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Sarah experiences two men.
Charlie spoke, startling Sarah slightly – she had almost forgotten anyone else was in the room, “That was very, very nice to watch, and I do believe I am going to cum in your mouth before the night is over, too. But right now, I have something else in mind.”

Sarah, still sitting on the floor between Larry’s legs, turned to face Charlie. She watched his cock bounce as he walked toward her. She tensed a little at the aggressiveness of his approach, “What do you have in mind?”

“Have you heard of doggie style?” Charlie asked. Sarah nodded. “I think doggie is a nice way to start.”

Charlie stopped in front of Sarah; his cock inches from her face. Sarah remained sitting. She released Larry and took this new member in her hand, and began to stroke it. Charlie was a bit thicker than Larry, and she already knew he was about seven inches long. The thought of him inside her caused an involuntary shudder of desire to race through her body.

Sarah released her hold on his cock and began to rise. “Not so fast, honey,” he put his hand on her shoulder. “You can stay on your knees and suck me for a few minutes to make sure I’m ready for your pussy.”

Sarah looked up at Charlie. “Ok,” she said with a tentative smile. Charlie’s direct, forceful style was a little unsettling. She returned to her knees, opened her mouth and began to slowly suck him in and out of her mouth. She reached for his shaft with her hand, but Charlie intercepted her hands and redirected them to his hips. “No hands,” he said, “just like you told Larry.”

Sarah clutched his thighs with her hands as her head moved up and down his cock. Charlie held her hands to his thighs and thrust his hips forward to meet her mouth, forcing most of his cock into her mouth. He was initially concerned she might choke, but when that did not happen, he moved his hands to her head and began to fuck deeply into her mouth.

After a few seconds of serious face fucking, Charlie gently pushed Sarah away, and with a moan said, “Get up on the bed.”

Sarah rose quickly and, on her hands and knees, crawled onto the bed. Her butt was aimed at Charlie. Looking back over her shoulder. “Like this?” She asked.

Charlie responded by moving into position between her legs. He grasped his cock with one hand and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. Rather than immediately ramming his full length into the girl, Charlie inserted his cockhead and stopped, savoring the warmth and wetness he encountered. He began a series of small, shallow stokes that caused his dick to slip out from between her labia, only to be gently reinserted on the in-stroke. This tiny range of motion was imparting powerful sexual sensations to Sarah’s compliant vagina.

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed as her desire began to build, “that feels so good.”

Charlie continued these small strokes for a short period. The room was completely silent except for Sarah’s deep breathing and the wet sounds of Charlie’s cock moving in and out of her pussy. Finally, the pressure building in his balls drove Charlie to push is cock completely inside Sarah. Her pussy was thoroughly lubricated and easily accommodated his thick, hard dick.

“Oh yes-s-s-s,” Sarah moaned as his dick filled her slick, yielding vagina. Her concerns about his aggression were completely replaced by an ever increasing sexual excitement.

“I love the way you feel inside me,” Sarah moaned.

Charlie withdrew almost completely and then began a series of deep thrusts, pushing his cock deeper with each one. Some of his thrusts were so deep Sarah was sure his cock was battering her cervix. His thighs slapped rhythmically against her butt and the room was filled with the noise and odor of human sexuality.

Sarah lowered her head and shoulders to the bed, leaving her ass in the air to receive the full measure of Charlie’s lust. He was only too happy to oblige. He knew he couldn’t last much longer, so he increased the speed of his thrusts and attempted to achieve full penetration with each stroke. As his sperm surged up the length of his shaft and began to spray into Sarah’s vagina, Charlie grabbed her thighs with his hands and tried to pull more of his body into hers. He wanted to deposit his sperm as deep in this woman as was possible.

After several moments, Charlie’s balls were completely empty. He withdrew his cock and collapsed on his side next to Sarah. Sarah, too, fell to her side, spooning Charlie, her butt nestled against his still hard cock. Sarah pushed herself even closer to Charlie, raised one leg and reaching between their bodies guided his dick back into her wet, sperm-soaked pussy. Even though Charlie had nothing left to give, his dick was still hard and he pushed it completely into the young woman. His hand reached around her shoulder and cupped her breast, gently massaging the erect nipple. Sarah moved her arm to allow his hand complete access.

“Mmm-m-m, that feels good, too, Charlie,” Sarah said through her sexual afterglow. “If I was going to get pregnant tonight, I’ll bet you would have done it that time.”

“I was trying my best,” Charlie replied. “But you know what the Doc says, once can be enough, but the more sperm you get, the better your chances.”

“Why Charlie,” Sarah responded in a mock accusatory tone, “are you saying we are going to have more sex tonight?”

Charlie snorted, “You bet your sweet ass we are, and in fact I may even fuck your ass before the night is over.”

“Oh Charlie,” Sarah said with a false sweetness, “you say the most romantic things.”

Sarah heard a noise and saw Mark advancing toward the bed. His cock was so stiff it pointed toward the ceiling. “All right Charlie, you’ve had your turn. Let a real man take over and show this white woman why black men are the lovers of choice.”

