Sabrina Finds Customer Wants More Than A Pair Of Shoes
It had been a long day, and Sabrina was looking forward to locking up and going home. She let most of the employees leave, and was about ready to lock up when a customer walked in the door. She looked at Sabrina, smiling and the walked over to some suede boots that were sitting on a table by the window. Sabrina sighed, this was the last thing she needed, a last minute customer. She walked over to the woman saying,

"Hello there, is there anything I can help you with?"

The woman turned, her beautiful blue eyes capturing Sabrina's attention. She smiled and said,

"Hello, I'm Veronica."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Veronica, I'm Sabrina."

"Hi Sabrina, I know you're closing, and I'm sure you must want to go home, but I was just wondering if you had these boots in my size."

Sabrina was taken by the Veronica's beautiful eyes, there was something about her that seemed to capture Sabrina off guard.

" you have these in my size?"

"Oh yes, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to phase out."

"Not a problem, I'm sure you've had a long day, I can come back if you'd like."

"Oh no please, let me measure your foot, I want to make sure I get the right size."

As Veronica sat down in the chair, Sabrina pulled up her stool, taking Veronica's foot in her hand, and placing it in the measuring device. Once she determined that she wore a size eight Sabrina looked up to see that that Veronica's skirt had ridden up, and that she wasn't wearing any panties. Sabrina didn't know where to look, she wanted to look away, yet she couldn't. Veronica's pussy was amazing, her lips were plump, and wet. Not that Sabrina had ever seen another woman's sex, not up close anyway, Sabrina was so straight laced, yet why was she staring at this woman?

Sabrina was so confused, she was strictly heterosexual, yet she found herself becoming aroused looking at Veronica's pussy. She must be overly tired, she thought, after all, she's been putting in a lot of hours, it must be her imagination or something silly like that. Sabrina's thoughts were interrupted when Veronica asked,

"Is everything alright?"

"Oh yes I'm sorry, I must have drifted for a moment."

"It's alright, it happens to us all."

Her smile, and the sight of her sex was causing Sabrina to have feelings she didn't understand, let alone know how to deal with. Sabrina excused herself and went to get the boots from the stock room. Sabrina returned with the boots and took one from the box, slipping it onto Veronica foot, trying not to look anywhere but her foot. Unfortunately when she looked up to ask Veronica about how the boot felt there was Veronica's pussy right in her line of sight. Sabrina took a deep breath asking,

"How does the puss...I mean boot feel?"

"Mmmmm, it feels good, may I try the other one as well?"


Sabrina replied as she slipped the boot on her other foot. As Sabrina looked up again Veronica had parted her legs even farther apart, and now Sabrina was staring at her completely exposed pussy. Sabrina looked up at Veronica, then looked back down at her pussy. Her pussy lips were actually quivering, as if they were opening and closing ever so slightly. Sabrina could see them moistening as she watched. To make everything seem even stranger, Sabrina could feel her own pussy starting to tingle, and her nipples hardening. Now she was really confused.

Sabrina was sure that Veronica was putting on a show for her but why? Nothing like this had ever happen to Sabrina, and she wasn't sure how to handle it...this was a first for her. As Sabrina looked into Veronica's eyes again Veronica smiled and said,

"My pussy is on fire Sabrina, I want you to touch it."

Sabrina could believe her ears, had this beautiful woman just asked her to touch her pussy? Sabrina looked at her asking,

"Pardon me...did you just as me to..."

"Yes, I want you to touch my pussy, now do it...please!"

Sabrina knew that even though this was against everything she stood for, she knew that for some reason, she was going to do as Veronica asked. With her fingers trembling she eased her hand between Veronica's legs, and started moving her hand upward toward her sex.

"Yes, that's it...touch my legs, I want to feel your hand on my inner thighs."

As Sabrina slid her hand along her thighs, Veronica gasped, sliding down in the chair parting her legs as far as she could. Sabrina could feel her own sexy starting to burn with desire as she slid her hand up Veronica's leg inching ever closer to her dripping pussy. As her fingers drew closer she could feel the heat emanating from between Veronica's legs. Finally, Sabrina eased her finger into Veroniva's pussy, listening to her gasp as she began working her finger inside her pussy. Sabrina instinctively added a second finger, now working both fingers around as Veronica continued to moan and squirm in the chair.

As she pleasured her, she could feel Veronica's pussy clamping down on her fingers, as Sabrina worked them around. The more she pleasured Veronica the more her pussy would ease then tighten on her fingers. Sabrina could tell she was getting close to orgasm by the way she was breathing. Suddenly, total fear took over Sabrina, she remember that Lori, their cashier was still in the store, what if she caught them? Just at that moment the Veronica asked,

"What's wrong?"

"Lori my cashier....she's still here"

"Tell, her to go home, that you'll lock up....unless of course you'd like her to join us?"

"No, I'll tell her."

As she went to get up, Veronica stopped Sabrina saying,

"No, tell her from here."

Sabrina turned and said, "Lori...go home, I'll lock up."

"OK, you sure?"

"Yes, I'm fine...go ahead."

"Very good Sabrina, now...back to my pussy."

Sabrina started working her finger around in Veronica's pussy as she moaned, her arousal returning to the point it had been before the interruption. Veronica looked over at the door asking,

"Is she gone?"

"Yes, she just left."

"Good, now make me cum Sabrina."

Sabrina worked her fingers around when Veronica reached up and opened her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were rock hard. Sabrina felt her own nipples beginning to tingle as she watched Veronica cup her breasts in her hands and start tugging at her nipples.

"Mmmmm yes Sabrina, that work my clit...come on....touch my clit."

