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Cynthia arrives at her sister's house for a relaxing vacation and an early Christmas treat from Rhoda
Next day, the human touch was still on my mind and I decided to make an appointment for a minor touch up treatment. It definitely still stings at first but the pleasurable massage following the ‘Brazilian” waxing with the soothing human touch is still worth the trip. This new avenue of pleasure had arrived for me about a year and a half ago. Every few months I would treat myself this way. Now thinking that I might actually get a massage that offered all the extra benefits, traveling to Quincy had a new meaning.

I was due several weeks of vacation time this year and after hearing that Sis had a special gift for me, I decided to accept her offer and spend my vacation with her. My two girls, Kerriann and Carlene were on Christmas vacation for two weeks and it would be nice for them to see Auntie Rhoda and their cousin; after all it’s been a few years since they were last up in the historical city of Quincy, Massachusetts. There are many famous places to visit there. It may help them to enjoy American history class when they go back to school. I called to finalize plans and Rhoda was anxious to see me and the girls again.

Rhoda reminded me, “Don’t forget I have a special Christmas present for you when you get here! I’m positive you will truly enjoy it.”

“What is it? Tell me please! Does it involve your friend Pete?”

Rhoda hesitated for a second and would only say it was something I’d always wanted but didn’t think I had ever had one. Now, my curiosity was afire and without more prodding, I was left to my imagination as to what it could be. I knew from past Christmases, my presents from Sis were always something special. Rhoda seemed to always go the extra step and get the unusual and cherished gifts.

The rush was just about over for me this year and I was heading for a little pre-treatment with a genuine Brazilian ‘Brazilian’ from ‘The J. Sisters Salon’, a decent ride into Manhattan where I heard many celebrities go was just what the doctor ordered before this memorable trip to Quincy. I think this time I’ll go for the totally bald look. Pete, I bet, will be thoroughly turned on when giving me my special massage (if that’s what Sis has in mind; or if not I will still feel a small sense of pleasure from the salon treatment). I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets his pants a bit sticky from working on me. The clean smooth look is a real turn on for me and probably for most men too.

It’s unfortunate, but Rhoda probably never had the kind of massage I’m hoping for. If Pete gets me going and I become too horny I might just want to reach out and touch him; maybe give him a massage. What am I thinking; I don’t even know this guy.
Perhaps it was for the better that Rhoda hadn’t told me what Pete has really done for her and to her. It probably would be better to keep me guessing and wondering what was in store for me.

I and the two girls were getting everything packed for the trip. It was going to be two weeks away from home; away from my nightstand. I was pondering the thought of taking along a book or two and maybe a favorite toy for some extra comfort during the long cold New England winter nights. I couldn’t pass on either; after all the pleasure they’ve given me, I carefully packed them in the bottom of my suitcase along with a little plastic squeeze bottle of some ‘slip and slide’.

With the delays and long lines, baggage and ID checks it would take almost as long to fly into Logan than it would be to drive directly to Quincy. It was only several hours away by car, and with the girls it would also be less expensive to drive than fly. We got an early start and arrived at Rhoda’s around mid afternoon. Got unpacked and settled in for several days of much needed rest and relaxation. First night, we decided to go out for supper at the Oriental Buffet on Quincy Ave., a huge place where for one price you can eat any of over a hundred different types of Oriental cuisine…an Oriental food lovers paradise….Yummy.

After stuffing ourselves, we headed back home. It was late; the girls were tired from a long day. They didn’t need to be told it was bedtime; and I couldn’t wait to hear about my Christmas present. As soon as the two girls went to bed, I and Rhoda both being coffee drinkers, decided to have a lengthy chat in the kitchen over a freshly made pot.
All the early chattering about how big the girls had gotten, school vacations, and work- life was over for today. Tonight was woman to woman talk.

“Rhodie, you got to tell me! I’ve been doing nothing but thinking about this special Christmas present you mentioned. I want to know all. What where when who how everything!”

