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Sarah demonstrates her willingness.
After a few seconds, Sarah’s breathing had begun to return to normal and she managed to struggle into a semi-upright position. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed, “what did you do to me? Is that what it’s going to be like all weekend?”

Charlie stared hard at her highly desirable and essentially nude body slumped in the chair. His erection ached for relief and he knew the other guys were getting anxious to have their turn at this young white woman, too. “Sweetheart,” he began, “that’s just the beginning. And speaking of the weekend, pick a number between one and twenty.”

“What? What sort of game do you have in mind?” Sarah asked.

“Come on, pick a number.”

“Ok,” she said. “How about 17?”

“Seventeen it is. Who is the lucky winner?” He turned toward Mark and Larry. “You see Sarah, before you arrived tonight, the three of us picked numbers to see who would be first to sample your . . . ah, your favors. Now who is it? I’ve got 10.”

“I’ve got eight,” said Mark, holding up a scrap of paper.

“How about you Larry, can you get closer than ten?” asked Charlie.

Larry stood up, his erect penis pointing at Sarah, “It seems I have lucky number 17.” He waved the printed number in the air.

“Ok Sarah,” said Charlie, his voice suddenly serious, “here’s the deal. We know why you are here and you know why we are here. But what we need from you is a clear demonstration that you are willing to give us your body this weekend.”

Sarah was confused, “I’m, . . . I’m not sure what you mean . . . I mean, you just . . .”

“That is my point. I was the one that fingered your pussy; I was the one that stripped your clothes. So far, even though you have been cooperative, I have initiated all the action. We need you to initiate some action. What I want you to do is take lucky Larry over there and show us that you are willing to fuck us all weekend. Not to be too crude about it, but you need to show us that you want our sperm and that we can use your body however we please as many times as we please.”

“Wh- what do you want me to do?” She looked at the men for some sign of assistance.

“Use your imagination,” Mark replied. “Do something for Larry that you haven’t done for your husband. Something slutty and so out of character he would never believe you would ever do it.”

Sarah was motionless for a moment, her brain was working overtime to process what Mark has just said. What sexual act could she possibly do to show her acceptance of the situation? She remembered the little lecture Laura had given her about exploring her sexual fantasies and decided that this was probably as good a time as any to begin that process, but what could she do? The thought ran through her mind that she was sort of interested in oral sex, but could she do it with Larry?

Larry had remained standing in front of the couch. Mark was seated just to his right. Both men were slowly fisting their cocks as Sarah stared from one to the other. Larry’s face was devoid of emotion, but Sarah could see the lust in his eyes. Gathering her strength, Sarah stood and walked toward Larry, coming to a stop directly in front of him. Larry’s eyes traveled up and down her nude body, lingering on her pert breasts and the tiny bit of fabric still covering the pubic hair at her groin.

Placing her hands on his shoulders, Sarah gave him gentle shove, causing him to drop back onto the couch. Sarah looked down at Larry. He was the darkest of the three men, and not particularly handsome. He was chunky with a noticeable beer belly. His face showed some evidence of acne scars and his teeth were large and widely spaced, which to Sarah’s mind gave him a decidedly “rural” look. He was definitely not a man she would have been attracted to under normal circumstances. But in this situation, the elements of risk and adventure combined to push her toward initiating sex with him. Anyone who knew Sarah would never in a million years believe that she was about to have sex with a complete stranger, and a black man at that! But then again, aside of Sarah was beginning to emerge that even she didn’t know.

Inevitably, her gaze focused on his cock and she was temporarily mesmerized by the slow up and down movement of his fist along the shaft. She noticed that the shaft was very black while the glans seemed to have a slight purple hue mixed with the black. His cock seemed to be about the same size as Charlie’s and she could see a tiny drop of fluid had collected in the narrow slit at the top of the glans.

Sarah’s next action stunned Dr. Henry so much he nearly dropped the camera he was using to capture the scene. Sarah approached even closer to Larry and with a sudden movement straddled Larry. She stood over him for a second with her legs spread wide. She quickly dropped the full length of her body onto his, pinning his arms between their bodies. Her face was slightly above Larry’s so she took his face in her hands and tilted his head up. Once in position, she lowered her lips to his and kissed him as hard as she has ever kissed a man in her life. Her tongue thrust into his surprised mouth and immediately began wrestling with his.