Sabrina started moving her thumb over Veronica's clit, watching as Veronica gasped at her touch. For some reason, Sabrina enjoyed having this erotic power over this beautiful woman, making her so aroused, and pleasuring her like she was. Suddenly Veronica clamped her legs together, trapping Sabrina's hand between her legs, her entire body shuddering. After a few minutes she relaxed, allowing Sabrina to pull her hand from between Veronica's legs. Sabrina looked at her finger, they were covered with Veronica's pussy juice.

"Taste it won't hurt you."

"No I...I can't, it wouldn't be right."


Veronica's smile had turned to a frown as she scowled at Sabrina. But if the truth be know, Sabrina wanted to taste Veronica. Slowly she lifted her fingers to her nose, taking in the aroma of another woman. It smelled good; then Sabrina opened her mouth and placed her fingers inside. She began to suck Veronica's juices from her fingers....she liked the taste. Veronica leaned forward pulling Sabrina's fingers from her mouth, replacing them with her lips, giving Sabrina a deep soulful kiss. Sabrina tried to move away, but Veronica was too strong, and...she liked kissing another woman.

Veronica broke the kiss, moving Sabrina's face down toward her breasts. It seemed to natural to Sabrina that she began kissing Veronica's breasts, licking and sucking her nipples as Veronica told her how good it felt. Sabrina raised her hands, cupping Veronica's breasts, while sucking her nipples, and running her tongue over her aureola's. Veronica was soon cumming again from Sabrina's oral attention. Veronica started to push Sabrina's head toward her wet pussy, but Sabrina resisted.

"No please...this isn't right...I can't."

"Yes you can Sabrina."

"You know you want to....I know your pussy is on fire, now do what you know you want to do....suck my pussy."

She was right, Sabrina did want to suck Veronica's pussy. Sabrina knelt down, and began kissing Veronica's inner thighs, as Veronica cooed and told her to keep going. Guiding Sabrina's head with her hands, Sabrina's tongue was soon tasting a woman's pussy for the fist time. Sabrina loved Veronica's taste, running her tongue over Veronica's labia, drinking her juices as she parted Veronica's wet lips. It was as if she knew all along how to pleasure a woman, taking Veronica's clit into her mouth, licking and sucking it while she started finger fucking Veronica again. Veronica moaned loudly, raising her hips off the chair, grinding her pussy into Sabrina's face, smearing her cum all over Sabrina's pretty face. Once she had finished cumming, she leaned forward, kissing the juices that covered Sabrina's face. Veronica ended the kiss asking,

"I'd like to see one more pair of shoes, then I'll let you go."

"I'd like to see this pair in my size."

Sabrina got up, her head still spinning form what she had just been through. She walked into the dressing room, and began looking for the shoes when she felt someone behind her. Before she could turn and look, Veronica was pressing her half naked body against Sabrina's, her hand roaming all over Sabrina's. Sabrina didn't resist, she wanted Veronica to touch her. Veronica was voracious, pulling Sabrina's blouse from her skirt, while removing Sabrina's bra. Next Sabrina felt her skirt being unzipped and then seeing it down around her feet, followed by her panties. Somehow, having another woman ravaging her was the most erotic thing that she'd ever experienced.

Veronica's hands were all over Sabrina's breasts, caressing them, squeezing them and rolling her nipples between her fingers, all the while kissing Sabrina's neck and shoulder. Sabrina had never been so aroused in her life. Her pussy was on fire, and she could feel her juices flowing down her legs as Veronica's hands moved over her ass, and between her legs. Veronica's hand moved down over Sabrina's bare mound, her finger parting her lips, and sliding into her sex. Sabrina heard herself saying,

"Yes...oh yes, that feels so good....make me cum...please make me cum."

Veronica's tongue was now running over her ass, teasing the dimple at the top of her crack, them she felt Veronica's tongue ease between her cheeks and start inching it way down her ass. Sabrina thought she was going to pass out she was so aroused, as she pushed her ass against Veronica's face. Veronica had her fingers buried deep into Sabrina's pussy, when her tongue penetrated Sabrina's ass. Sabrina nearly screamed as the orgasms washed over her body.

Veronica turned Sabrina around, ordering her to get up on the counter. Once she was on the counter, Veronica started licking and sucking Sabrina's pussy. Sabrina had never hand anyone suck her pussy, not a man and certainly not a woman. She had no idea that it would be this wonderful. Sabrina squeezed her breasts and tugged at her nipples as Veronica tongue fucked her, them replaced her tongue with her fingers while she sucked Sabrina's clit. Veronica stopped momentarily when something caught her eye.

Laying on the counter was a shoe horn, with a beautiful pearl handle. She knew instantly it would make a perfect dildo. She picked it up, and began running it over Sabrina's pussy as Sabrina moaned. Slowly she slid the handle into Sabrina's pussy, where she started fucking her with it, while returning to sucking Sabrina's clit. Sabrina was beside herself as the orgasms washed over her as she held Sabrina's head against her pussy. Once they were finished, Sabrina and Veronica kissed and caressed one another. Veronica purchased over fifteen hundred dollars in shoes that night. As she put her American Express Platinum card back in her purse she looked at Sabrina and asked,

"Would you be interested in dropping my shoes by my house on your day off?"

Sabrina smiled, "Yes of course...I'd love to."

"Good, you have my address and phone number...give me a call so I can be sure and be ready when you arrive."

"Oh, and thank you for the WONDERFUL customer service."

"You can be sure I will be calling your corporate office to tell them how well you treated me....see you soon Sabrina."

Sabrina smiled and held the door for Veronica as she left the store, looking forward to delivering the shoes to her on her next day off.

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