“Calm down Cin; if I tell you now it won’t be a surprise for Christmas. I can’t tell you everything, but I can say I’ll give you your gift before Christmas. Christmas is Tuesday; I think Saturday would be just about the right time.”

Friday had arrived and Rhoda still hadn’t said another word about that special surprise in store.

Finally, during supper, Rhoda mentioned, “Sharon is taking the girls out to the mall, lunch and the cinema. So we two old women will have the whole house in peace and quiet. If that wasn’t enough, I told her to take them to them candle pin bowling and try not to get back before five. She actually liked the idea of taking her cousins out on the town. “

After dinner the girls went in the other room to watch TV. Sharon went out for the night, as she usually did on a Friday.

“Well Cin, I imagine you’re still anxious about tomorrow, so I guess it’s time to tell you. I booked two appointments with Pete. One for me and one for you; so be prepared for the best massage of your life.”

“What does he do that’s so different? I’ve had massages before and I can’t imagine what could be so special about Pete’s”

“Cin, believe me his massages are like no other. Just thinking about his caring touch keeps me awake half the night in anticipation. His soft hands are gentle and caring. He seems to know exactly where it hurts and exactly what to do to make everything better. He makes any itch or ache disappear. I have been totally satisfied from the very first. Back when Harry was alive, we both used to get a massage from Pete. He was just like a younger brother we never had. Even Harry used to say how great a massage Pete had given him. I stopped getting massages for quite a while after Harry’s passing. Sharon had returned home from living in Worcester and somehow we began talking about massage, and next thing I knew, I called Pete to come over to give me what I was missing; a nice soothing massage. That’s all it took and he’s been coming here almost every month since.”

“Pete will be here about mid morning, so we won’t have to get up too early. But it’s getting late and we probably should call it a night. You don’t want to be too tired during your massage and possibly miss something!”

Rhoda yawned as we both headed up stairs. I went to my room and sat on the edge of my bed before getting ready to go to sleep. I began thinking about tomorrow. I was behaving like a little kid; anxious for Christmas to come early. For me, tomorrow was going to be Christmas and I was too excited to fall asleep. If Rhoda was anticipating her massage from Pete tomorrow, and she always had trouble falling asleep the night before just from knowing what was going to happen, imagine what I was feeling.

My imagination and anxiety kept me awake long after midnight; more like after 2. By then everyone in the house was asleep. I needed something to relax me. I quietly tiptoed across the creaky floor and opened my suitcase to unwrap the special package I brought along for such occasions. The book, I grabbed, was the same one from the other day and I opened it to the page where I left off.

Knowing what to expect, I slipped off my bottoms and got comfortable in bed. In preparation, I profusely lubed my hairless slit and covered Mr. Bunny’s stiff dick with an extra. I didn’t need any distractions by having my little bunny man get sticky and start pulling my tender flesh. With the book in my left and my rabbit in my right, I began sliding my dildo lightly over the smooth baldness. As I began to read the rabbit shaft took on a mind of its own, sliding between my moist lips with barely any pressure at all.

I began reading the part where Vivian couldn’t bare to watch her neighbor and headed back to the shower room.

“…her own personal massage. Vivian returned for another shower after her explosive release.…..

Back in the massage room, Wally continued to pummel Mrs. Finkelstein’s sex starved pussy.

Wally was tall and athletic; the target of many of the females at this club; Vivian included. Watching his lean and muscular physique pumping that prudish red-haired cunt got Vivian dripping more than she could ever recall. She wondered if Dr. Samuel Finkelstein knows how well his wife is doing with her tennis lessons. As Vivian toweled of again, she could hear Wally and Jess still at it. She couldn’t help herself and returned to watch this sexual scene. Still wrapped in a towel, Vivian was once more peering in through the open door.

Jessica was now bent over the end of the table. Her shiny wet slit was just a few feet from Vivian’s gaze. Wally slowly withdrew his huge glistening tool from her stretched hole. For a few seconds Vivian gaped at the wide, dark, dripping cavern before Wally filled it once more. Slowly Wally worked his thick slippery shaft in and out of Dr Finkelstein’s horny wife.”