Larry was initially shocked at her kiss, but recovered quickly and returned the ferocity of her kiss. He struggled momentarily to wrestle his hands free, but once released, his hands reached around her body to grasp her tightly to his chest. As the kiss progressed, his hands moved to her butt, gripping and caressing the taut cheeks of her ass. He also began to thrust his groin up toward her pussy, but due to the difference in their height and her position up high on his chest, his cock was several inches shy of its intended destination.

Sarah, of course, could feel his futile attempts to penetrate her, and after releasing his tongue from her mouth she looked directly into his eyes and smiled.

“My, aren’t we the anxious one? I tell you what, Larry, if you can control yourself just a little bit, and let me do what I intend to do, you won’t regret it.”

Larry was not especially bright and with a confused look on his face replied, “What do you mean, control myself?”

Sarah sensed an opportunity to play. “Do you think you can keep your hands off me for the next 10 minutes or so?”

“Huh? You mean I can’t touch you?”

“That’s right. If you don’t touch me for the next several minutes, I will give you the best orgasm you’ve had in a long time. Do you think you can do it?”

“You mean all I have to do is keep my hands on the couch and you’ll make me cum?”

Sarah nodded, “That’s right. You keep you hands on the couch and I will make you cum. But if you touch me, I will stop what I’m doing and let you calm down before I begin again. The more you touch me, the longer it will take before you can cum. Think you can keep your hands off me?”

Taking the dare, Larry plopped his hands on the couch with an exaggerated movement. “Ok,” he said with a sly grin, “you may begin.”

Sarah rose to a sitting position on Larry’s chest and using her legs forced his arms away from his body. She slowly began to inch her way up his chest, moving her pussy closer to his mouth.

With a small adjustment of her legs, she positioned her moist labia at his mouth. “I told you not to touch me with your hands . . . I didn’t say anything about your tongue.” Larry began to lap eagerly at her delicious pussy, and while his actions were not very refined, they were sufficient to further stimulate Sarah. Her hips moved back and forth against his mouth, re-building the tension in her groin.

After a few minutes, Sarah gasped and moved her sex away from his mouth. Sliding slowly down his body, she once again took his face in her hands and kissed him, pushing her tongue between his lips. It took her a second to realize that his mouth tasted different than it had previously and another instant to comprehend that she tasted her sex on his lips and tongue. She kissed him harder to extract even more of her essence.

As she kissed him, Sarah could feel his groin thrusting up at her, attempting to establish contact between his cock and her pussy. Breaking their kiss, she fixed her gaze on his eyes and adjusted her body on him once again. This time, she moved her groin down to a point where his cock could just barely touch her pussy lips, but she was still too far away to allow penetration. She was teasing in the cruelest possibly way.

Larry’s cock was ready to burst and he could feel the heat from her pussy. “Please let me put it in,” he pleaded. His hands rose from the couch and fell helpless back down. “I can’t take much more. I’m gonna cum all over myself.”

Playing the tease to the maximum, Sarah slid down a few inches, just enough to enable Larry to push the tip of his cock between her warm, moist labia. Larry reached for her ass to move the thong aside and allow easier penetration. Sarah slapped his hand away.

“Ah, ah,” she chided, “I said no touching.” Larry’s hand fell back to the couch, and once she was sure it was going to stay there, Sarah reached back and pulled the thong to one side, allowing just the tip of Larry’s cock to make unencumbered contact with her vagina.

Larry thrust his hips up in an attempt to enter her sex, but Sarah anticipated his move and easily avoided his cock. Larry groaned in frustration. “Please, please,” he pleaded.

Sarah was severely tempted to slide her wet pussy onto Larry’s cock and ride him as hard as she could, but she resisted. Looking deep into his eyes, she said, “Not yet. You are going to have to wait a bit longer.”

She wiggled off his cock, eased herself over it, and proceeded to slid slowly down his body, maximizing contact with his throbbing cock as she went. Finally, after what seemed an eternity to Larry, Sarah was crouched on her knees between Larry’s legs. Her arms and hands were draped over the outside of each of his thighs and her face was resting comfortably on his thigh opposite his dick. Her eyes were drinking in the sight of his stiff, thickly veined organ. She could see his cock twitch with each beat of his heart and drops of clear fluid were leaking regularly from his cockhead. Larry was moaning from the anticipation.

