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This story is fiction and plays off some of the fantasies i've had hope you like!
She took a slow, deep breathe and bit down on her luscious cherry red lips. “How did I get myself into this?” she thought. Her soft dirty blond hair hung over her angelic green eyes. Julia reached for her phone and flipped it open. She read the message over and over again.

“Meet me at the park unless you want to be known as the town whore” - Chris

Her heart was pounding now. Just then, another message arrived.

“Julia, If you don't leave the house in five minutes mommy and daddy are going to be very upset with you...of course I'm sure the guys at school will be thrilled.” - Chris

Her eyes widened with fright. “He wouldn't, he's bluffing” she thought. Then her mind began to race. “What if shows my parents?? What if he shows everyone!!?? I'd never be able to show my face again.... my own parents wouldn't even be able to stomach the sight of my face. Fuck!! What do I do??”

She glanced at the clock. Two minutes had passed. She threw her hair in a ponytail and grabbed her phone. Unsure of what was to come, she stumbled out the door. The wind was furious and bitter. She made her way down the street and came to the park entrance. As the sun set, she found a bench and made herself comfortable. The wind nipped at her face, turning her checks red and making her vibrant eyes water.

“Now what?” she wondered to herself. It was almost dark now and her legs quivered from the cold. “I really should of changed my clothes before I came out here” she thought. A dark figure appeared in the distance. Moving closer to her, it whispered “Hello Julia.”

She sat silently on the bench searching her mind for a response. There were a million things she wanted to say but, fear quickly replaced her anger. “Hi Chris” she muttered cautiously. “Aww, whats the matter sweetheart?” he teased. He smirked and flipped his dark brown hair to the side. His hands were buried in his sweatshirt. “You realize this is really your own fault Julia. He paused. “I really enjoyed those pictures. Who knew you were such a dirty little girl.

Julia felt her face grow hot. “Your lucky I found them and not someone else. I'm curious, who were they for?” he questioned.

“Thats really none of your business Chris. Please, just give them back to me and let me go home” She whined.

“If it were anyone else I would but, considering the fact you publicly rejected me, I think your getting what you deserve.” He chuckled. His face became serious. “This is how its going to work from now on. You do whatever I say whenever I say it and these pictures will stay our little secret.”he explained. Julia felt uneasy. Her stomach turned and she tried to think. “This is blackmail, can't we just forget this ever happened??” she pleaded.

Chris chuckled to himself at the thought. “No my dear, I plan on embarrassing you just as you did me but if your good maybe I'll go easy on you. Julia stared at him trying to find any sign of compassion. His eyes were serious and it seemed like he was enjoying this. “So what do I have to do to make this all go away? She questioned. “Do you want me to do your homework, clean your house, go on a date?? Just tell me so I can get it done and go on with my life. She sat quietly awaiting his response. He raised his hand and smacked her hard across the face.

Julia whimpered and stood up. “Don't take that tone with me.” he said sternly. Her face felt like it was on fire. She was shocked he smacked her. Julia began walking away. “I wouldn't do that if I were you.” he muttered. She stopped and rubbed her face. Her cheek was numb. Chris walked towards her. “Unless of coarse you want to be worse off then you are now. How would your boyfriend feel I wonder if I slipped some of these pictures in his mailbox. It'd be a shame if his parents found them first.”

She bit her lip and put her head down. “What do you want from me?” she asked. “Its really very simple you do what I tell you too and everything will be fine.” he explained. “Now why don't we go down the street, I have a friend who would really like to meet you.”

She followed him reluctantly. The frigid air whipped through her shear clothes. She was wearing a tight tank top which now revealed her hard nipples. The wind pulled her plaid skirt back and fourth. Chris stopped and analyzed her. “Why don't you remove that sweatshirt, its obviously not helping.” he concluded. She pulled it off and tied it around her waist, unsure if this was a request or a command.

They continued to walk down the eerie street until another figure appeared in the distance. “Yo Chris!” he shouted. “Hey Tony!” he answered. As they moved closer to meet Julia realized she knew this boy from school. He made eye contact with her and smirked. “Well, look who it is..” Tony muttered. Julia suddenly felt nervous. Her stomach turned. “Your parents take off yet bro?” asked Chris. “They've been gone for awhile dude, I've just been waiting on you.” He replied.

“Good, then we can finally have some fun.” Chris laughed. Julia thought for a minute and decided this was not good. She turned and decided to make a run for it but Chris and Tony quickly ran up behind her. “Where do you think your going?” asked Tony. “I'm going home this is crazy! I don't know what you guys are up too but I'm not doing it!” she yelled. She turned away again only to be stopped by Chris who grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back. She stumbled. “Listen bitch you don't have a choice in the matter.” He whispered. His other hand moved over her mouth and before she realized it Julia was in a struggle she couldn't win. Chris pulled her to the house. Tony followed closely making any escape impossible.