Without a second thought, I spread my naked legs wide and thrust my rabbit dildo into my dripping hole. Slow and deep, just like Wally; I wished I could have been Jessica on that table. As Vivian was cumming at the door, I switch my rabbit to high speed and started to build my own orgasm

“Vivian was strumming herself like a runaway banjo player. Wally kept pumping as Jessica’s moans became screams. She started lunging her quivering ass and hips backward into Wally on each thrust. The slapping and suction din was causing Vivian to cum faster than she wanted to. She could see and sense Jessica was about to explode. Wally gave in to her with short fast stokes as Jess continued to pound her ass into Wally’s groin. Jessica began to cum violently on Wally’s massive weapon.

Vivian had already come and was going again. She waited just a few more seconds; knowing a scene like this was a once in a life time experience for her. Neither Wally nor Jessica could last much longer. Wally gripped Mrs. Finkelstein’s hips and pulled her firm ass tightly against his abdomen. He let out a loud deep groan, stiffened and began filling Jess’ sated cunt. The grunting and moaning of orgasmic bliss was overloading Vivian’s senses.”

I could feel my vagina squeezing my little bunny as I slid him in and out. The contractions were moderate and pleasing; but I wasn’t quite ready to go to sleep. I withdrew my bunny and continued to read to the end of the chapter.

“Not to be seen, Vivian ran back and finished with another amazing orgasm and shower. As Viv was toweling off for the third time, she met Jessica coming in for a shower. By the looks of her disheveled appearance, Jess could have easily passed as someone who just finished a rigorous workout. They talked a bit and Jess mentioned how wonderful Wally was for an instructor. Vivian told her maybe she’ll sign up for a few lessons too.”

Well, let me just say, that before Vivian made it back to the shower again, I did have a small orgasm with her at the massage room door. Tomorrow morning I was going to be lying on a massage table just like Jessica. I think I need a little more self massage first. I set the speed on low as I slowly slipped my toy inside and let the ears gently vibrate my clit. I closed my legs and held the bunny tightly. I finished the chapter as Vivian was getting ready for bed and telling her husband that she was thinking of signing up for some private lessons at the club.

“They have a new tennis pro there and all the women have said he’s helped them immensely. They also have a massage therapist.”

“You could certainly use some extra instruction,” Sam said. ”That sounds like a good idea, as he turned over and began to drift off.”

“Well, Sam, I already made an appointment for a lesson and a massage.”

”Great idea,” Sam mumbled as he fell asleep.

Vivian actually didn’t make the appointment yet, but she thought it was a good idea to get Sam’s view on the subjects. She crawled into bed beside sleeping Sammy, turned facing away from him and instead of going right to sleep, she softly slid her hand between her legs and thought of Jessica receiving her instruction.”

I turned my machine up a notch as I jiggled the embedded shaft and kept the head humming a sensitive tune on my love bud. It didn’t take long before that wonderful feeling crept into my groin. I played with my nipples for a more intense orgasm; I shuddered and tensed as my body jerked and shook with waves of delight.

“Aah, that was much better,” I mumbled to myself.

Not being in my own bed, I had to force myself to remember to put the rabbit away before drifting off to sleep. It would be quite embarrassing if any one was to walk in my room before I awoke tomorrow, and found me sprawling in bed with a sex novel and a vibrator. I gave my little bunny a sponge bath and tucked him away for the night. Back in bed, I thought once more of tomorrow’s treat before I finally closed my eyes. Being satisfied and relieved of some minor tensions, it was much easier to drift into dreamland.

It seemed like only minutes had passed when all the commotion outside my room woke me. Sharon and the girls were getting ready to leave for the day. It was after nine, so I grabbed my robe and traipsed down stairs toward the aroma of Rhoda’s never ending coffee pot. Rhoda must have sensed I would be down soon; she already had a cup waiting.

Sitting with a big smile she said, “Pete will be here soon. Are you ready to receive your early Christmas present?

“Rhodie, I was up half the night just thinking about it”

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