Charlie gave her breast a gentle squeeze and stood up. “I’ll be back as soon as I can recharge this thing.” He waved his softening dick at her.

Mark wasted no time moving Sarah into position. He pushed her to her back and climbed onto the bed beside her. He kissed her once and moved over her, his arms on either side of her shoulders. His eyes were filled with lust and he was in a hurry. He placed one of his legs between Sarah’s knees and she willingly opened her legs to receive him. He quickly moved his groin over hers and settled into position. After two inaccurate stabs that resulted in his member sliding up over her eager pussy rather than into it, his cock entered her body, smoothly filling her vagina. He seemed to be a little longer than Charlie, and Sarah immediately noticed that his cock was contacting the walls of her vagina in places that Charlie did not reach.

Sarah grasped his hips with her hands, wrapped her legs up and over his, closed her eyes, and moaned her pleasure as Mark began to fuck deeply in and out. Mark supported his upper body with his arms in such a way that the first point of contact between their bodies was his cock in her pussy. Sarah opened her eyes and looking down watched with complete fascination as his thick, black cock disappeared into her body, only to reappear as he withdrew. Her pussy was already wet from all the sperm Charlie had left in her, but Mark’s rhythmic thrusting was stimulating even more mucous production in her fuck channel. She was more turned on than she had ever been in her entire life, and very close to orgasm.

Mark was totally unaware he had stimulated Sarah to such a high state of arousal. He was only concerned about emptying his balls, but he didn’t want that to happen too fast, so he was trying mightily to control his thrusts. His juvenile attempt at control was driving Sarah wild and causing incredible sensations to course through her entire body. After less than a minute of Mark thrusting into her, Sarah’s groin contracted in a massive orgasm. Her back arched, driving her pussy hard against his penetrating cock. She clutched wildly at Mark’s back to pull him further into her. She groaned loudly at her release and the muscles in her pussy spasmed in a vain attempt to clutch his cock.

With all the activity beneath him, Mark realized she was cumming and the mere thought of her orgasm pushed him over the edge. His cock began to unload sperm with each thrust. Sarah was vaguely aware the speed and intensity of Mark’s thrusts had changed and she had a momentary thought that he might be cumming at the same time, but she was too deep in the throes of her own orgasm to be concerned about her partner’s satisfaction. She grabbed his head and pulled his face to hers, kissing him roughly and eagerly. Her kiss intensified with her orgasm and at the height of her passion, her tongue was buried deep in his mouth and her lips were pressed hard against his.

Some of her passion was absorbed by Mark as he continued to discharge sperm into her womb throughout the kiss, and only after their lips parted did his seminal gusher subside. He remained on top of her for several minutes, moving his cock in and out of her saturated pussy. His sperm mixed with Charlie’s, and after a few minutes, globs of thick, white, man juice began to seep from Sarah. Mark withdrew his cock and got off the bed. Dr. Henry’s camera remained focused on her labia, capturing the image of sperm gushing from her pussy and puddling on the bed sheet at the crack of her ass.

“Ok everybody, “Dr. Henry said after a few seconds, “that was great. Let’s let Sarah clean up and rest for a bit while you studs attempt to rebuild your sperm supplies for round two.”

Sarah heard his words, but was in no great hurry to move and disrupt her incredible feelings of satisfaction. Her hand moved to her pussy and began to slip and slid through the sperm that covered her labia. Her other hand began to gently twist her nipple. She smiled to herself as she thought about what had just happened. She had just had sex with three strangers – three black strangers – and she never felt more alive and content in her whole life. She had allowed men she did not know before this evening to shoot their sperm into her mouth and deep into her womb. And they expected her to clean up so they could do it all over again. She laughed, and rolled over, rising from the bed.

“Yes,” she said to no one in particular but realizing that a new side of her personality was emerging, “I may really enjoy getting pregnant after all.”

Sarah made her way into the bathroom and shut the door behind herself. A long, hot shower sounded divine at the moment. Not only would the spray relax her, but she really did need to wash. She smelled of sex and a small stream of sperm was leaking from her vagina and flowing down the inside of her thighs. She turned on the water, adjusted the temperature and stepped into the shower stall, relishing the bliss of the hot water beating against her skin.

Feeling a little weak and sleepy from the effects of sex with three men and a 30 minute shower, Sarah reluctantly turned off the water, stepped out of the shower, grabbed her towel, and began to dry herself. As she was finishing up, she heard a soft tapping at the door.

“Can I come in?” It was Laura.

Sarah wrapped the towel around her body and reached to open the door. “Sure,” she replied. “Come on in.”

Laura walked in, leaving the door open to allow some of the heat and humidity to escape. “Now that you’ve had your first session, how do you feel?”

Sarah sighed heavily, “I am really pooped. I need a nap.”

Laura smiled, she could see the fatigue in Sarah’s face, but she also saw a flicker of confidence and self satisfaction that might indicate Sarah was working past her concerns about having sex with strangers and beginning to enjoy the experience.