She tried to scream but Chris's hand made it a mild groan. She struggled to get free. Tony got in front of them and smacked Julia hard. Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Now listen! Next time you try to get away it'll be a lot worse then that, got it!?” Tony explained. Julia felt weak from her failed escape. She raised her head and nodded. They entered his house and locked the door. Chris pushed Julia to the floor. “On your hands and knees bitch” he yelled. Julia was crying now. She was shocked and terrified. She was shaking now as she laid on the floor.

Tony knelt down next to her and grabbed her ponytail pulling her up. “On your knees he said!” Tony repeated. “Please stop! Let me go!” she begged. She held her eyes shut wishing she was safe at home. Chris disappeared into the kitchen and Tony held her until she obeyed their commands. She got on her knees still crying and remained still. Chris appeared now with a paddle. Julia's eyes widened. She whimpered and clenched her fists. “Now, for being such a disobedient slut we are going to have to punish you. Maybe next time you'll do what your told.” Chris said coldly.

“Hold her.” Chris ordered. He pulled back and released a painful blow to her ass. She cried out and nearly jumped out of her skin. Her ass throbbed and she now realized she was not getting away. Tony continued to hold her as Chris released another hard smack. Tony leaned close to her ear.

“Don't act like you don't want to, we both know what a filthy slut you are.” Julia just held her eyes shut preparing for the next hit. When it didn't come she thought it was over little did she know this was only the beginning. Tony's hands ran down her waist. Julia blushed. She had only had one boyfriend in her life and they hadn't even had sex yet! They had only kissed. Chris rubbed her tender ass. “Maybe you'll think twice before trying to run off again.” He leaned back and cracked her ass again. Julia let out a scream.

Tony pulled her to her feet. “Alright you little bitch thats it for now. Theres an outfit for you upstairs why don't you go change into it. Julia don't take too long you don't want us to have to come get you.”
She turned to walk when she felt something on her leg. Tony pressed his fingers against her skin and wipe the clear liquid.

Tony chuckled and glanced at Chris. “Looks like that wasn't much of a punishment after all.” Tony stated. Chris examined his hand and smirked. “I see what you mean. Julia's face grew hot. She knew exactly what they were talking about. She could feel her warm juices dripping down her leg. Embarrassed and sore she scampered up the stairs as quick as possible. Chris and Tony just laughed. “So the boys are gonna have some fun tonight, eh?” Tony asked. “Yeah, we've never had a servant girl for a game wonder how she'll like the outfit. After tonight we'll have more leverage then those pictures hah! Just wait till you see what I have planned for that little bitch.”

Julia stood at the top of the steps. She didn't want to see anyone, not like this. She looked down at her feet examining the heels picked out for her. She wore a pair of ebony thigh highs which were thin and shear. Her short onyx skirt barely covered her ass and clung to her thighs. Her top covered only her breasts and even they were on the verge of popping out. She prayed the string that tied the top together would hold. A dark figure approached her on the steps.

“I told you what would happen if I had to come get you Julia.”Tony warned. He pushed her to the floor and pulled her hair back. Julia tried to scramble away but to no avail. “You shouldn't have done that” He reminded her. He pulled her back to him and threw his arm around her neck. Julia struggled but she was a meek 130 lbs. He began to squeeze her neck. She squirmed as her air supply became low.
She became very dizzy until to her surprise he let go. She collapsed on the floor. Tony unzipped his pants exposing the giant bulge in his boxers. He then undid his belt and pulled Julia's arms behind her back. Still light -headed Julia began to cry.

“Please stop!!! I don't want this to be my first time!! Please don't do this!!” she pleaded. Tony continued pulling his belt around her arms. There she was at the end of the hallway, half dressed and helpless screaming. Her skirt being skimpy and short exposed her tender ass. Tony ran his hand up and down her pussy. “If you don't stop screaming, I'll give you something to scream about.” He threatened. She couldn't move anything but her legs and that wasn't helping very much. Even if she could inch away a couple feet he would just pull her back.

She became hopeless. “Look at this tight little ass!” He squeezed and smacked it. “So your a virgin huh? Really? Not sure I believe you, guess theres only one way to find out though eh?” He removed his throbbing cock from his boxers and rubbed it on her pussy careful not to put it in just yet. “Tell me you want it bitch! Tell me you want my dick inside you! He commanded.

She stayed quiet. Tony pulled her up by her hair again and smacked her hard. “Tell me what you want you dirty little slut. Julia's pussy pulsed she didn't want to lose her virginity like this but the excitement of being tied and bound made her so wet . He slipped his hands under her shirt and played with her nipples. This made her whole body tingle. “You know you want it Julia so tell me that you do or I'll just have to keep teasing you.” He whispered. He bite down on her neck making her lose all control. She was breathing heavy now whimpering every now and again until finally he pushed his two fingers into her throbbing slit. She bit her cherry red lips and the words just slipped out.. “God just fuck me please!!” be continued


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can u make a part 2 and have only one person fuck her becous I don't want to read about a slut

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