Come on you mother fuckers – strip me bare:
right here on your altar of bigotry.
Cruelly mutilate my mother's breasts,
doing your best to ensure I'll never enjoy
succoring my children again.

Come on you mother fuckers – mind fuck me:
try and gang rape me into suborned obedience.
Screw with my head deep and hard,
with long savage strokes of hate
until you spew your vitriolic jizz of intolerance.

Come on you mother fuckers – see the results:
of picking the wrong victim.
Be shocked by my lustful smile,
as your impotent seed falls
on ground made infertile by love.

Come on you mother fuckers – do me harder:
as I lift my hips to meet your thrusts.
Your hate isn't prepared for me,
when I wrap what I now call family
around your pitiful frame and hump back at you.

Come on you mother fuckers – don't stop now:
your heart ain't no match for mine.
I grab you hair and crush your lips with my passion for life;
slip you the tongue of happiness
and joyously scream in orgasmic freedom.

Come on you mother fuckers – who's next?

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2014-07-18 11:28:15
G9RBDB Really enjoyed this blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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2012-11-22 05:44:09
My mother is no loegnr with us; but I would like to have the basket for the mother of two of my grandchildren. Her husband lost his mother April 4th and this would really be a gift in memory of a very special, wonderful woman–the mother of my son in law. She raised a wonderful son who has been a great husband and father. My son in law has been without regular work for 3 years and my daughter works part time while they manage an autistic child as well as 18 months of cancer treatments for his monther. I can think of no better way to honor her menory then to have this basket as a gift in her memory. She was mom to all of her son's friends and there were at least 6 young men with their families and their own mom's at her services calling her mom. She only thought of her kids the three she gave birth to and their friends.

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2010-04-13 15:42:39
Reminds meh of the movie Flesh and Blood...good movie lol


2009-08-08 06:47:16
standing up by going along with it? metaphor or not the message is flawed. the title says it all "can't rape the willing" thats like saying you cant rob somone who gives up their money wilingly, or you can't oppress someone who doesn't want to be treated equal anyway, doesn't change the fact that they're being exploited, and certainly doesn't discourage people from "raping" them. Nice try though


2009-07-19 09:57:59
Dear READER 2009-07-16 : You might want to re-read the poem. It is about standing up to bigotry and intolerance. "Rape" in this piece is used as a metaphor.

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