“Oh please, please,” he said, the begging tone in his voice was almost childlike.

“What do you want me to do, Larry? “ Sarah whispered.

Larry was in dire straights. “Oh please, please.”

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” Sarah said, surprised at her language. She rose up on her knees, grasped his thick cock in her hand, and lowered her mouth to a point inches above the black man’s dick. “Do you want me to swallow your cum, Larry? Would you like that?”

Larry raised a hand to force her mouth down on his cock. Sarah immediately raised her head away from his dick and swatted his hand with hers. “No. No. Mustn’t touch, remember?”

“Oh God, don’t tease me any more. I can’t last another second.”

Larry’s legs were twitching and Sarah knew he couldn’t last much longer. “Larry,” she began slowly stroking his cock with her hand, “I can see that you want to cum in my mouth and I want to taste your cum, but our deal was that you can’t touch me until I am done with you. Now lay still and let me take care of you.”

Sarah immediately opened her mouth and plunged down on Larry’s cock, taking about half of it into her mouth. Once again Sarah’s instinct seemed to control her behavior. She had performed oral sex for her husband a few times, but not often. And while he seemed to enjoy it, she did not think she was particularly good at the act. But here, with Larry, it seemed to her to be the most natural thing in the world to fill her mouth with his sex. Her head came up the shaft until her lips felt the ridge of his cockhead. She stopped and literally sucked on his glans as if she could extract his semen like milkshake through a straw. Again her mouth moved down his shaft, taking in half its length. This time, as she moved up the shaft, she didn’t stop until his cockhead popped out of her mouth. She immediately recaptured it and continued to repeat the up and down motion in rapid succession.

Somewhat to her surprise, Sarah was enjoying having Larry in her mouth. She could feel the rigid hardness of his cock as it slid in and out of her lips, and she was enthralled by the warmth of his organ and the softness of his skin. The contrast of his stiffness and soft skin texture was exciting to her. She was also quick to realize that she was in complete control of this man. She knew that the faster and harder she sucked his cock, the quicker he would cum. If she slowed her pace, a moan of disappointment would slip from Larry’s throat. Sarah was very aware that she could be a real bitch and make the whole experience miserable for Larry or she could do her best to significantly enhance the quality of his orgasm. She elected to give him the most intense orgasm he had ever had.

Larry’s balls were on fire and swollen with sperm. Each time Sarah sucked him into her mouth, his groin rose from the couch to force himself even further into her. He had never felt such intense sexual pressure with any previous woman. His whole body was shaking from the tension and he knew he was about to release three years of sperm into the mouth of a white woman who would never look twice at him under ordinary circumstances.

Sarah sensed Larry’s oncoming release and tried to force more of his shaft into her throat. At the moment of release, Larry yelled and grabbed Sarah’s head with both hands. Holding her in place, he fucked deeply into her mouth, releasing thick dollops of cum with each thrust. Sarah did not fight Larry’s hands. In fact, she tried to anticipate his thrusts and accept another inch of his cock each time. His cum quickly flooded her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could. But each swallow was replaced by yet another spurt of hot, acrid semen. Sarah continued to swallow until his spasms finally ended. Larry’s hands dropped from her head and she raised her head, taking his cock out of her mouth.

Resting her head on Larry’s hip and groin, Sarah was thoroughly relaxed. In an almost automatic reflex, she continued to slowly stroke his cock. Every so often, a small drop of sperm would appear at the tip of his cock and instinctively, Sarah would gently use her tongue to lick it off. A smile crossed her moist lips and she chuckled quietly.

Larry heard her and asked, “What’s funny?”

Turing to look back at the black man, Sarah replied, “I really can’t believe what I just did. I mean, I am a private person, particularly when it comes to sex. But you must think I am the cheapest sort of slut to perform oral sex on a man I don’t even know.”

Now it was Larry’s turn to laugh. “I don’t know whether you are cheap or not, but I can tell you right now that I haven’t had a blow job that good in my entire life. I can’t wait to fuck ya to see if your pussy is as nice as your mouth.”

Sarah should have been offended by the crude remark, but she wasn’t, although it did remind her that the evening was very young and her sexual adventure was just beginning.

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