told her that I was just happy she knew what I was talking about and smiled back. “ I’m glad for you”. So knew why I was happy. Then she told us that she was having a little party for all her students. She gave us our permission slips. Now it was time to go, she told me to stay for a minute. “ Miguel can you come over to my house around 12pm? I need help getting everything together. Everybody will be there around 4pm. I want to talk to you first also as I will tell you the other reason why I’m having the party. I agreed. Saturday couldn’t get come fast enough. Saturday was here jumped out of bed and I started to get dress. I put on my best shirt and put on cologne. I left about 10:15 it took about a 5-minute walk to the train station and I know that the subway ride was about an hour but on Saturday it ran slow. I got there around 11:30 I’m sure she wouldn’t mind that we spend more time together. I rang her bell a minute later she opened. “ Miguel you are early. I didn’t know you was going to be here.” A smile was on her face. Her hair was still wet and she was just in her robe. A nice pink robe that was just a little above her knee, I liked looking at her legs I guess I’m a leg man cause that was always the first thing I notice about women. She told me to come in and have a seat. She came back in about to minutes. She was wearing black tights and a black shirt. She sat next to me. “Miguel I need to tell you something. I’m moving after the school year back to Boston. I found a teaching job over the last week. I moving back home with my parents until I get a house.” I looked at her shocked now I know that I couldn’t have a relationship with her, but I was still sad. I liked being with her and I couldn’t help that. I told her that I’m sad and that I didn’t want to see her go but that I’m sure she will have a better life out there. She looked at me “ I’m glad you understand. I’m telling you cause you are one of the best things to happen to me. I know you’re too young for me but I know that you really care for me. I care about you also but this is wrong and you need to find a girl your age. Also I care about you the way a teacher should care about a student and what we did last week is not good. It felt good but it’s not legal.” I told her don’t worry I will never tell. Then she looked at me and I moved in and kissed her cheek. I put my hand on her face. I’m going to miss you Ms Rosen. Then she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I’m going to miss you too Miguel.” Then we started to make out on her couch for about 5 minutes. Then I stopped her. Don’t you need help with some thing? She told me not to worry and we continued to kiss. I moved my hands up and down her back and lifted up her shirt to expose her perky tits. I kissed on each of them. She then took off her shirt completely. “Let’s go to my room.” She said I followed her and my dick started to grow. I watched Ms. Rosen walk to her room. I watched as her ass just wiggled when she walked. We got to her room. She then pulled down her tights to expose her ass. Her ass was great, and then she bent over and put her finger inside her pussy. “This is what you want Miguel?” I said yes. I walked over to her and got on my knees and started to stick my fingers into her pussy. It was already wet and warm. I took my fingers out and licked her pussy while I had my hands on her ass. She stopped me and said “ Take off your pants I did this and now my dick was just out. She was still bent over. “Fuck me from behind Miguel.” I took my dick and slowly put it in her pussy. She moaned and said, “ I just want you to fuck me hard I don’t care how fast you go.” I grabbed her hips and I started to pound her pussy from behind. She had her hand on her clit and she was screaming “Miguel fuck me baby that feels good keep going.” Then she her legs started to shake and my knees started to get weak. I was about to cum then I heard her say, “Fuck I’m cumin keep going.” She screamed and I could feel her pussy lips grip on my dick. Then I couldn’t take it anymore. I exploded into her pussy. Pushed my dick in as far as it could go and just keep shooting my load into her. I pulled out and she still had her ass in the air. Her face in her bed, she moved forward and turned around. I sat on her bed I was still breathing heavy. “That was good Miguel. I want to fuck you again.” Then she grabbed my dick and started to suck on it and 2 minutes later I had another hard on. She said, “Lay back and enjoy let me ride your cock.” She got on top of me grabbed my cock and slowly slid down on it with her pussy. Then she started going up and down slowly she was speeding up. I watched Ms Rosen’s tits just bounce as she rode my cock. She had her hands on my chest as she continued to ride me. With each moan put her nails into my chest. She got off and turned around and put her ass near my cock. She grabbed it and put it back into her pussy, I almost came when I entered her that way. Now I could see my dick in her pussy and she just went up and down riding my cock that way. She started moaning and screaming. “That feels so fucking good Miguel I love your big cock. It’s deep in me. This continued for about 2 minutes and I just exploded into her pussy again. This time I came first I couldn’t help it. Then she said, “ I love the way your cum feels in my pussy. Now I’m cumin.” Then she screamed and started to shake again. I felt her warm juices on my cock. She got off my cock and just collapsed on the bed next to me. We were both breathing heavy. She hugged me and kissed me. I looked into her eyes and said I love you Ms Rosen I will never forget you. She looked at me and said “I love you too Miguel but it will never work, but I will never forget you either.” We kissed and we made love this time soft and sensual. I never saw Ms Rosen again after she left for Boston.

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2014-06-08 15:08:02
and i suggest you use a spell checker buddy

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2010-08-25 09:07:03
dummy it doesnt take long to put on tights and a t-shirt dumb-ass im new to this site its a good story. I believe him cause after all the crazy things teachers do with students now a days who knows how its been going on.

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2009-07-30 07:03:53
dont listen to the reatarded bastard who sead paragraphs and spacing its youre story and therefor should be wrote as u want hes probably a geeky nerdy virgin that wanks over spell checker.

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2009-07-27 21:51:44
Very nice. You reading police need to be a little more polite...geesh...

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2009-07-22 17:08:01
went from pink robe to shirt and tights in five minutes. I sujest you reread your true stories.

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