“I thought you might be a little tired. I remember how I felt after having sex with a bunch of guys. I thought I was going to sleep for 24 straight hours. But I was really asking about your mental state. Are you ok with what happened? Or is that old devil guilt beginning to rear its ugly head? This is important to us because as we told you at the very beginning of the interview process, the success of our process depends on your complete cooperation. You’ve just had sex with three complete strangers, but your weekend is just beginning. If you choose to stay here this evening, you are telling them, and yourself, that you are willing to do whatever they want with your body – and not just once, but probably multiple times.”

Sarah felt a little overwhelmed by Laura’s statement, but she knew she had come to a critical decision point. But it was a decision she could not make in the cramped, humid bathroom. Clutching her towel tightly to her body, she walked into the cooler air of the large bedroom and plopped down into a comfortable chair positioned under a slowly circulating ceiling fan.

“Oh God, this feels so much better,” she said. Her arms drooped over the sides of the chair and her legs were splayed as far apart as the confining towel would allow.

Laura followed Sarah into the bedroom, making a short detour to a large closet to retrieve a colorful silk robe. Tossing the robe to Sarah she said, “Here, try this. It is much more comfortable than the towel and infinitely more attractive.”

Sarah caught the robe and with no hesitation, rose from the chair, letting the towel fall in a heap on the floor at her feet. Laura noted that Sarah showed no embarrassment about her momentary nudity as the towel dropped away. As Sarah donned the robe, looping the sash around her waist, Laura asked, “You haven’t addressed my question, Sarah. How do you feel about your actions tonight?”

As she finished tying the sash, Sarah responded. “I replayed the whole day a thousand times in my mind while I was in the shower. I was raised in a sexually conservative family. Except for that summer when I was 15 and the experiences I’ve shared with my husband, I am a novice . . . . well, I was until today. The things I did today are not things I would have ever dreamed I would do, but . . . .” she hesitated before completing her thought.

“I really think I am ok with it. I mean, I’m not doing this for some gratuitous reason or some sort of perverted thrill. I want to do this because my sexual behavior may lead to my pregnancy, and as long as I keep that ultimate goal in mind, I think I’m ok with it.”

Laura did not answer right away because she knew the chances of Sarah becoming pregnant were very low, and that this whole “medical procedure” was a sham that enabled her and her husband to make big money by filming innocent housewives like Sarah having sex with black men. Laura also recognized that the key to sustaining Sarah’s cooperation was to maintain the medical fa?e. Setting her face in what she hoped would appear as a proper scientific/medical scowl, she replied.

“Well that is your analytical answer, Sarah. Now, tell me how you felt. Did you enjoy what you did? Did you like performing oral sex? How did you feel when two black strangers had unprotected sex with you and ejaculated their sperm into your womb?”

Sarah lowered her eyes for a moment. Laura could see the color rising in her cheeks. “My God,” Laura thought to herself. “She is actually blushing.”

Sarah struggled for an instant with her answer, but as the words formed on her tongue, she understood that she was not feeling guilty about her behavior. She was not cheating on her husband nor was she a slut having sex for money. She had made the choice to have sex with these men and she was enjoying it!

Looking at Laura, Sarah could almost feel the sparkle that was plainly visible in her eyes as she answered. “Yes, Laura, I did like performing oral sex with Larry, although I’m not sure I did a very good job and I was certainly surprised by the amount of, of . . . of . . . ,” she stuttered.

“The amount of his cum?” Laura finished her sentence.

Sarah nodded her head. “After all this, I’m still hesitant to use those sorts of words, but yes, I was surprised by the amount of his cum. And I did like having sex with Charlie and Mark because after a little while, I just felt like I was having sex for the pleasure of sex, you know? I mean when you’re married, you often have sex not because you really want to, but because your husband wants it. And while I love Jim, sometimes our sex is, . . . . well, it’s just ordinary.”

But with these guys,” she chuckled softly, “ it was as far from ordinary as I have ever been.” As we discussed before everything started tonight, none of those guys are particularly handsome, and I certainly wouldn’t have given any of them a second glance in normal circumstances. But since I am not under any pressure here, I could relax – or at least try to relax – and take as much pleasure from the experience with each guy as I could.”

Sarah’s cheeks flushed with color again, this time more brightly than before. “I don’t know if you realized it or not, but I had an orgasm with Mark.”

Laura laughed out loud. “Did I notice? Sarah, the residents of the next county knew you had an orgasm.”

“Don’t tease me, Laura.” Sarah said with a fake pout.

“Honey, I’m not teasing you at all. You did great and the fact that you had an orgasm with Mark is a terrific sign. Orgasms won’t guarantee pregnancy, but they sure make you feel good about the process, right?”

The women shared a hearty laugh and a brief hug. “Listen,” Laura began, gesturing to the large bed, “You’ll notice I changed the sheets to clean up from your previous activities. I know you’re tired and you do deserve a nap. Why don’t you lie down on the bed over here for a while and I’ll make sure no one disturbs you for an hour or two. When you wake up, I’ll give you a quick massage before the fun begins again. Does that sound like a deal?”

Sarah popped up from the chair and walked over to the bed, diving face first onto the clean sheets. “That sounds great.”

Laura left the room, closing the door softly behind her. Sarah was asleep in moments.

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